• Udlmaster

    Warcraft list

    August 3, 2020 by Udlmaster

    For further information go to the Official WoW Wiki.

    Warcraft is a franchise of video games, novels, and other media originally created by Blizzard Entertainment. The series is made up of five core games: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The first three of these core games are in the real-time strategy genre, where opposing players command virtual armies in battle against each other or a computer-controlled enemy. The fourth and best selling title of the franchise is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where players control their own character and interact with each other in a virtual world. The most recent ti…

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  • Thelastvastolorde

    During one of the early chapters of the series, Yuji is thrown through a wall by a cursed spirit known as a finger bearer . I'll be calcing the force needed to break down the wall

    I'll say the finger bearer is the same height of an average human male

    Finger Bearer = 25 px = 170 cm

    Height of the hole = 113 px = 768.4 cm

    Width of the hole = 168 px = 1142.4 cm

    For the wall length (thickness), I'll use the rubble next to the finger bearer

    length of the hole = 26 px = 176.8 cm

    using this calculator to find the volume of the wall:

    Volume = 155198604 cm^3

    The wall was broken into big distinguishable pieces. So I'll use fragmentation

    155198604 * 8 = 1241588832 joules or 0.296746852772…

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  • Ben CleverName

    Morganthe (Canon)

    August 3, 2020 by Ben CleverName

    Here you can add a summary/short info about the character.

    Tier: Low 2-C | Low 2-C | At least 2-A

    Name: Morganthe

    Origin: Wizard101

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown (Stated to be thousands of years old. However, with the nature of time in Wizard101 it's impossible to know for sure.)

    Classification: Human, Wizard, Shadow Queen

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Non-Physical Interaction, Status Effect Inducement, Magic, Law Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Necromancy, Chaos Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Healing, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Aura, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Earth Manipulation, Power Nullification, Power Modification, Summoning, Transmutation, Damage Boo…

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Katsuki creates a huge explosion while fighting Izuku in his second fight with him. I'll be calculating the power behind this. This is a recalculation of this calc.

    Scan 1

    Storey height (Industrial Area) = 32px or 3.5 m.

    Screen height = 460px or 50.3125 m

    Scan 2

    Explosion diameter = 397px or 43.421875m.

    Explosion radius = 21.7109375

    W = 21.7109375^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 = 0.82 Tons of TNT.

    0.82 Tons of TNT (Building level)

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  • Udlmaster

    World of Darkness is a gritty dark franchise made by Whitewolf over 20 years ago. It has lots of supplicants of which expand the verse, each having an overarching narrative with it commonly leading to the End Times. 

    The entire verse is split into Multiple layers, with it going: 

    The Cosmic Whole, quite literally everything. There is nothing outside Tellurian. The Tellurian is also called "God", with tin Mage 20th Edition, they state that the Tellurian is all possibilities, all things and it cannot be described except by metaphors.

    The Umbra is the majority of Reality, with it sitting outside of conventional Reality but existing within the Tellurian. The Umbra is the part of reality containing nearly everything, concepts, the Underworld and s…

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  • Gewsbumpz dude

    Jevil (Sans2345)

    August 2, 2020 by Gewsbumpz dude

    Note: This is suppose to be a replica of Sans2345's Jevil profile, so I tried my best to bring it back from the dead. I felt like doing this because I was bored.

    Jevil is a secret boss in chapter one of deltarune, and can be found at????? floor of card castle, jevil went mad after meeting a strange someone, he was locked up in the castle with the keys spread out over the Kingdom.

    Tier: At least 9-B

    Name: Jevil

    Origin: Deltarune (Undertale)

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown (He seems to live over 100 years)

    Classification: Jester of the court

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Flight,Teleportation,Energy Projection,Magic,Soul Manipulation(Can harm one's soul directly with his regular attacks),Duplication(Can create temporary clones of himse…

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Izuku uses his Full Gauntlet at 30% to make a crater in a metal wall. We'll be calculating the energy behind that.

    Izuku is 66px which is 1.66 meters. 

    Crater diameter 126px. If we convert to meters we get 3.16909090909m

    Crater radius = 1.58454545455m

    Crater depth = 84px. If we convert to meters we get 2.11272727273m

    Plug this into our volume calculator to get the result. But then we have to halve it due to it being half of an ellipsoid.

