• Magatsu Hades

    Feat in Question

    Yato was the one who did that feat, so i'm gonna calculate the power he used to disperse these clouds and soldiers.

    According to the manga, you can see the sun, so i will scale it to this.

    Diameter of the sun = 1.391 million km = 1391000000 meters.

    Radius of the sun = 695500000 meters.

    The sun is 35 px.

    695500000/35 = 19871428.6 m/px.

    Diameter of slash = 92 px = 1828171431.2 meters.

    Radius of slash = 914085715.6 meters.

    Distance the slash traveled (Height of slash) = 617 px = 12260671446.2 meters.

    This actually doesn't have a definite shape, but it's more like a cylinder to me.

    Volume of slash = 3.2183848255204e28 m^3.

    Since there were clouds and soldiers, i will assume both clouds and human body density, since Shinki can bled and be …

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  • Sadistic Sleuth


    Tier: High 4-C | At least 2-A, possibly High 2-A | At least High 2-A to possibly Low 1-C, possibly up to 1-A | 1-A | At least High 2-A, possibly 1-A

    Origin: Homestuck

    Name: Caliborn, undyingUmbarage | Unknown, as Lord English's true name inflicts madness. Referred to as Lord English

    Age: 11 "Units" | Older than the plot of Homestuck itself

    Gender: Male

    Classification: Cherub, Sburb Player, Cherub | Lord of Time, God-Tier | Ascended God-Tier | Angel of Double Death, Indestructable Paradox Demon, Amalgam of 3 and a half entities

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Clairvoyance via Moniter Tower (As long as he has the right key, he can view events across space and time), Power Nullfication via Juj…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (11:22)

    The Earth is 150 px.

    12742000/150 = 84946.7 m/px

    Diameter of explosion = 398 px = 33808786.6 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 16904393.3 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 388.23 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

    Getting on the nerve = 388.23 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    The Mask survived this explosion. I'm gonna calc it.

    (Ignore the line that travels from the start of the explosion to its peak height in the sky)

    Let's first go to our measurements.

    Buildings in New York vary in height, but i will use an average height of 183 meters.

    Distance between the ground and the explosion = 183 meters.

    Panel Height = 932 px.

    Explosion size = 239 px.

    2atan((tan(70/2)*[239/932]) = 17.95064378 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of explosion = 57.807 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 28.9035 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 2 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

    BOOM goes the Mask! = 2 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    My old blog for this feat is outdated, so I'm making a new one.

    The Japanese version consistently says that it's actually tens of thousands of light-years instead of the original just thousands. So the high end of the old calculation is actually multiple times lower than the new low end.

    Low end: 20,000 light-years.

    Mid end: 50,000 light-years.

    High end: 90,000 light-years.

    'll treat the Galaxy like a cylinder to find it's volume.

    This source says that it's about 100,000 light-years in width and about 1,000 light-years in height.

    The formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder is π×r²×h(height).

    π×50,000²×1,000 = 7,853,981,633,975 light-years³

    To calculate the volume for how much space Gothitelle is warpin…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question in this chapter

    Assuming that Tean Mo (The human standing on the ship) is 177 cm:

    He is 58 px.

    1.7/58 = 0.03 m/px.

    Distance between the ship and the center of the huge splash = 380 px = 11.4 m.

    Panel Height = 699 px.

    Splash Height = 677 px.

    2atan(tan(70/2)*[677/699]) = 68.28784938 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of splash = 15.462 meters.

    Radius of splash = 7.731 meters.

    The splash area looks like a cone.

    Volume of splash = 1271.1883027609 m^2.

    Density of water = 997 kg/m^3.

    Mass of splash = 1267374.738 kg.

    Assuming 5 seconds as a timeframe:

    Speed of creature that made the splash = 11.4/5 = 2.28 m/s.

    E = 3.3e6 Joules = 0.001 Tons of TNT (Wall level+)

    Huge Crab Splash = 0.001 Tons of TNT (Wall level+)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question with Pixel scaling from Vs Battles Wiki. Credits to them.

    I will use the same method they used to calculate the lightning dodging feat that Akame and Esdeath made, but this time, i will take the value of lightning from this calc.

