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All men are not created equal. This was the reality I learned about society at the young age of four. And that was my first and last setback
~ Izuku Midoriya narrating

A smiling... dependable... cool hero... That's what I wanna be! That's why I'm giving it everything! For everyone!
~ Izuku to Todoroki

Meddling when you don't need to is the essence of being a hero.
~ Izuku to Stain

If I can't save one little girl right in front of me... Then how I can even hope to be a hero who saves everyone!?
~ Izuku to Overhaul



Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久 Midoriya Izuku) is the main protagonist of the popular SHONEN manga titled 'My Hero Academia'. He is the successor of All Might wielding his quirk. He currently trains at U.A High School in hopes of becoming the next Number 1 hero.

  • Proportions: Izuku is rather short for his age coming in at 5'3. He has
    green hair and big eyes that give him an innocent look. For his school uniform, he wears his signature red sneakers along with a white and dark greenish suit. His hero costume consists of green with white padding. He has white gauntlets on his arms for support with blue lining. His sneakers are the same but have iron soles on the bottom.

Name: Izuku Midoriya. Nicknamed by Bakugo Deku, which could be an abbreviation for defenseless Deku.

Classification: Hero in Training

Birthday: July 15th

Birthplace: Near Shizuoka Prefecture

Age: 4 (First appearance) 14 (Junior High School) 15 (First year at U.A) Currently 16.


Izuku is one of a pure heart. Although he looks timid, fragile, and otherwise weak. He has an incredible iron will and will enact his beliefs if the situation calls for it. He simply won't back down from a challenge or a wall even if it means his life. His ideals of heroism compliment this as their similar to All Mights. He generally wants to help people and not make them worry in bad situations by being there to protect them.


At a young age, Izuku admired Heroes. He always pretended to be a hero with his mother, roleplaying as All Might who he looked up to the most. He tried to stand up for kids his own age who got bullied day in and day out. His friend Bakugo (Who he nicknamed) Kacchan used to be friends in his childhood. He and Katsuki used to go on little expeditions all over the place pretending to be heroes. Eventually, when Izuku didn't show signs of getting a quirk his mother took him to the Doctor to identify the issue. He announced that Izuku was quirkless. Back at their house Izuku kept replaying a clip of All Might. He tearfully asked his mother if he could still become a hero. She apologized, these were words Izuku couldn't accept and didn't want to hear. This changed their relationship. When Katsuki found out he was quirkless he became one of Izuku's bullies for years to come further straining their relationship dry. Fast forward to Junior high and Izuku's teacher announces everyone will be graduating this year. Katsuki finds out Izuku plans to attend U.A and berates him for it. Destroying his book of hero notes and telling him to kill himself. Izuku then wanders off by himself and then gets lost in a tunnel where he encounters a villain. He nearly gets killed but is recused by the number one hero All Might. All Might gave him his autograph but Izuku latched onto his leg as he jumped. Suddenly All Might reverted to his true form where he explained he got this form due to being injured in a battle by a villain 5 years earlier, and that he could only be a hero for 3 hours a day. They had a talk about whether Izuku could be a hero or not.

All Might ends up telling him it may not be possible for him to be a hero without a quirk, leaving Izuku shocked, telling him he should join the police force instead. All Might then leaves Izuku to his thoughts. Izuku wonders off and finds himself witnessing his classmate Katsuki being engulfed by the same slime monster he was attacked by. He attempted to save Katsuki despite being quirkless. All of his attempts are futile until All Might comes in and saves Izuku and Katsuki from the slime monster. After those events transpired Izuku is walking home thinking about giving up on his dream to becoming a hero. Suddenly All Might appears and gives him the offer to inherit his quirk. As it has the ability to be passed on from generation to generation.

Izuku gladly accepts with tears in his eyes. All Might proceeded to train Izuku to handle his quirk and take the U.A  entrance exam., as an unprepared body couldn't handle it. He trained him by getting him to clean up all the trash on a beach. After 10 months of this intense training, Izuku did so and had just enough time to make it to the entrance exam. All Might congratulates him and Izuku inherits his quirk. He hurries off to take the exam and runs into a girl named Ochacko Urakra. Who saves him from falling. Izuku proceeds to take the academic portion of the exam and passes. The practical portion involved defeating a horde of robots collecting many points as possible. Izuku hurried and tried to defeat as many bots as possible but his efforts were futile. But then he noticed a girl trapped in the rubble that was about to be crushed by the giant Zero Point robot. He called upon his One For All power and smashed the bot to pieces, but not without breaking his arm.

