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You do realize I don't want any non-pillars, right? I don't eat dirty old people and abominations.
~ Daki

Huh? You're still talking? I've had enough of your plain existence. The lives of grotesque humans have no value whatsoever. You can all have fun rotting in hell.
~ Daki to Tanjiro

Humans are truly miserable existences. After all, no matter how desperate they get, they can only go so far. How sad.
~ Daki to Tanjiro


Daki (堕姫) was an Upper Kizuki Demon and antagonist of the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, working directly under Muzan Kibutsuji alongside her brother, Gyutaro.

Originally named Ume, she was child born in the lowest caste of the Red-Light District. She was forced to live without any parents due to her mother, besides viewing her as a burden she wanted to discard, dying of a disease known as "Ume", which she was later named after. From then on, she lived in poverty alongside her older brother, but they eventually managed to get a well-earning job. When Ume turned 13, however, she was burned alive in retaliation for her blinding a samurai by poking his eye out with her hairpin. On the verge of death, she was then turned into a demon by the Upper Kizuki Demon, Doma, along with Gyutaro.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C

Name: Daki (Demon), Ume (Human), Warabihime (Oiran)

Origin: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Gender: Female

Age: Over 113 years

Classification: Upper Kizuki Demon (Rank 6)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Self-Sustenance (Type 3), Extrasensory Perception (Can see her opponent's movements), Enhanced Senses, Telepathy, Genius Intelligence, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3 and 8; Is one with Gyutaro, and they must be defeated simultaneously in order for them to die, allowing her to regenerate from even decapitation as long as he's alive), Regeneration (High-Mid; Can quickly regenerate from decapitation, her head being crushed, and losing limbs), Reactive Power Level (Kokushibo states that both humans and demons alike can grow and surpass their limits through battle), Absorption & Statistics Amplification (Can grow stronger by eating humans), Body Control, Elasticity (Can turn her neck into a sash, allowing it to stretch when slashed, making it necessary to attack her from multiple directions simultaneously or with enough speed in order to decapitate her), Biological Manipulation (Can turn people into demons with her blood), Aura & Fear Manipulation (Has a vastly superior aura to the Lower Kizuki Demons, which can cause shuddering and a feeling of lacking air, as she could inflict fear upon Entertainment District Arc Tanjiro), Sleep Manipulation, Sealing & Transmutation (Can seal people within her sash and turn them into flat, 2-dimensional designs, also putting them to sleep), Blood Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Summoning (Can summon Gyutaro at any time from own flesh), Resistance to: Regeneration Negation (As long as Gyutaro's alive, she can regenerate from nichirin blades, which normally negate demons' regeneration by decapitating them), Disease Manipulation (Demons are unable to get sick), Pain Manipulation (Demons are shown to be capable of handling intense pain, as they can shrug off their limbs and heads being sliced off or crushed), Poison Manipulation (Can quickly recover from the poisonous effects of wisteria flowers, scaling to Gyutaro), Fear Manipulation (Should easily resist the Lower Kizuki Demons' aura), Sleep Manipulation, Hypnosis, Paralysis Inducement, possibly Dream Manipulation, Death Manipulation & Soul Manipulation (Enmu implied that he could only challenge an Upper Kizuki Demon if he receives more of Muzan's blood, suggesting that they resist his Blood Demon Art)

Attack Potency: Small Town level (As an Upper Kizuki Demon, she is vastly superior to Enmu and the rest of the Lower Kizuki Demons, being on a completely different level of strength than them. Previously killed seven Hashira. Easily cut through multiple buildings, heavily injuring Tanjiro. Nearly killed Tanjiro with a single attack, and later deflected an attack from him despite using Hinokami Kagura. Ultimately needed the combined efforts of Inosuke and Zenitsu in order to be defeated)

Speed: At least High Hypersonic (Far faster than the Lower Kizuki Demons. Casually deflected Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura, referring to him as slow)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman (Casually sent an adult woman flying meters high into the air), likely far higher

Striking Strength: Small Town Class

Durability: Small Town level

Stamina: Limitless (Demons have no concept of fatigue and can constantly fight at full power)

Range: Hundreds of Meters

Standard Equipment: Her Sashes

Intelligence: Genius (Daki is shown to be an incredibly skilled combatant whose skill compares to the likes of Tanjiro, managing to keep up with him both tactically and in close-quarters combat. Despite being a demon, she has also managed to live among humans without most of them suspecting anything)

Weaknesses: Exposure to sunlight would quickly reduce her to ashes. Wisteria flowers are poisonous to her, albeit to a much lesser degree than regular demons. Those sealed within her sashes can be freed by cutting them, albeit this requires outside interference.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Blood Demon Art: Daki's Blood Demon Arts are all primarily based on her power to create and grow flexible and sharp sash-like tentacles from her own body, all of which are noted to possess the sharpness of swords but still retain the flexibility of cloth.
    • Eight Layered Obi Slash: Daki uses eight extensions of her obi to create simultaneous sash attacks in order to cut down her opponent.
  • Flesh Obi: Daki has also displayed the ability to create sentient flesh detachments from her own body, as seen when she was able to create living Flesh Sashes to guard and protect her "store house" and watch over her "meat", and again when she created another living sash to monitor and watch over Hinatsuru as she suspected her of being a spy for the Demon Slayers.
    • Telepathic Connection: Daki has also shown the ability to telepathically communicate and monitor things through her living sashes, as seen when she was able to easily observe Inosuke's battle against her Sash detachment and was later able to have a full on conversation with it to give it new orders on how to deal with him.
    • Flesh Storing: Whenever Daki's finds a "beautiful" human that she wants to eat, she would usually "store" them inside her Flesh Sashes. Seemingly trapping them within the sashes and transforming them from 3 dimensional beings into 2 dimensional, flat designs within her Obi Sashes, that also puts them into a deep sleep while they're trapped inside, allowing Daki to store a considerable amount of "food" in storage for later consumption.
  • Flesh Manipulation: Daki has also displayed the ability to freely manipulate her flesh to morph and shift her neck to have the properties of a cloth sash, as seen when she transformed her neck into a long sash of cloth to avoid being decapitated by Tanjiro.
  • Hair Manipulation: Daki also displayed the ability to manipulate her hair as a weapon, as she attempted to attack Inosuke with clumps of her hair after he successfully decapitated her and took her head from her body to prevent her from reattaching it.
  • Psychic Connection: Daki has the ability to share her senses and mind with her elder brother, and also allow him to control her body by implanting one of his eyes into her forehead. Through this eye, she can send him logistical information through this link in order for them to better coordinate their attacks. At the same time, this ability also enhances all of Daki's own existing abilities and enhances her own sense of sight, due to her being implanted with one of her brother's eyes. This is seen when she's able to easily keep up with Zenitsu while he's using his very fast Thunder Breathing techniques.
  • Immunity to Decapitation: While her brother is "sleeping" inside of her or when his "core" is implanted inside of her body, Daki is completely immune to death by decapitation. This is showcased when, despite being repeatedly decapitated by Tengen and Inosuke, Daki's body showed absolutely no signs of disintegration. As the Demon Slayers quickly realize, the only way to bypass this immunity is if Gyutaro himself is simultaneously decapitated alongside her.

Note: Credit to the Demon Slayer Wiki for the Notable Attacks/Techniques section.


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