• Muhammedmco

    Big Order - Crater

    October 17, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Scan of the feat in question.

    Via this scan, the diameter of the explosion traveled from Osaka to Nara, around 30 km, or 30000 m.

    Diameter = 30000 m

    Radius = 15000 m

    The area destroyed looks like a half sphere

    Volume = 4/3×π×15000^3 = 14137166941154 m^3 = 14137166941154000000 cm^3

    Since the explosion left no remains, and vapor appeared in this scan, i'm gonna assume vaporization.

    E = 14137166941154000000×25700 = 3.633251904e23 Joules = 86.84 Teratons of TNT (Country level)

    Crater = 86.84 Teratons of TNT (Country level)

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  • Kirby905

    Undyne's small Explosion from killing the temmie Group in"If Undertale was RealisticEpisode 2'​​​​​​

    Here's The Feat


    Explosion:303.04 px=8.018 cm

    =0.08018 m

    Let's compare this Undyne to the  height of Canon Undyne (190.5 cm)

    According to this Calc:

    190.5  cm = 1.905 m

    (Radius: 15.27429 m)

    Plosion Math Stuff:

    Y = ((r/0.28)^3)/1000


    16,233,381,748 J or 3.88 Tons of TNT

    (Large Building Level)

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  • Ultra instinct issei

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  • Dangai Ichigo

    Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King: Excalibur's sheath, a mysterious wind that hides its true identity, preventing other Servants from identifying her. It is a Bounded Field, closer to normal magecraft than a Noble Phantasm, presumably created by Merlin. The powerful winds around the blade distort light, rendering Excalibur completely invisible and its shape near-impossible to discern, keeping her opponents confused and unable to properly gauge its size and length, or even what kind of weapon it is. Once they figure it out, however, it becomes useless in this regard. It takes on Excalibur's sharp edge, and Saber can use it to form a defensive wall of wind large enough to envelop a building. Once the barrier is released, the comp…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    This blog is a compilation of all the important feats showed in the manga adaptation of the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.

    • Madoka is stated to be able to change destiny and everything in the world.
    • Homura can harm Kyubey with bolts of magical energy.
    • Mami can fire an energy blast from her cannon.

    • A soul gem is the source of a magical girl's power.
    • Magical girls can spread hope to the world while witches spread despair. Witches' curses are also the cause of the most unexplained suicides and murders in the world.
    • Kyubey can link other people's mind to telepathically communicate.
    • Soul Gems allow magical girls to find witches.
    • Mami enhanced Sayaka's bat and made it able to harm Adelbert.
    • Mami binds Gertrud and defeats her with Tiro Finale.

    • Cha…

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  • Dangai Ichigo

    Unlimited Blade Works:Shirou's Reality Marble, born of his Origin and Elemental Affinity of "Sword". It subconsciously records every weapon he sees while analyzing its structure and storing it for use. He is then capable of summoning these weapons into the real world and using them in battle. Normally, Divine Constructs such as Excalibur cannot fully or truly be replicated, and doing so would take all of Shirou's mana and kill him afterwards. However, Oath Under Snow's iteration of Shirou can replicate them without any issue, even dual-wielding Ig-Alima and Sul-Sagana during his battle with Angelica. By projecting Unlimited Blade Works onto the World, he is able to effortlessly and instantaneously project the weapons and fire them at an ex…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Demi-Fiend's Skillset

    October 7, 2019 by Muhammedmco
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  • Insertasuperoriginalusernamehere

    If you've seen any of my profiles, than you'd probably know that I like to use unique headers to spice up my profiles. Now YOU can make cool headers too! I will update this blog when I create more templates.

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  • Thelastvastolorde

    Gamma dodges bullets

    September 28, 2019 by Thelastvastolorde

    In chapter 3 of Zombie Powder, Gamma dodges multiple bullets from his then undercover partner C.T. Smith.

    Gamma is Canonically 190.2 cm:

    In this panel,he is 417 px, while the length of his face is 21 px:

    Gamma= 417 px= 190.2 cm

    His face length= 21 px= 9.6 cm

    In the panel where he dodges the bullets his face length is 140 px and the distance he moved from the first bullet is 64 px:

    Face length = 140 px = 9.6 cm

    Distance between bullet = 64 px = 4.4 cm

    Now to find the distance between characters…

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  • Thelastvastolorde

    In chapter 21 of Zombie Powder, the protagonist Gamma Akutabi tanks an explosion to the face. Which is what I will be calcing.

