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• 12/13/2018
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• 11/27/2018


Could someone show me the scan for slenderman mid godly regeneration?

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• 9/14/2018

Jibanyan vs. K.O.

Two Tiny Fire Shooting Brawlers
Who do you think Wins
  • Jibanyan 0%
  • K.O. 0%
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• 7/10/2018

Is this place dead?

I just joined and this place seems dead is it true?
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• 5/24/2018

Dimentio vs Zalgo

Both are High 1-B and speed is equalized.
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• 4/15/2018

To everyone reading this post/using the Discussions

Read this post:

And use the Forums instead of the Discussions. No one uses them here, they aren't monitored by any admin and you're unlikely to ever get a response or be noticed on this board.

Wither out.
A very important announcement Character Stats and Profiles Wiki
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• 3/23/2018

Chi Chi vs Amy Rose

Both are 7-B
Chi Chi:,_Dragon_Ball)/Paleomario66
Amy Rose:,_Game_Character)/Adamjensen2030
Who would win
  • Chi Chi
  • Amy Rose
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• 3/22/2018

Sonic vs Goku

Hello guys, I'm new here, so i want to do my first thread.
So, who would win.
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• 1/31/2018

Dimentio VS Enerjak

Both are Low 1-B.
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• 1/30/2018

Bill Cipher VS Dimentio

Both are Low 1-B
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• 12/25/2017

Merry christmas!

a very happy christmas and a happy new year to ya all!
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• 10/5/2017

Question about the dragon ball universe

Why is everyone so high? Such as Frieza being solar system level and dbs characters being multi universe level?
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• 8/22/2017

Testing the notifications

Is anyone getting a notification? If yes the highlight feature is working.
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• 6/18/2017


Testing the features.
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• 4/18/2017
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• 4/18/2017

About others requesting to become Admins

To Withersoul 235, MetalMario875 and Paleomario66,

If you're reading this and there are other people requesting to become admins please do not promote them unless all 4 of us agree to trust that person and also that we know that person very well. And if we are to trust that person then they will only be Admins, not Bureaucrats and Admins.

This is for our safety since there are lots of trolls on the internet.

King regards,
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