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Naruto Uzumaki is an eponymous protagonist of the Shonen manga of the same name. He was a lonely boy with a demon fox sealed inside of him whose parents died on the day that he was born. He was raised by the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, which is his hometown. He was outcast as a child. He eventually was able to make many friends throughout his teenage years through effort and charisma, so many in-fact that he helped bring together tens of thousands of ninja and samurai to help fight against a world-threatening crisis. He eventually became the Hokage of the Leaf Village. He makes a recurring role in the sequel, Boruto, as the protagonist’s father.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B. 8-A with Kurama’s chakra | Low 7-C, likely 6-B. At least 6-B with summons | Low 7-C, likely 6-B. 7-C, likely 6-B with Kurama’s chakra. 7-C, likely High 6-B with One Tailed Cloak. Higher with the Two Tailed Cloak. At least 6-B with summons | At least Low 7-C, likely 6-B. 7-A, likely High 6-B with the Four Tailed Cloak. At least 6-B with summons | At least 7-A, likely 6-B. At least 6-B, likely High 6-B in Sage Mode. Higher with the Six Tailed Cloak and Seven Tailed Cloak. High 6-A with the Eight Tailed Cloak and the Nine Tailed Cloak | High 6-A to 5-B in Kurama Chakra Mode. Low 5-B with summons. | 5-A, likely Low 2-C | Low 2-C

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Origin: Naruto

Gender: Male

Age: 12-13 in Part I. 14 in Kakashi Gaiden. 15-18 in Part II. 19 in the Last. 27 in Chapter 700 and in Part III.

Classification: Ninja, Sage, Jinchuriki, Genin in Part 1, Jonin and then the Seventh Hokage in Part II onward

