• Gamehost0007

                                             Legos have some interesting feats for legos.

    At 1:57 of this video clayface destroys two police cars which is calced down below (Not done by me)

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  • LuckyEmile

    Throughout fiction, many powers and abilities can be found. Today I'd like to look into one such ability known as Statistics Amplification. Put simply, this is the ability to amplify one's own statistics, whether it be an increase in power, durability, speed or some other statistic to help turn the tides of the battle. As noted on the page, this isn't related to simply using more of your base power or tapping into some hidden power, this isn't going beyond your maximum input by some special means.

    This power is far from absent in the Mario series. Whilst there are many items that can be attributed with this ability, I'll be solely delving into the Power-Ups that the mainline Mario series is famed for. This would mean the items such as the F…

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  • Unbacked0

    Evilities are passive abilities that anyone can have that were introduced in Disgaea 3. There are unique Evilities which only some people have but there are common Evilities which anyone can have.

    Powers and Abilities: Weapon Mastery, Precognition, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Healing, Reactive Evolution, Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Damage Reduction, Death Manipulation, Instinctive Reactions, Resistance Negation (Can negate elemental resistance to fire, ice, water, air and star), Resistance to Emotional Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Power…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    Attack Potency: At least Large Star level (Effortlessly shot down Gamzee with bullets) | At least Multiverse level+ (Superior to all other God-Tiers, as a Lord) | High Multiversal+ level (Stomped all the Alpha Kids and sealed the Beta Kids. Views his past self as crude 2D drawings) | Large Star level (Stated to be superior to Gamzee. The only way Gamzee killed him is via Fear Manipulation) | Varies. Universal+ (Was able to keep up with Cans) to High Multiversal+ (Strangled a post-collide Caliborn) | Large Star level (Scales to his own Durability). Multi-Solar System level when enraged (One-Shotted the Black King) | Multiverse level+ (Is a first Gaurdian, and is powered by the Green Sun, which is twice the size of an infinite multiverse) | …

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Unbacked0

    Throughout the VS threads, you will hear one common thing about JoJo characters and that's that most of them are Building Level+ at most. This is predicated on three feats that happen throughout the series, Tarkus splitting a hill, Star Platinum inhaling a town's worth of fog and Stone Free deflecting meteors. These three feats are either taken out of context, the character has better feats or are casual feats at best.

    Red Hot Chili Pepper absorbs an entire towns worth of electricity to power it up, this alone could put the energy is has at around Town Level (Let's ignore the fact that VSBW calculated this wrong and didn't take into account street lights, stores and business offices so they only got Multi-City Block Level) and not only coul…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    Jojostuck AU

    June 11, 2019 by Sadistic Sleuth

    WorkIn progress

    So, the concept of "Jojostuck" is a Homestuck and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU that has homestuck characters take the place of Jojo characters, or vice versa. I'm going to do Homestuck characters taking the place of Jojo characters, because I find it more intresting.

    So, without further a do, let's introduce the characters.

    Taking the place of...

    Jonathan Joestar: Calliope

    Dio Brando: Caliborn

    Speedwagon: Spades Slick

    Will Zeppeli: Roxy Lolande

    Joseph Joestar: John Egbert

    Ceasar: Dave Strider

    Lisa Lisa: Mom Lolande

    Santana: Clubs Deuce

    Rudol Von Stroheim: Horuss Zahhak

    Wamuu: Diamonds Droog

    Esidisi: Hearts Boxcars

    Kars: Jack Noir. As the Ultimate Lifeform, Fully prototyped Jack Noir.

    DIO: Caliborn, after taking over Calliope's body. As awak…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Genocide Syo is 1.64 m.

    Genocide Syo's head = 0.2186666667 m.

    Her head is 56 px.

    0.2186666667/56 = 3.904761905e-3 m/px.

    The Spirit Bomb Diameter = 263 px = 1.026952381 m.

    Radius = 0.5134761905 m.

    Volume = 0.56708680313088 m^3.

    The Spirit Bomb was stated to be made of scissors, so i will assume steel.

