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Kakuzu, once regarded as a powerful and loyal Takigakure (Waterfall Village) Shinobi. He was sent to assassinate the First Hokage (Hashirama Senju), they clashed swords with each other, however Kakuzu lost to Hashirama due to his use of Mokuton (Wood Style). After escaping barely alive he is punished and tortured for failing this impossible task. Filled with anger he escapes his prison cell, takes the hearts of the village elders and escapes. Being forced to live outside the law, he becomes a bounty hunter for several decades. At some point in his life he was recruited into the criminal Organization: The Akatsuki where he begins to hunt for money and jinchuriki.

Power and Stats

Tier: 5-B, Higher with Earth: Style Diamond Morph

Name: Kakuzu

Origin: Naruto

Gender: Male

Age: 91

Classification: S-Rank Missing-Nin/Akatsuki Member

Powers and Abilities:

Air Manipulation (Can utilize wind nature jutsu), Fire Manipulation (Can utilize fire nature jutsu), Electricity Manipulation (Can utilize lightning nature jutsu), Water Manipulation (Can utilize water nature jutsu), Earth Manipulation (Can utilize Earth nature jutsu), Surface Running (Run on water with chakra control), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Statistics Amplification (Can amp his durability and attack potency with Earth Style: Diamond Morph, can amp Ninjutsu via mask merge), Transformation (Can transform into Jiongu State which makes him able to change the form and length of his tentacles at will), Shapeshifting (Can change his appearance by using the transformation technique), Attack Negation (Can neg incoming attacks via Earth Style: Diamond Morph), Power Nullification (Can neg chakra natures with their counter nature), Paralysis Inducement (Can attack internal organs via Lightning Style: False Darkness), Attacking Internal Organs (Via Lightning Style: False Darkness), Elasticity (Can stretch and form his body into shapes as he pleases with Earth Grudge Fear), Healing (Can sew up wounds that are fatal for average persons, for example arms, head etc via Earth Grudge Fear), Immortality (Type 1, Type 3, Type 4, Type 7 due to Edo Tensei), Complete Analysis (Can analyze with a glance and determine if taking the heart of others is good enough for him. This includes the power, which types of jutsus they can use, weaknesses such as illness or heart disease of an opponent), Martial Arts (Very skilled in taijutsu and ninjutsu), Body Strengthening, Chakra Emission, Chakra Sensing, Danmaku (Attacks multiple enemies at once with Lightning Style: False Darkness, can attack multiple opponents at the same time with Earth Grudge Fear), Illusion Creation (Skilled in Genjutsu), Weapon Mastery (Can throw shuriken, kunais and fight with swords against Hashirama), Stealth Mastery (Capable of remaining hidden/playing dead despite fighting Sharingan wielding Kakashi. Sharingan can see chakra.), Power Reading (Can analyze opponents and determine whetever it's worth taking their hearts, which includes power, which types of jutsu they use, weaknesses such as illness or heart disease. Can analyze the power of the Rasenshuriken to know that it can one shot him), Biological Absorption (Takes the hearts of his opponents and traps them into his body. Possibly making them able to keep their memories. Accelerated Development, Battle, Intelligence, Abilites (Gets a better understanding of the opponents power by meeting and fghting against them due to him glancing at his opponents and knowing their stats due to his intelligence and analytical skill. Gives him the ability to learn and create new jutsus by stealing the hearts of others, can master all 5 natures that can't be obtained by normal people), Adaptation (Can adapt to numerous fighting styles such as when he transforms into long range form to counter Naruto's close range jutsu), Super Change (Can lengthen his limbs and body), Blood Manipulation (Can reabsorb his hearts to regain his strength and chakra), Duplication (Can create clones like any normal shinobi), Emotional Manipulation (Tells Kakashi and Team 10 that he fought Hashirama, making them shocked/feared of him, transforms into his Jiongu state making them scared), Flight (Kakuzu's masks can fly. As they are made out of the same material he should be capable of creating wings with his Earth Grudge Fear), Power Bestowal (Can switch out hearts, for example if he loses his main Earth heart he can switch it out for the Lightning heart or the other way around), Limited Resurrection (Can revive himself via his hearts), Soul Manipulation (Can summon hearts from dead people that are like ghosts trapped in Jiongu), Pressure Point Strikes (Resists vital points due to his weird anatomy), Fusionism (Can fuse his hearts to become one instead of five different beings).