    Esdeath height = 86.7px = 1.73m

    Distance between lightning and ground = 298.3px = 5.9522m

    Distance Esdeath moved = 157px = 3.133m

    Distance Akame moved = 190.3px = 3.80m

    STEP 1: Esdeath dodges lightning.

    (3.133m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 149676.5279592 = 17% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    STEP 2: Akame dodges lightning.

    (3.80m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 181541.9106997 = 21% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    In that case, since Esdeath kept up with Akame, we would take Akame's lightning dodging value. …

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (Manga Version).

    To calc this feat, i will scale the explosion to the height of the mountain behind Rias' head.

    I will assume the mountain to be 1000 meters.

    The mountain is 126 px.

    1000/126 = 7.94 m/px.

    Now, we scale this to the cloud resulted from the explosion.

    Distance between the Devils and the explosion = 132 px = 1048.08 meters.

    Height of cloud = 90 px = 714.6 meters.

    Cloud size = 122 px.

    Panel height = 273 px.

    Using this equation: 2atan(tan(70/2)*[object size in pixels/panel height in pixels]):

    By using this calc here:

    2atan(tan(70/2)*[122/273]) = 0.55919344 Radians.

    In degrees, that would be 32.03942429 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of explosion = 601.84 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 300.92 meters.

    The area destroyed looks like…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Giant in Question.

    Feat in Question.

    An average palm tree is around 15.24 meters at most. I will be using that.

    Taking a part of the scan that shows the Danger Beast, the palm tree that close to its foot is around 263 px.

    15.24/263 = 0.06 m/px.

    Taking another part of the same scan to find the Danger Beast's hind leg's height:

    Hind leg = 511 px = 30.66 meters.

    Via this thread, the leg and foot represents 29.45% of the full body length.

    Full length of Danger Beast = 30.66/(29.45) * 100 = 104.11 meters.

    Now, with that out of the way, let's go to the second part, where Esdeath crushed a beast of the same height with her Hagelsprung.

    Now, i'm gonna do two variants of this feat. The first one would be through scaling the hail bail to Esdeath's height, whe…

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  • Schwxnz

    TF2 Feats

    August 3, 2019 by Schwxnz


    • (9:30 - 10:20)

    The train is supposed to be faster than Scout, but I‘ll assume that the train is just as fast as Scout for the calculation.

    Freight trains weigh 3000 tons at bare minimum, and Scout moves at Mach 11.7/4013,1 m/s

    The kinetic enery equals to 24156300000000 joules, or 5773.49 tons of tnt.

    But why does this scale to Heavy's physical strenght?


    • Once Medic healed Scout in Meet the Medic (2:43-2:54), he ran so fast that he appeared as a blur; that equals to about 9000 miles per hour. (Mach 11.7, Hypersonic+)
      • As Scout moves at 400 HU/s and that equals to about 4013,1 m/s, we can easily find out the movement/reaction/combat speed from the mercenaries:

    Movement speed:


    Scout: 400 …

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    Feat: Superman chased reality-blitzing missiles all throughout the universe.

    Distance: This is kind of complicated. Since he basically flies all throughout the universe, we would basically take the volume of the universe and see how many of his own body-volumes can fit, and then we'd have to subtract the volume of all other objects of the universe. Considering there would be little difference in calculating the combined volume of everything in the universe and subtracting it, I'll leave that part out, so the calc will be slightly wanked. It's a massive low-ball anyway, since it's actually an Immeasurable speed feat, so sue me. There was once a man who took Superman 100 trillion light-years away from Earth, and the Earth is in the center of…

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  • Muhammedmco

    RaS - Nuke Away!

    August 2, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Assuming average factory height, which is 7.3152 meters:

    The factory is 27 px.

    7.3152/27 = 0.26427 m/px.

    Diameter of mushroom cloud = 316 px = 83.50932 meters.

    Radius of mushroom cloud = 41.75466 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 5.85 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

    Nuke Away! = 5.85 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    To find the distance both Ren and Stimpy flew, i will compare it to the Earth.

    The Earth is 76 px.

    12742000/76 = 167657.8947368421 m/px.

    Distance Ren and Stimpy got blown to = 196 px = 32860947.36842105 meters.

    To get the timeframe, i'm gonna count the words and plug it into our handy-dandy word-to-minute calculator.

