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  • Hey its me. I appreciate your long thought out response to my question and i have alot of respect regarding what you said and how you have more importabt things to do. Now i want to start off with im not gonna try and show you any harm regarding the cosmology, YOU or any questions i have.

    Its just that no one really respects the series. And im super super interested in this insanely massive verse, and from reading your blog it was as if it was 10x bigger than i thought before....You had mentioned we could chat on discord. So im just hoping youll send me yours. But i want you to know that if you ever feel bothered just let me know.

    Thanks a million

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    • Thank you very much for your words, and don't worry, i never thought your intent was to bother me or cause any harm to me. And i'm very happy to hear that you are interested in this verse, it is extreme and intricate indeed! And no need to feel worried or anxious, you are not bothering me, not even slightly, i appreciate this comment you left in my wall. Thank you again.

      By the way, i saw you sended a friend, i accepted it, we're now friends on Discord! I'll try to get back to your questions as soon as possible, though the answers are more complex than they could have been, so if you have any doubt about whatever thing, don't worry, i'll answer your other questions. I just hope it doesn't go on infinetely for reasons you, well, know.

      Thank you a million, and again no need to worry, you're far, very far from annoying me.

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  • Yesterday, I asked Wither to unblock me because i wanted to edit my Umineko profile, and today i finished the editing (added more info and changed some stuff). However, outside of my edit, i'll now be entirely inactive, i won't reply to messages (if you want to ask me something we can talk on Discord), i won't do anything, and i'll wait until the 18 of August, when Wither will block me again (he's AFK right now, to the ones that don't have Discord and don't know about that).

    So yeah. At best, if i still have something to add to my Umineko blog, i'll do that, i just wanted to inform you that i don't want to get involved in other stuff, no matter what that is, sorry if that sounds rude, but since i left the wikia i don't have any kind of interest in any kind of things outside editing my Umineko blog since it's the only thing i'm actually proud of and the only thing i'm happy to edit if i need to.

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    • So, now that i finished my Umineko edit, Wither is going to block me again (tomorrow, when he comes back, it took me quite a bit to actually leave this wikia). Even then though, i WON'T comment in blogs, editing things today, so that at least i can FINALLY leave this place since i wasn't really coherent with my first intention (i wanted to leave this wikia, like, around 2 weeks ago, yet i never did actually leave this wikia, however now i'm leaving for real, and i won't be active; then, tomorrow, Wither will block me again so that i won't be active for real, 100%)

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  • title

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  • unblock me in Discord real quick; gotta ask you a few questions.

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  • Hey, Arceus. How's it goin'?

    I recently made a profile for Chain Chomps  and I wondering if you can cite any abilities that it may be missing.

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    • Sebastian pereira90 wrote:

      ArceusBowser44 wrote: Well, about the abilities, i don't think you are missing anything. However, with Mario Tennis Aces, Chain Chomps will get many abilities (Time Stop and Slowing Time, Afterimage Creation, his own Special Move, likely Fire Manipulation and etc), and Mario Tennis Aces might make the characters around 7-C/7-A, since there is a huge tornado feat and the meteorological change feat.

      Link to said feats? Btw tornadoes are 8-A.

      I was talking about the meteorological change feat. And here's the feat, BTW.

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    • Storm feat; Low 7-C.

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  • Ciao, ho creato questo blog con le varie feats delle maghe che mi hai detto! Che ne pensi?

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  • Wanna come to Discord?

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  • Bro, you gotta cool it.

    The main rule you've broken is rule one. I'm positive you've seen the Rules and Guidelines page, but I will still link it.

    "1: No flaming, trolling, cybermobbing or digital bullying. Based on the severity of the violation, a warning or immediate week-long block can be issued."

    While not directly stated, you've broken this one a number of times in sub-sets of the main points iterated, and have yet to get a warning. So I'm going to collect all the things you've done through the past to break this and give you this warning about it all. Let's go section by section.


    “08:20, April 4, 2018 Withersoul 235 (wall | contribs) blocked BatMario753 (wall | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (cannot edit own talk page) (Bad-mouthing me on Google+ over a quarrel we had. This is going way too far.)”


    Lies 2

    You lied to Wither in attempts to get Bat banned, and when I tried to mend the situation, all you'd do is insult Bat and brush off Sebas and I telling you to stop. But we'll get more into that soon enough.

    But either way, you lied to the owner of this wiki in attempts to get someone banned solely because he kicked you two from a Discord server over drama. Wither apologized, Bat apologized, the two made up for what they did to each other, and so on. Sebas also admitted where he was wrong and apologized. And while you did, the amount of crap you did, that's understandable. And yet, after that, you continued to force it onto him. Stop, that just makes it worse.

    You have never lied before this, but this is one hell of a lie to pull.

    Invasion of Personal Space

    In this wiki, it's all about opinions. Seriously, it's literally plastered onto the front page, and is the sole reason we use an eagle as our mascot; to represent the freedom to share your opinions without ridicule. You seem to always miss that last part.