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level | (Superior to Yugito Nii/Matatabi due to him fighting and defeating her. Yugito Nii is stated twice to be a perfect jinchuriki. The Akatsuki are a group that consists of strong members who are capable of taking down biju and jinchuriki with their techniques. Pain also believes that neither a biju nor jinchuriki have a chance against a pair of akatsuki members. Yugito as a nerfed Edo tensei is capable of tanking an attack of KCM2 Naruto. Full Avatar KCM2 Naruto achieved this feat. Biju can withstand the force of their own biju bomb, yet can damage each other with their standard attacks. Atleast Planet-Level | (Gyuki and Kurama are both capable of tanking Juubi's standard attack. Gyuki was shown being more damaged by the other bijus. The biju should be relative to each other as they are shown relative in speed and can harm each other.) Higher | (with Earth Style: Diamond Morph. Is stated capable of tanking anything and that nothing can break or defeat Earth Style: Diamond Morph. Kakuzu as well thinks he can't be penetrated by any physical attack. Kakuzu would be able to tank Deidara's C1, C2, C3 and C4 even Deidara's strongest clay bomb: CO. Deidara's C1 is shown to casually one shot biju. Should also increase his attack potency as he has to output similar amount of force due to newtons law otherwise he'd break apart whenever he exerts himself.

Speed: Speed of Light | (Blitzes Raikiri Kakashi and Kyubi amped Rasenshuriken Naruto. Is stated faster than anyone in the battlefield.) (Can shoot multiple lighting bolts, flying at the speed of light.) FTL | (Dodges Darui's Lighting Style: Black Panther which is stated to be light speed, as an Edo Tensei, something which makes you weaker than your alive version.) FTL+ | (Reacts to and blocks Matatabi's paw strike. Edo Yugito was capable of clashing with Killer Bee in combat and even keep up with him. Killer Bee is capable of keeping up and combat at the same speed as KCM Naruto. KCM Naruto was capable of performing this feat. The Raikage is capable of doing this in base.) FTL+ | (Kakuzu can react to Prime Alive Matatabi. A non-jinchuriki Matatabi was capable of running alongside Gyuki and was relative if not faster in combat than most of the other biju. Biju without jinchuuriki are stated overall weaker. The Biju are relative to each other as they can react and intercept each other. Gyuki was capable of catching V2 Utakata, someone who can react and kick back Raikiri amped Kakashi. Raikiri amps movement speed and the Sharingan amps the users perception as stated and shown in the manga. Kakashi without Raikiri was capable of doing this.) KCM2 Naruto who's relative to Base Kakashi and the other biju in speed intercepted both Edo Madara and Rinnegan Obito. Possibly MFTL | Kakuzu clashed swords with Alive Hashirama but got defeated by wood style. Wood Style is faster than the user.) Edo Hashirama was already relative to Edo Madara who's relative to KCM2 Naruto.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Planet Class | Is physically stronger than jinchuuriki. Normal Jinchuuriki and Perfect Jinchuriki are stronger than Biju. Higher | with Earth Style: Diamond Morph.

Durability: Multi-Continent level | (Kakuzu was able to tank Matatabi's paw strike and a massive fire ball which destroyed the underground and building they were in while later he's seen remaining completely unbothered. Kakuzu whilst an edo was capable of tanking Butterfly Choji's punch. Yet is shown damaged by the Gedo Mazo. When Edo Tensei are damaged they leave papers behind.) Atleast Planet level | (Can withstand Matatabi's paw strike. Gyuki and Kurama were capable of tanking Juubi's standard attack. Yet Gyuki was shown being more damaged by the others biju standard attacks. The biju can also withstand the force of their own biju bomb.) Higher | (with Earth Style: Diamond Morph. Is stated capable of tanking anything and that nothing can break or defeat Earth Style: Diamond Morph. Kakuzu as well thinks he can't be penetrated by any physical attack. Kakuzu would be able to tank Deidara's C1, C2, C3 and C4 and even Deidara's strongest clay bomb: CO. Deidara's C1 is shown to casually one shot biju. Kakuzu with Earth Style: Diamond Morph could also tank the Rasenshuriken. Something that attacks at a cellular level. Even Itachi's Amatarasu can't defeat Earth Style: Diamond Morph.)

Stamina: Superhuman | Kakuzu possesses way more chakra than Kakashi, who nearly ran out of chakra in the beginning of the fight despite Kakuzu using larger wind and fire style jutsu or even equal jutsu to Kakashi. Could be argued to have even more chakra as Pain takes 30% worth of chakra, Kakuzu and Hidan had to seal for 6 days straight without break while Pain was using their chakra for the sealing. Potentially Higher | The Lightning Mask (without Kakuzu amping it) and with using one jutsu is shown canceling out two of Kakashi Raikiri's which requires equal amount of chakra. The hearts should be relative to each other as they are seen relative in both speed and durability. The hearts can easily all be around Part 1 Kakashi's stamina amount.

Range: Tens of Meters | Wind Style: Pressure Damage, Fire Style: Searing Migraine, Lightning Style: False Darkness are stated to have the max range which is greater than 10 meters. Based on calculation his Lightning Style and Fire Style have a jutsu range of 36 meters. The Wind Style and Water Style should have jutsu ranges relative to the other hearts. His Jiongu allows him to choose a fighting method where the distance of his opponents does not matter.