    Gamma is canonically 190.2 cm:

    In this panel Gamma is equal to 417 pixels and his leg equals 277 px:

    Gamma = 417 px = 190.2 cm

    Gammas leg= 277 px= 120.3 cm

    Now in the panel where the explosion happens we see Gamma's entire leg:

    Gammas leg= 87 px = 120.3 cm

    Explosion Diameter= 288 px = 398. 2 cm = 3.982 m

    Dividing in half for the radius gives us 199.1 cm or 0.001991000 k…

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    Here is a scan from the Second Databook detailing Choji's Super Multi-Size technique.

    Here is a scan from the Second Databook detailing Jirobo's Arhat Fist technique.

    Here is an image of Choji using the technique where you can see that he isn't too far off from the size of the mountain range in the background and clearly dwarfs the size of trees.

    It is pretty consistent that he is actually the size of a mountain.

    Here is a list of mountain heights by elevation. Here is all of the values typed out on a spreadsheet where I used the spreadsheet to find the mean, which was 3,609 meters tall.

    According to databooks, in Part I, Choji had a height of 4.941 feet and a weight of 136.687 pounds. If you plug the values into this weird site meant to measur…

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  • MasterOfTheJetBlackDragon

    A Sonic-Gram featured in issue #5 asks Sonic how fast he can go. The answer to this question goes like this: "As to how fast Sonic is, let's put it this way--in the time it takes to read this, Sonic can visit all the planets in the universe (even the ones we don't know about yet) and still be home in time for dinner!"

    Two different distances will be used as a means of having a high ball and a lowball. According to this article, planets that are 25,000 light years were discovered in 2015. That distance will be used for the low-ball. For the high-ball distance, I'll be using 849,000 light years as there's evidence to suggest that a planet that far away exists in Sonic's universe.

    After converting light years to meters, we get these distances:

    • Lo…

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  • Lambdawg

    The purpose of this blog is to explain several things related to DSP Verse, like its cosmology, some terminology, its universes and so on.

    This section is dedicated to proving all the games, comics, mangas, and other media are connected. Thus making all one single series

    • Mogekos appear in “The Gray Garden”, and in “Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea”
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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    To do list

    September 23, 2019 by Sadistic Sleuth

    Title. I realize that I have a lot of things to do on this wiki, SOOOOOOOOOO:

    • Finish Eldrazi
    • Finish Semi-Canon Diavolo
    • Finish Bill
    • Finish Novel Kars
    • Finish MSPA Cosmology
    • Make a Composite Caslte Crasher profile
    • Make some stranger things profiles
    • Make a MCU Thanos Profile
    • Nerf all High 6-Bs from Homestuck to 6-C (Because I found some problems with the High 6-B calc)
    • Upgrade all the Homestuck God-Tier forms regeneration to High-Godly (Due to the best feat tanking the density of the Green Sun)
    • Finish Rewriting Jade
    • Make a blog on why Edgar Markov should be unbanned in 1 on 1 commander (Maybe)
    • Make a top 5 best girl blog (Maybe)
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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Serafall was stated to be capable of destroying Japan in a few minutes with only a "Sparkling", which in turn means she can destroy the country with a mere fraction of her powers. Easy calc, but was not mentioned at all.

    This page has everything i want for this calc.

    Area of Japan = 377973000000 m^2.

    Let's treat Japan like a sphere.

    Area of sphere = 4 × π × r^2 = 377973000000 m^2.

    R^2 = 3.007813565e10 m^2.

    R = 173430.4923 meters.

    Diameter = 346860.9846 meters.

    Since it was stated to be a few minutes, i'm gonna assume 3 minutes.

    Timeframe = 180 seconds.

    Speed = 346860.9846/180 = 1927.00547 m/s.

    Now, to find the mass, we need to find both the volume and density first.

    Volume of sphere = (4/3) × π × r^3 = 2.185068116e16 m^3.

    Density of roc…

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  • Schwxnz

    TABS (AP, Scaling, etc...)

    September 21, 2019 by Schwxnz


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  • TheGuest7

    The Dreaming #12 reveals the characteristics of the gods :

    1. "The lords and ladies of the unreal realms."
    2. "They come clothed in skins of faith and fancy."
    3. "They are stories".