    No. of words = 25.

    Timeframe = 0.2 minutes = 12 seconds.

    Velocity Ren and Stimpy got blown with = 32860947.36842105/12 = 2738412.280701754 m/s.

    Good. Now for the mass.

    Since i don't have any canon mass for both Ren and Stimpy, i'm gonna assume the average weight of your everyday dog, which is around 80 pounds.

    Mass = 36.2874 * 2 = 72.5748

    E = 2.72116e14 Joules = 65.037 Kilotons of TNT (Town level)

    A Trip-losion to the spac…

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'm calcing Future Fright Knight's meteor attack, lets get a few thing out the way first. I'll be assuming the meteor move as fast as normal meteors, these meteor do catch on fire when launched so it should at least be comparable. Secondly, this scales to Future Valerie who survived one of these and got up , Dark Danny who is able to hurt and knock out Valerie, and Normal Danny who can take hits from Dark Danny. Now lets start:

    Picture 1

    Fright Knight: 861 px = 195.58 cm

    Helmet: 139 px = 31.57 cm

    Picture 2

    Helmet: 20 px = 31.57 cm

    Meteor: 99 px = 156.27 cm

    Volume: 2 * 10^6 cm^3

    Mass: 5300 kg or 5.8 tons

    KE (11,176 m/s) = 330,992,886,400 J or 79.1 Tons of TNT(City Block level)

    KE (71,526.4 m/s) = 1.36 * 10^13 J or 3.25 Kilotons of TNT(Small Town leve…

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'll be recalcing this because Ghost Rays are no longer considered light speed and that original calc used light speed. The new speed I'll be using the for the Ghost Ray is here .

    Ghost Ray Moved: 0.6415 m

    Danny Moved: 1.4704 m

    Ghost Ray Speed: 18,000,000 m/s

    Timeframe: 0.6415/18000000 = 0.0000000356 seconds

    Speed = 1.4704/0.0000000356 = 41,303,370.79 m/s or 13.8% SOL (Relativistic)

    Danny enjoys tackling people at full speed so lets find the Kinetic Energy for this:

    Mass: 54.43 kg

    KE = (0.5)*(m)*(v)^2

    Energy: 4.64 * 10^16 J or 11.1 Megatons of TNT (City level)

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'll be recalcing this because Ghost Rays are no longer considered light speed and that original calc used light speed. The new speed I'll be using the for the Ghost Ray is here .

    The Archer Ghost was 7.56 m away from the attack and he moved 1.4804 m, the new speed is 18,000,000 m/s

    To calculate speed from dodging you use this formula:

    ((Distance moved in Meters)*(Speed of attack in m/s))/(Distance away in Meters)

    Speed = 3,524,761.9 m/s or 1.18% SOL (Sub-Relativistic) 

    This scales to mostly every ghost in the show. 

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  • Gamehost0007

    Lego games have some characters that shoot heat beams. They can reflect of steel stuff and it cuts through gold. The heat beams work the same in most lego games.

    The heat beams don't make an explosion all of the time. The only time they do is when they destroy somnething that isnt steel but the explosion thing happens when they punch it so im going to call it game machanics and for now im going to have the people that have the heat beams at a possible light speed attack speed  as im not sure if i could say everyone scales to the heat beams speed.

    Shown at 18:55

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  • Charmand3r505

    This is just a thread for various speed feats in Danny Phantom because a lot of people think he is only subsonic due to a dumb statement early on in the show. If there are some speed feats I missed, put them in the comments. These are all the ones that I remember, so please help if there are more.

    Danny gets punched by a giant monster to above the height of an airplane. Commercial airplanes fly between 31,000 to 38,000 feet (9448.8-11582.4 meters) and Danny flies back down in at least 15 seconds. The monster had barely moved by the time Danny got back (it was barely turning around), so it was most likely less than 15 seconds.

    629.92-772.16 m/s or Mach…

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  • ZeroTC01

    Verse Power List

    July 22, 2019 by ZeroTC01

    So basically, this'll be a list ranking every verse I'm knowledgeable on based on their strength. Now, this doesn't mean verses on which I'm an absolute expert (which would be a bit of a generous description of my knowledge at all). All that's needed for one to qualify is that I'm familiar with its feats to the point of deducing whether or not it's superior or inferior to another verse.

