Quit it, you seven. All you're doing is making it worse for yourselves.
~ Optimizer to a band of thieves

Being gifted, or maybe cursed if you'd like to go there, with supernatural capabilities, let alone the status of a hero, is a responsibility only a few can achieve and live up to... I learnt that the hard way.
~ Optimizer regarding the role of a Hero

You're right, I don't understand loneliness the way you do. But don't you pretend for a damn second that we humans have it easy and simple. I'm not gonna lie, many of us do, and many of us would fail to comprehend adversity's many forms. But that sure as hell doesn't justify neglecting the hard work and sacrifice the greatest of us have put in, or the hardships many, many brave people have fought through. The very two people who brought me into this world are my proof!
~ The Optimizer to Hades


Born with a unique genetic enhancement, Gavin Young, a.k.a. The Optimizer, is a full-time hero working under the Hero Association - a worldwide organization in charge of every heroic quota and actions throughout the world. He originates from the outskirts of Ontario, Canada - a 22 year old man born on May 20th, 2711, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 75 kilograms. He bears a pretty normal appearance; short, spiky dark-brown hair, green eyes, and white skin. His casual wear consists of your average pair of grey pants coupled with a shirt or a hoodie, the latter of which typically being a dark shade of blue with grey sleeves matching his pants. While on-duty, however, he is strictly seen with his hero garb on; a black one-piece outfit with slightly luminous blue lines branching throughout it, in addition to grey shoulder pads, knee pads and two Shot Gauntlets with similar, dark blue outlines to his main outfit, covering his wrists. He wears boots that follow the same color pallet. The overall garb covers the entirety of his body up until his neck, and it was made by Ernesta Kühne (more on her later on).

WARNING: Wall of Text
Gavin's relationship with his family, particularly his father, Simon Young, was... meh. Life wasn't exactly too hot for the Young family. They lived in a basic, working class household, a basic job - manufacturing - supporting them in the financial department. Trying to get the most out of his check as possible, Simon usually worked extra hours, which he was fully capable of due to his genetic enhancement. However, this also meant that Gavin didn't get to be with his father too often. Even when he did, their conversations were mostly pretty brief; casual "Hello", "Hey" (the latter usually tossed out by Simon and ending awkwardly), "How was school today?", "How was work?", etc. It was one conversation, however, that truly inspired Gavin's future - a discussion about the new "Hero Association" that was being assembled in a few months' time. It would involve multiple Heroes from around the globe being assigned quotas and and monitored, and even provided with some decent to good payment depending on the Hero's performance and class. It sounded like a great deal, and it was a conversation that seemed to have finally sparked some life between the two, albeit nothing too lively. Simon definitely considered applying, and that he eventually did. Unfortunately for the family, he didn't end up performing well at all. This was disappointing for the Young family, but especially Simon - so much so, it literally drove him into depression. This discouraged him from working any more extra hours, which reduced his payment, and made things even worse for the family. It reached the point where Amelia, the mother and housewife, had to get a minor job herself. She managed to end up becoming a cashier at a local Supermarket. Gavin didn't quite know how to process most of what he witnessed, and he was pretty confused. "Why was mom going to work, now?", "How come dad spends less time at work?" were some of the things he was wondering, though Amelia managed to sidetrack him from these thoughts for his own greater good. After all, he had to focus on his own priority right now, which is his education and what not.

Problematically, Simon had reached the point where he became an alcoholic. A can of the cheapest, low-quality beer he could find here and there a few times a week. Amelia wasn't happy about this at all, and she tried to talk him out of it and support him in anyway she could think of countless times once she realized that her husband was completely miserable, but to no avail. Alas, Gavin's contact with his father was almost non-existent at this point. The family's situation was looking pretty bad, but by some miracle, the downwards spiral sort of just... stopped at some point. They had hit rock bottom, or at least about as low as they can get. Though Gavin's education needed to downgraded due to obvious financial issues, they still had a living at the very least.

