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I am the one who slays and captures gods. I am the one who knows the end and the founder of genesis. Return thyself to the cycle of providence, the five elements to elements, and server the links woven between images and truths. Now all of creation shall perish here, at the distant ends of the void. Black magic modified: Extinction Ray

I wanted to be a mage of jusice.


Glenn Radars (グレン=レーダス, Guren Rēdasu) is the protagonist of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. He becomes the substitute teacher at the age of 19 in Sistine Fibel's class, after the disappearance of her previous teacher, Huey. He has a past in the imperial military that not many people, where he served the queen and was known as an assassin. While spending 4 years of his life as an assassin, he grew a destain for Magic, believing it only brought death and destruction. After being forced to become a teacher by his sensei, Celica, Glenn realized Magic isn't all bad and can be used for good.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, At least 7-A to Low 5-B with most spells, 5-B with B ranked spells and higher, 1-A with Extinction Ray | At least 7-A, Low 5-B to 5-B, 1-A with Extinction Ray, High 1-A with Extinction Nova

Name: Glenn Radars

Origin: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Classification: Professor of magic, Formerly an assassin, Formerly Imperial Court Mage Number #0: "The Fool"

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts Mastery (Trained in hand to hand combat, in the military style, and it was said to be at a fairly high level. Is Visually shown in the anime), Enhanced Senses (Has farsight magic. It is said there are infinite ways for magicians to gather information), Extreme pain Tolerance (Even while suffering from mana deficincy, Glenn could power through being impaled by multiple high level magical swords), Aquatic Respiration (Via Underwater Breathing spell), Power Mimicry (Can copy other magic based abilities as long as they aren't original spells), Magic Detection, Magic, Gravity Manipulation (Can fly by manipulating gravity but can also use this for offensive purposes ), Soul Manipulation (Knows Soul sacrifice, which sacrifices the soul in exchange for mana. His Revolver has bullets that obliterates souls), Flight (Can fly by manipulating gravity), Statistics Manipulation (Taught his students and knows whose the best at speed dechipering, which focuses on manipulating the speed at which a spell is cast), Electricity Manipulation/Paralysis (Can use the basic shocking bolt, which stuns the enemy with lightning. Can strike with natural lightning as well. Shown here), Status Effect Inducement, Homing Attacks (Can manipulate his and his opponents spells do less damage, have shorter range, bend, change direction and lock onto the opponent to follow them until they hit and considered this a basic of magic use), Fire Manipulation/Hellfire Manipulation (Anyone can use fire manipulation. Imperial mages can cast Hellfire), Analytical Prediction (Due to his experience and knowledge in magic, Glenn can subconciously percieve the slightest possibilities from the smallest of clues, allowing him to sense and avoid potential danger in a way most other magicians, even Celica can't), Biological Manipulation (Rhythm Cancel is a spell that returns ones biology to its lawful state.), Ice Manipulation (Learned everything from Celica who can freeze people. This is also a basic ability. Stated in the light novel here), Air Manipulation/Weather Manipulation (Taught Sistine how to make a storm and create countless blades of air that impales the enemy), Sound Manipulation (Glenn can lower volume and control sound from a distance), Law Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation, Text Manipulation, Physics Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Magic is the pursuit of the reality of the world. Magic is the study of Maths. Magic rules and governs the structure of the world. It allows humanity to find their way into a higher plane of existence, and allows them to intervene upon the very principles of the world. Is teaching students how to manipulate the texts within magic spells, and change its form to make said spell do something different. Demons are conceptual beings that cannot be harmed by physical and magical attacks. Imperial mages can make conceptual weapons that embody higher conceptual demons to fight against a lower conceptual demon, as they are stronger conceptual existences. Celica taught Glenn's students conceptual destruction, believing it was something simple that he would be teaching them, but it was far beyond the students comprehension while being as simple as 1+1 for