    The fact that the entities in the sphere of the gods are "the lords and ladies of the unreal realms" upholds what James Tynion IV established by introducing realms from the sphere of the gods as "fiction".

    "They come clothed in skins of faith and fancy" re-affirms what has long been introduced in DC : the fact that entities take forms according to the beliefs of humanity as explained in The Dreaming #10. In other words, it is the same entity in substance, but different in form according to the belief system.

    The last characteristics of the entities of the sphere of the gods i…

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  • TheGuest7

    First of all, I agree that a character cannot be 1-A because it transcends space and time. But in the case of Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV's cosmology, it is more subtle.

    In Justice League #30 , Scott Snyder explained the forces of the universe (the orrery of worlds, realm of the Monitor). What interests us most is the Speed Force because of the following explanation :

    The Speed Force gives the universe motion, as wielded by the Flash familly and other speedsters.

    Therefore, This would therefore mean the dimensions outside the speed force are without space and time, since the Speed Force is the reason why objects change position in space over time - motion.

    Sure, this doesn't mean that the Sphere of the…

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  • LuckyEmile

    This feat applies to Mario's base, as unlike Power Stars, which are shown to increase the user's power, Shine Sprites, the collectable of the game, show no proof of possessing such a trait. In fact, quite the opposite. For example, Mario first faces off against Gooper Blooper with a hand-full of Shine Sprites returned to the Shine Gate, with Gooper Blooper being in possession of a Shine Sprite himself. Meanwhile, by the time Mario reaches Noki Bay, he has returned a fair share of the Shine Sprites to the Shine Gate, yet can fight against Gooper Blooper with just as much ease/difficulty as before, even though Gooper Blooper has no Shine Sprite himself (his defeat instead just breaks open a barrier). In case there was any doubt Shine Sprites…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    To be continued

    September 14, 2019 by Maverick Zero X

    This is a list of profiles that either need some clean up or should be deleted, being littered with grammatical mistakes, are carbon copies, or just downright have poor formatting.

    This doesn’t include Work-in-Progress profiles.

    • Aigami (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Baldi (Canon)/Jacktheuser1122
    • Bigfoot (Canon, Folklore)/Sans2345
    • Bigfoot (Canon, Game Character)/Sans2345
    • Congar (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Cerebulon (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Disbelief Papyrus (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Dromiceiomimus (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Golden Freddy (Cannon Composite)/Sans2345
    • Goliath-Prime (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Granny (Canon, Game Character)/Sans2345
    • GlaDOS (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Jevil (Deltarune,Canon)/Sans2345
    • Kineticlops (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Magmo (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Maxwell (Canon)/Sans2345
    • Nightmare (Canon, Composite)/Sans2345
    • Night…

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  • Unbacked0

    Yakuza 7 Satellite Laser

    September 13, 2019 by Unbacked0

    During the trailer of Yakuza 7, we see a satellite laser which in this game would be a skill and considering how Ichiban and everyone else fights like a JRPG it is likely he or his opponents can react to or dodge it.


    The time between the laser firing and it hitting the ground: 0.16 Seconds.

    The placement of the satellite is also difficult since satellites can be at multiple altitudes, so I'll use a low ball and a high ball for this calculation.

    Low ball: Lowest height for a satellite 2,000 KM or 2,000,000 Meters.

    High ball: Highest height for a satellite 3,600 KM or 3,600,000 Meters.

    Low ball: 2,000,000 m/0.16 s = 12500000 Metres per Second

    High ball: 3,600,000 m/0.16 s = 22500000 Metres per Second

    Low bal…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    The first trailer for the Magia Record anime came out on September 8th, 2019 and was announced during the Magia Day 2019, a special event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Magia Record game. It is a 2 minutes trailer featuring Iroha Tamaki's travel to Kamihama to unravel the mysteries behind her dreams, where she meets a mysterious magical girl, who is later revealed to be Ui. However, unlike the mobile game and the manga, when she first comes to Kamihama, she meets a magical girl called Kuroe.

    The Magia Record anime was first announced on September 2018 and, after a year, we know that it will be released on January 2020.

    "Hey, have you heard the rumor of Magical Girls?"

    "Magical Girls? Is that some sort of fairy tale?"

    "No, no, it's a rea…

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  • Ultra instinct issei

    A storage space for my project.


