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In Greek Mythology, Hades was the Powerful Chthonic god of the Underworld, The Dead and Wealth. He was apart of the Titan War which shook all of creation and was brother to Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera and Hestia. Was the Husband of Persephone as well. He possessed the Cap of Invisibility(Helm of Hades) which was crafted by the Elder Cyclops after they were freed from Tartarus(The Deep Abyss)

Power and Stats

Tier: 5-B (Was capable of splitting the Earth with one blow that frightened multiple gods and caused the stars to move out of course, he has other feats that indicate he is alone Planet level. Including how his impatience alone shook the Earth three times and caused Athena and Ares to flee, even though he was in the underworld and they weren't his target) | 4-C to High 4-C ( Trapped Helios, The Sun god. In darkness. Gods are also capable of creating Constellations) . | High 3-A to Low 2-C( The thought of Zeus or Poseidon threatening to wage war against him, did not frighten him but merely outraged him. He was willing to to fight them, which would have resulted "All natural bounds" being engulfed in chaos) | High 1-B( When angered by the presence of a living being in the underworld, Hades's speech shook his palace, the entire underworld(which is infinite) and Earth, Gods are on a higher existence than others) | High 1-B(Is near comparable to Zeus)

Name: Hades/Pluto/Pluton

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Mythological Deity/Immortal

Power and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality(Types 3, 5 and 10), Weapon Mastery, Regeneration(Low Godly), Soul Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation,Shapeshifting, Transmutation, Reality Warping, Enhanced Senses, Metal Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Resistance, Fear Manipulation, Invisibility, Death Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Size Manipulation, Omniscience, Matter Manipulation, Necromancy, Curse Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Reincarnation, Healing, Water Manipulation, Magic, Chain Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Creation, Poison Manipulation, Power Nullification, Madness Manipulation.

Attack Potency: Planet Level( Hades split the Earth apart in one strike when he kidnapped Persephone). Large Star Level(Hades striking the Earth caused Stars to move out of their course. And Orion(The Constellation) to tremble). High Universe Level to Universe+ level( There are multiple statements that could make this valid. But the fact that Hades was one of Zeus's staunchest fighter in the TItanomachy, a war that shook all of creation. And also the fact that Hades was not frightened at the fact that Poseidon and Zeus threatened War against him, Did not scare him, but merely made him outraged. He was very much willing to to fight them both, which would have ended with "All natural bounds" being engulfed in chaos). High Hyperverse Level (When angered by the presence of a living being in the underworld, Hades's speech shook his palace, the entire underworld(which is infinite) and Earth). Hades also preserves the order of all creation, he threatened to do the opposite for being merely unwed for so long and only halted himself cause the Fates begged him not to. Gods are also on higher existence than others).

Speed: FTL+ (Is stronger than alot of younger Olympians). Massively FTL+(Comparing Hades to his siblings. He is far by one of the strongest, if we compared Hades to Poseidon. Who Athena(Ares's equal) would not challenge and Ares is said to be the fastest of all gods. Yet Zeus is far above Ares and Hades is nearly as strong as Zeus).

Lifting Strength: Class T(All the gods are capable of lifting and hurling entire mountains). Class Z(He could split the Earth with one strike). Immeasurable( In the Iliad, It is said that the children of Cronus possess almighty strength. And another synonym to almighty is omnipotent, the word omnipotent is also similar to immeasurable).

Striking Strength: Planet Class( Can split the Earth apart with one strike). Large Star Level(Striking the Earth also caused the stars to move out of course and the Constellation Orion to tremble). High Universal to Universe+| Hyperverse.

Durability: Planet Level | Star Level | Large Star Level(Could withstand a hydra blood tipped which causes death to powerful demigods and mortals(Even ones powerful as Heracles). Universe Level to Universe+ | High Hyperverse Level(Can withstand Zeus's bolt to some extent)

Stamina: Fought in the Titanomachy(A war that shook of all of creation) and against other godly beings for Ten years. Deities like Hera or Poseidon could move between countries in only four steps or more and not be exhausted. Hades could very well do this.

Range: The Gods are capable of hurling mountains hundreds of Kilometers away | Planetary | Hades hurled his weapon down at the Earth which opened all the way down to the Underworld. | Stellar | Could trap Helios in his Darkness.

Standard Equipment: Royal Sceptre. Bident. Helm of Darkness(Cap of Invisibility).

Intelligence: Omniscience( Is described as all seeing like his brethen. His desire to change how the dead are judged is respected and agreed by Zeus, who is considered all-wise).

Weaknesses: The Harpe and Zeus's Thunderbolt.

Key: Greek Myths, Iliad, Hesiod, Orphic Hymns and other Greek books.

Note: I did not get this information from anything besides actual Greek myths.