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Resident Evil 2 Remake Secret Final Boss and True Ending-0

Resident Evil 2 Remake Secret Final Boss and True Ending-0


"You certainly will not die, the serpent said to the woman. for God knows when you eat of it you're eyes will be opened, knowing good and evil"- Genesis 3:4 "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."-Isaiah 4:31 "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."-Philippians 4:13 "They came to a place called Golgotha, the Place of the Skull)."-Matthew 27:33.

In the year of 1977 a 16 year old youth by the name of William Birkin  was given the opportunity to become something more by the world renowned Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.Years of trials, tribulations and enemies later, William finally intruded into the domain of god and discovered: G. Compared to T, which could only produce single-generation mutations , G achieved a DNA Mutation Factor powerful enough to do more than just simply mutate a host, but something far more powerful and revolutionary:  Transmutatative metaphorphosis as an evolutionary process. the ability to fuse the cells in a host's body with it's G Cells as well as transfigure  them into a brand new life form at the genetic level with the third form as the apex of the process (As well as restoration of reproduction, and even the ability to truly revive the dead .) : "Evolution"

Third Form SFM fanart by Acorios . His DeviantArt page for those who want to enjoy the rest of his work. ProjectUmbrella is a good place to go for everything Resi along with the wiki. Translations come from the former and most images the latter.

Powers and Stats


Name: William Birkin, G-Virus,Golgotha,God (Q18)

Origin: Resident Evil

Gender: Formerly Male

Age: 36, Possibly Biologically Immortal Post Infection


Powers and Abilities: Body Manipulation, Enhanced Senses and Natural Weaponry via the G-Virus, Reactive Evolution, Reactive Power Level and Adaptation (Upon injecting G, the launching point of William's evolution occurred in the right side of the body , mainly the very right arm in which he was shot (The first indication of G's own V-ACT or V-ACT like process, and unlike T's, G's can occur multiple times (In the original the gradual changing can be better seen between each major stage .) (Unfortunately even after the metamorphosis is already complete , leading to an overcompensated quadrupedal body.), erosion by G-Cells constantly occurring  including after the host has already woken up and is shown to be specifically focused on speeding up the metamorphosis process in highly damaged areas after some time, and as no major stage progression occurred for 5 days after infection until his first defeat and his evolution rapidly speeds up after each defeat, it's apparent G's DMA is still weak to a point where defeat and subsequent V-ACT are essential for the mutation to be complete in a timely manner and mutation is still quite slow despite that.), resulting in the first third/possible half of the G process,G-1.As the metamorphosis progresses, William's original head is forcefully transitioned to the left side of the body with a new G head taking it's place , with the right arm becoming a much larger and more developed claw and new G arms starting to develop as well, as well as a lamprey looking arm beginning to emerge, resulting in: G-2.  Finally, the mutation is completed, the host nearly completely replaced by a new G cell body, similar to how a caterpillar's body is gradually replaced by new cells (G's fusion born descendant even features a chrysalis, likely from the other fusee, to facilitate the less than a minute long process into a Complete Mutation Species.), during it's own metamorphosis of into a butterfly, and the new fledgeling creature now at it's perfected apex, the original two arms now spread out on the back of the form like wings, the lamprey mouth out in full force, the G eyes more prominent than before, only traces of William Birkin remaining, little more than a face and spine: G-3 .), Type 2 Immortality, Absorption, Biological/Power, Poison Manipulation' ( G-creatures can poison their victims, requiring them to ingest blue herbs to remove it) , Flight ( some instances of flight from the Biohazard 2 Manhua), Chi Manipulation, Body Strengthening, Chi Emission, Chi Sensing, Movement ( some instances of ki usage in the Biohazard 2 Manhua), Teleportation ( some instances of teleportation in the Biohazard 2 Manhua), 'Soul Manipulation ( some instances of soul manipulation in the Biohazard 2 Manhua),' 'Fire Manipulation (some instances of fire manipulation in the Biohazard 2 Manhua. Simmons can set zombies alight just by stabbing them, with no T-Veronica blood touching them at all, just a bug limb ), Existence Erasure( An instanceof existence erasure in the Biohazard 2 Manhua),' 'Biological Manipulation, Shape Changing Genetic Level, Molecules ( some instances of biological manipulation from the Biohazard 2 Manhua), 'Healing (some instances of healing from the Biohazard 2 Manhua),  Regeneration , Low-High (some instances ' ( context here for second instance: "A more surprising thing has happened.' Gradually, flesh actually combined into a human form. He... is Leon!" '(Chinese: 更奇的事情又發生了,血肉竟慢慢組合成一個人形,他——就是LEON!; Pinyin: Gèng qí de shìqíng yòu fāshēngle, xiěròu jìng màn man zǔhé chéng yīgè rénxíng, tā——jiùshì LEON!)of regen from the Biohazard 2 Manhua)  Mind Control ( see here, an instance of mind control of other G creatures in the Biohazard 2 Manhua), Electricity Manipulation ( some instances of electricity manipulation in the Biohazard 2 Manhua)Resurrection and possible Self-Resurrection (See Regeneration), Resuscitation, UndeadSuperhuman Physical Characteristics, Indomitable WillResistance 'To Biological Attack for the Virus itself ( see Tyrant page) 'Enhanced Superhuman Athleticism, Light Manipulation ( An instance of light manipulaiton from the Biohazard 2 Manhua) 'Size Manipulation and Shapeshifting via heal mutations and transformations. G-Virus can infect via 'Radiation Manipulation. See here. 'Matter Manipulation ( Leons body turning metallic from G )Teleportation and possibly Higher Dimensional Existence or Dimensional Travel  ( after generating beams of light, Leon, god decide to "go to heaven" and teleport in another flash of light 金光閃閃,都在刹那間失蹤了。. Page for context Later, Leon and Ada are shown smiling down from above 彩虹出現了,就像預意這個地方有著美好的將來,姖雅等人更見到LEON與ADA望著他們在微笑。. Page for context. some instances of teleportation in the Biohazard 2 Manhua.Heres another instance of teleportation.) Duplication ( William not only entered his final form, but split into multiple different bodies at once.) 'Self Sustenance, Illusion Creation (an instance of illusion creation.).Pain Suppression, Telekinesis (See Illusion Creation)

Attack Potency


Lifting Strength:   

Striking Strength


Stamina: Vast

Range: Melee range, Extended Melee range with tentacles and acid

Standard Equipment: Claws, Tentacles, G-Embryos, Acid




Notable Attacks/Techniques:


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