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  • Zenkaibattery1

    2-A Wizard101 range

    September 7, 2019 by Zenkaibattery1


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  • Sadistic Sleuth


    This blog will be going over the cosmology of MS Paint Adventures. This will be covering Problem Sleuth and Homestuck for the main part.

    The universes that Homestuck mainly takes place in are the Genesis Frogs. There are "Infinity Trillion" genesis frogs, which could mean at least countless if this statement is exaggerated, or Trillions of Infinite sets of them if not. Despite being referred to as Universe, they contain all instances of universes, which there are infinite timelines

    This realm is stated to transcend all of the Genesis Frogs multiple times. Paradox Space contains this as well as the rest of existence

    As seen in Feferi's an…

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  • Christian Higdon

    So apparently, I've heard stuff on Godzilla being FAR above just normal 1-A, which is why here, I'll be making a blog on how high into 1-A Divine Godzilla truly is. Now first thing, we will be using religious content. If you can't take that, then you might wanna back out or go to the end. Second, this will not include the Yog-Sothoth claim, because that'd just be dumb in general. Now...

    So first, let’s go over stuff:

    Heaven is above God Mountain (viewing him as finite) who exists above IDW itself, which has platonic concepts. Now for the good stuff. God sees platonics as a little thing to mess with, meaning he’s above them. He would view them as things on paper due to him having made them. Therefore, he’s immeasurably above platonics, which …

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  • Magatsu Hades

    So, i have seen lots and lots of downgrades in multiple verses, and Persona, being my favorite, is one of them as well. That is unacceptable, so i will correct it.

    Okay. Let's get to it.

    First, however, You should read this, since it's the main focus of the stuff that i'm gonna explain right now.

    Before going to explaining why Persona is 1-A, i will have to explain some terms.

    Shadow: A common term that you will all hear in the Persona games. Shadows are the lower parts of the psyche everyone has... Suppressed human thoughts given physical form. When people are unable to face their darker selves, they break loose, free from all control. But sometimes, humans with special awareness can tame their Shadows, those are the Persona users. Shadow are…

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  • Lambdawg

    WIP Profiles :v

    August 27, 2019 by Lambdawg

    Rouge (ルージュ; Romaji: Rūju or Rūzyu) is a Purebred demon in Witch's Heart. Has no interest in anything expensive, other than roses. She often attaches herself to Noel.

    Tier: At least 4-A

    Name: Rouge

    Origin: Witch's Heart

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown, at least hundreds of years

    Classification: Purebred Demon

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Flight, Magic, Reality Warping (Demons can passively alter reality), Spatial Manipulation (Lesser demons such as Charlotte can create their own space containing an uncountable amount of stars), Dimensional Travel (Demons can instantly travel from alternate dimensions such as Hell to the Human universe), Time Manipulation, Memory Manipulation and Acausality (Type 1) (Every time…

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  • TheGuest7

    This looks like a job for Superman!


    Kryptonians are stronger, faster and more powerful by absorbing solar radiation in their cells, allowing them to achieve superhuman feats manifesting itself from an early age (at the age of 8 for Superman).

    They become physically stronger and more powerful over time. Therefore, it will be more challenging to fight Superman than last time and ,vise versa, Superman will be physically stronger and more powerful than last time - especially if he does not hold back, as he usually does due to his upbringing .

    An exaggeration, but the point is that Superman has a very great strength.

    This being responsible enters. His strength... his powers... must border on the infinite.

    Superman #29

    • Scaling :

    1st …

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  • Lambdawg

    Etihw Rewrite

    August 25, 2019 by Lambdawg

    Notable Victories: 

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • Magatsu Hades

    Feat in Question

    Yato was the one who did that feat, so i'm gonna calculate the power he used to disperse these clouds and soldiers.

    According to the manga, you can see the sun, so i will scale it to this.

    Diameter of the sun = 1.391 million km = 1391000000 meters.

    Radius of the sun = 695500000 meters.

    The sun is 35 px.

    695500000/35 = 19871428.6 m/px.

    Diameter of slash = 92 px = 1828171431.2 meters.

    Radius of slash = 914085715.6 meters.

    Distance the slash traveled (Height of slash) = 617 px = 12260671446.2 meters.

    This actually doesn't have a definite shape, but it's more like a cylinder to me.

    Volume of slash = 3.2183848255204e28 m^3.