    Volume = 22.219866830366/2 = 11.1099334152m or 1110.99334152cm

    Violent fragmentation of steel is 568.5 j/cc

    Energy = 1110.99334152x568.5 = 631599.714654 joules.

    Wall level+ (631.59 Kilojoules)

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Izuku and Katsuki disperse Nine's storm. We'll be calculating the kinetic energy required to do so.

    Nabu Island = 105px. Which is based on a real-life Island Izena which is 5 km.

    Storm Diameter = 620px. Converted to meters it's​​​​ ​​​29523.8095238m

    Storm Radius = 14761.9047619m

    Storm Height = 331px.Converted to meters it's 15761.9047619m
    Storm Volume = 10790544744327000 meters.
    Storm Mass =  1.0822916e+16kg

    Storm dispersed in like 16 seconds so we just need to plug in our speed formula to get speed = 29523.8095238/16 = 1845.23809524 m/s

    Kinetic Energy: 1/121.0822916e+16(1845.23809524)^2 = 3.0709155e+21 joules.

    Total energy: 733.96 Gigatons (Large Island level)

    733.96/2 = 366.98 Gigatons (Large Island level)

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    So for a while now, Homestuck is 8-A However, the old calc is invalid due to some problems

    This is my first calc, and even then, this is a recalc, so this might be wrong as well. But nonetheless, let's get to it

    I was around 5'8" (68 inches, 1.73 meters) when I was 13, so that's the base measurement we'll be using.

    You're a little tall, man. 13 year olds are 156 cm, not 173. 156 cm = Roughly 61.5 inches, so we'll be using that.

    316 x 61.5 = 19434

    19434/33 = 589.909090909

    589.909090909/12 = Roughly 50 feet or 15.2 meters

    times that by 2 since it's half a chain, and we get 100 feet or 30.4 meters

    So a chain is like, 100 feet. Perfect.

    1200 x 94 = 112800

    112800/4 = 8057.14285714

    8057.14285714/12= 671.42 meters is the length of the chain.

    1200 x 68 = 81600


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  • Udlmaster

    Madame Web

    July 30, 2020 by Udlmaster

    Tier: High 1-B

    Name: Madame Web, Madam Webb, Cassandra Webb

    Origin: Marvel Universe

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Cosmic Being, Clairvoyant, Person from Beyond

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Higher-Dimensional Physiology (Hails from the Beyonder's Realm), Reality Warping, Clairvoyance (Her primary power is her ability to see things across the Cosmos,when searching for Spider-Carnage she searched the Infinite Universes to find him), Air Manipulation (Can create gusts of wind that can blow Spider-Man around.), Fire Manipulation (Can set things on fire.), Intangibility (Can pass through solid walls), Immersion (Can enter posters and drawings of her), Spatial Manipulation (Can turn the world upside down.),…

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Izuku manages to create a tornado with a 20% St. Louis Smash.

    Tree Crown Radius (Average) = 3 m. 

    Tree Crown Diameter should be 6 m.

    Tornado height = 766px. Converted to meters this is 120.947368421m

    Tornado diameter = 1028px. Converted to meters this is 186.909090909m

    Tornado radius = 1028/2 = 514px. Or 93.4545454545m

    Plug this into our cylinder calculator and we have the volume.

    Volume = 3318540.7512829m

    The density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3.

    Mass = 3318540.7512829x1.225 = 4065212.42032 kg

    We have to find the speed the wind was moving. The distance one of the trees moved was 8 meters according to this version of the calc. The video ran at 25 FPS. Speed = 8/0.04 = 200 m/s

    KE = 0.5*(4065212.42032)*200^2 = 81304248406.4 joules

    19.43 Tons o…

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  • Udlmaster

    Walker (Nightside)

    July 30, 2020 by Udlmaster

    Walker is the infamous Voice of the Authorities within the Nightside and acts as "The Man", the one who upholds the Status Quo and greatly disapproves of the Nightside and those within it, supposedly favouring the scorched earth policy. 

    Walker has a history with John Taylor after his father drank himself to death, looking out for John in subtle ways and despite John's reputation in the Nightside, he has always feared what Walker could do if he had a reason to. 