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Enhanced Metabolism (Types 1, 2, and 3), Acrobatics (Naruto is capable of using chakra control to walk on walls and liquids. He can jump hundreds of feet in the air), Stealth Mastery, Unpredictability (Naruto is too unpredictable for Sasuke’s Sharingan to anticipate and is said to be the most unpredictable in the world by Kakashi), Supernatural Luck (Luck is said to be a stat that sometimes determines the outcome of a battle, and Naruto has a high luck stat), Indomitable Will (Naruto has a strong enough will to separate Kurama’s will from his own chakra), Large Size (Type 3 while in Kurama Avatar form), Regeneration (Mid-Low, normally. Low-Mid in Sage of Six Paths Mode, as he should be able to use his healing on himself as long as he isn’t dead), Immortality (Types 3 and 4. Naruto was resurrected by Hagoromo intervening and giving him power remotely from the Pure Land after he died, coming back more powerful than before), Enhanced Senses (Naruto’s senses were greatly enhanced by his Sage Mode), Clairvoyance (Naruto got a premonition of the Fourth Great Ninja War in his Sage Mode), Extrasensory Perception (Naruto was able to sense the whole battlefield in his Sage Mode. He can also sense danger. Sage of Six Paths Naruto can sense hatred and evil. He’s also capable of sensing Madara’s Limbo Clones, which reside in a distant, adjacent world), Cosmic Awareness (Naruto can sense Sasuke while he’s in another universe), Social Influencing, Absorption (Naruto can absorb nature energy from his surroundings), Acausality (Type 1. Naruto is unaffected by changes to the past in the time-travelling arc in Boruto), Accelerated Development (Naruto is able to learn techniques in a few days that it normally takes years to learn), Acid Manipulation (Saiken is able to perform techniques that exert a super-alkaline liquid onto the foe), Adaptation (Naruto is able to adapt to the harsh environments in Kaguya’s dimensions), Afterimage Creation (He is faster than Rock Lee was when he was able to create afterimages from sheer speed), Air Manipulation (Via Wind Release), Animal Manipulation (Naruto can summon and control animals), Astral Projection (Naruto can project his mind to speak to the Tailed Beasts and to Hagoromo, albeit the second example is involuntary), Aura, BFR (Naruto can reverse summon other people to different places if he’s there and can summon a toad that can send people to a different world), Limited Biological Manipulation (If someone absorbs too much nature energy from Naruto, they would turn into a toad), Blood Manipulation (As a user of Creation of All Things, Naruto can create blood. He recreated Kakashi’s eye in the War Arc), Bone Manipulation (Naruto can create bones), Limited Causality Manipulation (Momoshiki was able to narrowly escape Naruto and Sasuke just because “it is a constant truth that a human heart causes unexpected events to occur”), Chakra Manipulation (Naruto can control chakra to increase all of his physical capabilities, emit chakra in many forms, sense chakra for a wide range, is able to control the amount of chakra he gives off at a time, and can use it to make it to where he can walk on many surfaces, even non-solid ones), Chaos Manipulation (The Truth-Seeking Orbs are made out of chaos and induce chaos), Cloth Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Naruto can kill Pain, who transcends the concepts of life and death), Corrosion Inducement (Saiken is capable of corroding things with various techniques), Corruption (Types 2 and 3. Any of the Biju are capable of physically and mentally corrupting a person), Creation (Naruto can create form from nothing and give it life), Danmaku, Darkness Manipulation (Via Yin Release), Death Manipulation (Naruto can kill people who transcend the concepts of life and death and Matatabi governs over death), Duplication (Naruto is able to make as many clones as there are leaves on this tree), Durability Negation (Naruto’s Rasenshuriken can pierce the cells. Naruto’s Truth-Seeking Orbs are capable of erasing one’s mind, body, and soul), Earth Manipulation (Via Earth Release), Elasticity when using the Kurama Avatar, Electricity Manipulation (Via Lightning Release), Elemental Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation (Via Corruption), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Existence Erasure (Attacks from the Truth-Seeking Orbs nullify all Ninjutsu and can even erase the Edo Tensei, which would require getting rid of mind and soul), Explosion Manipulation, Limited Fate Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Via Fire Release), Flight (Naruto can fly), Forcefield Creation, Fusionism (Naruto can merge with Sasuke), Healing (Naruto can heal Guy when Guy was turned to ash), Heat Manipulation, Illusion Creation (Naruto has some skill in genjutsu), Immortality Negation (Naruto can kill people who transcend the concepts of life and death as well as use Truth-Seeking Orbs to kill Edo Tensei), Law Manipulation (Creation of All Things, and the Sage of Six Paths mode is said to allow him to touch all the principles in creation and control all things in nature), Life Manipulation (Creation of All Things is said to govern over life), Light Manipulation (Via Yang Release), Magma Manipulation (Via Magma Release), Magnetism Manipulation (Via Magnet Release), Matter Manipulation (Via Creation of All Things), Metal Manipulation (Via Magnet Release), Mind Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation (Naruto can summon a toad that can seal someone into a dream world. Naruto went into Obito’s mind by touching his soul and was able to overpower his mind), Non-Physical Interaction (Naruto can interact with the mind, soul, and things made out of chaos and nothingness, as well as Madara’s Limbo clones, and could pull open the fabric of space of Kaguya’s portals), Organic Manipulation (Via Wood Release and the Creation of All Things), Paralysis Inducement (Via Lightning Release), Limited Petrification (Being incapable of handling too much nature energy also turns them into a from statue. This was used to his advantage against Pain), Plant Manipulation (Via Wood Release), Poison Manipulation (Saiken’s poison is useable by Naruto), Possession (Kurama can possess people), Power Bestowal (He is able to give Kurama’s chakra to others), Power Nullification (The Truth-Seeking Orbs can nullify all ninjutsu), Limited Probability Manipulation (Luck is said to sometimes determine the outcome of battles and Naruto has a high luck stat), Radiation Manipulation (Via Yang Release), Reality Warping, Regeneration Negation (The Truth-Seeking Orbs can negate Low-Godly regeneration), Limited Resurrection (Naruto rejuvenated Guy’s depleted life force and brought him back from death), Sand Manipulation (Via Magnet Release), Sealing (Naruto can summon a toad that can seal someone into a dream world. Naruto can use the Chibaku Tensei to seal away Kaguya’s Rinne Sharingan), Shapeshifting (Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu let’s him shapeshift into a bunch of different men), Size Manipulation (The Toad Shop Jutsu is able to shrink itself along with an enemy inside of it and then hop away), Soul Manipulation (Naruto can grab his soul), Sound Manipulation (The aforementioned toad genjutsu is sound-based), Space-Time Manipulation (Naruto can grab Kaguya’s portals that she forms with space-time jutsu that normally phase through solid objects. Naruto can perform summoning jutsu, which is stated to be a summoning jutsu), Statistics Amplification, Summoning, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Transformation, Transmutation, Vibration Manipulation (Naruto can attack using vibrations), Void Manipulation (Truth-Seeking Orbs are made of nothingness), Water Manipulation (Via Water Release), Resistance to Absolute Zero (Naruto is able to withstand an absolute zero attack from Momoshiki), Acid Manipulation (Saiken’s super-alkaline ability doesn’t work on Naruto, and Saiken currently resides inside Naruto’s body), Acupuncture and Pressure Point Strikes (Naruto resists the pressure point strikes of the Hyuuga Clan), Biological Manipulation (Naruto can contain nature energy safely inside of himself without turning into a toad), Black Hole Generation (Naruto can withstand the gravity of the Chibaku Tensei from the center and even break out of it), Chaos Manipulation (Naruto can withstand Truth-Seeking Orbs), Corrosion Inducement (Naruto can withstand Saiken’s corrosion), Corruption (Types 2 and 3. The Biju are currently incapable of corrupting Naruto), Durability Negation (Naruto can withstand the erasure of Truth-Seeking Orbs), Emotional Manipulation (He resists the Biju corruption), Fusionism (Kurama can resist Pa’s attempt to force-fuse Naruto and Kurama together), Gravity Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Possession, Memory Manipulation, Mind Reading, Pain Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Age Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Time Manipulation (It is said in the databook that nobody since Madara has been able to control or possess Kurama, which includes Pain being able to grab one’s psyche, reading their minds, and ripping out their memories, Itachi being able to put one to sleep, Itachi aging someone to death after immobilising them, making them ill, and making them experience time at a much slower rate, and the Tsukiyomi can induce pain as well as taking the opponent into an infinite mental world where the user can control all of space, time, matter, the user’s senses, gravity, common sense, make the opponent undergo the torments of Hell, agony, mayhem, and even control the world’s principles. Izanami is said to store one into a time rip world, trapping them between two moments by connecting two of their actions and storing the time between them, forcing them into accepting their destiny), Immortality Negation (Truth-Seeking Orbs don’t kill him), Information Analysis, Power Mimicry (Kakashi was incapable of analysing and copying Kekkei Genkai), Petrification (Naruto can keep from getting turned into a statue by balancing his nature energy), Physics Manipulation (Naruto was able to adapt to being able to fight easily in Kaguya’s different dimensions), Poison Manipulation (Naruto can resist Saiken’s poison), Power Nullification (Naruto can smack away Truth-Seeking Orbs), Precognition (Naruto is so unpredictable that he’s able to resist the clairvoyance of the Sharingan), Radiation Manipulation (He can fight in space), Regeneration Negation (Naruto can resist the Truth-Seeking Orbs), Soul Manipulation, Transmutation, Void Manipulation