    Keep in mind that, since the rankings depend on tiers first and foremost, it doesn't necessaeily reflect which verse I think beats which. For example, even though I view characters like Saitama as physically superior to Re:Zero's top-tiers, like Satella, I still believe the latter would beat the former via her superior hax.With that said, here's the thing:


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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Kaneki is 1.7 m.

    He is 44 px.

    1.7/44 = 0.0386363636363636 m/px.

    Distance between Kaneki and the lightning streak = 81 px = 3.13 meters.

    Speed of lightning (Via this thread) = 97536000 m/s.

    Timeframe = 3.13 / 97536000 = 3.209071522e-8 seconds.

    Distance Kaneki crossed = 1.7 meters.

    Speed = 1.7 / 3.209071522e-8 = 52974824.3 m/s = Mach 154445.551895 = 0.1767049933591 c = 17.67049933591% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    Gotta Dodge Lightning! = 17.67049933591% the speed of light (Relativistic)

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  • Bobobo228

    Anime Battle FR+

    July 21, 2019 by Bobobo228

    Episode 0 : Bobobo VS Bernkastel (Umineko) : (21/07/2019)

    from Anime Battle FR+ Series

    Although this episode 0 is just a fight at first sight, the other episodes are due to the scenario that creates this simple fight. Anime Battle, is a small series that breaks the 4th wall and is based on the Tiering system.

    Many characters from Umineko, Homestuck, OC, etc

    An english version very soon.

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Armstrong is 2 meters.

    He is 20 px.

    2/20 = 0.1 m/px.

    Height of Pillar of lava = 156 px = 15.6 meters.

    Diameter of Pillar of lava = 82 px = 8.2 meters.

    Radius of Pillar of lava = 41 px = 4.1 meters.

    Now to know the mass, we must know the volume and density.

    For density, i'm gonna use the density of lava, since nothing would erupt from the ground other than lava (Damn graphics, making me think that this was fire)

    Density of your everyday fire = 3100 kg/m^3.

    No. of lava pillars = 6

    Total density = 18600 kg/m^3.

    For Volume, i will use the method of cylinder, since the fire is shaped into a pillar.

    Using our handy-dandy volume calulator:

    Volume of fire pillar = 823.83869110677 m^3.

    Mass = (18600)*(823.83869110677) = 15323399.654585922 kg.

    For …

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  • Gamehost0007

    In the level Taking Liberties Wolverine, Hulk and Mr fantastic hurt the statue of liberty.

    Mr fantastic at 6:22

    They all survive getting stomped on by the statue of Liberty at 12:42

    later on at 21:00 Mastermind takes hits from Wolverine who just earlier fought against a mind controled Mr. Fantastic and Hulk.


    For speed people like thor and Storm control and shoot lightning that comes from the sky. Thor has worked with people like Wolverine and storm as worked with the x-men so basically everyone would scale to this speed for reactions and attacking.

    Magneto controls the statue of liberty and he does scale to the lightning speed. He can also have the statue of liberty attack at that speeds.

    KE calculation time.

    The statue of Liberty weighs a t…

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  • ZeroTC01

    WIP Profiles

    July 15, 2019 by ZeroTC01


    Tier: 5-A, higher with the Power of Order | Low 1-C

    Name: Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi (Formerly)

    Origin: BlazBlue

    Gender: Male

    Age: Over 120 years

    Classification: Leader of the Six Heroes, Host of the Susano'o Unit

    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency: Large Planet level, higher with the Power of Order | Low Complex Multiverse level

    Speed: At least FTL | Immeasurable

    Lifting Strength: At least Class T

    Striking Strength: Large Planet Class, higher with the Power of Order | Low Complex Multiversal

    Durability: Large Planet level, higher with the Power of Order | Low Complex Multiverse level

    Stamina: Limitless (Has an inexhaustible stamina reserve thanks to the Susano'o Unit)

    Range: Extended Melee Range via Ōkami. High Multiversal via hax.

    Standard Equipment: Interfectum Malice: Ōkami …

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  • Sadistic Sleuth


    The Ur-Dragon had layed some eggs. One of those eggs landed and crashed onto a civilization. That egg belonged to Nicol Bolas. 

