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"Let us go back to the distant past when god and man lived together in harmony..." -Kid Icarus

Long ago, there was a shining kingdom known as Angel Land, filled with gods, goddesses and many other holy beings. Two of these goddesses were Palutena, goddess of light, and Medusa, goddess of darkness. While Palutena did her best to tend to man and give him clear skies and full bellies, Medusa hated man and tortured him, turning him to stone and ravaging his homes. Seeing no other options, the goddess of light took the ugliness that resided within the goddess of darkness and made it clear for all to see. More enraged than ever the queen of the Underworld gathered her armies and tore all of Angel Land asunder; Overworld, Skyworld and the Palace within, capturing Palutena last and hiding her Three Sacred Treasures across the realm. Against all odds, a young flightless angel locked within the Underworld resolved to save Palutena and restore order to the pantheon in this divine comedy. "Will Pit be able to restore Palutena's light and return it to Angel Land? Only you can answer that question!"

The Captain of Palutena's Personal Guard and hero of Angel Land, Pit's exploits are far and wide in babies first Greek Mythology, a take on the myths that predates another certain one by 19 years. While his original epic struggle introduces the cosmology and bestiary of the macrocosm that is Angel Land, the meat of the myth lies 25 years later in Kid Icarus Uprising, which greatly expanded everything far more than the original two games ever did, with more dimensions and pocket dimensions, godlike power over souls themselves, and enemies that can tear through time and space itself and contain universes within capes than you can shake a stick at. Pit himself is a veritable munitions depot, with literally dozens of different weapons and up to 9 types of them, and a hefty amount of powers as well. He posesses not only that but a blitzingly quick chariot piloted by two unicorns and divine sacred items crafted by the god of the forge, even including a gundam-like mech suit. Under the watchful eye of the captain of Palutena's guard, one thing can always be certain:

"In the name of Palutena, defender of all that is good... Those who hide in the darkness will be made to face the light!"

Three Sacred Treasure fanart by AmazingArtistYellow . Great Sacred Treasure fanart by Kritken.His Deviantart page for those who wish to enjoy his work. Non fanart Great Sacred Treasure images and Pit images from Divinipedia. Calc by DarkDragonMedeus of Vs Battles.

Powers and Stats

Tier : Low 2-C| Low 2-C | Low 2-C | Low 2-C| High 2-A

Name: Pit, Captain of Palutena's Guard

Origin: Kid Icarus

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, at least older than 25 by Uprising, older during Ultimate

Classification: Angel, Captain of Palutena's Guard

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Fire Manipulation with Fire Arrow (Arrows are accompanied by a spinning fire-ball)Petrification Reversal with Mallets (After acquiring mallets Pit can free petrified Centurions in fortresses who then aid him in battle, almost all of them having been turned by Medusa.), Earth Manipulation with Protective Crystal (Use of a wand creates two protective crystals that provide a barrier and damage enemies around Pit.) Longevity (Despite 25 years having passed by Uprising Pit still looks quite young.), Weapon Mastery, Telepathy (Pit most of the game is usually telepathically being talked to by Palutena. Naturally Pit and the gods can do so with each other as well and pretty much every relevant non-human character.), Vehicular Mastery (Exo Tanks, Cherubots and Angel Rings are vehicles of the gods. Pit seems to have used the former and latter in the past over the years as he can commandeer them, Cherubots and the Lightning Chariot with ease despite not having even heard of the Chariot before.), Non-Physical Interaction ( After losing her physical body Pandora had to take the form of a pure, ethereal manifestation of her will, who Pit and by extension Dark Pit can still interact with and harm. Pit can also interact with and kill ghostly enemies such as Zurees, and Ornes without their invulnerability.) Resistance to Soul Manipulation ( With but a slash of their scythe, Reapers can rend one's soul from their body, as is their duty, and the Great Reaper came about from eating a massive amount of souls. Hades, the Lord of the Underworld and other monsters  eat souls outright, erasing them from existence, or molding them into other forms to create new troops. Hades was also able to resurrect Medusa herself out of souls, as well as his generals and can also use them to regen. Pit can resist Reaper's soul manip.), Flight with the 5 minute long Power of Flight bestowed by Palutena (She controls flight path and flight speed, deciding on a landing destination depending on the situation, meaning he can't control travel speed, but he can still move around in a circle in a very short area and fight enemies even during particularly fast flight travel despite not having control of said travel speed himself. Power of Flight travel speed is dictated by three colors for Palutena-controlled Power of Flight: Blue for casual flight speed and above, yellow from slowing down travel speed and red for halted travel. The coloration of standard travel speed from Viridi's Power of Flight is green instead of blue, which is heralded by leaves and a green light, which also occurs when being teleported to home base, instead of the golden, holy light that occurs with Palutena's instances of such. When 5 minutes pass, Pit's wings will begin to burn up.) , Breaking the Fourth Wall ( A comprehensive guide of the game's 4th Wall Breaks. Pretty much a staple of the franchise at this point.), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Enemies such as Shulms, enemies that inflict poison status on those who get touched by their noxious gas. After a short amount of time Pit can recover from this effect.), Fire Manipulation (Like poison, Pit recovers from the effect in a short amount of time.), Ice Manipulation (Like poison and burn damage freezing can be recovered from in a short amount of time, which is inflicted by cold based enemies such as Snowmen.), Paralysis Inducement (Enemies such as Aurum Shemum can inflict paralysis effects, and enemies like Zurees or Blusters shaking effects.), Mind Manipulation (Enemies like Cacaws and Zaurums do brain damage to their enemies and confuse their movements. For Pit this is only temporary.) and Statistics Reduction (Skuttler Mages can inflict the weaken effect, which is a temporary halving of enemy health, which has it's own power commonly used in the Light vs Dark sport.), as well as Resistance to Transmutation and Petrification (Enemies such as Igniots turn victims to stone with their petrifying light, a fate which Medusa also deals. Fortunately Pit is restored in a few seconds with Palutena's protection, the same also being true for transmutation effects, namely eggplant and tempura effects from their eponymous wizards that turn all but the legs into such and are normally unrecoverable without a god or hospital.) thanks to Palutena, Can break out of BFR post infliction (Inside the pots of Sinistews is a one-dimensional universe which they pull victims into after grabbing them. While Pit can't resist it in the first place he is able to break out of it after the fact in around 4 seconds.