    Invasion 2

    Even after being asked to stop twice, you always continue. You are just incapable of knowing when to quit, and once the person resists, what do you do?

    Insults and Laughs

    "Lol" is an acronym representing laughter. You should only ever use it in a casual conversation, otherwise, you'll come off condescending. Which is something you seem to like.


    In this situation, I tried to end it civilly. It's already against the rules for the OP to vote in a thread, so I was trying to end it, show my vote without insults, and keep things friendly. You come back and spam "lol" in a very condescending way. I said it was annoying, and I was really hoping you'd stop. What did you do?

    Laughing 2

    You comment "lol" first of all, just to be an asshole, call me annoying even though it was you that asked me to vote there, and then said I was making up excuses just to win. You then proceed to say I'm acting like someone from VS Battles, which were notorious in our little group as being bad back then.

    You then revealed that you literally baited me there just because. Want proof?


    You outright asked me when I said that it was bait, "What else did you expect?" Funny. And then you say I have a superiority complex? You also have shown several instances of hypocrisy. A quick instance off the top of my head is when you used the Sonic Wiki's page about the Power of the Stars to prove your point, yet laughed at Maverick for using their page on the Master Emerald. But I'm getting off-topic here...


    You literally called Sebas and all those that agree with me "my pets." So, Adam, Paleo and Sebas were my pets, huh? You say that they don't have their own opinions in spite of countless profiles of theirs differing from my own. Since when did you have the right to tell them what they're allowed to agree and disagree with? And since when does having people agree with you equate to them being "pets"? You claim I have the superiority complex, and yet you are hellbent on your hypocritical attitude taking you to the top. I'll touch on hypocrisy soon; the last one was a taste.

    Uncalled For

    This... I should kick you out for this alone. And you're lucky I don't.

    That condescending attitude and those constant threats as well as literal insults to the way he lives is not to be tolerated. You literally called him fucking homeless! Your insults, condescending statements and attitude, insults to his real life habitat, and threats that "Wither will ban you" because you lied to him so he would are really unacceptable behavior. Stiffen your tongue before you lose it.


    I did
    And so did you

    Yes, I did say this: "Eggman was serious this time. Period."

    But look into the context; I asked you to stop several times, and you insisted on continuing. I never asked you to comment on my Infinite profile, but I can't stop you, either. When I asked you to stop--the first time politely--it was because this wasn't going anywhere. It simply wasn't. I started getting irritated, and yes, I slipped up.

    And then there's you. You state that you justify Peach's powers with "actual facts," and you said this to me. The same person you ridiculed because he said his opinion was fact?

    Let's look at your context and see if it was justifiable, shall we? You invited me there and asked me to vote, then started laughing at my comments. I called that annoying, then you say that I'm annoying, what you're saying is fact, and that Peach beats Wario.

    Of course, there's the very similar thing with Maverick. So you've done this twice, haven't you? I'll bet more, too.


    Arceus, your petty insults need to stop, and you need to start considering peoples' personal space. Your attitude is, quite frankly, sickening to look at, and the "pet" thing towards Sebas, combined with your lies to Wither in attempts to get Bat banned are all stacked against you. You can't deny any of this; own up, and accept you were in the wrong for once. If you do that, this is just a warning. If you don't, I'm going to be kicking you out of here for a few days so you can sit and stir over the situation. If I'm not clear enough a second time, the severity will climb. And I am not joking with you.

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    Metal875 closed this thread because:
    No need for continuation.
    08:04, April 9, 2018
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    • I have a friend who this guy was insulting and mocking for his beliefs on Sonic. I think this is well earned honestly.

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    • PikabluTwo wrote: I have a friend who this guy was insulting and mocking for his beliefs on Sonic. I think this is well earned honestly.

      Interesting... well, hopefully this brings you some peace.

      Also, Arceus? I know you'll see this. These comments were uncalled for:,_Dragon_Ball_Heroes)/Paleomario66#comm-17506

      On the first one, Zenkai was talking to Paleo and trying to re-convince him of something you changed his thoughts on. Then you just call him salty and tell him to leave him alone?

      On the second one, Zenkai literally asked Mystery to stop attacking you and was debating civilly, and you attack him by saying he doesn't have common sense? Since when did you become God?

      I might extend your ban for this. Yes, I will do just that.

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  • Wanna come to Discord?

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    • Sorry about that. About an hour ago, i came online and after 3 seconds i left. The problem is that i'm waiting for a reply from Nia about something, but i urgently need to finish a LONG school project, so that is why i left after 3 seconds.

      I just wanted to check if Nia replied. Currently, i'm still finishing that project. So ATM i can't come to Discord.

      Please forgive me, Wither. :(

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    • Got it. NP.

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    • Wanna come to Discord now?

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    • Sure!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • May I know you reasonings for Low 1-C Madoka?

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    Withersoul 235
    Withersoul 235 closed this thread because:
    Arceus' request.
    19:12, March 23, 2018
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    • I go with high 2-A, but.....Saying at least low Let arceus keep his own opinion.

