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In this world It's KILL or BE KILLLED
~ Flowey Iconic Phrase

God flowey.png

Hopeless and alone...

Golly, that's right!

Your WORTHLESS friends can't save you now.

Call for help. I dare you.

Cry into the darkness!.

"Mommy! Daddy!" "Somebody help!"

See what good it does you!

~ Photoshop Flowey to Frisk

Asriel Dreemurr Render.png
Isn't that delicious? Your "determination." The power that let you get this far... It's gonna be your downfall!
~ Asriel Dreeemurr to Frisk

Asriel Full power.png
I can feel it... Every time you die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you die, your friends forget you a little more. Your life will end here, in a world where no one remembers you...
~ Asriel Dreemurr to Frisk

Powers and Stats 

Tier : Unknown | Unknown َ| At least Low 2-C possible 2-B | At least low 2-C likely 2-B possibe higher | At least 2-B likely far higher

Name: Flowey the Flower, Photoshop Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, 

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Male

Age: Unknwon (Pre-teen when he dead)

Classification: Soulless Flower imbued with Determination, Your Best Friend, Former Prince of the Underground | God (be himself) | Former Prince of the Underground, The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath, Angel of Death

Powers and Abilities: 

Flower Mimicry, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity (He is the first flower that Asriel brought to the underground, and since that time decades have passed what made flowey age far beyond a golden flower lifespan), He can imitate the faces and voices of other people, Magic, Genius Intelligence, Non-Physical Interaction , Acausality (Type 1), Indomitable Will, Danmaku, Absorption (Can absorp souls), Binding (With his vines), 4th Wall Awareness (Talk to the player), Vine Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Soul Mutilation and possible Conceptual Manipulation (Can perform attacks that can damage the SOUL, which has been described as the culmination of the being), possible Teleportation, Stealth Mastery, Resistance to Extreme Heat (Resist the heat of Hotland), Extreme Cold (Resist the cold of Snowdin), Immunity to Soul Manipulation and Emotional Manipulation (Lack soul and emotiones)

Immortality (Type 2 [He has more determination than Undyne, who can fight when her body melts or with serious injuries], possible Type 3 [He has more determination than Undyne, who can regenerate her injuries when she transform to Undyne the Undying thanks to his determination]), Temporal Reload(Can travels back to a specific point in time, his time reload create a new timeline as chain reaction), Reactive Power Level (Scaled from Frisk, he can become stronger, faster, more durable over time thanks to his determination), Timeline reset, Self-Resurrection (Via time Manipulation) and Power Nullification for that abitites (Passive, Again those has lesser determination), Resistance to Existence Erasure (Flowey was not able to erase himself from existence whatever he tried). Reality Warping , Data Manipulation, Time Manipulation and Acausality Negation (Type 1) via True Reset (Can reset all reality back to it is original stat even after all the Multiverse get earsed icluding some game data and even those who has Acausality effected by it)

Accelerated Development (Gathering EXP make him stronger and more durable), Fear Manipulation (Scaled from Frisk he can bring fear into the hearts of his enemies with his willing to kill)

Same as before but in higher scale Omega Physiology, Multiple Souls , Multiple Personalities (Has six souls, it seem that every ), Past Manipulation (He affected the distant past where the war was between humans and monsters), Reality Warping (Destroy all the Universe/Multiverse and create his own universe/multiverse in instant), Can SAVE and LOAD at any point in time as opposed to specified points in six different save files, Fire Manipulation (has fire thrower), Energy Projection, Matter Manipulation, Laser Attack , Life Manipulation (Can create living being), Plant Manipulation, Insect Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (With his Bombs), Pocket Reality Manipulation

Same as before but in higher scale, Magical Energy Physiology, Determination Embodiment, Transformation, Fire Magic, Immortality (Type 1, The Monster boss does not grow old unless his son is aged , since Asriel does not have a son, he will not grow old), Rainbow Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (With lighting), Invulnerability, Weapon Creation and Mastery, Stellar Attacks, Chaos Manipulation,Black Hole Generation, Temporal Devouring and Existence Erasure with Hyper Goner (Hyper Goner is a black hole-like cannon that erase all the timeline), Information Manipulation, Flight, Memory Manipulation (Can earse the mosters memories about Frisk), Spatial Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid-Godly, He absorbed the amalgamites who managed to regenerate their bodies and souls using only determination, and he possesses the same level of determination as Frisk, who determination can regenerate his soul after it shatter into pieces.), Subjective Reality (Scaled from Frisk, he can turn his Dreams and hopes into physical matter), Healing (Scale from Frisk, he can heal himself via remembering his hopes and dreams), Law Manipulation (He absorp Asgore who was able to destroy the Mercy button, eliminating Frisk's chance to do nothing in the midst of the fight against him, Asriel himself was able to destroy all of Frisk's options buttons), Resistance to Memory Manipulation and Soul Manipulation

