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Z's Universe Z's Universe 5 hours ago

Garou yeets rocks into the sky

I'll be blunt, this is literally just everything from the og calc, just applying KE to it.

The issue I have with this calc is literally the same issue I have with the Orochi calc. Actually, it's even worse.

So here's the thing, in this feat you have a mass being launched upwards. This means a force is being applied to it, for PE to be usable it would have to be gravity applying said force. But it isn't, in fact it's the opposite. Because the rocks are being launched upwards, it means that the above calc is only calculating the energy of the rocks after Garou launches them. It's not actually calculating the energy Garou is outputting, but rather calcing the energy of the rocks falling back to earth.

TL;DR, PE is literally the exact opposite of what…

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Stolp Stolp 1 day ago

Orgalorg's beam message speed

Orgalorg ruled over a solar system, a solar system that mars and earth weren't in since mars was ruled by Lincoln at the time and Earth has no history of Orgalorg ruling over it, so he has ruled over another solar system that mars and earth wasn't apart of.

Orgalorg can fight while travelling and even send messages in a weakened state between these two solar systems. Orgalorg sends a beam from earth to his home solar system, the nearest solar system to earth is 4.37 light years away and the beam took 8 seconds to travel between the two of them.

4.37 light years = 4.1343e+16 meters

4.1343e+16/8 = 5.167875e+15 m/s

4.1343e+16/8 = 5.167875e+15 m/s = 17238175,48472150043xSOL

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Jason Courne Jason Courne 1 day ago

Nightwing speed feats

Plan on making a page for him, so I'll make some calcs first

  • 1 Nightwing dodges a revolver pointblank
    • 1.1 Reaction time: 0.0007-0.0003 seconds (Supersonic+ to Hypersonic)
    • 1.2 Combat speed: Mach 1.1 - Mach 1.9 (Supersonic)
  • 2 Outpacing explosions
    • 2.1 Hypersonic to Hypersonic+ running speed
  • 3 Blocks police rounds
    • 3.1 Reactions: 0.00645 seconds
    • 3.2 Combat speed: 147.25 m/s
  • 4 Nightwing dodges pointblank gunfire, but from a Pistol
    • 4.1 Reactions: 0.00028 seconds or Hypersonic+
    • 4.2 Combat speed: Mach 4 or Supersonic+
  • 5 Stephanie Brown dodges "lightning"
    • 5.1 Reactions: 17.5 microseconds (Massively Hypersonic)
    • 5.2 Combat Speed: Mach 431 or (Massively Hypersonic)


He dodged before it exited the barrel,

It looks like a 38 revolver, which fires at 210m/s to 340m/s and a bar…

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Jason Courne Jason Courne 2 days ago

Tighten heat vision power



Tighten created a massive blast the size of the screen

Megamind head: 14.5/.5)*1.65 = 47.85 meters

Screen radius: 22.2/5.3*47.85*.5 = 100.21 meters

Air blast formula: r/0.28)^3)*1000

Blast: 0.10021/0.28)^3)*1000*.5 = 22.92 tons of tnt

The timeframe is 35.47-35.4 = 0.07 seconds

Speed: 100.21/0.07 = 1431.57 m/s (Mach 4)

Cloud size: 100.21^3*pi*1.333 = 4215235.03 m^3

Clouds have a density of 1 kg/m3

KE: 1431.57^2*4215235.03*.5 = 4.3193359e+12 joules or 1032 tons of tnt

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Jason Courne Jason Courne 3 days ago

L4D propane/gasoline power

Propane tanks are one of the many environmental weapons available (alongside Gasoline tanks)

By eyeballing it, the Propane tanks are ~ 9kg tanks, and the Gasoline cans are ~ 20 liter

Propane has an energy density of 49.6MJ/kg

Gasoline has an energy density of 34.2 MJ/L

Propane tank: 9*49.6 = 446.4MJ or 0.10 tons of tnt

Gasoline can: 20*34.2 = 684MJ or 0.16 tons of tnt

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Jason Courne Jason Courne 3 days ago

L4D Smoker speed

Long story short, the Smoker has an achievement to drag survivors over 100 feet


First lets get dragging the survivor, 27-22 = 5 seconds

Drag speed: 100/5 = 20ft/s or 6m/s

Actually shooting the tongue takes far less time, less than a second (our low-end), watching frame by frame I get 23.32-22.61 = 0.71 seconds

Tongue speed 1: 100/1 = 100ft/s or 30.48m/s

Tongue speed 2: 100/.71 = 140.84ft/s or 42.93m/s

Average human travel speed with subsonic reactions scales to pretty much everyone in the verse

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NannoKarma NannoKarma 3 days ago

Softon Powers (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Babylon God
  • 3 Abilities and resistances
  • 4 introduction "Kurotaiyou Shinken"
  • 5 Pocket realities
  • 6 Bonus
  • 7 Video Games (not finished)
    • 7.1 Soon.....................