April 27th, 2719. A 15 year-old Gavin at this point, and it was an average, snowy day in Ontario. Things were mostly going routinely for the past few years and throughout the day. That was until 7:03 pm. Amelia almost done with work, and Simon was on his way from his own; the ground and streets soaked in water, thunder and lightning striking every minute or so; looking for the usual bus ride home. He got in, they reached a road bridge, when all of a sudden, the bus begins to slide uncontrollably, crashing into the side of the bridge and causing the passengers to instantly panic. The bus was now dangling off the side of the bridge. It took some time, but in a do or die situation, Young remembered something very important he got off his chest a while ago, though it definitely still haunts him actively to this day... and with that, he slowly walked towards the back of the dangling bus in an attempt to break the rear window, which ended up being successful. With that, trying to keep his own mental state intact, he calmly gave out instructions to the other passengers. One-by-one, they slowly made their way out of the bus, with Young staying back until he was sure everybody was safe, albeit the vehicle's balance slowly dwindling. With most of the passengers now safe on the bridge, the bus finally ended up falling, causing Simon Young and a fellow civilian to meet their demise. Obviously, this was all over the news in no time.

Amelia was the first family member to find out about her husband's death, and she was hit hard by this. It wasn't at all difficult for the boy to notice his mother's severe dismay, and upon discovering the reason for it, he didn't quite know how to react. There was no doubt that the loss of his father and his mother's distressed state greatly saddened him, but... he hardly knew Simon anymore. All he had was his memories from a few years ago. Nevertheless, it was a slow recovery following the mourning of Simon Young, and it was a few years later that Gavin finally thought of something that seemed crazy, especially after what it had done to his father. Since he was now legally qualified, he wanted to tryout for the Hero Association. Having been born with a genetic enhancement, as well as possessing a more stable state of mind than his father's already pressured, he could very well pull it off. If it went exceptionally well, he may very well even be able to drop out of college. He consulted his mother and, after days of arguing and convincing, she agreed to give her son one chance. Much to the utter delight of the mother and son, Gavin managed to qualify for the role of a Hero. Though his quota would be heavy due to him just getting started, he could definitely make things work out.

Gavin's first few months as a Hero went by averagely. There wasn't much going on, really, except he had managed to catch some attention with his interesting mutation; it granted him the ability to control aspects of what he touches, essentially utilizing them to the "optimal" degree (which is actually the case starting from his second key, but whatever). This caught the attention of a certain genius scientist known as Ernesta Kühne, who decides to offer the young Hero a deal after asking to meet the kid--Gavin works as a Hero managed by her and thus allows her to research and conduct (probably) safe experiments with his genetic enhancement to her heart's content. In return, him and his mother's crucial financial issues would be covered by Ernesta and her affiliations. She would even offer him supportive Hero equipment, and potentially end up helping him further understand his powers. He was reluctant and suspicious at first, as this seems way to good to be true; from a sh*thole, to a low-class Hero, to this? Anyway, he eventually decided to agree after a few days' worth of thinking, doing his research and talking to Amelia about this, with the latter more or less enthused than anything else. Much to his delight, this indeed paid off really well. His journey to mastering his newly-named "Optimization" ability (all Ernesta) and as a Hero had really begun, and it was kicked-off by him obtaining his Hero alias: "The Optimizer". He slowly but surely moved up the ranks and Ernesta, albeit she could sometimes be off-putting with her somewhat sick sense of humor and oddly cheerful personality, was incredibly helpful and informative. But something still felt off. It was an odd feeling that kept him often feeling... cynical, at times. That he just couldn't be his usually open and optimistic self from years ago. Yet this feeling was prominent for seemingly no good reason. This had nothing to do with Ernesta, at least he didn't think it did, it was something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