    Walker's most famous ability is his Voice, It is said that his Voice is derived from the original Voice, the one that said, "Let there be light." and there was, and it is said he once made a corpse sit up and talk to him with the Voice, of which he has grown tired of people bringing i…

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  • Udlmaster

    Mage Atomization

    July 30, 2020 by Udlmaster

    Okay, because I can never allow myself to be happy, I have chosen to upgrade the standards of the Mage profile page because them scaling to Lilith at Dot 4 doesn't make any sense to me anymore, though I know why I thought it at the time, It's nonesense now.

    Dot 4 no longer has any ranks, so after doing a bit of reading again found this gem (It's cut off on the page, don't blame me, blame poor formatting on Whitewolf's end.):

    Given this can destroy things at sub-atomic levels I wanted to do some calcing and get a tier for Dot 4.

    For this, I will be using the Cubic value of another spell in the exact same tier and same Magic school which gives us a max value of 80 cubic yards.

    5.403E13 × 61164400 = 3.304712532E21 joules, 789.85Gigatons, Large Isl…

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia All Might manages to change the weather with his Detroit Smash. We'll be calculating the power behind that.

    Storm Radius = 20 km (On clear days this tends to be the maximum viewing distance) 

    Storm height = 12.2 km (Average storm has a height of 12.2 km )

    Plug this into our cylinder calculator.

    Volume = '15330972.14951799996m3'

    The density should be 1.003 kg/m^3.

    Storm mass = 15330972.14951799996x1.003 = 15376965.066'''' kg

    The time it took for the clear horizon to disappear was 10 seconds. The distance covered was 20 km. Speed = 20000/10 = 2000 m/s.

    KE = 1/12*15376965.066*(2000)^2 = 5.125655e+12 Joules

    1.22 Gigatons (Large Mountain level)

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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia All Might punches Nomu into the sky. We'll be calculating how powerful this feat is.

    The viewing distance should be 20km. 

    Clouds look like cumulus clouds so they must be at least 2000m thick.

    Volume =  pi*(20km)^2*(2000m) = 2512000

    Mass = 2512000x1.003 = 2519536kg

    KE = 0.5x2519536x4000000 = 5.039072e+12 joules

    1.20 Kilotons (Small Town level)

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  • Komodo25M

    So, Koro-Sensei makes a tornado (apparently out of rage or something), so gonna calc That.

    Student Height: 46 pixels = 1.75 meters

    Tornado Height: 650 pixels = 17085.7142857 meters

    Tornado Width: 410 pixels = 10777.1428571 meters

    Tornado Volume: 294568463762.3 meters3 = 2.945684637623e+17 cm3

    Tornado mass: 360846368108.82 kilogram

    Speed: 2,000 m/s

    Kinetic Energy: 7.21693E+17 joules = 172.48876673040152241 megatons = Mountain Level

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  • The Real Eugene Sims


    July 29, 2020 by The Real Eugene Sims

    In the bustling metropolis of Empire City, Cole MacGrath was an ordinary, 27-year old college drop-out working as a bike courier alongside his best friend Zeke and girlfriend Trish. However, one day, while Cole was delivering a package, he received a call from an unknown man named Kessler, telling him to open it. As Cole opened the package, it was revealed to be a strange device known as the "Ray Sphere", which suddenly activated causing a massive explosion that vaporized six blocks of Empire City and killed everyone in it's blast radius.

    However, Cole somehow survived. After succumbing to his injuries and passing out, Cole woke up several days later from a coma, where he discovered that the blast had gifted him with electrokinetic powers, …

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  • GojiBoyForever

    Freddy Krueger

    July 28, 2020 by GojiBoyForever

    One, two Freddy's coming for you. Freddy Krueger, the demon that comes when you sleep. One of the evilest beings in human history, the notorious child killer did not go to Hell when he died. Instead he became larger than life, worst than a monster, a devil that resides in the depths of your nightmares. Krueger relentlessly hunts down the kids of Springwood, Ohio in search of his vengeance. The ending of their lives does nothing but make his insidious figure more powerful. A hideous blot on the once beautiful town of Springwood, Freddy remains in background, the ever growing fear of falling asleep becoming an all too real presence.