Days after he took the exam he was accepted into U.A. He is now a student attending his second year, awaiting to become the next Symbol of Peace.


  • Izuku's nickname Deku (デク) can be interpreted as a "useless person" in kanji. But Izuku's friend Uruaka Ochako thinks the meaning is similar to "I can do it"(頑張る ganbaru) because it shares a similar meaning to "be able to do."
  • Initially Izuku's first costume, costume Alpha was designed by his mother when he saw his plans for a hero costume. When Bakugo tore up that costume he sent it in for repairs at a hero costume designer facility. However, they made some changes to his costume and he renamed it costume Beta. Later on in the series, he modified his own costume to add Iron Soles and extra padding to make it easier for him to handle One For All at higher percentages and risk not tearing any of his muscles.  
  • Even without a quirk, Izuku is one of the most athletic students in his class. Capable of fighting Bakugo even without using his quirk. His grip strength is 56 Kilograms (123.459 pounds) His 50-Meter dash record is 7.02 seconds. Which is about 15 Mph. 
  • His favorite food is Katsudon and his interest is: Heroes, becoming a hero, helping society. 

Overall Abilities

Trained Muscles: In order to handle his quirk, Izuku needed to go through intense physical training. He has trained every part of his body including all of his muscles. Even without his quirk, Izuku has demonstrated near if not downright Superhuman capabilities and physical prowess that far surpass most athletic humans.

A large amount of Stamina: Izuku's stamina is incredibly high for his age and it allows him to continue on in battle even while he's exhausted, beaten, and bloody. 

Enhanced Durability: Izuku even without his quirk has demonstrated superhuman durability. He's capable of withstanding a point-blank explosion from Katsuki and is seemingly left unharmed. Above Average Intelligence: Even when Izuku didn't have a quirk he always had his intelligence. He consistently ranks Top 5 in his classes ranks and has demonstrated advanced leadership skills. He can think under pressure and formalize strategies on the whim even while he's in battle.

Quirk: One For All

One For All is an emitter type of quirk. It specializes in increasing its user's speed, strength, and reaction time. Its power can be controlled and fluctuated between percentages.

Izuku at first could only manage 5% but has increased his limit to 20%, albeit for a short time. Currently, he is at 45%, it's unknown what effects this percentage has on his body.

At 5% it can enable Izuku to leap off walls and withstand attacks that would otherwise prove fatal to an average human with no quirk. He can move faster then the human eye can react in this stage.

  • Further percentages such as 20% allow him to create pressurized Air that gives more power to his attacks. His normal output is currently 30%. His maximum at the moment is 45%.

The Story Behind One For All 

Many years ago, when quirks were still a new thing to the world, a man named Shigaraki or All For One reeked Havok upon society. He had the ability to steal or give people quirks. Those who didn't join his evil conquest were purged and killed. Although he was sadistic, he cared for his younger brother who appeared Quirkless, so he decided to give him his own quirk. The brother had a strong sense of justice.He tried to defeat All For One but the difference in strength was too large and he failed. But little did All For One know his brother did have a quirk. The power to pass his quirk onto the next generation. He infused his own quirk into the quirk All For One gave him. The quirk is the ability to stockpile energy from its previous users into one quirk.

One of the users Nana Shimmura passed the quirk down to Toshinori Yagi (All Might) in hopes he could beat All For One one day. Eventually, he did years later but not without a lethal injuring that slowly weakened him overtime. So he looked for a successor. That successor being Izuku Midoriya, our protagonist. Although he was quirkless All Might saw in him bravery capable of rivaling his. Izuku is currently the Ninth and supposedly the last user to wield One For All.

Sub Abilities

  • Black Whip: It's a quirk that was used by a previous user of One For All. It allows Deku to use Black Whips to hold objects in place and throw them around at will. This ability is capable of holding up to several tons of weight.


  • If he uses a percentage vastly above his current limit he could risk damaging his limbs or shattering them entirely if he continues using said damaged limb. He also can only control Black Whip for just a few seconds.