Regardless, after long, grueling training sessions guided by his now-managed, it was only a matter of time before The Optimizer gained an impressively high control of his powers. It reached a point where his body could recall and hone every single ability he dealt with so far, including superhuman strength, elemental manipulation, and much more. He even became powerful enough to rival Ernesta's artificial humans, RM-C and AR-D. Seemingly out of the blue, though, news broke of a scientist being arrested for some form of illegal genetic engineering of a "super-parasite". Come to think of it, upon checking the news, he realized that he had bumped into the man once. He acted pretty weird, but that aside, he's supposedly called "Dr. Genus". He claimed that this project of his was purely for revenge. He went on about how the Hero Association and governments as a whole were like the scum of the Earth, that they completely ruined his life. It came off as some cliché, meaningless villain talk, but boy did that bite him in the backside later on. The so-called super-parasite named "Tempest", the organism Dr. Genus was genetically engineering, was simply too complex of a being to deal with, managing to breach its highly secured containment. Per its creators plan for revenge, Tempest was composed of genes from the strongest of Heroes, including the Optimizer himself. Later on, with Dr. Genus now in prison probably laughing hysterically to no end after being delivered the news and interrogated numerous times about the potential whereabouts of his little creation, Optimizer was later being targeted and challenged by none other than the parasite itself, except "he" is now fully matured, having developed a human-like body by absorbing other organic life forms. As the latter was built to defeat the Optimizer and the rest of the Hero Association at his peak, with news of Heroes mysteriously being found dead and there being no explanation for it, Optimizer was intimidated for sure. When unexpectedly confronted by Tempest after dealing with a monster posing a minor threat, Optimizer was unable to defeat him, albeit he gave him a good fight nonetheless. Things seemed grim, especially since the parasite was about to render the Hero another one of his victims, before an unidentified caped man in a yellow suit appeared out of nowhere. Optimizer, beaten to a pulp, tried to warn him of the danger he's putting himself in, but that proved itself useless, with the man brushing off his warning all-so nonchalantly. Much to his shock, however, the man did end up defeating Tempest... with but One Punch that caught the latter completely off guard. The news of this went viral quick, but it wasn't the mysterious man who initially got the credit for that at all. It was simply to surreal of an idea to buy, and not a single person would believe even the Optimizer's own words for a while, until there was simply nothing else to accept. Slowly but surely, the truth unfolded. And that was the Dr. Genus Arc.

Onto the Black Matter Invasion Arc. Gavin is still taken aback, although to a much lesser degree than before, by the feat performed by the man in yellow, Saitama, just a few months ago, especially after asking him about the secret to his strength. It was really underwhelming to say the least. Regardless, they kept in touch and even hung out at times, but it was for sure that Saitama wouldn't really be of much help to him outside of his own extraordinary strength. Moving on, Optimizer's relationship with Ernesta's artificial humans isn't much to note. Though he's on good terms with AR-D, which isn't too surprising on his part considering the bot's flamboyant personality. RM-C wasn't exactly too fond of him. Then again, she never really is of anybody except her creator. It was the newly developed artificial human, though, that caught Optimizer's attention, and her name was RM-G, simply referred to as Noel. But, more on their situation in her eventual profile.

Optimizer's involvement in this arc isn't as major compared to when he fought Tempest, as he was dealing with one of the alien-invading Black Matter Organization's top lieutenants, Melzalgald, rather than the commander, Lord Cooler (huehuehuehueh), who was taken care of Saitama and a now turned-good Tempest.

With the defeat of the Black Matter Organization, and Gavin's relationship with Noel growing after some good old advice from Ernesta herself, everyone's lives slowly returned to normal as Japan slowly recovered from the damage it suffered. Gavin in particular, however, was caught way off guard by some major news. It was something that, upon discovering, brought about an incredibly confused and mixed reaction from the Hero, a confusion he hadn't felt since the passing of his father. And go figure, it was none other than a message from Simon Young himself, obviously pre-recorded, which Amelia managed to find after some house rearrangements (she still lives in the family's OG house. Bitter-sweet family memories and what not inspired her to stay):

Hey, son. It's... been a long time since we've last talked. Well, if you're hearing this, I'm most probably dead. I, uh, hate to be that blunt about it, but I honestly just can't put it in any other way. I know I don't even deserve this opportunity, but I wanna explain my case. And I wanna emphasize on how it doesn't justify what I've become, at all...

A few years ago, maybe even many years ago depending on when you may be hearing this, if you are at all, I... talked to you about the Hero Association, about becoming a "Hero". I haven't forgotten it to the day of this recording, and... nor will I ever will, no matter how much lower I fall. Out of all our brief greets here and there, it felt like we finally had an actual conversation... like a father and son should. *Sigh* - As you know, I wasn't accepted, I failed to become a "Hero". Unfortunate. I completely blame myself. I failed, I let myself down... But, most importantly, I let my family down... I let you down, and I let your mother down... And that was hard to digest, Gavin... That could've been a game-changer for us. You'd get a better education, Amelia would be excited, and I... well... I probably wouldn't be what I am now, maybe even a successful man. So, I failed. No big deal, I'll make up for it, no? No... I just made it worse, really. All I did was fall into a depression, and I eventually became a god damn alcoholic... And I wish I could revert all that. I wish I at least tried to fight back. But, it's pretty much too late at this point. I'm a broken soul... I continued to fail you, I continued to fail Amelia, and I continued to fail myself. It's something I'll never, ever be able to undo... Gavin, I'm not saying this expecting sympathy from anybody; I frankly don't deserve it. But, none the less... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, son... For failing you as a father, and for failing as a man... I... I guess this is goodbye, now...''

