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Meruem (メルエム, Meruemu) was the most powerful offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen. He was known as the "King" (, Ō) of the Chimera Ants, and served as the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A far higher, 6-C, 6-C with Ryu and Ko | High 7-A, 6-C in pose rose, High 6-C with Ryu and Ko

Origin: Hunter X Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 40 days old

Classification: Chimera Ant, Chimera Ant King, Nen User

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: (Mountain Level) Meruem is superior to the Menthuthuyoupi, (Island Level) Meruem should scale to his own durability, (Island Level) With Ryu and Ko, (Large Mountain Level) Meruem in his pose rose below up this Mountain. | (Island Level) Pouf and Youpi stated that pose rose Meruem is stronger than his base, (Large Island Level) with Ryu and Ko.

Speed: (Massively Hypersonic) Meruem should be superior to Neferpitou, (Massively Hypersonic) Meruem should be superior to Cheetu, (Speed of Light) Meruem with En can move the speed of Particles which can go the speed of light.

Lifting Strength: (Class 100) Meurem is far superior to Killua lifting strength [Far Higher].

Striking Strength: (Small City Level) Meruem

Durability: (Large Town Level) Took Multiple hits from Netero, (Mountain Level) Meruem survives Netero Zero Hand, Meruem survives the Poorman Rose, (Island Level) with Ryu and Ko, |Island Level| up to (Large Island Level) With Ryu and Ko.

Stamina: Meurem should be superior to Neferpituo he can turn on his Ren for days [Far Higher].


  • Mostly Melee
  • Kilometers with Ren
  • Tens of Kilometers with Rage Canon

Standard Equipment: None notable



  • Meruem state he poisons