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Goosebumps is a long-running franchise, mainly authored by R.L. Stine, originating as children's comedy-horror novellas, but eventually branched out into a successful T.V. series, video games, graphic novels and even a major motion picture. The stories can range from fantastical tales to science fiction but always keep an element of horror.

Power of The Verse

Notably strong upon taking into account every book and spin-off.

  • Monsters/Characters: The power of the verse doesn't seem much at first glance, most monsters showing Street level to even Small Building level feats. The true power of the verse is with the higher level characters, ranging from Universe level+ to even Low Complex Multiverse level. Although, every character in the verse can be argued to be High Multiverse level+ due to them seeing universes like The Dream World and The Comic Book World as either fiction or dreams. However the verse thrives in abilities like Transmutation, Immortality (Most commonly types 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 12), Mind Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Acausality (From type 1 and all the way up to type 5), Corruption, Higher-Dimensional Physiology, Regeneration (From Low to even High-Godly), Teleportation, and so many more.
  • Weapons/Objects: Most items of the verse are unknown in power or lack any scalable feats, however some objects can be exceptionally strong and even compete against the strongest monsters in the verse, some being Universe level+ to even Low Complex Multiverse level. But exactly like the monsters, they more thrive in powers and abilities, however they do vary greatly. The most notable being Time Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Reality Warping, Power Bestowal among others.
  • Civilizations: Civilizations in the Goosebumps verse aren't really impressive in terms of raw power, most of which are Unknown in technology, however there are exceptions like Panic Park, being able to contort and bend the universe it is held in itself, easily being Universe level.
  • Wanked: If wanked, it can be argued that the entire Goosebumps verse is High Outerverse level due to seeing many other franchises as fiction. These include but are not limited to; Marvel, DC, The Dark Tower, Cthulhu Mythos, Nintendo, Looney Tunes, and even Disney. The stronger entities including R.L. Stine, Slappy, and Mr. Wood can be argued to being higher then that, existing in the real world, which sees the entire Goosebumps verse as a fictional franchise, being able to escape into the real world or harm entities of this level.


  • Monster Blood: A green slime that is blob-like after being unleashed with magical properties. It is presumably the monster equivalent of blood.
  • Monster Time: A form of time that all monsters run on, it operates differently then regular time such as running faster. If an entity that isn't a monster somehow "enter" Monster Time, they will eventually turn into a monster.
  • Manuscripts: Books created by R.L. Stine himself, they are like universes on the inside. If opened the main monsters and villains of the book will be released. The manuscript can also be used to seal away entities that were unleashed from the manuscript. These manuscripts can only be created by R.L. Stine's Typewriter.





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