    Steel's Density = 8050 kg/m^3.

    Mass of Spirit Bomb = 4565.048765 kg. (Class 5)

    The Spirit Bomb is created in roughly 2 seconds.

    Timeframe = 2 seconds.

    There seems to be clouds above Syo's head, so i will assume that she was levitating in the Trophosphere.

    Distance = 12 km = 12000 meters.

    Speed = 6000 m/s.

    E = 82170900000 Joules = 19.63931644359 Tons of TNT (City Block Level)

    Pretty Lackluster...

    Spirit Scissor Bomb = 19.63931644359 Tons of TNT (Ci…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    In this one, Genocide Syo plays hopscotch with missiles. This isn't really pixel scaling material so I will have to calc this roughly, but whatever. As you can see that when she zoomed past each and every single one of those missiles and destroyed them in one pic frame. That means that she leaps around...10 body lengths? Assuming that she jumped from one missile into another and destroyed them all in one frame, this means that she was moving so fast for the missiles and the naked eye to follow, and this would be the time it takes for the missiles to move even a tiny bit, considering that she views them slow to her eyes judging by her movements.

    I will use modern missile speed, since this is Danganronpa, which is a technologi…

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  • Unbacked0

    The Pillar Men are a race of being that exist with the series. They are ancient beings that ruled over humanity like gods until one of the Pillar Men, Kars, tried to evolve to make his race immune to the Sun by using a Stone Mask, however, all but one of race reject the idea since it made Kars much more powerful than they were and they tried to kill Kars out of fear. Kars and his lone ally Esidisi killed all of the rest of their race aside from two babies named Santana and Wammu. Pillar Men have several unique abilities that all of them have, they have the ability to fully absorb living beings into their bodies, they can mould their entire body into whatever shape they want with no hazard to their health,

    Rock Humans are a separate species …

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  • Withersoul 235

    Work in progress. I literally just got started but had to go for a small while, so there's far, far more to come.

    • MrBlockemz slapped Billy with a frying pan hard enough to slam his head clean off and send it flying several kilometers further into a cave, shattering a window in the process (Speed feat that follows shortly after listed below Speed)
    • Grave smashes an entire tree to pieces with a single attack

    • MrBlockemz and Zipper / Zooperman show up in a cave several kilometers away from the house they were in moments prior

    Yep, this deserves an entire section of its own, due to the sheer quantity and content.

    Almost every character in Annoying Villagers is able to move at overall speeds of at least Subsonic during battle, with lots of their movement…

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  • Unbacked0

    The Cosmos is the collective term used for the Multiverse which the Nippon Ichi Verse is set in. There is an infinite amount of sets of Macroscoms which makes up the Cosmos.

    Baal is the Super Boss of the Disgaea series and some other games. Baal is a demon Overlord who is consistently stated to be one of the strongest Overlords. He is mere existence has been stated to be Fifth-Dimensional: "The fourth dimension is nothing to a Super Overlord". He is able to survive all of his encounters after his death by placing his soul into other bodies or multiple bodies at the same time, his soul is special because it is actually made up of lots of evil souls and his soul is omnipresent so it can get into another body upon his defeat. Baal is also foll…

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  • ZeroTC01

    Gilgamesh Rewrite

    June 3, 2019 by ZeroTC01

    Gilgamesh (ギルガメッシュ, Girugamesshu) was the Archer-class servant of Kirei Kotomine during the fourth Holy Grail War,

    Tier: 5-B. At least 5-B, likely 4-A via Full Power Enuma Elish | 2-A, higher via Enuma Elish

    Name: Gilgamesh, Archer, The King of Heroes

    Origin: Nasuverse (Fate/stay night)

    Gender: Male

    Age: Over 136 years (Spent 126 years ruling over Uruk, and 10 years incarnated in the world)

    Classification: Archer-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, Demigod

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight (Possesses a Noble Phantasm that allows him to levitate off the ground and take flight faster than any modern magi), Curse Manipulation (Using various Noble Phantasms), Resurrection (Capable of reincarnating his physical body, as demonstrated in Fate/G…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth
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  • Maverick Zero X