This was really hard for Gavin to take in, so much so that, more than ever, he was in need of some strong emotional support. Thankfully for him, he definitely had it. His mother was there, Ernesta was there (though exactly how she'd help him through this is probably best left unknown), Tempest was there (they're technically genetically related, so... that helps!), and even Noel was there. And this situation helped take their relationship to a whole new level, as the comfort Noel especially brought him was something truly special to him. Of course, there's no devaluing Amelia's emotional support, as it was precious in its own special way, too. But finally, that odd feeling of low-keyed sorrow and having to hide his emotions from others was finally gone.

Onto the Unification Arc with Hades, the only known Goddess existing in the present universe. Optimizer made up for his side-role in the previous arc, as he was involved in the final battle against Hades, and managed to keep her paralyzed by reflecting her own attack back at her, utilizing it as an element of surprise and allowing the newly-accepted Hero, Son Goku, to seal her with the ancient Containment Wave.

The Optimizer has a great sense of justice. He never backs down to any criminal act, no matter how minute or unimportant it may be, and insists on courageously fighting for the well-being of others and the maintenance of order. He rarely takes things at face value, but with the utmost caution instead, also frowning upon and low-key disliking heroes whom lay back and treat their role as a bit of a joke. He considers the duty of being a hero to be an immense responsibility not many are able to fulfill or live up to, which is mainly due to the fate of his father, Simon Young. Prior to receiving the message from his late father, while he used to act like your average human being, he mostly hid and closed off his emotions from others. He felt an odd sense of emotional dissatisfaction and low-keyed sorrow ever since his father lost his life, even though he didn't get to spend much time with him at all. It didn't impact his social interaction much, but it still held him back to an extent. It was until Simon opened up to him through his message that Gavin himself got to let that feeling out, finally sensing a real connection to his father, and that let him open up to his relatives and friends.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B normally, up to High 7-C via Energy Absorption | 4-B, 2-A via Space-Time Distortion | 4-A, 2-A via Space-Time Distortion | High 2-A, possibly High 1-C

Name: Gavin Young (Actual name), The Optimizer (Hero alias)

Origin: A Random Conversation With My Dad

Gender: Male

Age: 20 years | 22 years

Classification: Genetically-Enhanced Human, Hero

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Absorption, Can gain superpowers based on various objects he touches and control many aspects of them. This can separately, or when combined, grant: Aura (Optimization forms an aura around his body, with said aura protecting his suit from being damaged), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Can induce death by touching an object related specifically to it, like a tombstone), Time Manipulation (Has only used this to rewind, slow down, or stop time), Matter Manipulation (Atomic), Technological Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation (Typically shown to produce shockwaves), Attack Reflection (Can only reflect paralysis and telekinesis-based attacks back at his opponent), Resistance to: Radiation Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, and Poison Manipulation | All aforementioned abilities boosted in both offensive and defensive capabilities, now available to him at all times (Reached the peak level of his Optimization ability, effectively making his previously obtained abilities into permanent additions to his arsenal, also developing new methods of utilizing them to his advantage in combat), Space-Time Manipulation, Information Analysis (Can get a quick, full synopsis on his opponent's identity and capabilities, with said synopsis being kicked off by the optimal combat strategy he should undertake), Resistance to: Death Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Atomic) and Antimatter Manipulation (Survived being punched in the face by a death-inducing attack, as well as matter and antimatter-based strikes) | All previous abilities | All previous abilities, Quantum Manipulation (Can willingly tear his opponents apart on a quantum level), Physics Manipulation (Extra-Dimensional beings are noted to be capable of "shattering" the very laws of physics with their mere movements), Non-Physical Interaction and Conceptual Destruction (Capable of harming Hades, whom is the concept of death itself), Adaptation, Resistance to: Physics Manipulation (Able to withstand attacks from other beings of his magnitude), Fear Manipulation (Unfazed by the presence of Hades, which is said to constantly drive away literal concepts from taking effect on her out of sheer fear), Existence Erasure, Subjective Reality, Space-Time Manipulation, BFR, Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Types 2 and 3), Quantum Manipulation, Power Nullification, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Probability Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Reality Warping, Information Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Sealing, Fate Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Precognition, Possession, Duplication Inducement, Information Analysis, Illusion Creation, Power Mimicry, Body Puppetry and Soul Manipulation (Any being who experienced Hades' Event Interference, thus being turned into either a 5th or 11th-dimensional being, inherently develops a complete resistance to said ability)