HIS HE THE EMBODIEMENT OF POOP ?! Softon is one of the main characters of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo series, big bro of Beauty and user of Babylon Shinken.

Softon is a master of the Babylon Shinken. The user fights with the help of the goddess Babylon.

  • Acausality (Type 4/5) : The Babylon shinken is a primordial God who precedes all that exists and who before it everything is nothing. this include the essence of the world made of ideas and toughts. Babylon is a singularity, two babylon cannot exist in the world.
  • Resistance to: Reality warping,Logic Manipulation,Law manipulation : Babylon preced…

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Jason Courne Jason Courne 3 days ago

l4D destroying the human body

Guns in L4D are capable of completely shredding infected

the human body has a value of 7.533j/cc for violent fragmentation (borrowed from Vs Battle Wiki)

Most weapons (excluding the pistols) can crush the skull and blow off limbs

Humans weigh ~ 70 kg

The skull is 8.23% the total weight or 5761 g

The leg is 17.55% the total weight or 12285 g

The arm is 5.33% the total weight or 3734.5 g

Do to the mostly water composure, human weight can be roughly translated to volume (g to cm^3)

Head: 5761*7.533 = 43397 joules

Leg: 12285*7.533 = 92543 joules

Arm: 3734.5*7.533 = 28132 joules

Total Body: 70000*7.533 = 527310 joules

The explosives can kill giant groups of zombies. Around 20 infected can be killed by a pipe bomb

70000*7.533*20 = 10546200 joules (0.0025)


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ZeroTwo64 ZeroTwo64 5 days ago

User:ZeroTwo64/Puella Magi Oriko Magica feats

  • NOTE #1: Puella Magi Oriko Magica is stated to be an official spin-off manga in the official site.
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Exerdragon1000 Exerdragon1000 6 days ago

Vampires Physiology (Legacy of Kain)

This page will be to talk about the different types of vampires in Legacy of Kain, as well as their abilities and weaknesses.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Sub-Species and Generations of Vampire
    • 2.1 First Generation (Ancient Vampires)
    • 2.2 Second Generation
    • 2.3 Third Generation
    • 2.4 Fourth Generation
  • 3 General Abilities

Vampires were, alongside the humans and the Hylden, one of the three sapient races dominant in Nosgoth. Though the original, Ancient vampires were a species in their own right, the term "vampire" eventually came to refer to any individual afflicted with the blood curse, irrespective of birth. Vampirism comprised an extremely eclectic heritage which spanned many generations and sub-races across history, but with common traits: usually, vampires needed to c…

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Z's Universe Z's Universe 6 days ago

Orochi's Gaia Cannon (For the millionth fecking time)

At this point this feat needs no introduction, I'm recalcing simply because there's so many calcs of this damn thing that I'd rather just rely on my own scaling for consistency. Feat here.

Very important to note before the calc is what we should be using to calculate this feat.

For this calc, I will use KE.

"But it breaks KE rules, it inflates the feat!"

Actually no, This is one, uniform mass effecting a (relatively) tiny area, as such it would only need to have the destructive capacity to effect said area. Also, AP and DC are not, nor have they ever been the same thing.

Second, PE is not usable here. PE is used for objects being effected by gravity, you know, the g in mgh? The reason why that's an issue should be obvious, it's not being sent do…

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Cardlamp Cardlamp 6 days ago

Monika (Canon)/Cardlamp

Monika is the main antagonist of the game Doki Doki Literature Club. She's the president of the Litterature Club in an unname school. She is portrayed as mart, confident, popular and athletic girl. She was at first an kind girl but then later was shown to be obssesed with The Player.

Tier: 10-A physically, 2-A+ with her powers.

Name: Monika

Origin: Doki Doki Literature Club!

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Classification: Student, Video Game Character, President of the Literature Club.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristic, Acrobatics, Reality Warping, 4th Wall Awareness, Ressurection, possiblely Plot Manipulation (Can manipluate the game itself), Time Manipulation, Teleportation, Pyrokenesis,

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Z's Universe Z's Universe 7 days ago

Guren Causes a shockwave (Seraph of the End)

In chapter 87 of Seraph of the End, Guren Ichinose creates a massive shockwave. Feat can be seen here, and here. (can't post image with scaling cause the site will yell at me).

Anyway, the window closest to the shockwave is 2px, and the standard height used is 1.5 meters.

The full length of the shockwave is 693px, making the length 519.75 meters, the radius would be 259.875 meters.