9-A | 7-C+ with 5%, higher with 8%, High 7-C with 20%, higher with 30%, High 7-C+ with 45%, Low 7-B with 100%, 7-B+ with 1,000,000%, High 6-C with Full Cowl 100%

Powers and Abilities

Peak Human, possible Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Resistance to Extreme temperatures (Is able to resist the heat of Bakugou's Nitroglycerin like explosions which should be 218 Celcius), Analytical Prediction (Is able to predict his opponents moves just by looking at them), Acrobatics (Trained every muscle of his body to handle his quirk), Martial Arts (Managed to fight Shinso who was specifically trained by Eraser Head.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Athleticism, Statistical Amplification (With One For All), Air Manipulation (Can generate Air Pressure at 20% Full Cowl to Infinite 100%), Resistance to Mind Manipulation (His own quirk has a consciousness that allowed him to resist the effects of Shinsou's Mind Control), Electricity Manipulation (At Infinite 100% his own electricity can disintegrate an enhanced Chisaka), Energy Manipulation (Can create tendrils of energy using Black Whip), Pseudo-Flight (Can propel himself with wind-pressure at Infinite 100%), Power Bestowal (His own quirk allows him to transmit his power upon consent to someone else), Fate Manipulation (Upon activating Infinite 100%, he can apparently change the future.

Attack Potency

Small Building level+ (Tore off a Victory Bots arm with sheer strength aloneTown level+ (Consistently scales to Bakugo who tanked his own Howitzer Impact and was unscathed.Pulled off a 5% Smash on All Might who withstood Bakugou's strongest explosions, higher with 8% Full Cowl) Large Town level (At 20% he should be several times the power he's at in 8%, higher with 30%) Large Town level+ (Should be twice as powerful as he is in 20%) Small City level+ (Helped destroy a giant cube of metal with All Might as help) City level+ (1,000,000 is basically 100% but with an adrenaline rush which is a 17x multiplier) Large Island level (Using Infinite 100% he scales to Nine and busted his storm which was going to destroy an entire Island.
  1. Striking Strength: Small Building Class+ | Large Building Class | Small City Class | City Class| Town Class with 5% | Large Town Class |  Island Class with Infinite 100%.
  1. Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Managed to lift All Mights weight combined with a refrigerator), Superhuman (Managed to tear a part of metal off a villain bot) Class 5 (Managed to knock back Todoroki with a single punch at 5%), Class 10 (Lifted a steel beam with 8%), likely higher with more percentages

Range: Standard Melee range | Extended Melee range | Tens of Meters


Athletic Human (Trained his body for several months to haul trash off a beach), Subsonic+ in reaction speed (Managed to react to Shinsou's capturing weapon ) Supersonic (Managed to react to Todoroki's ice attacks) Supersonic in reaction and travel speed (Is able to react and move this fast) Hypersonic (Dodged simultaneous gunfireHigh Hypersonic in reaction and travel speed (At Full Cowl 5%, he managed to react to Bakugou's explosion) High Hypersonic+ (At Full Cowl 8% he's much faster then 5% and avoided Bakugou's explosion faster) Massively Hypersonic (Managed to reach Shigaraki before Gran Torino) Massively Hypersonic+ (Managed to completely blitz Overhaul with Full Cowl 100%


Small Building level+ | Town level | Large Town level | Small City level | City level | Island level, possibly Country level

  • Stamina: Extremely high (He can go onto using his quirk multiple times at 100% despite feeling immense pain while his limbs are being broken)


Above Average (Consistently scores Top 4 in his class. He is able to concentrate on the environment around him while fighting someone faster than him. Is capable of adapting quickly and developing new battle strategies.

Fighting equipment and techniques

  • Costume Gamma (コスチューム Kosuchūmu Ganma): Following Izuku's idea to change his fighting style he modified his Beta costume into Gamma. Modified to use his new style called "Shoot style" which puts emphasis on using his legs rather than a fist to increase his overall attack power.
  • Iron soles (アイアンソール Aiansōru): These special soles help increase the kicking power Izuku has by absorbing the kinetic energy he outputs while kicking to add more power to his kicks. Therefore doubling the effectiveness of his attack.
  • Air Force Gloves: Created my Mei Hatsume, upon the use of 20% Deku can release projectiles made of air by compressing the winds he produces at 20%, into air bullets.
  • Full Gauntlet (フルガントレット Furu Gantoretto): A gauntlet created by Melissa Shield to allow Deku to use higher percentages while using One For All. He consistently uses 30%. Upon using any higher percentages the gauntlet breaks.

Attacks and Techniques

One For All 100%: A technique Izuku uses to channel One For All into one of his limbs to hit his opponents with 100% of his power. Once this style of One For All is used it till break any bone he uses it with upon usage.