Standard Equipment: Akatsuki robe, country map.

Intelligence: Kakuzu has vast knowledge on all kinds of jutsus, abilities and strategies due to his analytical skill and overwhelming battle experience that he gained throughout the years of fighting. He has the ability to determine immediately in reaction to his opponents and will utilize his masks in order to carefully counter his enemies. Kakuzu is able to analyze opponents on the spot and on a glance which makes him able to determine wherever a heart is worth taking or not, which includes the power, strength and jutsu they have. He was capable of outsmarting Shikamaru's battle tactic that was previously prepared to defeat him. Shikamaru as a child had an IQ over 200. Shikamaru can also think ahead 200 moves mid battle and has the instinct to choose the most advantageous one. Kakuzu is one if not the best analytical fighter in the show. Capable of knowing who attacked him based on their skill and use of ninjutsu, without even glancing at his opponents.


Earth Style: Diamond Morph has an Achille's heel that the affected body part cannot be moved and has a severe nature weakness against lightning based attacks.

Noteable Attacks/Techniques:

Jiongu (Earth Grudge Fear):

Kakuzu's Secret Technique: Earth Grudge Fear, possible made out of Kakuzu's very own grudges. Kakuzu stole this Secret Technique from the Waterfall Village, which was it's prized treasure, after failing and impossible task of assassinating Hashirama Senju. With Earth Grudge Fear it's possible to reattach and detach body parts of himself. He can even stich up his fellows partners body parts as seen when Hidan loses his head. He can stock up hearts at any given time, given him semi-permanent immortality. His hearts that he puts masks onto is capable of acting autonomously from Kakuzu. Even if they are severed from his body they can move like a separate living organism. Giving Kakuzu "no blind spot" which is probably in reference to the masks being able to see incoming attacks, similar to the Six Paths of Pain. He can control all 5 chakra nature elements as well as give him high-level jutsu that normally can't be obtained that way. The chakra that is going off the hearts is stated to be "disgusting" or "menacing". The hearts are seen flying. Making them essentially hard to counter for opponents that rely on close combat. Once Kakuzu is close to running out of hearts, he enters his Jiongu state. Once they jump into him, they destroy his body in the process. He also can change the length and form of his tentacles at will given him a way to counter many opponents based on their fighting style for example: close combat, long range combat etc. He's seen transforming into a long range Jiongu state against Naruto which grants him massive chakra with just three out of five hearts and eight giant tentacles that he can focus on a single point.

Katon: Zukkuko (Fire Style: Searing Migraine): This jutsu allows the user to create a huge and wide Fire Style. It drops a tiny fireball, making it explode into raging firestorm that can burn down everything. The wide range of this jutsu makes escape difficult.

Fuuton: Atsugai (Wind Style: Pressure Damage): This powerful attack shoots a very densely compacted tornado mass. When it impacts, the air pressure, raised to the extreme can know down everything in its way. It can inflict severe damage to the opponent and surroundings once it's in the hands of a master of wind nature transformation. Wind of overwhelming power and quantity can knock down trees and gouge the earth. This techniques destructive power is on par with a natural disaster.

Raiton: Gian (Lightning Style False Darkness): This jutsu is unleashed by one of Kakuzu's five hearts. It can increase the numbers of bolts to hit multiple targets at once, each bolt has equal power as seen when Kakashi cancels out Lightning Style: False Darkness. It is converted into a spear-like form that pierces through enemies with a high killing power. It possesses great sharpness that can gouge through even rock.

Kimen no Bakuen (Strange Mask Exploding Flame) / Jiongu Issei Hōka (Earth Grudge Fear: Simultaneous Arson): This jutsu can be performed once the Fire and Wind Mask merge together. Once combined with the properties of Wind, the Fire transforms into a intensity. The flames have sufficient explosive combustive force to turn the surrounding areas into a charred wasteland. Water Style alone can't put out this Wind and Fire Style combo.

Gufū Suika no Jutsu (Art of the Hurricane Vortex): This jutsu can be invoked by anyone that is capable of using multiple elements. It creates a huge fog which benefits the user by taking away the opponent's field of vision. It's perfect for escaping or conducting sneak attacks. It's a powerful jutsu that has many applications.

Doton: Domu (Earth Style: Diamond Morph): Kakuzu's main elemental nature transformation. It's a defense technique that works by pouring chakra into each part of your body, raising the defense power to the limit. It also increases the power of physical attacks, although it's weak spot is that the hardened part can't be moved. Because it's a earth based technique, it's natural weakness is Lightning Style ninjutsu. Without Lightning Style Ninjutsu, there's no way to break or defeat Earth Style: Diamond Morph.