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Brief Summary

Durability is the property which guarantees the ability to survive a certain amount of force. Not to be confused with Endurance. Durability is the ability to withstand damage, while Endurance is a measure of stamina.

Logically, characters capable of physically achieving a certain degree of energy output, must be able to at least withstand a comparable amount of damage, or their bodies would break apart from the strain and automatic counterforce, whenever they exert themselves.

For more indepth descriptions of each category, please read the Tiering System and Attack Potency pages.

Durability Levels

Point level

Line level

Plane level

Below Average

Human level

Athlete level

Street level

Wall level

Small Building level

Building level

Large Building level

City Block level

Multi-City Block level

Small Town level

Town level

Large Town level

Small City level

City level

Mountain level

Large Mountain level

Island level

Small Country level

Country level

Large Country/Small Continent level

Continent level

Multi-Continent level

Moon level

Small Planet level

Planet level

Large Planet level

Dwarf Star level

Small Star level

Star level

Large Star level

Solar System level

Multi-Solar System level

Galaxy level

Multi-Galaxy level

Universe level

Universe level+

Multi-Universe level

Multiverse level

Multiverse level+

High Multiverse level+

Complex Multiverse level

Hyperverse level

High Hyperverse level

Low Outerverse level

Outerverse level

High Outerverse level

Extraverse level


The durability required to withstand being immersed within the heat of the Sun, was calculated here.

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Other stats

Attack Potency


Lifting Strength

Striking Strength

About One-Shotting Foes

This is a 100% unique explanation. It is not copied from anyone anywhere else.

From our Attack Potency page, it is estimated that being 120x more powerful than someone is grounds to reduce them to bloody paste. Vice versa, being 120x more durable than someone's punches would be enough to laugh off their hits with ease.

To add more, if someone who is Low 2-C gets punched by someone who is 5-B... would the character be durable enough to shatter the wrist of his enemy? The answer is: it depends.

He shouldn't under normal circumstances, to be honest. The Low 2-C's body may be extremely durable (infinitely more so in this case), but the attack shouldn't shatter the 5-B's wrist unless the Low 2-C were made of something.

Is he formed of solid metal? If yes, the 5-B would shatter his wrist since metal would stop him in his tracks at an exceedingly fast pace. Skin, however, is stretchy, and wouldn't shatter someone's wrist. A bone, should it be breached by the punch, however, could shatter the enemy's wrist.