|IMPORTANT: DO NOT CREATE PROFILES THAT ARE THE SAME AS THOSE OF OTHER VS WIKIS (VS BATTLES, VSDEBATING, OMNIVERSAL BATTLEFIELD, CHARACTERREALMS, ETC...)! This has become a serious issue now as it KEEPS ON HAPPENING, seemingly with absolutely no end. We are thereby forced to take this action: your copied profiles will be deleted upon sight without exception, reason or bargain, even if they give credit, and if you repeat it thrice, you will face a finite BAN. If you do it again afterwards, you will be PERMABANNED without bargain.

We know this sounds over the top, but so many people refused to listen that they forced us to do it. Even if the profiles give credit, we will STILL take action. They MUST be different in a way, period.

The eagle represents the freedom to make your own profiles, whether they be canon or fanon, or even canon profiles of fanon works. Whatever you want.

Welcome to the Character Stats and Profiles Wiki!

Hello there!

"Ehm, hi... where did I just end up?"

This is basically, to answer your question, a wiki where you can make pages to describe the stats, capacities and powers of fictional characters—just like the VS Battles Wiki, but with the difference that everyone can make their own profiles—canon, semi-canon, fanon, joke—of, well, almost anything.

"Oh, OK!"

But! Be sure to read the rules though, without these you won't get anywhere.

Read 'em here: Rules and Guidelines. If you see someone violate these, or if you want to report something else out of order or unjust, you can do so with our Rule Violation Report.

Also read the fallacy page so you'll know all of the types of logical fallacies to avoid using in debates.

As replacement for the Forums and alternative for the Discussions, you can now freely talk with anyone about anything here.

It would also be excessively wise to read this regarding the Forums and their preferred alternative.

As illustrated above, this wiki is rather malleable. But it still has some restrictions on its freedom. Our Blacklist page has a few characters that we don't allow for specific reasons. And for convenience, you should also sift through our various terms, so you can get more familiar with our language and make your life easier. I mean, who doesn't appreciate some good abbreviations?

Also, we give credit to VS Battles for allowing admins and regular users on this wiki to use the same tiering system, speed scale, and profile formatting and such.

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