Formula is 259.875^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2

Total energy is 1.41 Kilotons of TNT.

As seen here, Mika and Partial Demon Yu both tanked the attack pretty well. So we could divide the yield by 2 for the individual energy they took which would give 705 Tons of TNT for each of them.

Yu than allows Asharamaru to give him more power, leading to a 50/50 sp…

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Allude Allude 8 days ago

Hosen's striking speed (Transonic possibly Supersonic)

1px=0.05 cm

=17.05 cm =face length

=12.25 cm = Distance between Ryueen's leg and Hosen face when he was in the motion of kicking Hosen

Reasoning for putting the line (The line between Hosen face and ryueen kick) there is due to how Ryueen's legs is position in the second page which leads me to Assume that the Black part of his kick is his knee and the white part is his leg rather than it being a speed line for his foot and In panel 2 its shown that Hosen grip on Ryueen's leg is incredible close to his knee.

=17.05cm (His Face length we found from the previous panel)

1px=0.05859106529 cm (1px in this Panel)

=1.64054982812 cm
= 5.03883161494 cm

Distance between Ryueen's leg and hosen face when the leg is caught =

Distance between Ryueen's leg and Hos…

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Allude Allude 8 days ago

Ayanokoji's movement speed (Pixel Scale)

12.8mm=1.28cm ()

=1.28 cm

1px=0.01753424657 cm

= 11.3095890376 cm

= 20.4449315006 cm

1166-645 = distance hand move =521 px

521px= 9.13534246297 cm

Manabu's hand moved 9.13534246297cm or 0.0913534246297 meters

I use peak athletic human speed for Manabu which is 10.03m/s (Reasoning for this is that Manabu is a 5th dan in Karate and 4th dan in Aikido, dan being master ranks. He was relative to Ayanokoji in their race, He was able to block Ryueen's punch despite his vision being obstructed by the snow Ryueen threw and its stated that he is second to none in ANHS in terms of learning abilities and physical conditions) (This was stated by one of the Teachers so it wouldn't include characters such as Ayanokoji or Koenji as neither of them have outwardly …

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Quantu Quantu 8 days ago


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Yvel Atsly Yvel Atsly 9 days ago

Advent Sword

Attack Potency: High Outerverse Level (Far stronger than Chapter 80 Nine The Phantom, as whenever Hazama's attacks collided with Ragna The Bloodedge's Ragna temporarily became worn out)

Striking Strength: High Outerverse Level (His kicks and other limb attacks are as strong as his own Ouroboros chains)

Durability: High Outerverse Level (Can easily tank hits from a serious baseline Post Chapter 80 Ragna The Bloodedge. Even when Ragna's Pale Azure Grimoire spell combined with his deep infuriation allowed him to surpass Green Azure Grimoire boosted Hazama, Hazama still withstood Ragna's strikes for a decent while. Although Hazama was completely overwhelmed the moment Ragna fought with said boost and was almost dead after taking the brunt of his atta…

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MemeLordGamer Trap MemeLordGamer Trap 9 days ago

SSJ Multiplier possibly for stronger than you think

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 SSJ Multiplier
  • 3 SSJ Grade 2 Calculation
  • 4 SSJ Grade 3 Calculation
  • 5 SSJ Grade 4 Calculation
  • 6 SSJ2 and SSJ3 Calculation
  • 7 Note

I want to figure out the multipliers of the SSJ forms from SSJ to SSJ3 by using the manga and some info from Saiyan Scholar.

SSJ in the Daizenshuu is a 50 times base

Semi-Perfect Cell felt confident that he could beat SSJ Vegeta. Saiyan Scholar put Semi-Perfect Cell as 2.5 times stronger than SSJ Vegeta

When Vegeta went SSJ Grade 2, he was able to tank a Galick Gun from Semi-Perfect Cell. In order to tank an attack, you need 2x the ki the opponent is emitting. Galick Gun is stated to be a 3 times boost. This makes SSJ Grade 2 a 15 times boost on SSJ.

50 * 15 = 750 times base.