    Bolas was one of the only survivors of the Elder Dragon war, along with his siblings. Nicol Bolas eventually fought a leviathan for an entire month. He killed the Leviathan with a single touch, and it created a rift along with igniting his planeswalker spark. He did many other feats, such as effortlessly stomp teferi and cheated death.

    After the Mending, Bolas wanted his old power back. He rewrote the history of Amonkhet, turned many "worthy" and 4 gods into "Eternals", and invaded Ravnica.

    However, Bolas met his demise when God-Eternal Bontu ate his spark and Ugin trapped Bolas in the Prison Realm, and removed bo…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Homer and his son survived this one blast, and i'm gonna calc it.

    He blew the roof, so since this is a one-story house, this means it has length worth of 14.6304 meters, and since the roof got blown in one frame, then this gives us the velocity.

    Cartoons move at 24 FPS.

    Timeframe = 1/24 s.

    Velocity = 14.6304 / (1/24) = 351.1296 m/s.

    Now, for the weight of the roof, According to this article, an average roof is around 22 feet wide and 48 feet long.

    Area of roof = 22 * 48 = 1056 square feet.

    The roof of the Simpsons' house looks like a  typical asphalt-shingled, wood-framed roof, which is around 15 pounds per square foot.

    Weight of a roof per square foot = 15 * 1056 = 15840 pounds = 7184.903 kg.

    Now, for the K.E.

    K.E. = 0.5 * (7184.90…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    In this one, i'm gonna calc the speed of the shuttle freefalling, as well as gain the kinetic energy solely from the shuttle's weight and speed, not the collision.

    In 3:08, the shuttle collided with a satellite. With this in mind, the distance between Earth and the satellite orbital is around 36000 km, or around 36000000 meters.

    Timeframe = from 3:08 to 3:29 = 21 seconds.

    Speed of the free fall = 1714285.714 m/s.

    Now, for the K.E.

    The size of a spacecraft is around 2030000 Kg.

    K.E. = 2.98286e18 Joules = 713 Megatons of TNT (Mountain Level+)

    Collision during a Fight = 713 Megatons of TNT (Mountain Level+)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Skitzo - Size Up!

    July 13, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (0:33)

    There is no canon height for Cuphead, so i will assume the height and weigth of a 10 year old kid, which are 1.384 m, and 31.9 kg.

    Cuphead = 29 px.

    1.384 / 29 = 0.04772413793 m/px.

    Skitzo's height = 225 px = 10.73793103 meters.

    Cuphead = 29 px.

    31.9 / 29 = 1.1 kg/px.

    Skitzo = 225 px = 247 kg.

    So, by weight, Skitzo is Wall Level, and by height, he is at the very least Small Building level.

    Size Up! = At least Wall Level, likely Small Building Level

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Since there is no size for Planet X listed, i will assume 1 px for each meter.

    Planet Diameter = 12742000 meters.

    12742000 / 1 = 12742000 m/px.

    Diameter of explosion = 363 px = 4625346000 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 2312673000 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 994.1 Zettatons of TNT (Planet Level)

    The Explosion of the 24 1/2th Century = 994.1 Zettatons of TNT (Planet Level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    So in this video, Bendy literally covers an entire room in ink. I'm gonna calculate that, but on the Throne Room, since he was in it and he was stronger at his final form.

    Rooms vary in size, but judging by the maze that was in the Throne Room, i'm gonna assume the maximum size of a room, which is 600 square feet,or 55.741824 meters.

    I will use the ideal height of an average room is around 2.75 meters. I will be using that.

    Using this calc to find the volume of the octagon:

    Volume = 41257.3 m^3.

    Now, for the density of ink.

    Ink varies in temperatures, and depending on the temperature and viscosity, it density changes, so i will assume that the ink's temperature is 35 celsius, which in turn means that the ink's density would be 1.…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Now, normally it would be hard on me to do that, but i will just re-correct that flaws in this calc, since everything, save for the timeframe, is given accurately.

    Mass of storm = 8.668e11 kg.

    Distance the storm crossed = 4600 meters.

    He created it instantly, so i will assume 1 second.

    Timeframe = 1 second.