    Mario rewrite

    June 2, 2019 by Maverick Zero X




    Gender: Male



    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency:


    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:




    Standard Equipment:



    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    Key: Base |

    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • ZeroTC01

    Cooler Profile

    June 1, 2019 by ZeroTC01
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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    With new material provided with the Homestuck Epilouges and IRL Books, it seems Homestuck gets a solid 1-A rating on how Platonic Concepts are introduced. So, without further ado, let's get started. Note: Credit to YuriAkuto for most of this info

    So, if you may have noticed, Homestuck a paper copy books that are out. You may be thinking "But Tod, why would this prove Platonic Concepts if they aren't any different from the Webcomic". Well, thing is, you're right, except for the fact that there are captions at the bottom of what's going on. So, in these captions, we caught these:

    So not only Platonic Concepts where mentioned, but the Idea of Idealism, something that is important to Platonic Concepts. But wait, there's more!

    • Page 5404

    ROSE: Yes, …

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  • Chiraq004

    When Shin is talking to Piccolo and Vegeta about Buu, he tells them how much of a destructive force Buu is and how he destroyed countless worlds and entire galaxies in a few short years.  In the anime, it's shown that he traveled between planet by planet, one by one .  He also destroyed each star in the galaxy as the kanji for star shows up. 

    A "few" means a small number of so right now we can low ball it to 3 years. The distance between us and the nearest star is 4.367 light years. There are over 250 billion stars on average in a galaxy.

    250 billion x 4.367 = 1.0917e12 light years that he traveled or 1.0328279456916e+28 meters.

    Each year has 31,536,000 seconds, and there are three of those so 94,608,000 seconds. 

    1.0328279456916e+28 meters/ 9…

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  • TheGuest7

    The blog is in work in progress beceause of corruptible links.

    • Super-force agaisnt planetary mass... Superboy pushes the threatening comet into a harmless path!

    From Superboy #2 (1949).

    • Super-endowed with incredible powers, Superboy can [...] move moutains with his super-strength...

    From Superboy #2 (1949).

    • By moving these worlds from their own dying galaxy to new suns at the other side of the universe, I'm saving countless billions of lives!

    From Superboy #140 (1949).

    • [...] this small, black sphere, weighing trillions of tons! and exerting a magnetic pull greater than dozen super novas!

    From Superboy #162 (1949).

    • Terrific! You can destoy half a galaxy without raising a sweat [...]
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  • Lambdawg


    May 26, 2019 by Lambdawg

    Vicers (ヴァイサーズ) is Justim's brother, and they both share a complicated relationship; they are said to be connected in a way that they cannot be without each other, but cannot stand each other either.

    Tier: High 2-A

    Name: Vicers

    Origin: DSP Verse

    Gender: Male

    Age: Immeasurable (He is beyond space-time)

    Classification: "Devil", Bringer of Life and Death

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping (Gods can alter reality with their minds), True Flight, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (High-Godly), Plot Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation and Subjective Reality (Lesser beings like King mogeko are capable of creating multiple universes, concepts, abstract beings such as mogekos and even rewriting the plot to creat…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    This blog is a compilation of all the important feats showed in the manga Puella Magi Madoka Magica Wraith Arc (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ[魔獣編]).

    • Wraiths can appear from the ground.
    • Wraiths can use lasers to attack.
    • Wraiths can't be seen by humans. They mindless fill the world with the miasma that eminates from their bodies as they multiply. They hide themselves in the night and devour people's emotions.
    • Mami defeated multiple Wraiths with her Tiro Finale.
    • Wraiths' Emotional Manipulation can affect magical girls if they don't have enough strenght of will and heart.