The El Manga Legendario says Trunks grew 10x…

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Titaniumpippp3 Titaniumpippp3 10 days ago

The First Spinjitzu Master splits Ninjago in 2

In his Stalemate against the Overlord, The first Spinjitzu Master was able to split Ninjago in 2 to end the battle, so I'll calculate how much energy that would take

Radius of earth=6,371km

Diameter of earth in this image = 1086 pixels

So radius=543 pixels

6371km=543 pixels

Therefore 1 pixel=11.73296500920km

Length of Ninjago=395 pixels

Therefore Ninjago length=4634.5km(1dp)

Ninjago width=192 pixels

Therefore Ninjago width=2252.73km(1dp)

Height of earth's crust=70km

Volume=length x width x height

Volume=7.31x10^17m after I converted cubic kilometres to cubic meters

Mass=volume x density

Density of earth's crust=2600kg/m^3

So Ninjago mass=1.9x10^21kg

however, this Scan only showed half of ninjago, so Multiply it by 2

Ninjago Mass=3.8x10^21kg

Length of Ninjag…

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Titaniumpippp3 Titaniumpippp3 10 days ago

Nadakhan reflects a laser

In season 6 episode 2, Nadakhan was able to reflect lasers so ill calculate his speed

nindroid height (red line)=1.7m



so 1 px=0.01717m

distance between nadakahn and the laser by the time he reacted=35px


nadakahn moved his dagger 90° in the same amount of time it took the laser to travel the remaining distance of 0.6m


0.6/speed of light=2*10^-9 seconds

equal to 2 nanoseconds

nadakahn's head should be 13% of his height

so 0.13*1.7=0.22m

nadakahn's head=0.22m



nadakhans dagger length=308px


since he swung his dagger 90° to block the laser, this measurement would be the radius of a circle

and therefore he moved 1/4 of a circumference



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Labidibka Labidibka 13 days ago

wang ling speed 2

so there is a feat about wang ling traveling 30 thousand li in 5 minutes

30 thousand li = 15.000KM = 15.000.000M

5 minutes = 300S

15.000.000M/300S=50000m/s = Massively Hypersonic = 146.9335Mach

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Labidibka Labidibka 13 days ago

Wang ling's speed calculation

So. there is a feat about Wang ling traveling 10 thousand li under two minutes

10 Thousand Li = 5000KM = 5.000.000M

2 Minutes = 120S

5.000.000/120 = 41 666M/S = Massively Hypersonic = Mach 121.475219 (likely higher since it's stated 'Under')

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Labidibka Labidibka 13 days ago

Wang ling Donghua


Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with powers far beyond his control. But now that he's sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet - Senior High School. Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with powers far beyond his control. But now that he's sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet - Senior High School.

Tier: At least 7-A | 5-B

Name: Wang ling

Origin: Xian Wang De Ri Chang Sheng Huo/The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Human,Cultivator,Student

Powers and Abilities:Superhuman physical characteristic,Fourth wall awarness (Was able to talk to the Audience.), Extrasensory perception (Using his Heavenly eye can see at large distances.),Forcefield Creation(created a forcefield.),Immortality negation (T…

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Z's Universe Z's Universe 14 days ago

PE of Nirvana (Fairy Tail)

Okay so, in chapter 161 of the Fairy Tail manga, the gang perform a simultaneous attack that leads to the destruction of Nirvana.

Now, Nirvana is massive, so much so that it dwarves surrounding mountains.

The attacks were launched to destroy the six legs holding it up.

Since these legs were the source of the magic power of the Structure, we can use the PE required to hold up the central structure, and divide by six. This would be the energy produced by each of the cast to destroy Nirvana.

In this calc, we see that Nirvana has a width of 1,981.98 meters. The radius is 990.99 meters.

In the first image for scaling, we see that the width is 463px, while the height is 170px. This makes the height 727.724838013 meters.

This makes the volume of the cy…

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FracturedLight FracturedLight 15 days ago

Return, IG (Also, this is my account now, not that Forgotten Fox.... thing that stands before us)

So, it has been a while since I existed around this area, like, sure, I’ve made minor changes here and there, and made a page describing composite characters (with permission from the wiki mods), but nothing recent, especially debating-wise, with the most recent debate I remember being getting folded for taking a stance on something I really didn’t understand, but more on that a little later. I apologize if this is a little unstructured, blog structure isn’t something I’m used to doing, so this is probably a miserable pile of unstructured garble.

The short version, I’m returning, the long version, keep reading.

Why I left.

I’ll be blunt and say there’s two reasons, one, my hobbies and interests shifted, I’m gonna be truthful and say search up…

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Zamasu Chan Zamasu Chan 19 days ago