  • Detroit Smash (デトロイトスマッシュ Detoroito Sumasshu)Izuku channels One For All into one of his arms and performs a super-move in the form of an uppercut.
  • Delaware Smash (ワン・フォー・オール フルカウル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru): Izuku harnesses One For All into one of his fingers. When released it creates a powerful shockwave capable of producing wind currents capable of creating underwater vortexes when aimed at water.

One For All 30%: A lesser version of the 100% version. Izuku gains with his Full Gauntlet that creates tremendous (Albeit less) wind power without any drawbacks due to using a higher percentage.

  • 30% Detroit Smash: Izuku channels 30% of his power into his left arm using the Full Gauntlet nad performs a Detroit Smash.

1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash (1000000% デトロイトデラウエアスマッシュ Hyaku-man Pāsento Derauea Detoroito Sumasshu): This is the strongest move Izuku has in his arsenal which involves activating One For All 100% while during an adrenaline rush and combining both Delaware and Detroit into smashes. This is capable of leaving a large impact crater into solid rock.

One For All: Full Cowling  (ワン・フォー・オール フルカウル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru): A technique that allows Izuku to use One For All without breaking any of his limbs orb ones. By concentrating the percentage of One For All and activating it throughout his whole body he uses this technique. At first, he could only control 5% but as time went on it raised from 8% to 20%. He is currently at 45%.

  • 5% Detroit Smash (5 パーセント デトロイトスマッシュ 5 Pāsento Detoroito Sumasshu): Instead of uppercutting his opponent, he leaps into the air and hits them with a downward strike. He also uses this move while doing forward-facing punches.
  • One For All: Full Cowling 20%: While using this technique. Izuku gets an immense power boost going from 8 to 20% capable of shattering multiple walls of concrete and generating respectable amounts of air pressure. While this doesn't cause his bones to break, it used to put immense stress on his body and caused his mobility to suffer.
  • One For All: Full Cowling 30%: This is a percentage Izuku achieved training on his internship with Endeavor. Currently, it's the normal amount of power he uses.
  • One For All: Full Cowling 45%: Izuku cranks up his limit to 45%. He can maintain this for short burst upon impact.
  • One For All: Full Cowl 100%: Izuku uses Full Cowl and increases the percentage to 100% in his body to put him on a level comparable to All Might. While in this state Izuku's eyes glow green oozing out with Electricity along with his whole body being covered in a green aura. He can also vaporize flesh with this transformation as seen with his battle with Chisaki with Electricity. He can use this transformation without the aid of Eri but whatever limb he uses it with will break.

One For All: Full Cowling: Shoot Style (ワンフォーオール フルカウル シュートスタイル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru Shūto Sutairu): While utilizing Full Cowling, Izuku concentrates One For All into his torso and legs rather than his arms. This increases his overall firepower and with his Iron soles, it makes him a more lethal opponent.

  • Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash (シュートスタイルセントルイススマッシュ Shūto Sutairu Sento Ruisu Sumasshu): Upon using Shoot Style, Izuku concentrates One For All into his legs and delivers a roundhouse kick capable of incapacitating opponents who he previously struggled with at 8%.
  • Shoot Style: Manchester Smash: Izuku uses this while at 20%. He lunges himself down towards his opponent using an axe kick. In his battle with Kai Chisaki, he managed to pulverize the ground so hard he was unable to use his quirk overhaul.

Air Force: Izuku, upon harnessing 20% can induce any of his attacks with a gust of air pressure to give himself long-ranged attacks.

  • Delaware Smash: Air Force (デラウエアスマッシュエアフォース Deraruea Sumasshu Eafosu) Izuku uses the special high tech gloves Mei Hatsume made him in order to create a new style called "Air Force." This fighting style utilizes his fingers at 20% to create air bullets capable of stunning his opponent. Upon charging up to four of his fingers with 20% he can release four air bullets at a time.
  • St. Louis Smash: Air Force: Izuku performs a St. Louis Smash but instead combines it with 45% of his power to create a large gust of wind capable of deflecting Shigaraki's decay for a few seconds.



Notable Victories: Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom) Nagisa's profile (Both were 8-C and speed was equalized)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


Note 1#: While One For All 100% is Izuku channeling One For All at 100% to one of his limbs, One For All: Full Cowl 100% however, is him concentrating One For All at 100% throughout his entire body. This would make most of his attacks more powerful than a single 100% Smash.

Note 2#: Izuku's percentages most of the time shouldn't be scaled to All Might unless it's shown their comparable in strength. Simply put it All Might channel One For All throughout his entire body while Izuku usually concentrates it on a specific section of his body.


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