Energy Manipulation (Toriel can earse flowey pellets), Healing (Toriel can heal frisk wounds), Bones Manipulation (Sans and Papyrus attack with bones), Gravity Manipulation (Via blue mode),Telekinesis (Can move his enemies and weapons mentally), can use Intangible attacks (Via blue Attack), Power Detection (Papyrus Senses the Annoying Dog's power, even over the phone), possible Intangibility (the Amalgamate and Mad Dummy are Ghosts), Homing Attacks (Mad Dummy use Homing missiles), Manipulation Spear Manipulation (Undyne can create and control spears), Paralysis Inducement (Via Green mode), Toon Force (he can make his room so messy in the level that a self-sustaining tornado was created somehow. Can make everytone stop while he was talking to Frisk when he seemed to be saying something important as soon as it appears that what he was saying was not an important thing everyone return to move again. Stated by Papyrus that Sans can be in four places at the same time. Undyne can create so powerfull letter that Frisk can not read it. Papyrus can float by moving his feet), Web Generation, Animal Manipulation (Many monsters can control different types of animals [mostly insects]), Technology Manipulation, Text Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation (Can turn his words into bombs), Laser Attacks, Teleportation, BFR (Sans can teleport himself, others and his attacks), Glyph Creation, Temporal Awareness (Sans was aware of an anomaly messing with the time-space continuum), Clairvoyance (Sans can see Frisk's LOVE and EXP), Durability Negation, Intangibility Negation , Clinging Damage and possible Karma Inducement via KR, Sound Manipulation (Greater dog and Shyren can attack with sound wave), Statistics Amplification, Fruit/Vegetable Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Statistics Reduction (Vulkin can lower someone’s natural Durability by touching them), Magma Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Smoke Manipulation, Life Manipulation (So Sorry can bring life to drawing), Can make his statics vague (Glyde), Muscle Manipulation (Aaron can attack with muscles), Shapeshifting (Amalgamates change shape at will, even becoming non-physical things such as a text box or a representation of Frisk's determination), Size Manipulation, Rocket Manipulation (Endogeny), Mind Manipulation (Reaper Bird), Spatial Manipulation (Sans and the Amalgamates)

Attack Potency : Unknown | Unknown َ| At least Universe Level+ (He seems has great control over the Universe, he destroyed Frisk save file with ease, his mere transforming did what seems to be the destruction of the Universe and the creation of his own pocket dimension, his power is a god's power compared to any other opponent Frisk encountered before him, Photoshop Flowey even when he loses the control over his power he is still able to one-shot-Frisk, Photoshop Flowey strength should be much higher than the strength he get via gather EXP.) possible Multiverse Level (It is possible that Photoshop Flowey recreated the entire multiverse due to the fact that he says that his pocket dimension is all what left and that the title of the game screen changes to Floweytale or to nothing indicating that it affected all the verse) | At least Universe Level+ likely Multiverse Level possible higher (Probably Stronger than before, he destroy the timeline. Stated by the Narrator (Chara) that he has infinite strength what is supposed to make him Infinitely stronger than Chara and Photoshop Flowey, But it is Unknown if that refer for when he use his full power or when he using Fraction of his power) | At least Multiverse Level likely far higher (His previous form is only a fraction of his true strength, Frisk needed to increase his Determination to a much greater level in order to be able to keep up with him. His mere existence alone start the end of the world, which the world here means the multiverse given that the timeline has been destroyed before)

Speed : Unknown | Unknown | At least FTL+ possible far higher (He is considered as a "God" compared to any opponent Frisk has face before including monsters can use laser and sune light attacks, one of his cusual attacks is a laser, when he fights seriously even when he lose control in his power he easily blitz Frisk and killed him several times.) | Massively FTL+Inaccessible (Able to move easily in a timeless void when Frisk, he was then Massively FTL +, was unable to move until he raised his level of Determination to higher scale)

Lifting Strength: Class 5| Unknown | Unknown | Unknown possible Infinite | Infinite

Striking Strength: Unknown | Unknown َ| At least Universe Level+  possible Multiverse Level | At least Universe Level+ likely Multiverse Level possible higher | At least Multiverse Level likely far higher

Durability : Unknown | Unknown َ| At least Universe Level+  possible Multiverse Level (He tank the destruction that he caused by his presence without scratch Frisk attacks, before Photoshop Flowey lost control of his power, was almost harmless to him.) | At least Universe Level+ (All Frisk attacks do no harm to him) likely Multiverse Level possible higher (Stated by the Narrator (Chara) that he has infinite defense what is supposed to make him Infinitely more durable than Chara and Photoshop Flowey, But it is Unknown if that refer for when he use his full power or when he using Fraction of his power) | At least Multiverse Level likely far higher (His previous form is only a fraction of his true strength, Frisk needed to increase his Determination to a much greater level in order to be able to keep up with him and he still unable even to scratch him)

Stamina : Limitless (Ready to kill Frisk millions of times and fighting him for eternity. He has experimented countless possibilities in all the underground Without getting tired, he only stop when he felt bored)

Range : Tens meters with Danmaku | Same as before | Universal+ possible Multiversal | Multiversal

Standard Equipment : Non notable | Same as before | Six Human Soules | Chaos Blaster and Chaos Saber

Intelligence : Gifted (Able to find plans for befriending or killing everyone in the underground. He read every book and won every game in the underground knowing every possibility possible in the underground)

Weaknesses: Non Notable | Whenever a reset occurs, his LOVE and stats drop back down to their base. | Does not have full control over the six souls which power him, and someone as Good and determined as Frisk was able to make them leave his body | He has feelings. This is why a good person full of determination can remind him of who he was before his death

Key : Flowey the Flower | Flowey the Flower (With EXP) | Photoshop Flowey | Asriel Dreemurr (Fraction of his power) | Asriel Dreemurr (Full Power)


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