Saitama crashes into Boros' Ship


Minimum cloud height: 9 px | 6500 feet | 1981.2 meters

Ship diameter: 517 px | 113808.933333 meters

Ship diameter: 345 px | 113808.933333 meters

Ship length: 1248 px | 411691.445796 meters

Cone length: 458 px | 151085.482512 meters

Ship height: 146 px | 48162.6211 meters

Radius: 24081.31055 meters

Cone volume: 91751165676292 m3

Using both cones: 91751165676292*2 = 1.8350233e+14 m3

Ship base length: 762 px | 251369.296231 meters

Ship base volume: 1.3778397069348e+15 m3

Total volume: 1.8350233e+14+1.3778397069348e+15 = 1.561342e+15 m3

Using 50% hollowness because this shit: 1.561342e+15*0.5 = 7.80671e+14 m3

Using high density of steel since it's alien metal: 8000 kg/m3

Ship mass: 7.80671e+14*8000 = 6.245368e+18 kg

Mass of inertia: 2.6463162e+29 kg*m2


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GxdGoKreyzii GxdGoKreyzii 20 days ago

saber is wall level

guys i am the creator of fate - creator of fate

hi im the creator of tanjiro;s show - creator of tanjiro

who wins in a fight? - creator of fate

def my char lmao - creato of tanjiro

agreed - creator of fate

yhis this is real and 100% real

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Plague-Doctor03 Plague-Doctor03 22 days ago

TerminalMontage Calcs

  • 1 Smash Bros
    • 1.1 Growing Bowser Weight and Speed:
  • 2 Street Fighter
    • 2.1 Blanka breaks through the wall
    • 2.2 Ryu Falling

Growing Bowser Weight

Galaxy Diameter: 100,000 Light-Year

Giant Bowser Head: 5,260,000 Light-Years

Giant Bowser Height: 8,993,950.617 Light-Years

Giant Bowser width: 6,526,296.296 Light-Years

Giant Bowser Volume: 2.5476991300834816426523766930861e+68 m3

Bowser Height: 2.6m

Bowser width: 1.887m

Bowser Volume: 7.2712157254947m3

Giant Bowser/Bowser=Mutiple*Bowser Wight(kg)= Giant Bowser weight


2.5428856543310876592431932823783e+70 (Class Universal) (Universe Level) 3-B

283,827,520,437,488.790c (MFTL+)

(Class Multi-Galactic) (Multi-Galaxy Level) 3-B


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Z's Universe Z's Universe 22 days ago

Ultear Restores the Tenrou Tree

In Fairy Tail chapter 248, at the end of the Tenrou Island arc, Ultear gives the guild members their magic back by restoring the Tenrou tree back to its original place.

Originally I was iffy on whether this should scale to Ultear or anyone else, but after some more research, yes.

Main reason being, her magic, is time magic. Which is what restored the tree. And considering she was exhausted after doing so, it's logical to assume that the effort needed to rewind objects is dependent on the magical power of the user. For this reason, this feat would scale to Ultears full Power, and as a result would scale to the rest of the main cast as well.

For the height of the tree, I'll use this calc here, which has the island diameter. I'll simply scale th…

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Soupywolf5 Soupywolf5 22 days ago

Dream Does a Doctor Strange

After entering the stronghold in the 4 hunters grand finale, Dream pulls a Doctor Strange and mentally calculates "1 trillion billion" outcomes of the final battle with the four hunters to find one where he wins. This would scale to his reactions since unlike Strange, he does this through raw mental computing, rather than time hax/precog or whatever.

1 trillion billion equates to either 1 (Short scale) sextillion, or 10^21 on the short scale (More likely since Dream is from Florida), and 10^30 or 1 (Again, short scale) nonillion on the long scale, and while we don't really know the average length of these conflicts the one in the video lasts 30 seconds, though this is exceedingly quick compared to pretty much all of the fights throughout th…

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Soupywolf5 Soupywolf5 22 days ago

The Very Embodiment of 8-A

Red and Blue completely level 19 city blocks with a high five

Go ahead and try to guess what tier this feat will get. I calc'd this feat on the DBF Wiki, but I got a request to make a full blog for it.

The size of an average city block varies depending on your source, but the most common number I could find was 17 per mile, equating to a size of 310.58824 feet per block, or 94.66729 Meters.

The formula for ground-based explosions: W = R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2, where R is the explosion radius in meters, P is the overpressure in bars (Typically assumed to be 1.37895) and W is the yield in tons of TNT

With a length of 94.66729 Meters, each block would equate to 8961.8958 Square Meters, for a total of 170,276.02012 Square Meters…

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MemeLordGamer Trap MemeLordGamer Trap 23 days ago

Sonic Cosmology

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Different Timelines
  • 3 Special Stages
  • 4 The Many World Interpretation
  • 5 How does Sonic follow this
  • 6 How big is the cosmology
  • 7 Who scales
  • 8 Note

I will be explaining the cosmology of the Sonic the Hedgehog games in an attempt to gauge its size and even mention some lore bits regarding the various dimensions across the Sonic multiverse.