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    • OK, Wow, this is getting annoying, and i also feel that this isn't going anywhere, that's why my message would be the last of this thread:

      Starting with the reply in 3..2...1 First of all, Madoka was only 3D in her Magical Girl/Witch form, her God self is, in fact, like i explained many times, an higher being. Your point really doesn't make any sense, btw. You just randomly said "But Godoka is 3D!11!!" without even knowing who she is and what she does. I'm going to explain that for you: Sure, after she made her wish, Godoka was likely just a 3D being, but that WAS BEFORE SHE; on order according to the plan; destroyed Ult. Gretchen and all the timelines, but then,she ascended to an higher plane of existence. Pretty much like the being that people like to call "God". God created the universe in the 1st day, and then in the other days he/she/it created every other thing that i don't remember and finally, in the last day, he took some rest.

      I know what you are thinking: Why the hell did you mentioned God. Because, God, just like Madoka, did EVERYTHING separately. You said that Madoka was 3D because she doesn't look 4D or something like that (which doesn't make any sense anyway) BUT she was only 3D while she was in the real world (in the real world she destroyed Ult Gretchen and all the timelines) but THEN she trascended th real world (infinite timelines) and she now "lives" on Heaven/Law of Cycles.

      And now you are just being biased. You said that living in an higher dimension doesn't guarantee higher-dimensionality, yet in your DBH profiles, some of the characters are 5D because of that mere fact. Nice little boy! And still, it DOES guarantee higher-dimensionality: For example, the universe is 3D, and we humans who inhabit Earth (which is located in the universe) are, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A 3D PLANE, 3D.

      On the other hand, the viruses inside our computers are 2D, because the inside of our computer has only 2 dimensions and thus, people who inhabit a place that has only 2 dimensions MUST be 2D.

      Same thing is for a 5D plane of existence.

      But now, let's talk about Tart. No, you didn't even get my point. The heaven of the verse is a 5D place that existed even before Madoka was created (it was stated by Kyubey and Madoka that all the events and timelines are ACCURATELY viewed from there, we know that because Madoka states that shee can see all that will happen and all that happened, and all the universes that will come and that are came, in their shapes and forms, which blatantly means that it existed since the very dawn of time). Godoka simply ascended to that place because, as the one who brings hope, she has the job to watch over all the timelines and destroy all the witches inevery timeline.There are many times where Madoka showed to destroy the witches in the various timelines, and that she will destroy the witches that will destroy the witches that will come in the future timelines (The last line, let me show that to you From where the link starts, watch the WHOLE thing). GODOKA'S TRUE POWER WAS NEVER SHOWED.

      The Law of Cycles's essence is hope. It is the perfect circled universe where all the Puella Magis who fell in despair live, becoming spirits. Not to mention that the Law of Cycles is often associated to Madoka's manifestation, aka, the abstract sense of hope (or sometimes, a goddess-like girl that brings hope). It should be noted that hope is just Madoka's MANIFESTATION, Godoka is assumed to be the embodiment of hope, but it's not like Madoka actually became the abtract and real meaning of hope. Her true form and power is unknown. Just wanna say, after Godoka recreated the multiverse, the Law of Cycles encompassed the main multiverse and the higher plane of existence (it's stated in the last episode (you'll have to watch the entire episode) and in an article of the Wraith Arc (a manga)).Tart trascended the very concept of hope (as i stated above, Madoka's manifestation is hope, not Madoka herself, which means that Tart didn't trascend Madoka, and so everything is consistanet), which means, that she trascended the Law of Cycles as a whole. She even became infinetely superior to every magical girls (including Holy Mami, Crystallized Sayaka Miki and Crystallized Homura Akemi, considering that Tart's stats are infinite compared to the states of EVERY other Puella Magi). Anyway, Holy Mami exists within the Law of Cycles, same Crystallized Sayaka Miki, and Crystallized Homura Akemi was blessed by Godoka, and she even manifested in the Law of Cycles in the last episode.

      Anyway, Tart being 6D isn't something random like "7D DBH", not at all. There are statements, feats and basically everything that supports the fact that Tart is one-dimensional higher than the Law of Cycles. It doesn't really matter if you may not think that Holy Mami and the other 2 Puella Magis are 5D, the mere fact that Tart trascended the concept of hope (Law of Cycles) which exists in an higher dimension compared to the infinite multiverse proves, at least to me, that Tart is pretty obviously 6D. Which means, that Godoka being 6D (considering that she's obviously FAR superior to Tart and all the info above that shows that Godoka never truly showed her power and the fact that she didn't create the Law of Cycles; which means that she never showed any 5D feat; but most of her feats are because of blatant statements, which means again that her being higher (6D) is a bit of an obvious thing) isn't somethng random either.

      It is a matter of opinions anyway.

      Also, anyway, Tori-Bot really does need Absolute Immortality, which is something Godoka likely has (BTW, Zamasu doesn't have Absolute Immortality, him being inable to die because of age or wounds isn't really proof of Absolute Imm.). Also, most of the hax you mentioned aren't even Tori-Bot's abilties anyway.

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