    Speed of storm = 4600 / 1 = 4600 m/s = Mach 13.4110787172 (Hypersonic+)

    KE = 9.17074e18 Joules = 2.19 Megatons of TNT (Large Mountain level)

    Budo's Wrath (Speed) = Mach 13.4110787172 (Hypersonic+)

    Budo's Wrath (AP) = 2.19 Megatons of TNT (Large Mountain level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat is in pages 40, 42 and 43

    A re-calc of the distance Pumpkin's beam crossed. According to this article, the shortest distance between Earth and space is about 100 km.

    Distance the beam crossed = 100,000 meters.

    For the timeframe, i'm gonna use the frames where Mine shouted her phrase while shooting at Budo, as well as the frames where the beam overpowered Budo and pierced the clouds. Then, i will put them in a word-to-minute calculator.

    No. of words = 10.

    Timeframe = 0.1 minutes = 6 seconds.

    Speed of beam = 100000 / 6 = 16666.66666666667 m/s (Mach 48.5908649174, or High Hypersonic)

    Blast Away! = Mach 48.5908649174 (High Hypersonic)

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  • Schwxnz

    The Pyro (W.I.P)

    July 11, 2019 by Schwxnz


    Tier: 8-B

    Name: Pyro

    Origin: Team Fortress 2

    Gender: Unknown, has been reffered to as both male and female.

    Age: Unknown.

    Classification: Human (?), Mercenary, Pyromaniac

    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency: City Block Level (consistently portrayed as being by far the most powerful mercenary, ...)

    Speed: At least Hypersonic with Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Mach 8,8 with Mach 11,7 reactions due to reacting to and fighting Scouts.), likely Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Mach 1491,3 or less. Can react to and fight Scout's on Bonk! to an extent.)

    Lifting Strenght: At least Class 5, likely higher

    Striking Strenght: City Block Level

    Durability: City Block Level (...)

    Stamina: Extremely high (...)

    Range: Extended melee range with axes and sledge…

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  • Schwxnz

    The Soldier (W.I.P)

    July 11, 2019 by Schwxnz


    Tier: At least High 8-C, likely 8-B

    Name: Jane Doe

    Origin: Team Fortress 2

    Gender: Male

    Age: 50

    Classification: Human, Mercenary

    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency: At least Large Building Level (...), likely City Block Level (scales to his durability)

    Speed: At least Hypersonic with Hypersonic+ reactions (Mach 7 with Mach 11,7 reactions and combat speed due to reacting to and fighting Scouts.), possibly Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed. (Mach 1491,3 or less. Can react to and fight Scout's on Bonk! to an extent.)

    Lifting Strenght: At least Class 5, likely higher

    Striking Strenght: At least Large Building Level, likely City Block Level

    Durability: At least Large Building Level (...), likely City Block Level (more durable than Scout, who tanked multiple hits …

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  • Schwxnz

    The Scout (W.I.P)

    July 11, 2019 by Schwxnz


    Tier: At least High 8-C, likely 8-B

    Name: Jeremy

    Origin: Team Fortress 2

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23 pre-timeskip, 27 post-timeskip

    Classification: Human, Mercenary

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Can jump once in mid-air (Twice with the atomizer, five times with the Soda Popper),

    Attack Potency: At least Large Building Level (), likely City Block Level

    Speed: At least Hypersonic+ (Mach 11,7.Once Medic healed him in Meet the Medic (2:43-2:54), he appeared as a blur; that equals to about 9000 miles per hour. Effortlessly reacted to and outran Sentry fire.) with possibly Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Mach 1491,3 or less. Can react to and fight other Scout's on Bonk! to an extent.), higher with the Baby Face's B…

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  • Zenkaibattery1

    Basically this is just to show the cosmology of Wizard101. There are many statements and feats of the God Tiers blowing up all of existence so this will show what they scale up to. 

    The Spiral is the Size of the Universe. Stated by Bartleby , stated by Medulla and it shown visablly by having stars and galaxies within it. In the B.O.X quests, it was stated that the past we were looking into was another timeline. In this timeline, the Spiral was being overtaken by the DS academy, whereas in our timeline, the Spiral was fine. Each grain of sand in the Sands of Time is a moment in the Spiral's history/past. The Sands of Time are endless according to Raven who is the narrator of the game. An Arcanum professor states there are other worlds and di…

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  • Charmand3r505

    Here's the feat, I'll be calcing:

    I'm using lightning speed because the machine said it was lightning, this isn't aim dodging either because he reacts after it was fired.