    Since there were clouds and soldiers, i will assume both clouds and human body density, since Shinki can bled and be …

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  • Sadistic Sleuth


    Tier: High 4-C | At least 2-A, possibly High 2-A | At least High 2-A to possibly Low 1-C, possibly up to 1-A | 1-A | At least High 2-A, possibly 1-A

    Origin: Homestuck

    Name: Caliborn, undyingUmbarage | Unknown, as Lord English's true name inflicts madness. Referred to as Lord English

    Age: 11 "Units" | Older than the plot of Homestuck itself

    Gender: Male

    Classification: Cherub, Sburb Player, Cherub | Lord of Time, God-Tier | Ascended God-Tier | Angel of Double Death, Indestructable Paradox Demon, Amalgam of 3 and a half entities

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Clairvoyance via Moniter Tower (As long as he has the right key, he can view events across space and time), Power Nullfication via Juj…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (11:22)

    The Earth is 150 px.

    12742000/150 = 84946.7 m/px

    Diameter of explosion = 398 px = 33808786.6 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 16904393.3 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 388.23 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

    Getting on the nerve = 388.23 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    The Mask survived this explosion. I'm gonna calc it.

    (Ignore the line that travels from the start of the explosion to its peak height in the sky)

    Let's first go to our measurements.

    Buildings in New York vary in height, but i will use an average height of 183 meters.

    Distance between the ground and the explosion = 183 meters.

    Panel Height = 932 px.

    Explosion size = 239 px.

    2atan((tan(70/2)*[239/932]) = 17.95064378 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of explosion = 57.807 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 28.9035 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 2 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

    BOOM goes the Mask! = 2 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    My old blog for this feat is outdated, so I'm making a new one.

    The Japanese version consistently says that it's actually tens of thousands of light-years instead of the original just thousands. So the high end of the old calculation is actually multiple times lower than the new low end.

    Low end: 20,000 light-years.

    Mid end: 50,000 light-years.

    High end: 90,000 light-years.

    'll treat the Galaxy like a cylinder to find it's volume.

    This source says that it's about 100,000 light-years in width and about 1,000 light-years in height.

    The formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder is π×r²×h(height).

    π×50,000²×1,000 = 7,853,981,633,975 light-years³

    To calculate the volume for how much space Gothitelle is warpin…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question in this chapter

    Assuming that Tean Mo (The human standing on the ship) is 177 cm:

    He is 58 px.

    1.7/58 = 0.03 m/px.

    Distance between the ship and the center of the huge splash = 380 px = 11.4 m.

    Panel Height = 699 px.

    Splash Height = 677 px.

    2atan(tan(70/2)*[677/699]) = 68.28784938 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of splash = 15.462 meters.

    Radius of splash = 7.731 meters.

    The splash area looks like a cone.

    Volume of splash = 1271.1883027609 m^2.

    Density of water = 997 kg/m^3.

    Mass of splash = 1267374.738 kg.

    Assuming 5 seconds as a timeframe:

    Speed of creature that made the splash = 11.4/5 = 2.28 m/s.

    E = 3.3e6 Joules = 0.001 Tons of TNT (Wall level+)

    Huge Crab Splash = 0.001 Tons of TNT (Wall level+)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question with Pixel scaling from Vs Battles Wiki. Credits to them.

    I will use the same method they used to calculate the lightning dodging feat that Akame and Esdeath made, but this time, i will take the value of lightning from this calc.

    Esdeath height = 86.7px = 1.73m

    Distance between lightning and ground = 298.3px = 5.9522m

    Distance Esdeath moved = 157px = 3.133m

    Distance Akame moved = 190.3px = 3.80m

    STEP 1: Esdeath dodges lightning.

    (3.133m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 149676.5279592 = 17% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    STEP 2: Akame dodges lightning.

    (3.80m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 181541.9106997 = 21% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    In that case, since Esdeath kept up with Akame, we would take Akame's lightning dodging value. …

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (Manga Version).

    To calc this feat, i will scale the explosion to the height of the mountain behind Rias' head.

    I will assume the mountain to be 1000 meters.

    The mountain is 126 px.

    1000/126 = 7.94 m/px.

    Now, we scale this to the cloud resulted from the explosion.

    Distance between the Devils and the explosion = 132 px = 1048.08 meters.

    Height of cloud = 90 px = 714.6 meters.

    Cloud size = 122 px.

    Panel height = 273 px.

