Chaos emeralds


The Chaos Emeralds are a set of 7 ancient emeralds containing Infinite power that has caused several conflicts over obtaining them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies. At least 5-A to 4-A | At least 4-A to 2-C | At least 4-A to 2-C

Name: Chaos Emeralds

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (The Universe)

Age: At least 4,000 years old

Classification: Mystical gems

Wielders: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Doctor Eggman.

Powers and Abilities: Energy Absorption, can grant users a Super Form with vastly enhanced stats, Flight, Time Manipulation, Space ManipulationChaos Energy manipulation, Soul MutilationNigh-Omnipresence and Spatial-Temporal Lock

Attack Potency: Varies. At least Large Planet level (They empowered the Space Colony ARK which was going to destroy the Earth) to Multi-Solar System level (As one of the strongest artifacts in the Sonic universe, they are likely superior to the Final Egg Blaster, especially since the FEB's creator constantly seeks them for their power and made it just to obtain them) | At least Multi-Solar System level (Metal Sonic in their strongest fought the Super forms) to Multi-Universe level (The positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds granted the Super Forms enough power to hurt Egg Wizard) | At least Multi-Solar System level (same reasoning as before) to Multi-Universe level (The negative energy from the Emeralds were used in tangent with Mephiles and Iblis to create Solaris)

Speed: Subsonic (They scatter at this speed after being used), users are boosted to MFTL+ to Infinite

Durability: Varies. At least Large Planet level to Multi-Solar System level (granted Super Sonic enough powers to defeat Perfect Dark Gaia and Final Egg Blaster while taking hits from them) | At least Multi-Solar System to Multi-Universe level | At least Multi-Solar System level to Multi-Universe level

Range: Users are granted planetary range to Multi-Universal.

Key: Eggman's machines | Super Forms/Positive Energy | Negative Energy