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I am creating such a beautiful family, right, <user>?

But still, they are nothing compared to YOU.

I want to see you.


We need to see you We need to see you We need to see you We need to see you We need to see you-


~ EYX's only address to the player.


EYX is an entity of unknown nature that haunts a Sonic ROM hack. It is loosely based on Sonic.exe, but is far different physically, narratively and atmospherically. Appearing as a depraved, eldritch horror, it exists as a virus to leak player information to an unknown group. EYX's intentions are completely unknown, other than its desire for attention and to be worshipped.

EYX's primary appearence is that of it's physical vessel, Sonic the Hedgehog, in a form known as Draenog. EYX also has an alternate physical form, which infrequently appears through the game, known as Cynffonnau, which takes the appearance of Tails. It's true appearance is unknown.

Powers and Stats[]

Tier: At least Low 2-C, likely far higher

Name: EYX (Also known as Draenog or Cynffonnau)

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog Editable ROM (Sonic the Hedgehog horror spinoff)

Gender: Unknown (Male as Draenog and Cynffonnau)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Enigmatic entity, living virus, possibly a demon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size (Type 0: Draenog and Cynffonnau are 8'2" and 7'3" respectively. It's true form is apparently 34'6"), Size manipulation (Can become far larger in its lesser forms), True Flight, Possession, Bloodlust, Reality Warping, Telepathy, Magic (Gave two people a heart attack) Technological Manipulation (Exists inside Sonic Editable ROM as a virus. During the game, attempts to log into the player's internet and use their webcam), Limited Fear Manipulation (Causes fear by any sight of the game's webpage, or by playing the game. Although, this power is weak at best) Limited Shapeshifting (Can transform back into a normal-looking Sonic, but only for a limited time), Elasticity and Body Control, Necromancy (Revives its victims as undead, eldritch abominations) and Corruption (Those killed by EYX can be heavily deformed physically, and incur symptoms such as memory loss, emotional corruption among numerous other effects), Fourth Wall Awareness, Pain Manipulation (Every person killed by EYX is forever doomed to feel the same pain they felt while dying. For example, with Tails), Fire Manipulation (Killed Tails by burning his head off), Should have all the powers of Sonic or Tails

Attack Potency: Universe level+, likely far higher (Far stronger than base Sonic, capable of effortlessly killing Classic Sonic characters, including Ray and Tails, who are capable of fighting those empowered by a single Chaos Emerald or the Phantom Ruby. Numerous attacks by EYX can corrupt and even crash the ROM he resides in, which at least contains a single Universe. He is also capable of doing this on his own accord. Frequently resets the game on his own.)

Speed: Immesurable (Effortlessly faster than every other character, who are capable of moving in a timeless void. Even a fraction of his power is completely beyond the confines of the game, to the point where even forbidden Tails could move back through time to warn his past self.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal+, likely far higher (One-shot Ray and Genesis Tails. Burned Tails alive. Killed Amy offscreen)

Durability: Universe level+, likely far higher (Has never once been threatened by any of his victims in any capacity)

Stamina: Unknown, presumably very high (Scaling from Sonic)

Range: Extended Melee Range, Low Multiversal with powers (Gave two people a heart attack, even after being pushed into Sonic Editable ROM)

Standard Equipment: None, but creates natural weaponry like scythes and claws using body control

Intelligence: Unknown (EYX is clearly insane, but plots against its victims meticulously. Uses Sonic Editable ROM to manipulate people into worshipping and giving things to itself)

Weaknesses: Severely weak in its eye. If either Cynffonnau or Draenog are hurt, the other will be rendered inert for a short period of time.

Note 1: More information about EYX's lore can be read on its Xcyclopedia page.

Note 2: Sonic.EYX is a work-in-progress game, with more content being added and lore updates. This may add or remove powers from EYX.


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