    Name: Freddy Krueger, God, Son of a hundred maniacs, Dream Demon


    Age: Irrelev…

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  • GlaceonGamez471

    In the Megadimension Neptunia Games (VII and VIIR), Purple Heart (And various other characters) moved from the center of Heart Dimension to its edge and escaped to the Hyper Dimension (Leaving Uzume behind), in the True ending they go and get help to save Uzume, who was in a dire situation not too long after they left. Since the Heart Dimension is well, a dimension, I will assume it's the size of the observable universe for the purposes of calculating this. I will also assume a very short timeframe, seeing as the situation they left Uzume in, there's no real reason to assume they'd take a leisurely stroll back, they'd want to get help as soon as they could to help Uzume. I will leave a few ends, seeing as we don't now how long they took.


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  • Komodo25M

    In Assassination Classroom, Nagisa manages to react and save Kayano from an attempted blitz from Craig Houjou, the divine soldier.

    Houjou’s height: 1.95 meters

    Distance he traveled: 4-6 meters

    Even Kayano was able to react to Houjou, and she was able to block and cut through one of the reaper’s tentacles, and the reaper was able to move at Mach 40 and blitz Koro-Sensei, who should be Sub-Relativistic to FTL.

    Low end reaction: 0.000294-0.000117 seconds

    Mid end reaction: 0.0000003336-0.0000000667 seconds

    High end reaction: 0.000000003336-0.0000000003336 seconds

    Low end Speed: 20408.1632653 m/s = 45651.76106232105 mph = Mach 59.499018266180762282 = High Hypersonic+

    High Low End: 51,282.0512821 m/s = 114,714.6816439245 mph = Mach 149.5103535921282969 …

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  • Komodo25M

    In Assassination Classroom, Nagisa manages to blitz four of his classmates.

    Nagisa’s height: 1.59 meters

    Distance he traveled: 3 meters

    These students can usually react at Mach 11 to Mach 20, so they should have hypersonic+ reactions. (0.000294-0.000117 seconds)

    Lowballed Speed: 3/0.000294 = 10204.0816327 m/s = 22825.88053127237 mph = Mach 29.749509133236156089 (High Hypersonic)

    Highballed Speed: 3/0.000117 = 25641.025641 m/s = 57357.3408218504 mph = Mach 74.7551767959183735 (High Hypersonic+)

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  • GojiBoyForever


    July 27, 2020 by GojiBoyForever
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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Izuku performs a wide variety of speed feats. This is a collection of Izuku's various feats that have been calculated.

    Izuku is 1.66m tall and I got 291px. 

    The distance the bullets travelled is 302px. 302/291 = 1.03780068729. 1.66x 1.03780068729 = 1.72274914089m.

    The distance he traveled is 291px which translates to 1.97167346939m

    We need to find the timeframe so we'll use the Low-End to assume the gun the criminal used is an FN SCAR which has a muzzle velocity of 870m/s. Which would sit the timeframe at 0.00117 seconds

    Speed: 1.97167346939/0.00117 = 1685.19099948 m/s

    The High-End will be assuming the gun the criminal used is an M16 which has a muzzle velocity of 960 m/s, which sets the timeframe at around 0.00063999999 seco…

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  • Gewsbumpz dude


    July 27, 2020 by Gewsbumpz dude


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  • Earthyboy

    In My Hero Academia Izuku jumps over an explosion Bakugou created. We'll be calculating the speed required to do that.

    Bakugou is 285px which translates over to 1.7018m. 

    The distance Izuku traveled is 348px which translates to 2.07798736842m

    This is a Nitroglycerin based explosion so we'll use the timeframe required to react to it which is 0.00013295454 seconds.

    Speed = 2.07798736842/0.00013295454 = 15629.3073438m/s

    Mach 45.56 (High Hypersonic)

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  • Komodo25M

    Cynthia Hunt

    July 26, 2020 by Komodo25M

    Cynthia Hunt was born and grew up in a poor family in an average town, she lived free of worries until she was about 4 years old, but at that point life took a turn for the worst when her parents were killed by a group of monsters called the Yoxa. However, she herself was saved by Everett Blackburn, the invincible ranger.

    She vowed to kill the monsters and joined the Ranger School in order to slay the Yoxa monsters.