her and Glenn. Was taught how to control the concept of destruction which is carried by time itself), Acausality (Type 1; Glenn can exist in different flows of time and was largely unaffected by time loops, being able to remember everything that happened in each new loop.), Immortality Negation (Killed a being who transcends the concepts of life and death), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic can harm spirits), Purification (Shown here), Forcefield Creation (Anyone in the military or mage class can create forcefields), Psychometry (Knows of the magic spell known as Load Experience, which allows the user to tap into the memories of an object and grant whoever weilds it the powers of whoever previously weilded said weapon), Power Nullification (Dispel force can nullify abilities, spells and magic and removes power from the target), Transmutation (Shown here), Sleep Manipulation (Put someone to sleep here), Memory Manipulation (Shown here), Mind Manipulation (Mind Manipulation and mind based abilities is considered a basic ability for him), Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Can break minds through mind manipulation), Empathic Manipulation (Mind based abilities can make people perverted and do inappropiate stuff), Illusion Creation (Taught his students to cast self illusions), Time Manipulation, Perception Manipulation (Glenn can slow down the flow of time. He can also manipulate ones perception so that they view him much faster than he actually is), Shapeshifting (Taught his student how to shapeshift/Polymorph), Limited Clairvoyance (A military tier spell which allows he user to see everything going on in places far, far away, although he stated there is a greater form of this that he cannot do), Light Manipulation (Can create a giant flash of light to blind his opponents), Healing (Considered a basic ability), Elemental Manipulation/Summoning (Taught his students to summon elementals.), Invisibility (Taught students to use invisible hands ), Sealing (Glenn's signature go to move, "The fool" Arcana, allows Glenn to seal any and all magical abilities from being activated in which ever space he is occupying), Spatial Manipulation (Glenn's hand-to-hand battle against a Demon produced so much power that they were cracking space), Durability Negation, Destruction (Extinction Ray is stated to be beyond physical destruction, erasing the target from existence, at a level of absolute annihiliation. Can use B rank military spells, which are stated to be absolute annihiliation as well), Void Manipulation/Soul Manipulation (The Gehenna Gate spell casts the soul of the undead into an abyss, and a forbidden magic casts one into a state of nothingness), Indomitable Will (Glenn's spirit was shifted through the 8 dimensions, where even the 4th transcends the concepts of space and time, and he was shown monsters beyond imagination and was shown to have a clear head. It took the Akashic Records to break his mind.), Resistance to Magic (Magicians naturally resist magic and can amplify their resistances further), Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (Via Tri Resist), Conceptual Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Text Manipulation, Math Manipulation, Physics Manipulation (All magicians naturally have resistance to magic itself), Power Nullification (It is stated that B rank military spells cannot be nullified even with nullification magic/powers), Mind Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Paralysis, Soul Manipulation, Madness Manipulation and Empathic Manipulation (Even his students could resist mind manipulation and other mind based abilities. The spell mind up increases ones mental resistance. Resisted an ability that directly hits the soul, caused many others to collapse, become paralyized and lose all sensory functions with his willpower alone, while others who resisted, such as Sistine, had to use spells to amplify mental resistances.Survived a sleep spell that transcends all physical barriers, distance and directly reaches the soul) | The same but greatly enhanced alongside Blessed (Blessed by a True God), Immortality (Type 8; Won't truly die as Nameless, a True God sustains his existence), Immortality Negation with Extinction Nova (Type 10; Killed The Demon Lord, although he was more so giving more so adding extra power to Celica's attacks.), Regeneration Negation with Extinction Nova (True-Godly; Killed The Demon Lord alongside Celica, who previously would be able to come back from Extinction Ray.), Possible Regeneration (True-Godly; The Demon Lord stated Celica would simply regenerate if he conceptually erased her across all space-time and non-existence due to her strength and Glenn gained Celica's abilities)