Attack Potency: City Block level (Relative to Sasuke Uchiha, who can perform the Fireball Jutsu. With Kurama’s chakra, he can shatter Haku’s crystal ice mirrors, structures that the Fireball Jutsu can’t scratch.) Multi-City Block level with Kurama’s chakra (Naruto overpowered one of Orochimaru’s snake summons, who have multiple feats on this level.) | Small Town level+ (Naruto defeated a partially transformed Gaara. He later scales above members of the Sound Four. Jirobo, the weakest member of the Sound Four, who performs this feat, and scales to this feat), likely Country level (Choji’s feat could easily be argued to be this impressive.) At least Country level (Gamabunta is just stronger and faster than Naruto at the time. Gamabunta is as big as a mountain as well, so his kinetic energy should likely be greater than the above calculation.) Town level+, likely High Country level with the One Tailed Cloak (He’s able to fight equally to Curse Mark Version 2 Sasuke while Curse Mark Version 1 Sasuke was equal in power to Naruto previously. Curse Mark Version 2 is a 10 times increase in power). Higher with the Two Tailed Cloak | At least Small Town level+, likely Country level. Mountain level, likely High Country level with the Four Tailed Cloak (Naruto defeated Jiraiya, and nearly killing him. Jiraiya is capable of carving away a mountain with his Massive Rasengan.) At least Country level with summons | At least Mountain level, likely Country level (Naruto is able to contend with Pain after he has beaten Jiraiya.) At least Country level, likely High Country level in Sage Mode (Sage Mode Naruto merely gets knocked back by an attack that casually one-shotted Gamabunta. He’s said by Zetsu to probably be even stronger than Sasuke at this point.) Higher with the Six Tailed Cloak and Seven Tailed Cloak (Six Tailed Cloak Naruto easily withstood and pushed back a Shinra Tensei from Pain. He’s stronger with the Seven Tailed Cloak.) Multi-Continent level with the Eight Tailed Cloak and the Nine Tailed Cloak (Eight Tailed Cloak Naruto overpowers the Chibaku Tensei, Pain’s strongest technique. Since it is capable of beating a Jinchuriki, who all contributed to this blast with their Bijuudama, and are said by Madara Uchiha to be capable of destroying all things in the world. The Bijuu have also performed this feat.) | Multi-Continent level to Planet level in Kurama Chakra Mode (Kurama Link Mode 2 Naruto is capable of stalemating all of the remaining six jinchuriki with a single Bijuudama. Naruto is said by Kurama to have surpassed Kushina entirely, who was born with strong enough chakra to suppress full Kurama, and whose chain techniques were greater than Karin’s, whose chains have the power that binds the world together. Kurama is said to have earth-shattering destructive power, and is also said to be capable of easily turning the world to ash.) Small Planet level with summons (Gamakichi is capable of fighting the Juubi alongside Kurama Chakra Mode Naruto and Sasuke.) | Large Planet level (Naruto is capable of fighting Juubi Madara, who performs this feat. He has half of Hagoromo’s power, who performs this feat), likely Universe level+ (Kaguya said that with the chakra she absorbed from him and others that she’d be capable of making a new time/space. Naruto is able to damage Kaguya repeatedly. Kaguya’s “time/space ” are said to be hyperspaces in the Momoshiki novel, which are spaces with more than three dimensions.) | Universe level+ (Naruto is capable of matching Fused Momoshiki in his base form and easily overpowers him in Kurama Chakra Mode. Base Momoshiki is capable of creating a parallel universe/hyperspace, and as shown previously, the area of effect of his absorption encompasses his whole universe.)