    • The Shugen Wraith is considered a fair opponent for Sayaka.
    • The Shugen Wraith can use fire from its spear.
    • The Shugen Wraith can use multiple blades to attack.
    • The Shugen Wraith can keep up with Sayaka.
    • T…

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  • ZeroTC01

    Merged Goku Profile

    May 24, 2019 by ZeroTC01
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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    LE Rewrite

    May 21, 2019 by Sadistic Sleuth

    Lord English is the final antagonist of Homestuck. Despite first appearing near the end of Act 5 (Where he confronts the handmaid) and stated to spawn at the end of the Universe, Lord English has existed before the story of Homestuck ever took place, and has an influence upon all realities.

    Before Act 6, Act 6, Intermission 5, Caliborn shares his "Masterpeice" with us, where he seals the Beta Teenagers away and stomps upon the Alpha Teenagers. Then, Arquiusprite, out of nowhere, takes Caliborn from behind, and holds him still. Caliborn, however, allowed Dirk to seal him, Arquiusprite, and half of Gamzee (Presumably cut in half by Dirk) into Lil' Cal, and teleported to the beginning of the story, in Dave's room.

    Lil' Cal had a looooooooong adv…

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  • Muhammedmco

    RWBY - I Burn!

    May 20, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    It's basically Yang activating her Semblance, which resulted in a fire burst around her. Seems like a good feat.

    Yang is 1.73 meters.

    A person's leg makes around 45% of the body's length.

    Yang's height from waist to head = 0.9515 m.

    Said height is around 139 px.

    0.9515/139 = 6.845323741e-3 m/px.

    Yang's height in the pic (Counting her hair as well) = 281 px (Lets say it's 300 px, since the full image of her hair standing in the air is not shown).

    Yang's height in the pic (Counting her hair as well) = 2.053597122 meters.

    Yang's legs = 0.7785 m.

    Yang's total height when she was activating her Semblance = 2.832097122 meters.

    Diameter of the most far point of the fire around Yang = 482 px = 3.299446043 meters.

    Radius = 1.649723022 meters.


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  • Maverick The Second Coming

    Starting off with the obvious. Sonic is gifted with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound and has done so effortlessly.

    Sonic has been able to perform various other speed feats, such as dodging gunfire and missiles, running on water, avoiding sound-waves, outpacing lightning, moving faster than the eye can track, evading laser beams, outrunning meteors, crossing the circumference of a planet, moving faster than light, etcetera.

    Sonic’s greatest speed feats however involve the Cosmic Interstate. Basically, the Cosmic Interstate is a long and wacky road that stretches throughout the entire universe, and Sonic has been able to transverse it to reach completely separate universes. On one occasion, Sonic was able to gather innumerable…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    Tier: 4-B, likely Low 2-C | 2-B | 2-B


    Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Gender: Male



    Powers and Abilities:





    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    • Sonic Spin: Sonic’s signature move. Sonic curls tightly into a ball and sharpens his spines into “invincible buzzsaw blades”, ramming enemies as a concussive force or cutting disk. Despite the straightforward nature of the technique, Sonic has shown to be resourceful enough to utilize it for various means. He’s used it for evasion, to deflect blunt projectiles, performing consecutive leaps from foe to foe,

    • Aerokinesis: Sonic can create giant tornadoes. ripping opponents apart.
    • Speed Mirages: Sonic can move fast enough to create after-images,
    • Friction: By moving at high speed…

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    The purpose for this blog is to compile basically all notable information regarding the DC cosmology, partially so it will be easier to access any part of the information upon a whim, but also because a blog like this would make it easier to show and teach others the cosmology and it would make it easier for people to begin to grasp scaling in DC whenever they haven't read many comics. So, let's begin.

    The regular universe in DC is undoubtedly larger than the observable universe. Even using just finite statements talking about the birth of the universe, the regular universe expanded 60 trillion light-years of space and time. There was once a man who took Superman 100 trillion light-years away from Earth, and the Earth is in the center of th…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question at 4:35, and the storm begins at 4:48

    The problem with my calc was that i wanked the mass. Sorry, guys. I know took the accurate mass from VSBW's own calc but i will change the timeframe, since the storm was made in 3 seconds.