Statistics Amplification (Super Speed, Lightweight, Energy Charge, Libra Sponge, Super Armor, Trade-off and Aries Armor.), Teleportation with Warp, Transmutation with Eggplant and Tempura Attack, and Idol Transformation, Light Manipulation with Mega Laser, Explosion Manipulation with Explosive Flame, Black Hole Generation with Black Hole, Meteor Summoning with Meteor Shower, Weapon Creation and Invisibility with Land Mine, Attack Reflection and selective Intangibility with Reflect Barrier, Holy Manipulation/Light Manipulation and Invulnerability and Mind Manipulation and One Hit Kill Immunity with Heavenly Light, Homing Attack with AutoReticle, Weak-Point Reticle and Homing Boost, Energy Manipulation with Quick Charge, Invisibility and Intangibility with Invisible Shots and Slip Shot, Poison Manipulation with Poison Attack, Paralysis Inducement with Paralyze Attack and Shake Attack, Statistics Reduction with Weaken Attack, Petrification with Petrify Attack, Mind Manipulation with Confusion Attack, Fire Manipulation with Burn Attack, One Hit Kill with Instant Death Attack, Air Manipulation with Spin Attack, Absorption, Power, with Power Thief, Darkness Manipulation with Darkness, Power Nullification, Power Negation Field with Interference, Statistics Reduction and Paralysis Inducement with Virus, Invulnerability, Temporary Invincibility and Mind Manipulation and One Hit Kill Immunity with Brief Invincibility, Unlimited Stamina with Tirelessness and Lightweight, Invisibility with Transparency, Invisibility and Intangibility with Playing Dead, Healing with Health Recovery, Attack Negation and Absorption with Pices Heal

All previous abilities+ Invulnerability (Damage Negation) Negation with the Arrow of Light (An Orne's invulnerability is so great they are utterly unaffected by any attack from any weapon from Pit, who went from being able to beat the other Underworld commanders in base but needing the Arrow of Light to fight Medusa and Thanatos simultaneously 25 less trained years ago (Who is Hades's and by extension her second in command, is the strongest Underworld commander and evenly matched in many ways to Phosphora, Viridi's own mightiest commander.) to being able to defeat Thanatos in base 25 more trained years later and still cant harm them, and the Arrow of Light can still pierce their invulnerability and kill them with ease.), True Flight with the Wings of Pegasus (They allow for unlimited flight, but along with the other two treasures have become weaker by Uprising, so in the first run through of Chapter 9 Palutena only activates the Wings of Pegasus in the Medusa fight. An effect of wearing the Wings of Pegasus is that the wing's aura is pink instead of the usual blue. the alternate version of Chapter 9 Palutena they are still brought from the get go, in which Pit decides not to use the other 2 treasures and still defeats a now weakened Medusa as sensed by Palutena, Pit's now much higher base power being mentioned the very previous chapter and in Chapter 3, this base Pit with only three years more of fighting armies being able to momentarily hurt and stagger a holding back Hades himself, as well as defeat a stronger clone of Palutena and stagger/pseudo defeat the Great Sacred Treasure itself, which could stagger Hades to a similar degree as Pit, all implying the Three Treasures are considerably less of an amp then they used to be.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Can overpower Low-High Regeneration  (Galeem can instantly regen his wings and Dharkon his tentacles . Despite this they are still killed at the end of world of light.), Energy Projection From Aether Wave.Fire Manipulation with Eruption and Great Aether,Power Reflection with Counter, Forcefield Creation (The shield mechanic that covers the entire fighter, lasts for multiple seconds, and is unbreakable when if first spawns (or when a perfect shield is done), are shown off in cutscene form in Bowser Jr's reveal trailer.), Transformation (Can transition between an 8-Bit and 3-D form in an instant .), Air Manipulation with Breezy Flight (Pushes away enemies during the leap.)

