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Alien X is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation. The Celestialsapiens, from the Forge of Creation, are able to transform their ideas into realities, and are the gods of the Ben 10 omniverse.

Alien X exists in the physical world as an avatar, which Ben works with two other personalities, Serena and Bellicus, to make decisions. Alien X is a reality warper, and with the help of Serena and Bellicus, Alien X can change the nature of time and space.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-A, possibly low 1-A

Name: Alien X

Origin: Ben 10

Gender: Male in appearance

Age: Inapplicable (exists out of sync with time)

Classification: Celestialsapien, Omnitrix transformation

Powers and Abilities: Acausality (Type 2), Attack Reflection (can deflect radiation beams from a Prypatosian B), Beyond-dimensional physiology (stated to not be bound by dimensions), Biological Manipulation (shape change), Black Hole Creation (1:50), Body Control (0:39), Cosmic Awareness (Starbeard was aware of the universe being destroyed from outside of the universe), Creation (created a universe), Dimensional Travel, Duplication (1:36), Energy Manipulation (possibly may be able to manipulate cosmic energy, as seen with Atomic-X), Existential Erasure (said by multiple statements to delete things from existence), Fire Manipulation (controlled Alan. Bellicus proposed to set Ben on fire), Flight, Forcefield Creation (0:47), Galaxy Creation (created galaxies from his body in the process of creating the universe), Gravity Manipulation (negated gravity when controlling the rooters), Immortality (Types 1/3/9), Information Manipulation (Fundamental), Intuition (Serena and Bellicus can respond to vague or general commands), Invulnerability (completely unmoved to the destruction of the universe), Law Manipulation (Celestialsapiens created the Multiverse Preservation Act, and can change the forces of nature by altering laws, such as mana), Life Manipulation (mana is life force), Light Generation (Generates light while flying, which produces a comet-like appearance. Created light from a black hole and during duplication), Mind Manipulation (controlled the rooters to fight each other), Multiple Personalities (Ben, Serena and Bellicus are the voices that dictate all of Alien X's actions), Physics Manipulation (via changing art style), limited Plot Manipulation (Celestialsapiens are responsible for art style and voice changes in the Omniverse), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Alien X's mind is a pocket universe), Portal Creation (can use portals to travel between distances and to look at places within his pocket dimension), possible Power Bondage (stated to be able to bond powers with other Celestialsapiens to survive omniversal destruction), Power Nullification (can cancel out the actions of another Celestialsapien), Reality warping (can create a universe in a thought. Can change the very nature of space and time.) Regeneration (High)(1:56), Self-Sustenance (all types), Shockwave Generation (created multiple shockwaves in Galactic Gladiator fight), Size Manipulation (Can grow to the size of a galaxy in seconds), Skilled Fighter, Space-Time manipulation (Can change the nature of time), Space Survivability (Celestialsapiens live in the Milky Way as well as the Forge of Creation), Summoning (Celestialsapiens summoned people to appear at the gladiator trial), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Technology Manipulation (can prevent the omnitrix from timing out), Telekinesis (telekinetically threw the rooters), Teleportation (1:11), Time manipulation (can change the nature of time. uses time waves to reverse time), X-Ray Vision (via this statement, which shows another ability that has been used). Resistance to: Causality Manipulation (is acausal), Cosmic Cold (Absolute Zero), Cosmic Radiation, Existential Erasure, Radiation Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation (exists beyond space and time)

Attack Potency: At least multiversal+ (Did not at first notice the universe being destroyed and did not show any damage from it, though the universe is infinite.

Can create and destroy universes to where using him is too great of a risk.

Scales above the Annilargh, which can create a universe and its infinite time stream.

Celestialsapiens have rebooted at least one dimension, changing several universes in art style, at least 3 times.

A “Multiverse Preservation Act” was imposed presumably to prevent Celestialsapiens from altering reality across the entire multiverse.

Scales above the Chronosapien Time Bomb, which can wipe out all timelines except one, where parallel dimensions are stated to be infinite in number and Clockwork who can reverse it (see "Proof of there being infinite multiverses").

Celestialsapiens did not care about the Chronosapien Time Bomb because Celestialsapiens can reboot and destroy creation whenever they want.

Scales above the Chrono Navigator due to Paradox calling him omnipotent, which can destory all realities, as well as Hugo, who Paradox describes as extra-dimensional.

Scales above Feedback who may be able to absorb multiverse+ levels of energy because Ben stated Alien X was his strongest alien at 15 years old, where he would have already had Feedback.

Stated to be able to destroy a multiverse in six thoughts)

possibly low outerversal (Cut through a force field which 5-dimensional Contumelia stated was extra-dimensional and "impossible to breach" with a fraction of his disembodied power from Skurd.

Azmuth states Alien X can do anything which may pertain to his perception of the omniverse.

Scales above Naljians, likely 26 dimensional beings, who describe visiting "lower" dimensions and are said to "appear" to be the second strongest.

was said to be able to wish "everything" out of existence by Servantis, as well as being called an "omnipotent monster" by him.

He could "destroy the omniverse" in six thoughts, which could include an infinite amount of spatial dimensions according to Azmuth.

Scales above the Chrono Navigator, which Professor Paradox says can destroy all of existence, which may include all of space-time because Paradox supposedly has full understanding of it.)

Durability: At least multiversal+ (took hits from the Galactic Gladiator, who is similar in power as a result of being a Celestialsapien and fighting on par with him), possibly low outerversal, higher with power bondage. Invulnerability and regeneration make him very difficult to kill.

Speed: At least infinite (Celestialsapiens are from the Forge of Creation, a place outside time and space. created an infinite universe. likely scales above the omnitrix which reacted to the big bang of a new universe and can act instantly), likely immeasurable (likely scales above Professor Paradox, who is not bound by linear time, as Paradox described him as omnipotent, and his Time Cycles which are powered by Chronaton Particles to travel through time. Not bound by the 4th dimension of time). Nigh-Omniprescence (exists "everywhere and nowhere" meaning he is the only Alien X there is, and can be summoned by future timeline Bens)

Lifting Strength: unknown, possibly immeasurable

Striking Strength: likely multiversal+ (able to destory a multiverse in 6 thoughts), possibly low outerversal

Stamina: Likely Limitless

Range: At least Multiversal+, possibly Low Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-omniscient (Recreated the entire universe with a few minor changes), at most Omniscient (can become omniscient at will, although this will take a lot of energy and violates the Multiversal Preservation Act).


Though he has mastered multiple personalities, Ben still needs to confront them.

Vulnerable to life absorption, though the person who absorbs his power may gain multiple personalities.

Punished if the Multiversal Preservation Act is broken.


  1. The Forge of Creation exists outside of the main Omniverse, so affecting the "entire" omniverse may not be referring to it, though it could be based on context. For example, complete space-time destruction would not include the Forge, but complete Omniversal destruction would.
  2. Dimensional tiering in Ben 10 is unquantifiable apart from a few vague statements, so Tier 1 is purely tentative.
  3. There is nothing to suggest Atomic-X is close to Alien X in power, as is with other Biomnitrix fusions which have consistently shown to be weaker. For further context, if Ben 10K was aware of the time bomb, he would know Atomic-X was not the solution and could have used a Clockwork fusion.
  4. Though both Atomix and Gwen are described as the "greatest powers," Alien X does not exist only in one dimension or entirely inside the omnitrix, so those statements do not contradict Alien X being the greatest power.
  5. Many of Alien X's anti-feat statements are directly contradicted or have shaky points, therefore statements I choose to use for scaling have little contradiction and/or are used to explain in-show events.
  6. Please ask for my permission to edit this page if desired.


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