    I give my thanks to Morning Star TM for this notification.

    Radius = 6200.9 meters

    This is our radius for the same reasons as the OG calc. Assuming cloud thickness of 8000 meters. Clouds average at 1.003 kg per cubic meter.

    6200.9^2 * pi * 8000 * 1.003 = 9.69282224e11 Kg.

    Timeframe = 3 seconds.

    KE = 0.5*(9.69282224e11)*(6200.9/3)^2 = 1.515617739e17 Joules = 36.22 Megatons of TNT (City Level)

    Raven "Storm" Branwen = 36.22 Megatons of TNT (City Level)

    50% Fall Maiden Cinder Fall = 18.11 Megatons of TNT (City Level)…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    In the game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable, released for PSP on March 15, 2012, we have a new witch, Itzli, who was originally a magical girl who came from the end of the galaxy. In order to calculate how fast is that magical girl (and consequently Itzli) we need the time she took to reach our planet. Thanks to Roberta's description in the Production Note, we know that Roberta is a weak witch because she was no longer a girl when she became a witch (mid-20s to 30s); so, a relatively old magical girl generates a weaker witch than a younger one, because the emotional energy generated from her transformation is lower than a teenager girl (it also depends on the girl's karma potential). Itzli is a very powerful witch and is stronger than Qui…

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  • MasterOfTheJetBlackDragon

    The purpose of this blog is to layout feats or statements I find in the many comic issues of Sonic the Comic. The information will be separated by issue so if you wish to know the context to a feat, you'll know exactly what issue to read. Since I'm in the midst of reading the comics and have not finished compiling information from them, I plan on updating this blog regularly until every issue is completed.

    Issue #1

    • Eggman uses rings to power a device to pollute the world for a thousand years and will never need to refill its energy supply for that time period because it runs on ring energy.    
    • Sonic hits a machine with the force of a cannon shell.

    Issue #2

    • Sonic tries on the Power Grip Trainer shoes which suggests that he tends to change shoes…

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  • Sadistic Sleuth

    Caliborn and Lord English are the final antagonist of the Homestuck series, and they are well done villians. As you know, Homestuck is highly popular like, popular to the point that the fanbase can be considered horrendous so it would be appropriate of me to do a RT of this guy.

    At least Multiversal level+, as being a Lord, putting him above other God-Tiers

    "Calliope has stated that these two classes (the so-called master classes) are significantly more powerful than the others, and that these are the classes she and Caliborn have. Her class, Muse, is female-exclusive and the most passive (+) of all classes, while Caliborn's class, Lord, is male-exclusive and the most active (-). Presumably, these classes are paired."

    Some of these God-Tiers c…

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  • Muhammedmco

    I don't have scans for the feat, but to those who read Date A Live, you would have known that Yoshino would have crumbled Tenguu City if it wasn't for Shido's interference. With this in mind, i will calc it.

    Diameter of Tenguu = 44.6 km.

    I'll calculate the Volume of the city with the range (22300 m) with the hemisphere formula:

    V = 23225900000000 m^3 = 23225900000000000000 cm^3.

    It stated that she would have crumbled it, so i will assume pulverization.

    E = (23225900000000000000)*(214.35) = 4.978471665e21 Joules. (1)

    But that's not all. That's blizzard for crying out loud.

    Knowing that this was a city, there should be concrete, granite, water and air.

    Density of concrete = 2400 Kg/m^3.

    Density of granite = 2800 Kg/m^3.

    Density of water = 1000 Kg/m^3. …

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  • Niarobi (Formerly Hadou)

    I'm just gonna preface this by saying that there seem to be a lot of people who blindly believe that Superman is consistently Solar System level and cannot absolutely be anything higher, so I'm basically just going to explain why him being Solar System level as a whole is really inconsistent.

    I'm going to start this by just listing off all feats that people use to argue Superman is only 4-B. Superman shaking a solar system during his battle with Darkseid, Superman throwing a compressed solar system, surviving the collision between New Genesis and Apokolips, withstanding an explosion the size of 50 Keplar supernovae, holding a black hole capable of destroying the solar system, surviving attacks from the Void Hound, which is capable of easily…

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  • Maverick Zero X

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Since one of her dimensions contain a sun in it, i will take the Distance between Earth and Sun.