Attack Potency :  

Universal+ (Appearing as early as Chapter 12 and as late as Chapter 24, Captain Flares can shoot meteors out of the capes which they hide in, which contains an alternate universe inside; looking at the outside and you can even see what looks to be the Milky Way galaxy, and Pit kills up to 10 Captain Flares total over the course of the war, killing two at once and 5 in total Chapter 13, and also kills 3 Flares superior to the originals created by God of the forge Dyntos, who is considered powerful beyond imagination despite Hades being around in Chapter 24. There also other realms such as the Chaos Vortex, a dimension with differing physical laws from our own, where an inch here is somehow a mile there, or Hades's Belly, another dimension akin to Kirby's stomach dimension in it's being an entirely different dimension than Hades himself, one with multiple stars which Hades can casually and violently shake on a whim or by performing simple actions like moving and sucking in outside objects, containing his heart, which upon defeat immediately explodes and destroys the entire dimension which doesn't hurt Pit all that much despite being right there, Pit of course also being to defeat it as well as being able to handle the copies it makes. This dimension destroying explosion only temporarily hurts Hades himself, who Pit in base can temporarily hurt right after the destruction of the Three Sacred Treasures. Dyntos can not only create superior originals of those such as Captain Flares but even of Palutena (He can also recreate three of the arenas Pit fought the Phoenix, Cragalanche, and the space Kraken fight which occurred in space, complete with all the other stars, constellations and nebulae still visible in the background, massively implying he casually created a copy of the whole universe.), (Pseudo-Palutena gaining a large amp, now fast enough to maneuver and attack far faster and fire many more attacks than Palutena herself along with a major boost in aggressiveness (Some comparisons of the speed of their attacks. This is likely the proverbial firing of Chekhov's Gun, foreshadowed earlier with a similar case in the chapter after the Pseudo-Cragalanche fight when Dyntos amped a Pseudo-Dohz's speed even higher than it already would be than normal ones to an extreme degree, in this case either her full power and aggressiveness were just sealed with her disguise or Dyntos amped her on the spot like the Dohz before her. Regardless she's superior to Palutena herself. Just before this Pit had gotten strong enough from the training to defeat both a post-timeskip Magnus and Gaol simultaneously, who Dyntos had invited to serve as the penultimate test for the second trial, Magnus's body under the control of Pit having gained enough power over the 3 years combined with Pit's skill and knowledge of his own stronger body and how he would fight to match and defeat it while being careful enough to not kill it and return Pit's soul to it. The final trial was the Great Sacred Treasure itself, Pit managing to fight and even momentarily stagger it, thus completing his three trials of having the skills and heart of wielding it.) who Pit still defeats, solidly affirming his superiority to her, already easily able to accidentally kill her while fighting the Chaos Kin who stomped her offscreen and claimed her as it's puppet afterwards, gradually eating her soul, and as expanded on both previously and later, also able to defeat Thanatos and Phosphora, the two strongest commanders of their respective armies and may or not even need the weakened Three Sacred Treasures to defeat a herself weakened Medusa, who is fodderized by a headless, himself weakened from regen Hades weakened again by having to regen his head, effortlessly catching her punch and ripping her arm off beforehand no longer off guard, than blitzing and one-shotting her afterward. Pit also defeated a Pyrrhon amped by the power of the Aurum Brain, who proudly proclaimed himself as stronger than the combined might of the gods, a claim which goes unrebuked by them, Hades even wondering how to defeat him, which would make him superior to Viridi, who defeated the Chaos Kin and had it be imprisoned in the Lunar Sanctum and managed by Arlon the Serene, who is also the Sanctum's own power source and life support, making him not only the jailer but also living seal on the Chaos Kin (There is also the Control Centers, one of various cores that manage defenses.). What's quite important is the fact Pyrrhon had lost mental control of the Aurum Brain and was being absorbed by it up to nearly all of his limbs by Pit's arrival, suggesting the possibility if not likelihood of a non partially absorbed, fully amped Aurum Pyrrhon being as powerful as or even stronger than Hades himself. Gaining large amounts of power through long and hard training is something not new to Pit, as base Pit in the first game was also able to defeat the first three of Medusa's commanders one by one in the Underworld, Overworld and Skyworld/Angel Land, Twinbellows , the original Hewdraw and a non true form Pandora, all the while receiving power-ups and enduring various sessions of harsh training from Zeus, including in his second adventure to be considered a truly worthy hero of using the Three Sacred Treasures to take down Orcos.

Universal+ (As mentioned the Lightning Chariot can easily break through Palutena's barrier.)