    Tier: 9-A

    Name: Cynthia Hunt

    Origin: Ranger School

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Classification: Human, Ranger

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Athleticism, Acrobatics, Genius Intelligence, Analytical Prediction, Weapon Mastery (with handguns and knives), Stealth Mastery, Self-Sustenance (Type 2), Martial A…

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  • Ikelaggan

    The empress

    July 24, 2020 by Ikelaggan

    The daughter of the Dragonblood Clan's cheif. She bears the Dragon Scar in her arm. Through the contract with the Astral Dragon Artrumm, She manifests the dragon in a variety of abilities. She is proficient with the rapier, and the Dragon arm can shoot fiery projectiles. Her Dragon arm can also you energy to transform into a large blade to strike her foes. In the air, her arm can stretch into a wite like form, Hooking her onto objects and allowing her to swing.

    tier: High 8-C | possibly 5-C

    Name:The empress

    Gender: Female

    Origin: Dragon marked for death

    Age:Around their teen years

    Classification: Dragonclan

    Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Poison…

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  • ANormalGuest666

    Speed: At this rate, guest is beyond the speed of Infinity itself making him the fastest being to ever exist /At this point this shit just seems impossible to put him in this wiki like his speed is fucking impossible to measure

    Strength: At this rate, guest is beyond the Strength Of Infinity itself making him the strongest being to ever exist /At this point this shit just seems impossible to put him in this wiki like his strength is fucking impossible to measure

    Durability: At this rate, guest is beyond the Durability Of infinity itself making him the most durable being to ever exist /At this point this shit just seems impossible to put him in this wiki like his durability is fucking impossible to measure

    Arsenal: Elite ROBLOX Knife (once it …

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  • Unbacked0

    The RG, short for Realground is where all living beings exist in. Simply put it is the world we live in. The RG is described as a plane of existence, considering it is the real world, it should be a 3D plane of existence.

    The Higher Plane is a plane of existence that exists above the UG, making it a 5D plane of existence. The only ones that exist here are Angels, however, the Conduct has the power to exist within the Higher Plane as well.

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  • Custerwolf98

    A comprehensive look at at least every major 4th Wall Break in the game, including the japanese version.

    The entirety of How to Play consists of Palutena directly teaching Pit himself about the game.

    Pit asks about the mythological Greek namesake of the franchise, Palutena trying to hide what happened to him .

    1. Palutena teaches Pit how to move, aim and shoot, referencing the circle pad, L button and and touch screen. .

    2. Pit references Uprising's release being 25 years after the first game, mention it was in "two dimensions" .

    3. Pit mentions the circle pad and touch screen again. Palutena also mentions using the circle pad to glide in a loop.

    4. Palutena brings up using the stylus on the touch screen to face left. as well as using to spin aro…

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  • GlaceonGamez471

    . This blog is only here as a framework for when I make the actual page and I will not include the justifications for ratings, powers, or abilities on this blog. At least not for now. I will include powers here that won't be on any of the profiles that a goddess may have, but they don't have enough info themselves to have a profile (e.g. Uranus, the former goddess of Planeptune) I may add stat justifications later, but I won't be including powers until I have made a page for every goddess in the series, of which I have very few left that I know of.

    Tier: At least 2-A, possibly 1-A

    Name: Composite Neptunia Goddess (No alternative name for now, though I have one in mind, I'm thinking maybe "Rainbow Heart" by virtue of the common HDD goddess naming …

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  • Udlmaster

    After reading a bit into Konon and watching the anime of Naruto and the fight between Konon and Obito, I find the calcs done by VS lacking in power scaling.

    For this "Low End" section, we'll be using VSB scaling for Obito who scales to Nagato who was calced at Mountain Level.

    So, we'll be using that Calculation for this multiplier, since Multipliers are allowed and aren't considered "Calc Stacking".

    Low ball: 

    In the fight between Konon v Obito, Konon was able to do severe damage to Obito by throwing herself at him, and while Obito still absorbed some of the Paper bombs, there were still some that blew up. For this we will estimate that Konon used 1000~ paper bombs to damage Obito that much.