    Using this equation: 2atan(tan(70/2)*[object size in pixels/panel height in pixels]):

    By using this calc here:

    2atan(tan(70/2)*[122/273]) = 0.55919344 Radians.

    In degrees, that would be 32.03942429 degrees.

    Using angsize:

    Diameter of explosion = 601.84 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 300.92 meters.

    The area destroyed looks like…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Giant in Question.

    Feat in Question.

    An average palm tree is around 15.24 meters at most. I will be using that.

    Taking a part of the scan that shows the Danger Beast, the palm tree that close to its foot is around 263 px.

    15.24/263 = 0.06 m/px.

    Taking another part of the same scan to find the Danger Beast's hind leg's height:

    Hind leg = 511 px = 30.66 meters.

    Via this thread, the leg and foot represents 29.45% of the full body length.

    Full length of Danger Beast = 30.66/(29.45) * 100 = 104.11 meters.

    Now, with that out of the way, let's go to the second part, where Esdeath crushed a beast of the same height with her Hagelsprung.

    Now, i'm gonna do two variants of this feat. The first one would be through scaling the hail bail to Esdeath's height, whe…

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  • Schwxnz

    TF2 Feats

    August 3, 2019 by Schwxnz


    "But why does this scale to Heavy's physical strenght? He was clearly ubercharged, otherwise he would have died!"


    • Once Medic healed Scout in Meet the Medic (2:43-2:54), he ran so fast that he appeared as a blur; that equals to about 9000 miles per hour. (Mach 11.7, Hypersonic+)
      • As Scout moves at 400 HU/s and that equals to about 4013,1 m/s, we can easily find out the movement/reaction/combat speed from the mercenaries:

    Movement speed:


    Scout: 400 HU/s = 4013.1 m/s, Mach 11.8, Hypersonic+

    Soldier: 240 HU/s = 2407.86 m/s, Mach 7.08, Hypersonic

    Pyro: 300 HU/s = 3009.825 m/s, Mach 8.85, Hypersonic

    Demoman: 280 HU/s = 2809.17 m/s, Mach 8.26, Hypersonic

    Demoknight Charge: 750 HU/s = 7524.5625‬ m/s, Mach 22.13, Hypersonic+


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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    Feat: Superman chased reality-blitzing missiles all throughout the universe.

    Distance: This is kind of complicated. Since he basically flies all throughout the universe, we would basically take the volume of the universe and see how many of his own body-volumes can fit, and then we'd have to subtract the volume of all other objects of the universe. Considering there would be little difference in calculating the combined volume of everything in the universe and subtracting it, I'll leave that part out, so the calc will be slightly wanked. It's a massive low-ball anyway, since it's actually an Immeasurable speed feat, so sue me. There was once a man who took Superman 100 trillion light-years away from Earth, and the Earth is in the center of…

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  • Muhammedmco

    RaS - Nuke Away!

    August 2, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Assuming average factory height, which is 7.3152 meters:

    The factory is 27 px.

    7.3152/27 = 0.26427 m/px.

    Diameter of mushroom cloud = 316 px = 83.50932 meters.

    Radius of mushroom cloud = 41.75466 meters.

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 5.85 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

    Nuke Away! = 5.85 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    To find the distance both Ren and Stimpy flew, i will compare it to the Earth.

    The Earth is 76 px.

    12742000/76 = 167657.8947368421 m/px.

    Distance Ren and Stimpy got blown to = 196 px = 32860947.36842105 meters.

    To get the timeframe, i'm gonna count the words and plug it into our handy-dandy word-to-minute calculator.

    No. of words = 25.

    Timeframe = 0.2 minutes = 12 seconds.

    Velocity Ren and Stimpy got blown with = 32860947.36842105/12 = 2738412.280701754 m/s.

    Good. Now for the mass.

    Since i don't have any canon mass for both Ren and Stimpy, i'm gonna assume the average weight of your everyday dog, which is around 80 pounds.