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level to Small Planet level with most spells (Even a basic fireball can destroy a mountain and a basic lightning strike can split the earth in half.) to Planet level (B ranked military spells can easily destroy the earth.), Outerverse level with Extinction Ray (Extinction Ray can destroy all of creation which includes realms devoid of all concepts and dimensions transcending the concepts of space and time.) Most of his offensive abilities ignore durability | At least Mountain level, Small Planet level to Planet level (Far stronger than before.), Outerverse level with Extinction Ray, High Outerverse level with Extinction Nova (Alongside Celica he used Extinction Nova to kill overwhelm The Demon Lord)

Speed: At least Infinite (The Corrior of Stars is repeatadly stated to be an infinite space. Glenn has crossed the corridor alongside Rumia, Sistine and Re=L.), likely Irrelevant (Superior to Rumia, who can move in a place with no concept of time, and no concept of up, down, left and right) | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Planetary Class (His strikes can harm those who can tank his military grade abilities) | Planetary Class

Durability: Planet level (Can tank Military level spells) | Planet level (Far more durable than before.)

Stamina: Above Average; Stamina tends to depend on how much mana a character has, and males have comparatively less mana then females do. However Glenn has shown to fight other competent magicians for hours non-stop. | Unknown, at least above Average

Range: Standard melee range. At least Small Planet level to Planet level, likely far higher with Magic. Outerversal with Extinction Ray | High Outerversal with Extinction Nova

Standard Equipment: "The Fool" Tarot card, His revolver and modified bullets

Intelligence: Supergenius; Although he can come off as a good for nothing professor, Glenn is a master assassin in the imperial army. A military mage with advanced hand to hand combat knowledge, surpassing the likes of even Celica, the greatest magician and most powerful being in the world behind The Demon Lord. Glenn is the professor at the highest university of magic in the world, reccomended by Celica herself. Glenn has fundamental understanding of Magic at the highest levels, with magic being the study of science, mathematics, meta-physics and the world itself. Glenn understands the consciousness and how to control it better than magicians who are stronger than him, which is why he can find a way to defeat people dimensions above him in strength. The consciousness is a realm that is devoid of all concepts, and he can use magic to manipulate the consciousness to his will. What makes Glenn special is that despite having terrible affinity for magic, he is smart and will always find a way to win. Glenn created the "Glenn-bot", a machine comparable to him in knowledge and power.

Weaknesses: Glenn is somewhat lazy in the first half of the series although he takes things seriously later on. Extinction Ray uses a lot of stamina. His revolver only destroys the soul and conciousness when shot at point blank range, otherwise it is just a regular bullet with planetary AP, and wont destroy the soul and consciousness. Glenn has a bad affinity with magic, and worse stamina than most magicians, although it is only below average relative to the verse and its characters | Cannot use all of Celica's abilities to their full extent due to his lack of magic capacity


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Combat Abilities:

  • "Magic" Punch: Glenn jumps into the air preparing what looks like a punch, but he actually kicks the opponent, which is what makes it magical
  • Flip-Over: A basic flip over the shoulder that smashes the enemy into the wall and creates a large dent
  • Imperial Combat Style: The Imperial combat style visually seems to be a mixture of various forms of Martial Arts that Glenn can quickly switch between
  • Right Hook: A simple right hook dealt with enough power to bloody up those comparable or weaker than him. He has usually knocked out opponents with his simple punches

Basic Abilities:

  • Shock Bolt: A basic ability that puts the opponent in a state of paralysis
  • Gravity Pin: In order to catch Re=L off guard, Glenn used Gravity Manipulation offensively when it is primarly used for flying. In order to do this, he amplified the gravity of his own body to pin her down
  • Mind Control: Has an ability that passively makes the opponent question themselves. Stated he can easily put someone under mind control and read their mind
  • Spell Seal: A basic ability he uses to seal some of his opponents basic abilities
  • Purify Light: A beam of light that Glenn can use to purify evil
  • Pervy Control: An application of mind manipulation that turns the target into a pervert, making them strip down. It is more effective on female characters
  • Mind Break: Glenn can break the opponents mind
  • Dispel Force: Dispel force is an ability that nullifies holy weapons, magic, spells and even non magical abilities and returns them into a state of nothingness
  • Sleep Sound: With this technique, Glenn can put the enemy into a deep sleep and they will only awaken if he wishes them to
  • Elemental Creation: Glenn can create monsters from any of the primary elements to hold his opponents. This is done by a wave of his hand
  • Invisible Hand: Glenn can create invisible hands to catch his opponents off guards
  • Load Experience: Load Experience is an ability that allows the user to tap into the memories of an object, and gain the abilities and skill of the original owner through those memories
  • Mind Up: Tri Resist is a spell that amplifies the users resistance to mind based abilities. This was showcased by Rumia in the school festival
  • Tri Resist: Tri Resist is an ability that amplifies the users resistance to the three elements of storm, fire and ice.