Universal+ (Pit with the Three Sacred Treasures was strong enough to solo both Thanatos and Medusa simultaneously, whereas Palutena couldn't defeat Medusa even with them, (As for Thanatos in this game only having one health and respawning instantly, it's likely just due to NES limitations or other gameplay reasons, especially as resurrection is certainly not that fast of a process and even normal monsters are difficult to create and  require a massive amount of souls to create , let alone two of the Underworld's strongest figures sans Hades who requires more than the amount of time and effort taken for Thanatos to respawn in-game just to craft a new lower body for himself or a new head , a process that massively drains soul count thereby weakening him ; Resurrection in general without a soul refill afterwards also leaves a weakened resurrectee .), and Pit 25 years later can beat Thanatos one on one without the Arrow of Light , and even with weakened Treasures , and possibly having the capability in base due to such and his growth over the years, still has the power to beat a weakened Medusa

Universal+ (In each of it's forms the Great Sacred Treasure could handle any situation thrown at it and hurt Hades multiple times, including being able to bisect him with it's wrist blade and forcing him to weaken himself via regeneration, Ultralight Mode then pressuring a weakened Hades to teleport above and clap Pit during his moment of off-guard vulnerability in a Great Sacred Treasure already damaged over a long, drawn out battle at half it's size to begin with. After Medusa's comeback the main cannon experienced it's longest charge by a massive degree and ending it once and for all, utterly annihilating Hades's entire physical body, leaving him as only a disembodied soul.

High Multiversal+ (Within the Super Smash Bros macrocosm, infinite timelines/universes are infinitely created with every single action and inaction. Master Hand is the creator of the Smash-Verse and fictionally transcends it, viewing the inhabitants of the macrocosm as nothing more than plush toys and trophies. What's more there exists a dimension transcendent to the Smash-verse (Or World of Imagination) referred to as the "Real World". Combined with Master Hand's fictional transcendence over the 4-D Imaginary World, the existence of the Real World being Master Hand's realm confirms Master Hand being a 5-D being with 5-D might, as well as his twin Crazy Hand, and Tabuu who with hax is at least equal to them. Also, within said cosmology explanation above narrated by Sakurai himself, Master Hand and the ending of Classic Mode are shown at the same time Sakurai mentions The Real World, effectively removing any form of subtlety about Master Hands role at all.The Real World is mentioned as far back as Melee and Brawl , and is explicitly referred to as the world beyond the Smash-verse in Brawl, with Master Hand as the link between the two worlds twice in both the aforementioned games, and at the end of World of Light all of the spirits are shown ascending upwards , as a symbolic portrayal of them going to the Real World above, they're goal being explicitly stated as such in the direct , complete with a light at the top to drive it home further. Galeem (And by extension Dharkon) on the other hand is so far above any of them he turned Tabuu into a spirit. As Spirits are basically canon gameplay mechanics and equipable pngs of artwork he turned Tabuu into fiction in a similar manner to Master Hand creating and viewing the Smash Cast as plushies and trophies and turning them into such after defeat.While this wouldn't be a full-on fictional transcendence like Master Hand's it would still be a 5-D power far above Master Hand's and Tabuu's. Also, its revealed that Galeem now encroaches upon "The Last Remaining World", revealing that during the burst of light Galeem sacked the entire smash verse. Just before the burst of light he gracefully annihilated the entire smash cast one by one.Also, Final Destination has access to a wormhole that connects the Real World to the World Of Imagination. ).

Speed :

Massively FTL+ (In Chapter 8, Pit begins in the Overworld's stratosphere with his latest mission from Palutena : Retrieve the Three Sacred Treasures that were stolen by the Space Pirates, interstellar bandits who sail the galaxy raiding constellations, one of which Palutena hid the Treasures in , thus sparking the mission in earnest and the full speed of the Power of Flight, continuing to fight Underworld forces all the while , beginning about 1:12 seconds after portal door exit and ending in about 15 seconds with the end point being a blue star, the closest to our solar system in our universe being Proxima Centauri , 4,244 light years away, making for a lowball of a max Power of Flight  8,928,696.96c (C meaning speed of light in meters per second for those unaware.), Pit after this being taken to the Galactic Sea itself and then managing to encounter then match the speed of the Space Pirate ship. There are few characters who's speed can match Pit and the Power of Flight's speed not counting gods, such as Lightning Flash Phosphora , who can contend with Pit while still being weakened from her match with Thanatos after a couple minutes of Power of Flight travel  and his entire traversal of Thunder Cloud Temple and catch up to the Lightning Chariot twice over , something said Power of Flight isn't capable of , and Thanatos himself, who's own combat and flight speed can at least relatively keep up with her  for minutes, also being able to dodge multiple laser shooting Lethiniums at one point in a lull in their fight until eventually running out of stamina and being overwhelmed , the larger battle having started before Pit's arrivaland is "evenly matched to her in many ways" . There are also those such as Pyrrhron , self-proclaimed sun god who's speed pre Aurum Brain amp is shown at times to be  at least somewhat comparable to the Power of Flight with bursts of flame, with which post Aurum Brain amp can push him and the Aurum Brain Fortress to the other side of the galaxy simultaneously, and the Chaos Kin, who can not only flee from the max speed Power of Flight but fight Pit at the same time for roughly a minute and a half .Pit and the Power of Flight can also dodge a hefty amount of lasers or laser-like attacks at once often in general, such as Igniots (Including their Hades Belly Cellular counterparts .) and the previously mentioned Lethiniums , the two's attacks specifically being referred to as petrifying light/beams of light and lasers respectively. Gyrazer and Vakloom attacks are also referred to as lasers (Likely reffering to gyrazer's blue laser looking attacks.) (Gyrazers too have Cellular counterparts.), as well as Aurum Jyols and Sios . He can also dodge lasers while offguard and dodge a weakened Phosphora's lightning three times in a row while partially off-guard from being cocky and speech-making. Base Pit in the first game was also able to defeat the first three of Medusa's commanders one by one in the Underworld, Overworld and Skyworld/Angel Land, Twinbellows , the original Hewdraw and a non true form Pandora .