    Mass = 36.2874 * 2 = 72.5748

    E = 2.72116e14 Joules = 65.037 Kilotons of TNT (Town level)

    A Trip-losion to the spac…

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'm calcing Future Fright Knight's meteor attack, lets get a few thing out the way first. I'll be assuming the meteor move as fast as normal meteors, these meteor do catch on fire when launched so it should at least be comparable. Secondly, this scales to Future Valerie who survived one of these and got up , Dark Danny who is able to hurt and knock out Valerie, and Normal Danny who can take hits from Dark Danny. Now lets start:

    Picture 1

    Fright Knight: 861 px = 195.58 cm

    Helmet: 139 px = 31.57 cm

    Picture 2

    Helmet: 20 px = 31.57 cm

    Meteor: 99 px = 156.27 cm

    Volume: 2 * 10^6 cm^3

    Mass: 5300 kg or 5.8 tons

    KE (11,176 m/s) = 330,992,886,400 J or 79.1 Tons of TNT(City Block level)

    KE (71,526.4 m/s) = 1.36 * 10^13 J or 3.25 Kilotons of TNT(Small Town leve…

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'll be recalcing this because Ghost Rays are no longer considered light speed and that original calc used light speed. The new speed I'll be using the for the Ghost Ray is here .

    Ghost Ray Moved: 0.6415 m

    Danny Moved: 1.4704 m

    Ghost Ray Speed: 18,000,000 m/s

    Timeframe: 0.6415/18000000 = 0.0000000356 seconds

    Speed = 1.4704/0.0000000356 = 41,303,370.79 m/s or 13.8% SOL (Relativistic)

    Danny enjoys tackling people at full speed so lets find the Kinetic Energy for this:

    Mass: 54.43 kg

    KE = (0.5)*(m)*(v)^2

    Energy: 4.64 * 10^16 J or 11.1 Megatons of TNT (City level)

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  • Charmand3r505

    I'll be recalcing this because Ghost Rays are no longer considered light speed and that original calc used light speed. The new speed I'll be using the for the Ghost Ray is here .

    The Archer Ghost was 7.56 m away from the attack and he moved 1.4804 m, the new speed is 18,000,000 m/s

    To calculate speed from dodging you use this formula:

    ((Distance moved in Meters)*(Speed of attack in m/s))/(Distance away in Meters)

    Speed = 3,524,761.9 m/s or 1.18% SOL (Sub-Relativistic) 

    This scales to mostly every ghost in the show. 

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  • Gamehost0007

    Lego games have some characters that shoot heat beams. They can reflect of steel stuff and it cuts through gold. The heat beams work the same in most lego games.

    The heat beams don't make an explosion all of the time. The only time they do is when they destroy somnething that isnt steel but the explosion thing happens when they punch it so im going to call it game machanics and for now im going to have the people that have the heat beams at a possible light speed attack speed  as im not sure if i could say everyone scales to the heat beams speed.

    Shown at 18:55

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  • Charmand3r505

    This is just a thread for various speed feats in Danny Phantom because a lot of people think he is only subsonic due to a dumb statement early on in the show. If there are some speed feats I missed, put them in the comments. These are all the ones that I remember, so please help if there are more.

    Danny gets punched by a giant monster to above the height of an airplane. Commercial airplanes fly between 31,000 to 38,000 feet (9448.8-11582.4 meters) and Danny flies back down in at least 15 seconds. The monster had barely moved by the time Danny got back (it was barely turning around), so it was most likely less than 15 seconds.

    629.92-772.16 m/s or Mach…

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  • ZeroTC01

    Verse Power List

    July 22, 2019 by ZeroTC01

    So basically, this'll be a list ranking every verse I'm knowledgeable on based on their strength. Now, this doesn't mean verses on which I'm an absolute expert (which would be a bit of a generous description of my knowledge at all). All that's needed for one to qualify is that I'm familiar with its feats to the point of deducing whether or not it's superior or inferior to another verse.

    Keep in mind that, since the rankings depend on tiers first and foremost, it doesn't necessaeily reflect which verse I think beats which. For example, even though I view characters like Saitama as physically superior to Re:Zero's top-tiers, like Satella, I still believe the latter would beat the former via her superior hax.With that said, here's the thing:


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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Kaneki is 1.7 m.

    He is 44 px.

    1.7/44 = 0.0386363636363636 m/px.

    Distance between Kaneki and the lightning streak = 81 px = 3.13 meters.

    Speed of lightning (Via this thread) = 97536000 m/s.

    Timeframe = 3.13 / 97536000 = 3.209071522e-8 seconds.

    Distance Kaneki crossed = 1.7 meters.

    Speed = 1.7 / 3.209071522e-8 = 52974824.3 m/s = Mach 154445.551895 = 0.1767049933591 c = 17.67049933591% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    Gotta Dodge Lightning! = 17.67049933591% the speed of light (Relativistic)

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