Speed: Supersonic (Naruto blitzes some fodder.) High Hypersonic in the Konoha Crush Arc (Naruto scales to Gaara, whose sand defences can outpace an explosion.) Higher with Kurama’s chakra | At least High Hypersonic. Massively Hypersonic+ with Kurama’s chakra and with the One Tailed Cloak and Two Tailed Cloak (Neji is capable of reacting to Kidomaru’s lightning speed arrow. Kidomaru should be superior to Jirobo, since he is repeatedly portrayed as the most inferior member of the Sound Four. Naruto was able to clash with Neji once he started using Kurama’s chakra.) | At least High Hypersonic, possibly FTL Naruto is capable of reacting to Lady Chiyo when she’s bloodlusted. Lady Chiyo fought Hanzo in the past, who has defeated Mifune, who is capable of slashing at the speed of light.) At least Massively Hypersonic+, possibly FTL with the Four Tailed Cloak | FTL+ (Naruto performs this feat early in the War Arc and then proceeds to get much faster.) | Massively FTL+ (Naruto can react to Kaguya, who can fight Hagoromo. Hagoromo performed this feat.) | Massively FTL+ (Sasuke co-performed this speed feat. Naruto is equal to Sasuke.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Class T (He’s able to withstand being crushed by the Chibaku Tensei, which is bigger than a mountain.) | At least Class T (He is able to tap into the strength of Kurama, who dwarfs mountains.) | At least Class T | At least Class T

