Upon defeating Kai in the spirit realm with his Hero's Chi that had been passed down by Master Oogway, Po had fulfilled his destiny and had truly become the Dragon Warrior. However, what Po did not expect was to take on four more students during his visit to the Panda Village; four young pandas who had ended up with the powers of the four constellations. Using the knowledge passed down by Oogway, Po finds that he has to train the four children in order to combat the evil forces trying to steal the power of the sacred Wellspring.

Powers and Stats

Tiering System: At least 8-B, At least 8-A to Low 7-C with Hero's Chi | At least 6-A to 5-B to 4-A to High 3-A with chi augmentation

Name: Po Ping

Origin: Kung Fu Panda

Gender: Male

Age: 20s

Classification: Panda

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Martial Artist (Kung Fu Master), Weapon Mastery, BFR (Can send foes directly to the spirit realm), Accelerated Development, Resistance to internal attacks, Blunt Force Attacks, Paralysis Inducement, Mind Manipulation, Possession, Transmutation, Pressure Point Techniques and Void Manipulation, Chi Manipulation (Can project his chi, as well as Sealing), Life Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction, Darkness Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Fire Manipulation and limited Absorption, Power Mimicry, Electricity Manipulation, Telekinesis (With Chi), Flight, limited Acausality (Type 1), Can blind the opponent, Paralysis Inducement (Can paralyze the opponent), the ability to manipulate, and absorb Chi as well as break solid matter down into chi and create portals to and from the Spirit Realm, Resurrection, Sealing (With the Spirit Urn), Awakened Power | Same as before, plus Extrasensory Perception (Tracked Jindiao down by following his chi), Soul Manipulation (Can separate a soul from one's body using his chi), Transformationand Large Size (Type 1) in the Spirit Realm

Attack Potency: At least City Block level (Po is able to harm opponents who are comparable to him in durability, and should be superior to his KFP3 self), At least Multi City Block level to Small Town level with Hero's Chi (Immensely stronger than Ke-Pa, should be at least comparable to the Hero's Chi he used to fight Kai. Jindiao stated that Hero's Chi Po was stronger than himself. Po's Hero's Chi was used to throw and violently fragment a large boulder. Staggered the White Bone Demon with his chi, although it is unclear whether he was amped by the wellspring when he did this) | At least Continent level+ to Planet level to Multi-Solar System level to High Universe level with chi augmentation (Should be far stronger than before. Tanked being in the epicenter of the blast given off by his Wu-Xi finger hold, which parteda huge amount of clouds. Stronger than depowered Sun Wukong, who created a dream dimension which contained a moon and a star. Held his own against Jindiao, who had the absorbed the power of the Wellspring, which was described as endless and all the chi or life energy in the Universe. Should be equal to the Anti Chord and the Eternal Chord, which are capable of unmaking and reshaping the universe respectively. Fought Jindiao, who was capable of escaping from the Spirit World, a feat, requiring more power than the Spirit World itself, which is infinitely sized. Fought enemies fueled by the Wellspring, which is stated to be the source of all light in the universe. Equal to Master Black Tortoise, who created a shield bigger than The Earth to shatter a giant meteor)

Speed: At least Supersonic (Faster than his KFP3 self), higher with Hero's Chi | At least Supersonic, Massively FTL+ in The Spirit World (Caught up to and found Jindiao in a very short time in an infinite space.), higher with eyes of Bushido

Lifting Strength: Class M (Grappled with Tai Lung. Held large statue in the past.) | At least Class M (Restrained Jindiao in his true form, who should be immensely superior to his vulture form, who could lift a large boulder)

Striking Strength: At least City Block Class, At least Multi-City Block Class to Small Town Class with chi amplification | At least Continent Class+ to Multi-Solar System Class to High Universal with chi augmentation

Durability: At least City Block level (Should be superior to his KFP3 self), At least Multi-City Block level to Small Town level with Hero's Chi (Took attacks from Jindiao) | At least Continent level+ to Multi-Solar System level to High Universe level with chi augmentation

Stamina: Very high

Range: Standard melee range, up to dozens of meters with non-chi techniques, Low Multiversal with chi techniques (Even characters who are completely inexperienced with chi, such as the panda villagers, are capable of projecting their chi between universes. With Po's Mastery of Chi, Po was capable of travelling from the Spirit Realm back to the Mortal Realm) | Tens of meters due to sheer size (in the Spirit Realm), standard melee range otherwise, Low Multiversal with chi techniques (Po sensed Jindiao's chi in the depths of the Spirit Realm, and is comparable to Jindiao who changed the entirety of the Spirit Realm)

Standard Equipment: The Spirit Urn

Intelligence: Po is a very skilled combatant and teacher, being able to learn quickly and is pretty good at improvising strategies on the spot. He was a threat to Jindiao who has well over 1000 years of Kung Fu experience.

Weaknesses: Can accidentally blind himself if he uses the Golden Lotus Clap without closing his eyes, he cannot access his dragon form outside of the Spirit Realm, and if Po dies in the Spirit Realm, he dies for good.

Key: Paws of Destiny Base | Post-Wellspring amp

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