    Distance between Earth and Sun = 149,600,000 km = 149,600,000,000 meters.

    Radius = 7.48e10 meters.

    Shapping all of that into a circle:

    Volume = 1.7530463663046e33 m^3 = 1.7530463663046e39 cm^3.

    The Truth Seeker Orb's nature is similar to Ohnoki's Particle Style, which can dissamble at a near molecular level. Knowing this, i will assume atomization, but knowing this, and the fact that it dissambled a human body, the value of atomization would be 72416.33 J/CC.

    E = (1.7530463663046e39)*(72416.33) = 1.269491842e44 Joules = 1.269 Foe (Large Star level)

    Kaguya's Truth Seeker Orb = 1.269 Foe (Large Star level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Fairy Tail - Laser?

    April 21, 2019 by Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    This should be legit light, specifically for three reasons:

    1) The one fired it is the Light Dragon Slayer.

    2) Natsu described it as a laser at the second pic.

    3) It travelled at a straight line, and only curved when its user moved its head.

    Natsu doesn't have cannoncial height, so we will assume a height of 1.77 m.

    He is 49 px.

    1.77/49 = 0.03612244898 m/px.

    Distance between the light beam and Natsu = 608 px = 21.96244898 meters.

    Speed of light = 3e108 m/s.

    Timeframe = 21.96244898/3e108 = 7.320816327e-8 seconds.

    Distance Natsu's head moved = 62 px = 2.239591837 meters.

    Speed = D/T = 2.239591837/7.320816327e-8 = 30592105.26 m/s = 10.20442791126% the speed of light (Relativistic)

    A Laser? = 10.20442791126% the speed of light (Relativistic…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (Found in this chapter).

    Basically, Yue schorched down some beasts, not impressive, huh? Well, we'll see about that.

    Later in the chapter, one of the demonic beasts were stated to be several hundred kilograms. I'm gonna assume 500 kg.

    Now, since those are living organisms, and that animal cells are the same as ours humans, i'm gonna use the density of human flesh, which equals to 985 kg/m^3.

    Volume = Mass/Density = 500/985 = 507614.2132 cm^3.

    In the feat, it was stated that not even ashes remained, which in turn means that they were atomized, since the ashes disappeared, therfore, you would require High regeneration to survive it.

    E = (507614.2132)*(30852.2) = 1.566101523e10 Joules = 3.743072473709 Tons of TNT (Large Building lev…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    I will take the measurments using the footprints on the ground, and Hajime stated that the monster is 2-3 meters, so i'm gonna use 3 meters.

    Let's put in mind that the height of someone is 6.5 times his/her foot length.

    Height of monster = 3 meters.

    Foot length = 0.4615384615 m.

    The foot is 202 px.

    0.4615384615/202 = 0.002284843869 m/px.

    I will use this scan to determine the remaining amount of area destroyed.

    Total area destroyed = 1524 px = 3.482102056 meters.

    Diameter of the area destroyed = 1303 px = 2.977151561 meters.

    Radius of the area destroyed = 1.488575781 m.

    The area destroyed looks like a cylinder.

    Plugging the info into this calc:

    Volume of the area destroyed = 24.240036298965 m^3 = 24240036.298965 cm^3.

    There are no remain…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Natsuki (The one who dodged the tentacles) doesn't have a canonical height, but in the wiki, she is 26 years old, yet she was in a sleep for 10 years, so her body is at 16 years old, but she looks like she is 13 years old, so i will use the height of a 13 year old female, which is 62.4 inches.

    Natsuki's height = 1.58496 m.

    She is 116 px.

    1.58496/116 = 0.01366344828 m/px.

    I will use this scan to find the distance between Kou and the elevator.

    Distance between Kou and the elevator = 288 + 99 = 387 px = 5.287754483 meters.