Striking Strength: City Block Class. Multi-City Block Class with Kurama’s chakra | Small Town Class+, likely Country Class. Town Class, likely Country Class with Kurama’s chakra. Town Class+, likely Large Country Class with One Tailed Cloak. Higher with the Two Tailed Cloak. At least Country Class with summons | At least Small Town Class+, likely Country Class. Mountain Class, likely Large Country Class with the Four Tailed Cloak. At least Country Class with summons | At least Mountain Class, likely Country Class. At least Country Class, likely Large Country Class in Sage Mode. Higher with the Six Tailed Cloak and Seven Tailed Cloak. Multi-Continent Class with the Eight Tailed Cloak and the Nine Tailed Cloak | Multi-Continent Class to Planet Class in Kurama Chakra Mode. Small Planet Class with summons. | Large Planet Class, likely Universal+ | Universal+

Durability: City Block level. Multi-City Block level with Kurama’s chakra | Small Town level+, likely Country level. Town level, likely Country level with Kurama’s chakra. Town level+, likely Large Country level with One Tailed Cloak. Higher with the Two Tailed Cloak. At least Country level with summons | At least Small Town level+, likely Country level. Mountain level, likely Large Country level with the Four Tailed Cloak. At least Country level with summons | At least Mountain level, likely Country level. At least Country level, likely Large Country level in Sage Mode. Higher with the Six Tailed Cloak and Seven Tailed Cloak. Multi-Continent level with the Eight Tailed Cloak and the Nine Tailed Cloak | Multi-Continent level to Planet level in Kurama Chakra Mode. Small Planet level with summons. | Large Planet level, likely Universe level+ | Universe level+

Stamina: A bit later on, Naruto is able to do complex techniques with a bunch of Shadow Clones and is able to still move around fine after fighting constantly in the Forest of Death for five days. he keeps up this fight for an entire night. | Better than before. | Better than before. | When training to learn the Rasenshuriken, Naruto used Shadow Clones to squeeze over a year’s worth of work into two days. | Naruto fought for multiple days straight in the War Arc while constantly spamming powerful techniques like the Rasenshuriken and the Bijuu Bomb while giving his chakra to the entirety of the remaining Shinobi Alliance, which should’ve contained nearly 70,000 ninja, and would only need to fight in his base form for a few moments before he could fight to his fullest again. | Better than before. | Nearly limitless.

Range: Ranges from standard melee range to almost a kilometer. | Ranges from standard melee range to many kilometers. | Same as before. | Ranges from standard melee range to dozens of kilometers. | Ranges from standard melee range to tens of thousands of kilometers. | Ranges from standard melee range to Low Multiversal. | Same as before.

Standard Equipment: Kunai. Shuriken. Frog pouch with money in it.

Intelligence: Acts headstrong and often acts without thinking. However, Naruto's years as a prankster gave him a cunning imagination that is useful in battle. He uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu on multiple occasions to fool his opponents, such as with Zabuza and Kidomaru later on. | Same as before. | Naruto is capable of mastering the Rasengan in only a week, which took several other genius ninja years to perform. Some renowned ninja tried, but could never use it. Naruto mastered shape manipulation, which was something that even other ninja who can perform the Rasengan are incapable of. He is able to skillfully coordinate thousands of Shadow Clones to fight efficiently at the same time. | Same as before. | Same as before. | Same as before. | Naruto has had over a decade of experience since his last keys as well as years of experience being the Hokage. He has excelled in new ways, such as having to constantly do paperwork. He is an experienced leader capable of running a village. He has a vast knowledge of the world and is learned when it comes to war tactics.

Weaknesses: Before he mastered the usage of Kurama’s chakra, it used to corrupt him and make it difficult for him to tell the difference between friend or foe.

Note: For the sake of simplicity, the Powers and Abilities section is not separated into different keys. Naruto has all of the abilities of the Tailed Beasts as he is currently the Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki, so all of their abilities will be listed as well. NoodIes was a big help with this page.

Key: Land of Waves/Chuunin Exams/Konoha Crush | End of Part I | Beginning of Part II | Pain Arc | Fourth Great Ninja War | Sage of Six Paths Mode | Part III