Massively FTL+ (As shown previously the Lightning Chariot is beyond the Power of Flight's ability to catch up, and can break the barrier at it's most condensed size localized around Palutena's Temple, being so fast Phosphora is required to capture it.)

Massively FTL+ (Pit with the Three Sacred Treasures was fast enough to solo both Thanatos and Medusa simultaneously (As for Thanatos in this game only having one health and respawning instantly, it's likely just due to NES limitations or other gameplay reasons, especially as resurrection is certainly not that fast of a process and even normal monsters are difficult to create and  require a massive amount of souls to create , let alone two of the Underworld's strongest figures sans Hades who requires more than the amount of time and effort taken for Thanatos to respawn in-game just to craft a new lower body for himself or a new head , a process that massively drains soul count thereby weakening him ; Resurrection in general without a soul refill afterwards also leaves a weakened resurrectee .), and Pit 25 years later can beat Thanatos one on one without the Arrow of Light , and even with weakened Treasures , and possibly having the capability in base due to such and his growth over the years, still has the speed to beat a weakened Medusa , last long enough to momentarily hurt Hades himself , and dodge a host of Great Sacred Treasure attacks including it's main cannon chest laser at both it's slower and quicker charges .)

Massively FTL+ ( Even in it's full, most part-encumbered form the Great Sacred Treasure can dodge many of Hades's attacks , mostly danmaku and namely a large speed tornado he creates , and can out-pace and dodge his danmaku at full sprint as well as a crater-making jump kick afterwards . In it's part-shedded Pursuit Mode, which occurs in roughly 7 seconds, it's travel speed can match Hades's roughly 10 seconds after liftoff, roughly 19 seconds overall with Hades's whole head-start and it can continue to fight him and  the many turrets of his Devastation Ensemble and still focus on his weak-spots mid-flight, which holds truer and truer for the continuously part-less Mech Armor and Ultralight modes, Mech Armor Mode being able to bisect him before he can react , eventually pressuring the as of now fatigued and weakened Hades to the point of resorting to teleporting above and clapping him while he's off-guard with the Treasure already missing half it's body at this point to begin with. After Hades weakens himself further from further regen thanks to the unexpected appearance of a still weakened Medusa, a battered and bruised base Pit is able to dodge three of a weakened Hades's lasers at once while carrying the charging main cannon until he's finally able to fire it , at which point the weakened Hades is completely blitzed and annhilated by the massive blast that follows. 

Immeasurable (In a flash of light Galeem encompassed an infinite upon infinite amount of timelines except for one.)

Lifting Strength :Superhuman (Can lift fairly large objects such as the Great Sacred Treasures gun.)| Superhuman (Can lift large characters such as Bowser)

Striking Strength : Universal+| Universal+| Universal+| Universal+| High Multiversal+

Durability: Universal+| Universal+| Universal+| Universal+| High Multiversal+  

Stamina : Vast (Since the original Kid Icarus up to Uprising Pit has fought entire armies of Underworld troops and others constantly with powers that boost his stamina further;In just his orignal adventure he fought a Divine Comedy-esque gauntlet from the Underworld to the Overworld all the way to Skyworld and fighting both Medusa and Thanatos at once, traversing multiple dungeons and combating the likes of Twinbellows, Hewdraw and Pandora all the while.| Endless with Tirelessness and Lightweight

Range : Anywhere from Melee Range to Tens to Hundreds of Kilometres with various weapons, namely the Three Sacred Treasures and the Great Sacred Treasure

Standard Equipment: 

(Bows are Pit's bread and butter. Good homing and ranged damage and can be split into two swords if pressured into close quarters combat.)