Of course, Sonic's timeline is the main one. Blaze and Silver have their own dimensions. Chaotic Inferno Zone, the origin dimension of the Ifrit. Then there's Classic Sonic, from Forces, Mania, and Generations. He has his own dimension, separate from Sonic's. Null Space and possibly Egg Reverie Zone, dimensions created by the Phantom Ruby. The Twilight Cage, where the Nocturnus Clan was sealed. The Arabian N…

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LuckyEmile LuckyEmile 24 days ago

Kirby Japanese continuity resources

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Titles
  • 3 General Resources
  • 4 Dream Land
  • 5 Adventure
  • 6 Dream Land 2
  • 7 Superstar
  • 8 Dream Land 3
  • 9 64
  • 10 Nightmare in Dream Land
  • 11 Amazing Mirror
  • 12 Squeak Squad
  • 13 Superstar Ultra
  • 14 Return to Dream Land
  • 15 Triple Deluxe
  • 16 Planet Robobot
  • 17 Star Allies
  • 18 Spin offs

Kirby's continuity between English and Japanese localisations of the game seem pretty different when you look into it, or at the very least things aren't always 1:1. So, for those interested in what the Japanese version of the franchise is like, it's useful to know where to look to get your information. I'd like to translate the Japanese texts to see exactly what's going on with it, so I guess I'll link to any progress I make or something at some point. For now, I need the resources, so I'll drop …

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Plague-Doctor03 Plague-Doctor03 26 days ago

Halo Calcs

Halo Structure Diameter:

Explosion Diameter:



Teratons (Small Country Level)


I need the Weight

Halo ring Length: 1,211,428.571m

Halo ring Structure Diameter: 318,000m

Volume: 96,214,811,517,879,000m3

1/4 of the volume

Metal g/cm is around 7.87



I need the speed now

Halo Ring Diameter: 9999.7 km

It took the part of the one 32 seconds to go across the Halo Ring


9,999,700/32=312,490.625m/s or Mach 911.051 (Massively Hypersonic)



2.21 Exatons (Multi-Continent Level)

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Oozaru Goku vs a missile

Full video for the feat

Using some scaling from the "Oozaru Goku Throws a Building Chunk" calc from here for the size of the blue line:

Blue line = 39 px = 5.412 m
Red line = 57 px = 7.909 m

On the second image:

Red line = 58 = 7.909 m
Green line (Explosion diameter) = 1097.9 = 149.728 m

The radius of the explosion in km would be .074864
Using the midair explosion formula from here.

Yield: Y = ((x/0.28)^3)/1000 with Y in megatons of TNT and x the radius in km.
((0.074864/0.28)^3)/1000 = 0.0000191137098708 Megatons or 79971762099 joules

And since it isn't a nuclear explosion, we'll need to halve the result

79971762099 / 2 = 39985881049.5 Joules

3.99858810495e+10 Joules (86.88% into Large Building Level or 4.77 times above baseline)

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Sans2345 Sans2345 26 days ago

Weird AL Yankovic

Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, satirist, actor, music video director, and author who is known for humorous songs that make light of pop culture and often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. He also performs original songs that are style pastiches of the work of other acts, as well as polka medleys of several popular songs, most of which feature his trademark accordion. Since having a comedy song aired in 1976, Yankovic has sold more than 12 million albums (as of 2007), recorded more than 150 parody and original songs, and performed more than 1,000 live shows. His work has earned him five Grammy Awards and a further 11 nominations, four gold records, and six pl…

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Sans2345 Sans2345 28 days ago


SpongeBob SquarePants is the main titular protagonist of the tv show series with the same name and is one of the most iconic cartoon characters to ever exist and is the mascot of Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is always a happy sponge living under a pineapple alongside his pet snail Gary, who works in the Krusty Krab alongside his neighbor Squidward, who hates him most of the time, and his greedy boss Mr. Krabs, he always gets into adventures with either his best friend Patrick Star, or Squidward and has stopped Plankton countless times in trying to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.

Tier: Varies from 9-A to 8-B at peak, 4-A to 3-C with strings

Name: SpongeBob SquarePants

Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Classification: Sea Sponge

Powers and Abili…

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Giannysmag Giannysmag 15 April

Minecraft Calculations

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Wither explosion
  • 3 Steve breaks some wood
  • 4 Steve's Lifting strength
  • 5 TNT explosion
  • 6 Creeper explosion
  • 7 Charged Creeper explosion
  • 8 Speed of different mobs
  • 9 Ghast Fireball
  • 10 Bedrock Durability

I love Minecraft so let's make some calcs and profiles.

The most important things for this blog are that every explosion in minecraft has a specific power value wich when using this (1.3 * power/0.225) * 0.3 can give us the radius of an explosion and that every block in minecraft is 1 meter in length.