    In this scan, Natsuki was standing further from Kou, which was the complete distance that she took.

    Distance between Kou and Natsuki = 133 px = 1.817238621 m.

    Total distance Natsuki covered = 5.287754483 + 1.817238…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    I will use the scan in the introduction section in this attempt.

    Kojou is 1.76 m.

    He is 90 px.

    1.76/90 = 0.01955555556 m/px.

    Diameter of crater = 1211 px = 23.68177778 meters.

    Radius of crater = 11.84088889 meters.

    The area destroyed looks like a circle.

    Volume = 4/3×π×(11.840888893)^3 = 6954.1095343856 m^3 = 6954109534.3856 cm^3.

    This is obviously fragmentation, so...

    E = (6954109534.3856)*(69) = 4.798335579e11 Joules = 114.6829727294 Tons of TNT (Multi-City Block level)

    I found another scan that gives me a perfect sight of the radius of the crater. It's this scan.

    Kojou is 1.76 m.

    He is 30 px.

    1.76/30 = 0.05866666667 m/px.

    Radius of crater = 551 px = 32.32533333 meters.

    The area destroyed looks like a circle.

    Volume = 4/3×π×(32.32533333)…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Area of Itogami island = 180 km^2 = 180000000 m^2.

    Plugging the area into this calculator:

    Volume = 227082000000 m^3.

    There were concrete, steel, and water on the island.

    Density of steel = 8050 kg/m^3.

    Density of concrete = 2400 kg/m^3

    Density of water = 1000 kg/m^3.

    Total Density = 11450 kg/m^3.

    Mass = Volume * Density.

    Mass attacked = (227082000000)*(11450) = 2.6000889e15 kg.

    Velocity = 4400000 m/s (Since the island was attacked by pure lightning).

    E = 0.5*M*V^2

    E = 2.51689e28 Joules = 6015.511472275 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

    Wrath of The Fourth Primogenitor 1 = 6015.511472275 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    I have no canonical diameter for the island, so since we are in Japan, i will scale the area of this island to Honshu, which has an area worth of 227960000000 m^2.

    This is the island that was buried in ice and snow by the way.

    And since the island looks disfigured with no accurate shape, i will assume a circle.

    Plugging the area into this calulator:

    Island's Raidus = 134687 meters.

    Island's Volume = 1.02345e16 m^3.

    The ice seems to have covered the island and pierced the clouds.

    Density of palm wood = 800 kg/m^3.

    Density of water = 1000 kg/m^3.

    Density of clouds = 1.003 kg/m^3.

    Density of air = 1.225 kg/m^3

    Total Density = 1802.228 kg/m^3.

    Mass = Volume * Density

    Mass Frozen = (1.02345e16)*(1802.228) = 1.844490247e19 kg.

    Specific heat ca…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Kojou is 1.76 m.

    He is 24 px.

    1.76\24 = 0.07333333333 m/px.

    Diameter of crater = 955 px = 70.03333333 meters.

    Radius of crater = 35.01666667 meters.

    Volume = 179851065674.06 cm^3.

    There's vapor from the crater, so i will use vaporization.

    E = (179851065674.06)*(25700) = 4.622172388e15 Joules = 1.104725714149 Megatons of TNT (Small City level)

    Horse Crater = 1.104725714149 Megatons of TNT (Small City level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    Kojou is 1.76 m.

    He is 67 px.

    1.76/67 = 0.02626865672 m/px.

    Diameter of explosion = 621 px = 16.31283582 meters.

    Radius of explosion = 8.15641791 meters.

    They were at ground level, so...

    W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

    P = 20 psi = 1.37895 bars.

    W = 0.04360978285 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)

    EXPLOSION! = 0.04360978285 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (Yukina was the one who done it by the way during her clash with the guy with the axe)

    Yukina is 1.56 m.

    She is 52 px.

    1.56/52 = 0.03 m/px.

    Crater's Diameter = 520 px = 15.6 meters.

    Crater's Radius = 7.8 meters.