  • Palutena Bow: Pit's signature weapon personally made by Palutena. It's shots gain speed with distance and has weak standing shots but strong charge shots.
  • Silver Bow: A prototype of the Palutena bow and Dark Pit's signature weapon. It's shots have high range and homing ability, and is the only bow whose shot power is higher at close range.
  • Sagittarius Bow: The legendary Zodiac bow. It's attacks are highly powerful and it's shots are fast and can pierce multiple opponents.
  • Phosphora Bow: A bow made out of Phosphora's own scarf. It's shots have homing to the point where even the most aimless attack will hit the enemy. It's shots also can paralyze foes to make up for it's weakness and having it equipped have buffed speed.
  • Aurum Bow: A bow reverse-engineered from Aurum technology. It has low power but good range and homing ability.
  • Fortune Bow: The most basic and well-balanced bow.
  • Meteor Bow: It's shots don't have as much power or homing ability, which is made up for with rapid fire shots, far and fast traveling shots and the longest shot range of any bow.
  • Divine Bow: A Bow made from sacred tree wood with quickly charging shots that can nullify enemy fire complete with having high homing ability. It's power is immense to the point of having to be suppressed by various talismans.
  • Crystal Bow: A bow made from crystal near the gods. Despite it's short range it's quite powerful and fires large projectiles.
  • Hawkeye Bow: It's shots are fast, have high range and can nullify enemy fire, but takes long to charge and has weak melee power.
  • Angel Bow: Has great range but tremendously slow and weak shots.
  • Darkness Bow: Has strong ranged and melee attacks, but bad homing and charge time.

(Blades serve as guns and swords in one; the most straightforward and easy to handle and well-rounded at close and long range alike.) 

  • First Blade: The most basic and well balanced sword meant for trainees.
  • Palutena Blade: A weapon commissioned by palutena whose charge shots can nullify enemy fire and has fast but weak continuous fire dash shots but has great range on it's dash shots.
  • Aquarius Blade: The legendary Zodiac blade. It's charge shots can push back foes and it's melee attack can freeze them.
  • Gaol Blade: A blade forged from the same material as Gaol's armor. It's charged attacks move slowly but have great homing and it's ranged attacks are the strongest of any blade.
  • Aurum Blade: A blade reverse engineered from Aurum technology. It's shots have high homing ability and charge quickly.
  • Burst Blade: Has low power and the shortest blade range, but fires multiple bullets and once and can nullify enemy fire.
  • Viper Blade: A blade that inflicts poison damaged forged from the scales of a thousand venomous snakes.
  • Crusader Blade: Has shots that can nullify enemy fire and has strong melee attacks.
  • Royal Blade: It's most powerful shots are backwards dash shots.
  • Optical Blade: It has the most range of any blade and it's charged shots grow in power over distance.
  • Samurai Blade: A copy of a devastatingly powerful and legendary sword which buffs speed but has weak shots and takes longer to charge.
  • Bullet Blade: Bad range and melee power, but it's shots have equal power at long or close range.

(Staves are basically sniper rifles, with power that grows stronger and stronger with range with the longest range of any regular weapon type.)

  • Scorpio Staff: The legendary Zodiac staff. It has a short firing range but buffs the users speed and deals does poison damage.
  • Dark Pit Staff: The staff Dark Pit uses in Chapter 6. It's damage at maximum range is quadruple close range damage and makes up for it's lack of size and range of it's continuous fire by being powerful.
  • Thanatos Staff: A staff modeled after Thanatos.
  • Insight Staff: The basic and balanced staff.
  • Orb Staff: It's shots are large but lack range, knockback and homing ability but has the same shot power and any range. It's melee attacks are amped by the orb.
  • Rose Staff: It's brambles travel slowly, but are immensely powerful and it has a quick charge time.
  • Knuckle Staff: It's shots lack range, charge slowly and ironically lose power as they travel, but are quite strong, and it excels at melee.
  • Ancient Staff: It's charged shots hang in the air and paralyze enemies.
  • Lancer Staff: A staff based around one that slew thousands. It's shots are slow but are ironically more powerful at close range and charge quickly, and it's melee power is above average.
  • Flintlock Staff: It's melee is one of the worst of any weapon.
  • Somwhat Staff: A staff that is actually a sentient creature.
  • Laser Staff: One of the longest ranges of any weapon and has slow to charge but incredibly fast fire rate.

(Claws are the most pronounced speed buff of any regular weapon type. Mainly useful for close range combo strikes and blitzing attacks.)