The power value of the wither explosion is 7

(1.3 * 7/0.225) * 0.3 = 12.1 meters

Using the shockwave formula it gives us

12.1^3 * ((27136 * 1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2) / 13568-93 / 13568)^2= 0.143 Tons of TNT (Small Building Level+)

The most durable wood in Minecr…

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Samim2018 Samim2018 15 April

First Page in progress

The Robloxian is a namesake character from the MMO platform ROBLOX, not much can be known about them regarding canonical stuff aside from the user-generated games.


Name: Robloxian, varies depending on the username.

Origin: ROBLOX

Gender: Varies

Age: Unknown

Clasification: Robloxian

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ice Manipulation (Via Super Freeze Ray 2011, Freeze Ray, Ice Breaker, and other gears), Possible Regeneration (Can somehow regrow its head back after throwing it, although there hasn't been a single instance of them regenerating any other lost parts), Black Hole Generation (Via Azure's Magic Dragon Slayer, Black Hole Ray Gun, and other gears), Limited Time Manipulation (With Time Watch, can revert any actions do…

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Kirby905 Kirby905 14 April

Corpse party:Compilation of Speed feats

i wanted to do this blog to honestly showcase the speed feats of Corpse Party,since they're normally seen on other Vs Sites like Vsbw to be only Athletic Human or Superhuman.Plus Corpse Party is rarely talked about Speed wise.

1.☆ Satoshi evades a Sledgehammer strike from Yoshizaku(CP Bloodcovered Manga Chapter 43)
2. ☆ The Child Ghost dragging Mayu to the Wall in the Hallway at High Speeds(Corpse Party Blood Covered Chapter 1)

Calculated around 0.001344 c(0.1344% Sol or Mach 1174.696978285714 - Massively Hypersonic)

3. ☆ Aiko claims that Seiko is so fast that she seems to be almost teleporting(Corpse Party 2…

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Tao throws the pillar calc

Full video for the feat

According to Daizenshuu 7, Tao is 178 cm tall.

Tao = 491 px = 178 cm
Pillar height = 690 = 250.142566191 cm
Pillar diameter = 77 = 27.914460266 cm

Using a cylinder volume calculator, the volume of the pillar would be 153085.47 cm3 or .15 m3

The density of concrete is 2400 kg/m3, giving the pillar a mass of 360 kg

To get the distance the pillar traveled, I overlaid many frames of the video over each other and mapped its direction with the path tool in GIMP, then measuring it with a handy plugin by someone called Ofnuts.

The distance from the Sacred Land of Karin to the Red Ribbon Army HQ is 2300 km.

RR to Karin = 415.9 px = 2300 km
Tao's path to going off-screen = 419.8 = 2326.6 km

It takes Tao's pillar the whole duration of the…

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Z's Universe Z's Universe 11 April

Fairy Tail X784 Feats

So I decided to make 1 blog for both of these calcs, as tbh i'm not sure if they're even usable.

Feat 1: Ur's Iced Shell

Let's start with a more reasonable feat. Ur uses Iced Shell to freeze Deliora in Ice. The spell is so powerful that it take 3 years to unthaw, even while under constant exposure to moon drip. Which is directly stated to be light from the moon.

So that's pretty simple, however what makes this iffy is whether or not all of the moons light was being converted. That would change results drastically. For the sake of this calc, seeing as how moon drip literally uses light from the moon, it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that the spell could simply condense the entirety of the Moons luminosity into a single point.

So with that in mi…

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Asriel77 Asriel77 10 April

Elder Scrolls cosmology, metaphysics and canonicity


First, lets start with the canon and what is treated as true and what is treated as false, as there are some contradictions between lore, game and outside media behind that.


Everything in the verse from any official media is considered canon Aswell as the concept of canon truly doesn't exist in the verse, this doesn't mean there isn't a canon, it just means there is no set continuity, the developers also treat wikis such as the elder scrolls wiki and ueswp to be credible sources you can use despite being unofficial, so any scans from these media are not to be discarded simply because its not the offical source, as they already contain official sources.


The nature of the verse is built around magic, mag…

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Giannysmag Giannysmag 10 April

Metal Gear Calculations

Metal Gear is pretty good, let's make some calcs.

No pixel scaling needed here thankfully.

The EXCELSUS weighs 9000 tons.

Metal Gears are made of CNT aka Carbon Nanotube Fiber

Carbon Nanotube has a density of 1.6 ton/m^3

9000 / 1.6 = 5625 m^3= 5,625,000,000 cm^3

Carbon Nanotube also has a shear strength of a few Gigapascals so i am just gonna use 3,000 j/cc

5,625,000,000 * 3,000 = 1.68 * 10^13 Joules = 4 Kilotons of TNT (Small Town Level+)

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Giannysmag Giannysmag 10 April

Naruto Calculations

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Pain blows up Konoha
  • 3 Naruto's Rasenshuriken
  • 4 Nagato's Chibaku Tensei
  • 5 Gamabunta's PE
  • 6 Sasuke's Katon

At this point i am just making these blogs for the fun of it.