    Vlad looks to move about half chest length, Vlad is a nice healthy man so I'd say his chest is about 40 inches. Giving us the distance he moved as: 0.506 meters.

    Just guesstimating it, the machine seems to be 1-3 meters away so I'll be using both.

    Finally is the speed of lightning: 440,000 m/s

    (0.506 * 440000)/3 = 74,506.7 m/s or Mach 217.2 (Massively Hypersonic)

    (0.506 * 440000)/1 = 223,520 m/s or Mach 651.7 (Massively Hypersonic)

    This calc wasn't very technical to do, it was mostly just guesstimating the numbers so it can just be igno…

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  • Charmand3r505

    Why this is Eris and not Pluto, Pluto was destroyed way before this happened. The color and shape fits that of Eris, the placement also works with Eris just as well as it does with Pluto.

    Eris: 144 px = 2,325,984.88 meters

    Mass: 1.66 * 10^22 kg


    Explosion: 165.2 px = 2,668,421.5 meters

    Radius: 1,334,210.8 meters (because the explosion is omni-directional, you use the radius not diameter)

    Timeframe: 13:07-13:09 = 2 seconds

    Speed: 667,105.4 m/s

    KE = (0.5)*(1.66 * 10^22 kg)*(667105.4 m/s)^2 

    = 3.7 * 10^33 joules or 884 Zetatons (Planet level) 

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  • Muhammedmco

    Calc that has feat in question and a correction of the previous calc.

    See page 27 aned 28 in chapter 75.

    Distance the snow and ice covered out of the planet = 3561000 meters.

    No. of frames required for the storm to encase the shown area = 7 Frames.

    Using a word to minute calculator here, and assuming 1 word per empty frame:

    No. of words = 11

    Timeframe = 0.1 minutes = 6 seconds.

    Speed of storm = 3561000/6 = 593500 m/s (Mach 1730.320699708, or Massively Hypersonic+).

    We already know that this was blizzard, but we should also know that this was snow as well, and snow has density as well. So i will calculate both heat of fusion and KE.

    First, we get the heat of fusion.

    Planet diameter = 988px = 12750km

    Esdeath's freeze = 276px = 3561km, or 1780.5km radius …

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    Feat: Bo-bobo throws Pluto at Torpedo Girl.

    Distance: Pluto is 7.5 trillion meters at its furthest and 4.28 trillion meters at its closest. I will use 5.89 trillion meters as a mean.

    Timeframe: Since there is literally no panel even depicting him throwing it, he did it so fast that it was obviously portrayed as being basically instantly. So I'll use 1 second as a timeframe.

    Conclusion: 5890000000000 / 1 = 5890000000000 meters per second, obviously. This is around 19699 c and Massively FTL+.

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  • Kirby905

    In the Episode"Miraculous Tales of laybug and Chat noir:The Origins part 2"Ladybug and chat noir had to stop Stoneheart from destroying the city

    Heres the Episode:

    To Find Stoneheart's Weight:

    Let's say the material that Stoneheart is made up of is Granite

    • Granite normally weighs around 360 pounds

    i decided to combine the weight of the granite he's composed of with his average weight of himself before akumatization had occured

    • There isn't a Confirmed weight for Ivan(Stoneheart's Unakumatized Form) Though we can still find out the weight via Ivan's age
    According to the Miraculous Wiki Ivan is 13-15 years old(…
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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    To know what planet is that, i will assume that the planet destroyed was Mercury, since it is the closest planet to Earth.

    Diameter of Mercury = 4879400 meters.

    Assuming 1 px for each meter:

    4879400/1 = 4879400 m/px.