Military Grade Spells:

Military Grade Abilities are stated to be far more powerful than basic abilities. They are divided into three classifications. C Class, B Class and A Class. Even a C Military spell is more powerful than the strongest of a non military spell. They are stated strong enough to bring cataclysmic destruction and even destroy the earth and further beyond

  • Extinction Ray: Glenn's most powerful offensive ability, Extinction Ray returns the target to its original element in the form of an omnidirectorial energy blast. In the case of his opponents, it's stated to be an attack that destroys them beyond physical destruction, and is a supernatural phenomena that represents absolute annihiation, possibly possessing the power to destroy all creation
  • Air Slice: A C ranked military ability that creates a storm and forms countless amounts of sharpened air, that implaes the opponent.
  • Blaze Burst: Blaze Burst is a powerful fire attack that can burn even other military level fighters to ashes
  • Lightning Pierce: Lightning pierce is an advanced version of Shock Bolt. Unlike Shock Bolt, which isn't made for killing, Lighting Pierce is a fatal ability, that can easily kill someone if made contact with. As the name implies, it pierces the opponent and at the same time it "pierces" resistances to electricity manipulation
  • Conceptual Weapon Creation: Military mages are capable of creating powerful conceptual weapon. Albert, a fellow military mage that worked with Glenn, demonstrated this by creating a weapon that was the embodiment of a powerful Demon general. The weapon was used to conceptually erase the Demon from existence.
  • Gehenna Gate: Gehenna Gate is a dangerous ability that reduces the target into a state of nothingness
  • Soul Sacrifice: A forbidden ability used to trap the enemy in a forcefiled, that overtime destroys their soul and transfers their mana to the user

Original Magic:

  • The Fools World: Glenn's signature thought based ability, The Fools World seals the activiation of magic and spells in whichever space he happens to be occupying. While the ability is a double-edged sword as it seals Glenn's abilities as well, he has shown to use this at the perfect time consistently. It is often used against opponents that do not show a hint of hand-to-hand combat abilities or in desperate situations where he is forced to seal abilities. Unlike Spell Seal, this bypasses countless layers of resistances to sealing, and cannot be negated by conventional means. Original spells can affect even Gods and those who are "close to the Akashic Records", a High 1-A item
  • The Fools Stab: Glenn has a special bullet that directly doesnt harm the physical body, but destroys the soul and the conciousness of magicians, realms devoid of all concepts. It is one of his trump cards alongside Extinction Ray.

Note 1: Some minor abilities from volume 4 have used anime scans, as volume 4 was not translated for whatever reason.

Note 2: Although it is stated men have worse mana and stamina than average, it is just average relative to the verse itself. The most average magician, male or female in the verse can fight for up to an hour at least.

Note 2: The reason I removed the High 1-A key for Glenn upon his blessing is because it is stated he doesnt have the capacity to take all of Celica's powers. It was more so implied he gained some of her abilities, and even then not to their full extent, although he still has abilities that can affect people on Celica and the Demon Lords level, such as Fools World and Extinction Nova. It is also stated early on that Glenns magic capacity is lower than some of his students, so his AP wouldn't scale above them either. What makes Glenn special is his ability to adapt and outsmart/outskill opponents dimensions stronger than him. This may change back to High 1-A in the latest chapters, but for now there's nothing concrete.

Key: Base | Blessed by a True God