  • Viridi Claws: Claws as deadly as Viridi herself. Their homing ability is strong and they have long lasting continuous fire, as well as being able to paralyze foes one third of the time.
  • Cancer Claws: The legendary Zodiac claws. A speed amp is given during continuous fire and charge shots temporarily hover near enemies, as well as having powerful melee.
  • Pandora Claws: Claws based on Pandora's spirit form. Backward dash charge shots create a large barrier, and the third melee hit sends opponents airborne.
  • Tiger Claws: The basic and balanced claws.
  • Wolf Claws: Deals fire damage and has homing ability, but unfortunately has limited range.
  • Bear Claws: Has strong but short ranged ranged shots, but has some of the strongest melee power of any non treasure weapon.
  • Brawler Claws: Grants the greatest speed amp of any non treasure weapon.
  • Stealth Claws: Have near invisibility, but have below average melee power.
  • Hedgehog Claws: Charge quickly as well as providing a good speed boost. Low homing and power, but rapid fire.
  • Raptor Claws: Strong melee and range but low charge time.
  • Artillery Claws: Bad melee and little to no homing ability, but amped speed, no loss of power over distance and range comparable to blades.
  • Beam Claws: Weak homing ability and power, but but fast shot travel and no power loss over distance, as well as range comparable to bows. 

(Palms have the most accurate homing of any regular weapon type. Draws energy from the user to boost attacks, tho not to any particularly negative or harmful degree.) 

  • Viridi Palm: A palm made by Viridi. Great at consecutive hits and deals more damage depending on where it hits. Shooting from distance improves accuracy.
  • Virgo Palm: The legendary Zodiac palm. Longest palm firing range and shots grow in size with distance but lacking in power and homing ability.Backward dash charge shots create a defensive wall.
  • Great Reaper Palm: Like the Great Reaper itself it can summon reappetes. Long charge time but can halve enemy health.
  • Aurum Palm: Reverse engineered from Aurum technology. Little to no homing but has rapid charging.
  • Violet Palm: The basic and balanced palm.
  • Burning Palm: Deals fire damage and has the most melee power of palms, but has short firing range and a long charge time.
  • Needle Palm: It's needles burrow into targets. The difference in charge and normal shot range is minimal.
  • Midnight Palm: Has slow but powerful shots and can nullify enemy fire as well as create a large moon like object with a backward dash charge shot.
  • Cursed Palm: Charge shots move slowly and gradually get weaker with distance but have immense homing. Also has excellent melee.
  • Cutter Palm: Takes long to charge and lacks good homing, but attacks slice through foes.
  • Pudgy Palm: Has a strong charge shot and great homing. Backwards dash charge shots can stop almost any shot from inferior enemies.
  • Ninja Palm: Shoots fast shots, has quick charge time and amps speed as well as excelling in melee, but lacks power, range and homing.  

(Clubs possess the most brutal melee attacks of any regular weapon type. Ranged shots are massive and can block shots and clear groups of enemies, and can intangibly pass through walls. Light when held thanks to magic, with weight that you would expect when actually swung with.) 

  • Capricorn Club: The legendary Zodiac club. Shots move fast and have a fast charge time, but they lack range, do less damage over distance and don't cancel out other shots.
  • Magnus Club: A club resembling Magnus's sword exclusive to melee combat, but boosts the speed of the user.
  • Hewdraw Club: Does high melee damage, and charged shots have a long range and good homing ability but somewhat lacking in damage.
  • Aurum Club: Reverse engineered from aurum technology. Charge shots lack homing and range but are large, can move through objects and can nullify enemy fire.
  • Ore Club: The basic and well balanced club.
  • Babel Club: Charged shots deliver executive strikes, but has the longest charge time of any weapon.
  • Skyscraper Club: Decreases speed more than the average club and charge shots decrease in power with distance.
  • Atlas Club: Increases speed and makes up for not passing through obstacles with high homing ability.
  • Earthmaul Club: Has a longer reach than any other weapon and it's backward dash charge shot can reflect off walls.
  • Ogre Club: Makes up for it's slow charged shots by being the physically strongest of all non treasure weapons.
  • Halo Club: Makes up for being weak by paralyzing enemies.
  • Black Club: Low charge time and speed but high power and homing along with being able to nullify enemy attacks.   

(Arms are gauntlets with rough physical damage and strong ranged attacks, with decent speed.)

  • Taurus Arm: The legendary Zodiac arm. Does the most melee damage of any arm, with shots that are big and powerful but have bad range and homing.
  • Phoenix Arm: Modeled after the Pheonix. Charged shots deal fire damage while continuous fire shoots feathers, which travels twice as far as charged shots.
  • Kraken Arm: Modeled after the Kraken. Shots are slow but homing in hook as well as strong melee.
  • Crusher Arm: The basic and well balanced arm.
  • Compact Arm: The highest speed of any arm but weakest melee power.
  • Electroshock Arm: Unleashes an electrical paralysis effect and strikes knocks foes backward.
  • Volcano Arm: Deals fire damage but is limited in range and charge time.
  • Drill Arm: Goes through enemies and does continuous drilling damage, and has great homing.
  • Bomber Arm: One of the shortest ranges of any weapon, with weak shots and strong charge shots, as well as the fastest charge time of any arm.
  • Bowl Arm: Has strong charge shots.
  • End-All Arm: Low charge time and speed, but strong side dash continuous fire.
  • Upperdash Arm: Weak regular attacks, immensely strong dash attack, as well as lift foes with a backward dash attack. 

