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Summary of the Verse 

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that was developed by Square Enix and uses the various licensed characters from Walt Disney. The series is playable on consoles and handhelds such the PlayStation 2, the Gameboy Advance, the Nintendo DS, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Portable, the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The story follows the struggle between the Keyblade Wielders and their battles against the darkness and the various forms of Xehanort.

Power of the Verse 

The Kingdom Hearts Verse has many powerful fighters in the verse. Most of the characters fall into the Universe Level+ tier by fighting on par with Heartless which can destroy Worlds which are universes. The High Tiers are Multiverse Level by being able to fight against Xehanort and the power of Kingdom Hearts which could reset every World in the entire Kingdom Hearts multiverse which there are hundreds of.

In terms of speed feats, all of the characters fall into the Inaccessible speed since they are able to move in the Realm of Darkness where time does not exist.

In terms of Haxs, Kingdom Hearts has a lot of haxs such as Nonexistence Physiology, Existence Erasure, Possession, Conceptual Manipulation, Time Manipulation and more.

Terminology Profiles 

Hearts: Hearts are one of the main things that make up a person in the Kingdom Hearts series. In order to conventionally exist, a person must have a Heart with few exceptions (The Seven Princess of Light and beings of pure light or pure darkness). Hearts are responsible for all of the emotions that a person has and is a higher form of existence that a person has since people have lost their body, soul, mind and been broken down on the conceptual level, however, their Heart still survived. If someone has a strong enough Heart then they can wield Keyblade, the only weapon that can destroy the Heartless.

Memories: Memories are similar in concept to memories in real life, however, they are much more important in Kingdom Hearts since changing a person's memories will alter the memories of others and change reality itself, however, no matter how memories are changed or erased, they can always be recovered.

Heartless: The Heartless are beings of pure darkness, forged from people who have lost their Hearts, they seek to consume the Hearts of others. Heartless come in two types, Pureblood, which are pure black Heartless who don't possess a Heart and Emblem, which have the Heartless Logo on their body and possess a stolen Heart. Heartless are generally mindless with only three exceptions: Ansem, Scar's Heartless and Sora's Heartless.

Nobody: The Nobodies are the bodies of people who have strong wills who have lost their Hearts. As such, they can't feel any emotions with their bodies only mimicking the emotions they had in their life as a Somebody. Due to lacking a Heart, Nobodies don't truly exist. If a person's Nobody and a Heartless are destroyed, then the original Somebody will form again.

Unversed: The Unversed are avatars of pure negative emotions that are forged for someone's negative emotions. Most of the Unversed are formed from Vanitas, however, the Symphony Master and Cursed Coach were formed from the negative emotions of Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters meaning normal people can also form Unversed if their hatred is strong enough.

Dream Eaters: The Dream Eaters are beings that only exist within the Realm of Sleep. They are categorised into two types, Spirits, Dream Eaters that eat nightmares to create nice dreams and Nightmares, Dream Eaters that eat nice dreams to create nightmares.

Replicas: Replicas are fake people forged from discarded Hearts into a duplicate of someone. Their bodies are dolls that have the Heart placed into the body before undergoing a procedure that alters them into acting however their creator wants. Notable Replicas include Riku Replica, Xion and Dark Riku. The Replica bodies can also be used as vessels for the Hearts of those who have travelled through time.

Character Profiles 

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