I am gonna calculate the force of his shockwave instead of using KE like other people have done.

Minato is 1.79 meters tall

1.79 / 11 = 0.16 m/px

0.16 * 221 = 35.9 meters

35.9 / 4 = 8.9 m/px

800 * 8.9 = 7192 meters

Radius of Konaha 7129 / 2 = 3596 meters

Gonna use 20 psi for obvious reasons

3596^3 × ((27136 × 1.37895 + 8649)^(1 ÷ 2) ÷ 13568 - 93 ÷ 13568)^2 = 3.73 Megatons of TNT (Small City Level+)

Kakazu's height is 185 cm

185 / 12 = 15.4 cm/px

370 * 15.4 = 5,704 cm

Volume of hemisphere is V = (2/3)πr = (2/3) * π * 2852 = 48,585,556,015 cm^3

Using rock pulverization or 214 j/cc


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Titaniumpipp3 Titaniumpipp3 10 April

Zane freezes the never realm

Ice emperor Zane froze the never realm, so this is a recalc on how much energy that would take

Assuming that the never realm is equal to ninjago in size, this would mean that according to this previous calc, the never realm has a length of 4,634,500m

and a width of 2,252,730m

height between the earth and atmosphere=10,000,000m


so the volume is 1.04x10²⁰m^3

density of air=1.225 kg/m³


so the mass is 1.29*10²⁰kg

air heat capacity=1,000J/kg

and we'll assume a change of 20° in temperature


equal to 621.4 teratons of TNT

Energy needed for Zane to freeze the realm= 621.4 teratons of TNT (Large Country lvl)

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GogitoG GogitoG 9 April

07th Expansion Cosmology

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Rewrite
    • 2.1 Rewrite connection to 07th Expansion as a whole
    • 2.2 The Universe
    • 2.3 The Multiverse
    • 2.4 The Moon
    • 2.5 Rewrite (Ability)
    • 2.6 Multi Colored Laws
    • 2.7 Combinantion of Laws
    • 2.8 Existential Cold
    • 2.9 Concept of Love
    • 2.10 Fragments of Various Truth
    • 2.11 Concept as hard Infinity
    • 2.12 Cloud of Incomprehensible Concepts
    • 2.13 Peak of Existence
    • 2.14 Secret of the Universe
  • 3 Summary

For the introduction, I won't say much besides that I've read the verse. But today I will be going over the cosmology of the 07th Expansion verse because I have seen many of this type of blog before, but they haven't touched stuff or have rarely touched another series in the verse, or even guidebooks, light novels, etc., so today I will do that.

Shoutout to Niarobi for helping me i…

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Zamasu Chan Zamasu Chan 7 April

Melzargard makes a hole


Mel height: 1016 px | 5 meters

Hammer diameter: 180 px | 0.88582677165 meters

Screen height: 1236 px

Hole diameter: 29 px | 0.88582677165 meters

2atan(tan(35deg)*(29/1236)) = 0.0328546796 rad | 1.88243447833923 deg

Distance: 26.96 meters

Timeframe (60fps): 04524 - 04525 | (4525-4524)/60 = 0.017 seconds

Velocity: 26.96 meters/0.017 seconds = 1585.88235 m/s or Mach 4.62356370262 (Supersonic+)

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RedKetchum72 RedKetchum72 6 April

Greninja Speed Feats

Just an assortment of Speed feats for Ash's Greninja.

  • 1 Frogadier Slash
  • 2 Greninja Rain Strike
  • 3 Scaling
  • 4 Results

Feat in question

By my count Frogadier delivers about 16 slashes multiple times his body length in 7 frames (.212 seconds). This would amount to delivering a single slash in 13.2 milliseconds.

But it potentially gets even better, because in one frame we see Frogadier throw out 5 smaller slashes. This would be about one slash in about 6.1 milliseconds (which given that the slashes seem about half the length of the ones in later segments isn't entirely unreasonable).

But it's potentially even better, because to me it almost seems like the tree seems to come apart in slow motion (though don't really know the time scale so it's hard to calc that…

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Plague-Doctor03 Plague-Doctor03 6 April

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Calcs

Silver Chariot Height should be same to polnareff which his height is 1.85m

Distance the light is from the coin: 0.053m

Distance silver Chariot arm moved: 1.741m

Distance the silver Chariot Arm moved*Speed of Light(m/s)/Distance between coin and light(m)

1.741*299,792,458/0.053=9,847,899,422.226 m/s

Mach 28,711,077.033 or 32.849c (FTL+)

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