    The crater's shape looks like a sphere.

    Volume of crater = 1987.7987692618 m^3 = 1987798769.2618 cm^3.

    Since the floor remained intact, and there is only cracks in it, i'm gonna use Violent Fragmentation.

    E = (1987798769.2618)*(69)= 1.371581151e11 Joules = 32.78157626673 Tons of TNT (City Block level)

    Crater from the beginning = 32.78157626673 Tons of TNT (City Block level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    In the scan, it was stated that it's an explosive energy that is equal to 10 to 31 Joules, but the weird thing is the fact that it was stated that it would atomize everything within a 400,000 km radius. Even if it's a Small Planet level, there has to be a calc for it, so that's what i'm going to do.

    Radius = 400,000 km = 400,000,000 meters.

    Shapping it into a circle:

    Volume of explosion = 4/3×π×400000000^3 = 2.6808257310633e26 m^3 = 2.6808257310633e32 cm^3

    It was stated that the explosion is made out of atomization, so i will use atomization.

    E = (2.6808257310633e32)*(30852.2) = 8.270937162e36 Joules = 197.6801424952 Yottatons of TNT Large Planet level

    This comes to show my theory about certain people around FANDOM...

    The Moon and …

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  • Muhammedmco

    A calculation regarding Accelerator's Plasma creation feat, but this time i will combine the data i gathered from those two calcs.

    Area = 729333333.3 m^2.

    Temperature = 5.5000000003e12 kelvin.

    Emissivity = 3.185

    To get the energy, we will use Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

    Q = sigma x T^4 x area

    Plugging all of this into this calc:

    E = 1.205228288221625e53 Joules = 1.205228288 GigaFoe (Solar System level)




    Accelerator was gonna destroy the world, huh?

    Plasma, Son! Final Redux = 1.205228288 GigaFoe (Solar System level)

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question

    This will be a redo for the previous calc with the same feat, but with different scans.

    First, we have the area and the temperature.

    According to this scan, the plasma is 10,000 degree celsius, and it's above Academy City.

    The area is very simple, as it's stated here that Academy City is roughly 1/3 the size of Tokyo.

    According to this article, Tokyo's Area is around 2187.66 km^2. Let's just say it's 2188 km^2, since there are lots of articles other than Wikipedia says so.

    Temperature = 10,000 celsius = 10274.15 kelvin.

    Area of Academy City = (1/3)*(2188) = 729.3333333 km^2 = 729333333.3 m^2.

    Emissivity of Plasma = 3.185

    To get the energy, we will use Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

    Q = sigma x T^4 x area

    Plugging all of this into this calc:


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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question.

    Accelerator is 1.68 m.

    Since we can't see his full height in the picture when he was creating the plasma ball, i will settle with his head.

    Average head to height ratio is 1 / 7.5

    Accelerator's head in meters = 0.224 m.

    Accelerator's head in pixels = 142 px.

    0.224/142 = 0.001577464789 m/px.

    Plasma Ball Diameter = 332 px = 0.5237183099 m.

    Plasma Ball Radius = 0.2618591549 m.

    Surface area = 4*(22/7)*r^2

    Plugging it into this calc:

    Area = 0.861679 m^2.

    To get the energy, we will use Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

    Q = sigma x T^4 x area

    The highest temperature of plasma can reach up to 5.5 trillion celsius, or 5.5000000003e12 kelvin

    Temperature = 5.5000000003e12 kelvin.

    Plasma Emissivity in high temperatures is 3.185.

    Emissivity = 3.185

    Plugging all of…

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  • Muhammedmco

    Feat in Question (Scan 1).

    Feat in Question (Scan 2).

    This one is very easy. Kazuki in Victor Mode flew to the moon in a very short timeframe.

    Distance between the Earth and the Moon = 384400 km = 384400000 meters.

    Timeframe = 2/60

    Speed = 1.1532e10 m/s = 38.46661145825 the speed of light (FTL+)

    Blast Away to the Moon! = 38.46661145825 the speed of light (FTL+)

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