    Obito's Durability = 532 megatons= 1000~ Paper bombs


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  • Komodo25M

    Werewolves (2099)

    July 22, 2020 by Komodo25M

    Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level (Even the weakest Werewolf can cause devastating damage to a City, and cause Earthquakes on this level.) to City Level (One Werewolf can threaten multiple human armies.), Small Town Level (They can fight out bloodlusted vampires, who are capable of creating storms.) to Large Mountain Level (Can vaporize cities and mountains. One werewolf was said to to be equal to 2 Tzar bombs in power) in Primal Mode, Country Level in Lycan Form (The strongest werewolves in this form could destroy multiple Countries and Kingdoms.)| Planet Level (Each of the Werewolf Kings were described to be possessing Earth-Shattering Strength. Richard has shown to match EOS Damus Adapin in a fight. Damus’ grandfather, Xavier Adapin, was sho…

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  • Gewsbumpz dude

    I'm leaving

    July 20, 2020 by Gewsbumpz dude


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  • Ben CleverName

    Composite Hero is the hypothetical merging between all heroes and their abilities present in the Might and Magic franchise.  This includes the special attributes of humans, demons, undead, and other miscellaneous types of characters.

    Tier: TBD

    Name: Inapplicable

    Origin: Might and Magic

    Gender: Inapplicable

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Hero

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, (Can jump as high as 60 feet into the air.), Magic, Accelerated Development, Technopathy, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 7, 8. and 12.), Non-Corporeal (Can become non-corporeal through Runelore.), Statistics Amplification (Can increase their overall statistics by a large margin through various spells, including their attack strength, defense strength, a…

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  • GlaceonGamez471


    July 18, 2020 by GlaceonGamez471

    Hirotune is the fusion that results when Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and Hiro from the Spectral Force series undergo "Mega Miracle Characterization". Her first appearance is in the "Purple Flame" event of Mega Miracle Force where, if you earn at least 10,000 points during the duration of the event, you get Hirotune as a permanent unit you are able to put on your team in the game. Being a fusion of two characters, Hirotune is quite powerful and should far exceed the capabilities of her two fusees and should possess their abilities on a greater scale than them.

    Tier: At least Low 2-C, likely higher, possibly 1-A

    Name: Hirotune

    Origin: Mega Miracle Force

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown, but very young physically (Doesn't have much time in terms…

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  • Charmand3r505

    Feat here

    Red's Snorlax stops an out of control Magnet Train and saves the passengers from catching a bad case of death.

    In the games, the Magnet Train is stated to be able to move at 550 km/hr, this is about 152.778 m/s. This is probably a low-ball because it was stated to be moving faster than usual.

    The Magnet Train is based on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen and the Chūō Shinkansen, while I couldn't find a weight for the later, I could find a weight for the Tokaido. A 16-car set weighs 715 tons, which is 44.7 tons per cart. There are 3 carts left when Snorlax stopped the train, 134.1 tons or about 121,653.47 kg.

    Blue states that the train will crash in less than a minute and a few panels later, Snorlax comes out of his Pokeball and stops the train …

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  • Ben CleverName

    The Cloak of the Undead King is a dangerous and powerful combination artifact that was created and used by Sandro in conjunction with the Armor of the Damned to take over Deyja with.  With the two artifacts by his side, Sandro was nearly unbeatable, until a band of heroes joined together to create the Angelic Alliance, a magical sword which proved to be even more powerful than Sandro's own artifacts.

    Tier: TBD

    Name: Cloak of the Undead King

    Origin: Heroes of Might and Magic III

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Cloak

    Wielders: Sandro

    Powers and Abilities: Magic, Necromancy (The Cloak of the Undead King gives its wearer the power of Necromancy, even if they didn't practice it beforehand.), Statistics Amplification (If the wearer of the Cloak of the Undead …

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  • Ican'tthinkof1goodname

    Ican'tthinkof1goodname is mysterious evil bear person who showed up in the hit anime named The Real World. 

    Tier: At least High 1-A likely a lot higher, this is assuming he doesn't have his equipment

    Name: Ican'tthinkof1goodname, RK800, spookyisdead, Sleepy head, supercow123, spookyisdead2, The Admin, The Founder, The Writer, The Creator, (His True name is unknown)

    Origin: The Real World

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown is an adult

    Classification: Mysterious Bear, Monster, Villian, The Founder and Owner of The SCP Foundation, The Writer, Stand and Persona User, Human(?)

    Powers and Abilities: Vocal Mimicry, Stealth Mastery, Social Influencing, Supernatural Luck, Longevity (hasn't aged in thousands of years), Positive Emotion Affinity, Unpredictability (G…

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  • Ben CleverName

    The Armor of the Damned is a dangerous and powerful combination artifact that was created and used by Sandro in conjunction with the Cloak of the Undead King to take over Deyja with.  With the two artifacts by his side, Sandro was nearly unbeatable, until a band of heroes joined together to create the Angelic Alliance, a magical sword which proved to be even more powerful than Sandro's own artifacts.

