Death Battle

Summary of the Verse 

Death Battle is an internet series produced by the YouTube channel ScrewAttack before they re-branded into Death Battle when they partnered with Rooster Teeth.

The series is about putting two fictional characters against each other from a variety of series and mediums, working out how strong they are and see who would win in a fight to the death.

Power of the Verse 

Since Death Battle pits fictional characters from different series against each other, there is no consistent scaling that can be used. Characters can scale from Athlete Level to Multiverse Level, from Normal Human speeds to MFTL+ and even Immeasurable and have no haxs to several ways to negate durability.

Note: Any Death Battle profile is based on what is in Death Battle's video, any information displayed on any profile based on Death Battle are solely based on whatever is said in their videos and not my own opinion. So if a character is weaker or stronger on a profile than they actually are then it isn't my fault.


Death Battle: Strongest to Weakest

Death Battle: Fastest to Slowest

Character Profiles 

Season 1 Combatants

Season 2 Combatants

Season 3 Combatants

Season 4 Combatants

Season 5 Combatants

Season 6 Combatants

Season 7 Combatants

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