    Radius of explosion = 435 px = 2122539000 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 140835531153304473412751585.42008365085917501406367822643264 Tons of TNT = 1.408 Yottatons of TNT (Large Planet Level)

    KABOOM! = 1.408 Yottatons of TNT (Large Planet Level)

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  • LuckyEmile

    The Bye-Bye Cannon is Bros Attack from the Mario & Luigi RPG series, specifically Dream Team (Or Dream Team Bros in PAL regions). Mario and Luigi learn it in Wakeport, and it costs them 7 Bros Point to carry out. The technique is particularly interesting in that it launches Mario and Luigi far beyond the horizon, only for them to return to launch point in mere second and stomp on the targeted foes. This would logically mean they have been blasted around the planet. So let's see the speed and offensive potency of this attack.

    VS Battles Wiki user, Lasatar, was kind enough to calculate this for us. They found the time frame for this launch was approximately 6.775 seconds, and so we'll use this. Due to Mario's world showing many similarities t…

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  • Gamehost0007

                                             Legos have some interesting feats for legos.

    At 1:57 of this video clayface destroys two police cars which is calced down below (Not done by me)

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  • LuckyEmile

    Throughout fiction, many powers and abilities can be found. Today I'd like to look into one such ability known as Statistics Amplification. Put simply, this is the ability to amplify one's own statistics, whether it be an increase in power, durability, speed or some other statistic to help turn the tides of the battle. As noted on the page, this isn't related to simply using more of your base power or tapping into some hidden power, this isn't going beyond your maximum input by some special means.

    This power is far from absent in the Mario series. Whilst there are many items that can be attributed with this ability, I'll be solely delving into the Power-Ups that the mainline Mario series is famed for. This would mean the items such as the F…

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  • Unbacked0

    Evilities are passive abilities that anyone can have that were introduced in Disgaea 3. There are unique Evilities which only some people have but there are common Evilities which anyone can have.

    Powers and Abilities: Weapon Mastery, Precognition, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Healing, Reactive Evolution, Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Damage Reduction, Death Manipulation, Instinctive Reactions, Resistance Negation (Can negate elemental resistance to fire, ice, water, air and star), Resistance to Emotional Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Power…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    Attack Potency: At least Large Star level (Effortlessly shot down Gamzee with bullets) | At least Multiverse level+ (Superior to all other God-Tiers, as a Lord) | High Multiversal+ level (Stomped all the Alpha Kids and sealed the Beta Kids. Views his past self as crude 2D drawings) | Large Star level (Stated to be superior to Gamzee. The only way Gamzee killed him is via Fear Manipulation) | Varies. Universal+ (Was able to keep up with Cans) to High Multiversal+ (Strangled a post-collide Caliborn) | Large Star level (Scales to his own Durability). Multi-Solar System level when enraged (One-Shotted the Black King) | Multiverse level+ (Is a first Gaurdian, and is powered by the Green Sun, which is twice the size of an infinite multiverse) | …

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Unbacked0

    Throughout the VS threads, you will hear one common thing about JoJo characters and that's that most of them are Building Level+ at most. This is predicated on three feats that happen throughout the series, Tarkus splitting a hill, Star Platinum inhaling a town's worth of fog and Stone Free deflecting meteors. These three feats are either taken out of context, the character has better feats or are casual feats at best.

    Red Hot Chili Pepper absorbs an entire towns worth of electricity to power it up, this alone could put the energy is has at around Town Level (Let's ignore the fact that VSBW calculated this wrong and didn't take into account street lights, stores and business offices so they only got Multi-City Block Level) and not only coul…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    Jojostuck AU

    June 11, 2019 by Sadistic Sleuth

    WorkIn progress

    So, the concept of "Jojostuck" is a Homestuck and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU that has homestuck characters take the place of Jojo characters, or vice versa. I'm going to do Homestuck characters taking the place of Jojo characters, because I find it more intresting.

    So, without further a do, let's introduce the characters.

    Taking the place of...

    Jonathan Joestar: Calliope

    Dio Brando: Caliborn

    Speedwagon: Spades Slick

    Will Zeppeli: Roxy Lolande

    Joseph Joestar: John Egbert

    Ceasar: Dave Strider

    Lisa Lisa: Mom Lolande

    Santana: Clubs Deuce

    Rudol Von Stroheim: Horuss Zahhak

    Wamuu: Diamonds Droog

    Esidisi: Hearts Boxcars

    Kars: Jack Noir. As the Ultimate Lifeform, Fully prototyped Jack Noir.

    DIO: Caliborn, after taking over Calliope's body. As awak…

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