    Tier: TBD

    Name: Armor of the Damned

    Origin: Heroes of Might and Magic III

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Armor

    Wielders: Sandro

    Powers and Abilities: Magic, Curse Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, passive Statistics Reduction, Probability Manipulation, and Status Effect Inducement

    Attack Potency: TBD

    Speed: Immobile

    Durability: TBD

    Range: TBD

    Weaknesses: …

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  • Ican'tthinkof1goodname

    Opon seeing that no one has created a Goosebumps Cosmology Thread I decided to do it myself. Not finished.

    The main dimension, There is the 1949 world, The reverse world, Then theres the 7 realites, The Comic Book World, A mysterious other world The Player uses for fast travel, The Mirror World, Another Mirror World, Slappy's world, Three Universe sized movie worlds, The universe sized Internet and a bunch of websites, The Masked Mutant comic franchise universe sized world, The Blob world, Panic Park, A alien world, Planet Xentron, A strange alien world, a Fake Earth, The Body Squeezers world, The Poltergeist world, A city like alien world, Two universe sized video game worlds, Neverland, Hell, The Gargoyle world, Polovia, The Be Afraid gam…

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  • Gewsbumpz dude

    Tulpa Physiology

    July 15, 2020 by Gewsbumpz dude

    Tulpa Physiology is the ability to have the abilities of a tulpa. Which are thought-based beings that are reliant on thought and belief of their existence, and can also gain new features and capabilities through said belief.

    • Abstract Existence and Non-Corporeal: Tulpas are thought-based beings.
    • Nonexistent Physiology: Tulpas are thought-based beings, essentially meaning they are ideas created by other people.
    • Immortality (Types 3 and 8): Tulpas are thought-based beings, and will cease to exist if people forget about them.
    • Regeneration (Mid-Godly): Tulpas that are reliant on thought, logically speaking they can recover from any damage as long their idea or belief of them is still intact.
    • Higher-Dimensional Physiology: Tulpas could be higher-dimension…

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  • Gamehost0007

    Death race

    July 15, 2020 by Gamehost0007

    This will go over the vehicles, characters, and powers in the show, Death Race

    The Burtonmobile

    The tumbler

    Batmobile (Arkham)

    The Adam west mobile

    Optimus prime

    Ford anglea 205 e Deluxe

    Thomas the tank engine

    Lightning McQueen


    Aston Martin DB5

    Dera imperator 108I

    The warthog

    Blue falcon

    The red go cart

    Speed star

    DNC Dalorian

    Toyoda AE86

    Imperial 74z speeder bike

    Holy explosion Batman

    In the first episode of death race, the Adam west mobile shot a missile that made a big explosion.

    In the second pic the little thing I'd 259.75p. 0.23 inches/p.

    Converting inches to km and putting it in the explosion formula.((0.006/0.28)^3)/1000*0.5.

    I got 0.004 tons of tnt. This is near the top of wall. The racers tank this explosion.

    Half of the big bang is multi galaxy+

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  • Gewsbumpz dude

    The Postal Dude is the titular anti-hero of the Postal video game series.

    Tier: Low 2-C, possibly High 2-A

    Name: Postal Dude Jr.

    Origin: Postal

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown, possibly early 30s

    Classification: Human

    Powers and Abilities: 

    Attack Potency: Universe level+, possibly High Multiverse level+ (Can prohibit the player from doing various actions like buying the paid DLC, the player transcends the Postal universe and sees it as a game on a flat screen. Can massacre the entire Running With Scissors crew, who not only created Postal as a whole but much like the player, see Postal as a video game. Can murder Civvie11 in Postal 4: No Regerts. Can kill several copies of himself)

    Speed: Superhuman (Can outrun American Pitbulls, Cats  and Rhinos), possibly Immeasurable, high…

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  • Maverick Zero X


    July 13, 2020 by Maverick Zero X

    Note: Not my actual opinions on the character.