Attack Potency: Wall level+ normally (Able to take on common monsters and other enemies, whom are typically capable of performing feats on this level), up to Large Town level via Energy Absorption (Capable of absorbing enough energy to potentially match that generated by a Hurricane's cloud formation) | Solar System level (Fought against Tempest, albeit he was fairly weaker than him in terms of strength, the full effect of whose attacks can obliterate the entire the planet along with entire star systems. Stronger than RM-C, who is an artificial human fueled by a power source that provides her with enough kinetic energy to light the entire universe up with luminosity matching that of Sirius to the Earth), Multiverse level+ via Space-Time Distortion (Albeit his physical power is absolutely nothing compared to this, Gavin's clash with Tempest was causing a disruption throughout the entirety of the 4th Dimension, which is a part of the cosmological structure of an infinity of universes, as well as endless possibilities generated by the most minute of different voluntary and involuntary actions taken by each universe's inhabitants, both living and non-living) | Multi-Solar System level (Fought and defeated Melzalgald, who is much stronger than himself and Tempest during their own fight in the Dr. Genus Arc. Should thus be able to fight on-par with Groribas and Geryuganshoop. Comparable to Cooler, who was stated to have casually conquered numerous star systems and annihilated countless galaxies, portion-by-portion, over many years), Multiverse level+ via Space-Time Distortion | High Multiverse level+, possibly High Complex Multiverse level (Following Hades' Event Interference, all of space-time and its inhabitants converged and were turned into extra-dimensional existences above and beyond their original states, when it was stated that space-time may consist of more than just four dimensions, but possibly up to ten instead, indicating a String Theory multiverse. Battled numerous Eidolons, which are essentially extra-dimensional entities originating from alternate universes. With the universe and everyone in it now existing on a higher-dimensional axis, and the Goddess of Death being the master of reality itself, he was capable of fighting a held-back Hades alongside multiple other Heroes, even legitimately staggering and somewhat harming her on his own a few times)

Speed: Superhuman normally, up to the Speed of Light via Light Absorption (Due to being constantly exposed to light, radiation, etc. he always has the ability to absorb it, massively boosting his speed to the level of their own in a vacuum) | Massively FTL (Lapped the Earth's surface one thousand times over in an instant, putting him at approximately 133 c) | At least Massively FTL (Kept up with Melzalgald, who is significantly faster than his and Tempest's previous selves) | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, far higher via Energy Absorption | Class 25 (Could support the mass of an entire lorry) | At least Class 25 | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Wall Class normally, up to Large Town Class via Energy Absorption | Solar System Class | Multi-Solar System Class | High Multiversal+, possibly High Complex Multiversal

Durability: Wall Class normally, up to Large Town level via Energy Absorption | Solar System level (Traded blows with Tempest, though he was eventually overpowered) | Multi-Solar System level | High Multiverse level+, possibly High Complex Multiverse level

Stamina: High (Can traverse long distances at or even above the speed of light without breaking a sweat. Can last through gauntlets of battle against various Black Matter soldiers. Lasted through his battle with Hades, despite being vastly outmatched)

Range: Standard Melee Range. Hundreds of Meters via ranged attacks | Standard Melee Range. Interstellar via shockwaves. Multiversal+ via Space-Time Distortion | Standard Melee Range. Interstellar via shockwaves. Multiversal+ via Space-Time Distortion | High Multiversal, possibly High Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: Varies; typically your everyday belongings, like a watch | Info-Analysis Device, Shot Gauntlets

Intelligence: Above Average (He mostly performed exceptionally well during his school education, though a lot of his potential was reduced due to finance later on. After a few years of training and completing his quota as a Hero, he developed advanced combat and tactical abilities, as well as much more caution than his himself during his earlier years, also achieving a high control over his abilities)

Weaknesses: His power-ups last for a certain period of time, after which he must touch the same object he previously did to re-use it. His hypothetical Solar System level boost would last for an extremely short interval of time. Though Optimizer does technically possess more broken abilities, like Plot Manipulation and Mathematics Manipulation, they are not listed simply because he is unable to utilize them. | Same as previously, with the exception of the second and second to last weaknesses.

Key: During Training | Dr. Genus Arc | Black Matter Invasion Arc | Unification Arc


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