(Orbitars hover around the user.Can hit multiple enemies at once. Can hit opponents by spinning. Mainly defensive in nature)

  • Gemini Orbitars: The legendary Zodiac orbitars. Standard charge shots are erratic and difficult to predict.
  • Arlon Orbitars: Has the longest range of any orbitar and fires chakrams just like Arlon himself.
  • Centurion Orbitars: Backward dash charge shots shoot centurion shields, and their continuous fire possess long range.
  • Aurum Orbitars: Built from aurum forces. Continuous fire is a quite fast narrow beam that is unfortunately limited in range.
  • Standard Orbitars: The basic and well rounded orbitars
  • Guardian Orbitars: Charged shots create a massive shield that can nullify enemy fire.
  • Shock Orbitars: Uses electricity from Pit's wings. Charged shots have high homing ability.
  • Eyetrack Orbitars: In what they lack in power and charge time they make up for by having some of the most range of any non treasure weapon.
  • Fairy Orbitars: They charge quickly and can inflict confusion on enemies.
  • Paw-Pad Orbitars: They have a short charge time.
  • Jetstream Orbitars: Charge shots can knock foes into the air but have low homing and lose power with distance.
  • Boom Orbitars: The strongest of orbitars and completely lack homing ability and slow down the user during continuous fire.

(Cannons produce great explosions whose shots can be bounced off floors or walls. Would-be recoil damage is negated through magic.) 

  • Leo Cannon: The legendary Zodiac cannon. Shots send enemies flying then explode behind them, but it's difficult to use.
  • Poseidon Cannon: Has a fraction of Poseidon's power and can hit with the force of a flood.
  • Cragalanche Cannon: Made with pieces of Cragalanche. It's shots like speed and range but have massive power.
  • Twinbellows Cannon: Fires a continuous flame and backward dash charge shots create flame balls that explode near where they land.
  • EZ Cannon: The basic and well rounded cannon.
  • Ball Cannon: Fire's devastatingly powerful cannon balls.
  • Predator Cannon: Has the strongest melee power of all cannons and amps speed. Explosions do repeated damage and backward dash charge shots create and arcing shell.
  • Fireworks Cannon: Attacks lack power and range, but has fast charge time, wide explosions, strong homing ability and can knock enemies into the air.
  • Rail Cannon: Has the highest range of any cannon and fires it's shots at high speeds.
  • Dynamo Cannon: Can paralyze foes and it's charge shots detonate on impact or at the end of their range.
  • Doom Cannon: Shots are slow to charge and move, but leave an ongoing, devastating area of damage in it's wake.
  • Sonic Cannon: It's shots have cutting properties and it's continuous fire has a large area, as well as a great homing ability. 

  • Three Sacred Treasures: The Arrow of Light is a bow that can pierce the invulnerability of Ornes and take on gods such as Medusa, the Mirror Shield reflects attacks and the Wings of Pegasus offer unlimited flight.
  • Lightning Chariot: The artifact of the eponymous Chariot Master pulled by the unicorns Phos and Lux through the galaxy, who can also fire shots from the horns and fight armies like Pit.
  • Great Sacred Treasure (Full Form, Pursuit Mode, Mech Armor Mode, Ultralight Mode): The Great Sacred Treasure is fast, powerful and durable enough to do what it's three predecessors couldn't and be able to defeat Hades.It's able to adapt on the fly and shed parts to change it's form for damage taken in the situation. Even it's full parted first form is fast enough to dodge attacks such as Hades's. It's subsequent three forms are Pursuit Mode, Mech Armor Mode, which moves like an extension of the user's body and the Ultralight Mode. The Treasure's main cannon when at full energy can one-shot a weakened Hades.

and Various Powers (Expanded on in Notable Attacks/Techniques.)

Intelligence : Gifted in relation to weapons/combat (Ever since his original adventure Pit has served Palutena as the captain of Palutena's guard for up to 25 years by Uprising and had actually already had that position by Medusa's first invasion, and can use a vast variety of weapons, weapon types and a hefty amount of powers as well. He's fought against a multitude of armies in a multitude of environments, be it the Underworld or Aurum armies and Forces of Nature, from volcanic wastelands to deserts and tricky labyrinths and other locales from the Underworld to Skyworld)  Below Average academically (Pit commonly relies on Palutena for guidance like a yes-man to the point he becomes nervous  without her around, is quite gullible and naive and is commonly made fun of by everyone else, and is even illiterate .)

Weaknesses: Unintelligent, gullible, brash, obsessively loyal to Palutena and unable to fly without the Power of Flight and can only use a small amount of powers at a time.

Feats: Being able to beat various generals and god level individuals, namely Hades.| Being able to beat the Hands, Tabuu, Galeem and Dharkon

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: Base| Lightning Chariot| Three Sacred Treasures| Base/withered Three Sacred Treasures (Uprising)| Great Sacred Treasure| Super Smash Bros 

Note:  A cosmology blog going over each realm and othewise major location . A tier list/scaling chain .


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