    Tier: High 7-A | Low 2-C

    Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Origin: Sin

    Gender: Sin

    Age: 17

    Classification: Sin

    Powers and Abilities: Sin

    Attack Potency: Large Mountain level+ For the lulz (Directly generated the energy required to power the Giga-Bot Prime, which has the destructive capability to level an entire mountain. Comparable to and is capable of harming Silver the Hedgehog, who withstood being telekinetically hit Angel Island) | Universe level+ (For the lulz)

    Speed: Transonic | Supersonic via his name

    Lifting Strength: At least Class G | Immeasurable

    Striking Strength: Large Mountain Class+ | Universal+

    Durability: Large Mountain level+ (Can trade blows with those that can harm him. During his roboticization, Sonic managed to s…

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  • GojiBoyForever

    Superman is Earth's premier superhero and the stalwart protector of Metropolis. Born Kal-El on the distant planet Krypton, he was sent to Earth as a child to survive Krypton's destruction. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his extraordinary superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent. In his civilian identity he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis.

    Tier: At least Low 2-C, possibly 2-C | At least Low 2-C, possibly 2-C | 2-A

    Name: Superman, Clark Kent, Kal-El

    Origin: DC

    Age: Around his 30s

    Gender: Male

    Classification: Last Son of Krypton, Superhero

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Martial Arts (Was trained by Muhammad Ali for 2 weeks in boxing and eventually fought with him…

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  • Gewsbumpz dude

    The monsters of the Goosebumps verse are large groups of various beasts, creatures, aliens and other supernatural entities. They vary greatly in capabilities and powers, they do share some powers that all of them possess.

    Note: Abilities that will apply to this page will only must be shown or implied either of these requirements;

    • Be present to every single monster of the verse or a large amount of monsters of varying species.
    • Be implied to be applicable to all monsters.

    Goosebumps monsters vary in powers, but they all share abilities that they all share. These include;

    • Superhuman Physical Characteristics and Higher-Dimensional Physiology: Most entities in the normal world in the Goosebumps verse see various in-verse universes as dreams or fictio…

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  • Udlmaster

    The God-Machine

    July 10, 2020 by Udlmaster

    The God-Machine is a Cosmic entity which pervades the Material Universe, yet has its sights set on Earth. The God-Machine creates powerful sentient Mechanical constructs called "Angels" which enact its will across the Planet while it continues to fulfill its unknowable goals.

    Tier: At least Low 2-C, possibly 2-A

    Name: The God-Machine

    Origin: World of Darkness

    Gender: N/A

    Age: Unknown, likely thousands of years

    Classification: God-Machine, God

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 & 3), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2), Intangibility, Magic, Acausality, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Summoning, Portal Creation & BFR, Mind Manipulation, Social Influencing, Resistance …

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  • Hacklar

    Verse Tier List

    July 10, 2020 by Hacklar

    On this list, fictional verses are ordered according to how powerful their main character is.

    Here is a link to a Youtube video (includes explanations for the Top 20 verses)

    (MC is a vessel for a nigh-omnipotent entity which transcends the very concept of dimensions):

    • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
    • Slayers

    (MC can warp reality with wishes, at least on a universal or higher scale) :

    • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
    • Fushigi Yuugi
    • Nabari no Ou

    (MC is still "only" a physical fighter, not a Reality Warper) :

    • Dragon Ball Super
    • Saint Seiya

    • Shaman King
    • Toaru Majutsu no Index
    • Cardcaptor Sakura

    • Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night
    • Naruto
    • Pandora Hearts
    • Magic Knight Rayearth

    • One Punch-Man
    • Fairy Tail
    • 07-Ghost
    • Bleach
    • Nanatsu no Taizai
    • Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
    • Yuu Yuu H…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    In Homestuck, a webcomic with 8130+ pages, 1,358,808 million words, and a large fanbase, it has some terminology to it. Without further ado, let's hop into it

    A God-Tier is a status you can get in Homestuck. It gives you more power, allows you to control your aspect in a way your class allows you to, and gives you immortality.

    There are two ways to obtain this status:

    • One way is to have your dream self (We'll get to them in a bit) have their recently deceased body on a questbed/questcacoon
    • The other way is that when all your alternate selves are dead, you hav your dying/dead body on a Sacrificial Slab

    Upon this happening, the dead body will rise a glow (SPOOOOOOOOPY~!) and attain the God-Tier status, with a God-Tier outfit, with a hoodie so it'…

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