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I'm done letting you make me feel bad. I prefer to feel good, and I'm going to feel real good when I send you two to a place where you'll never see the light of day. Ever. Again.
~ Romeo


Romeo, also known as The Admin, is a corrupt godhead that created the world along with two others of his kind, one of whom he later killed and another who he sealed, serving as the main antagonist of Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Ages ago, Romeo, Xara, and a man named Fred, were all beings that possessed amazing powers, calling themselves "the Admins". However, Romeo turned on his friends Xara and Fred, resulting in a battle for the control of the world. This resulted in Fred being killed, and Xara being imprisoned. Romeo ultimately grabbed all the power for himself, and used it for his own sadistic entertainment.

Romeo took on the title of "the Admin", the alleged creator of the world, and was told about in many stories. To some people like Nurm, Romeo was, at first, seen as a god and a hero, even though he was neither; he was an evil person with special powers. It's later revealed that he is looking for a worthy "champion" to be at his side, only to cause more mayhem.

It is said that when there were no more heroes worthy of "the Admin" and his challenges, "the Admin" left this world, waiting for the next great heroes to rise. At some point after this, a legendary adventurer known as Jack, found a prismarine gauntlet used by Romeo. Although Jack did not believe the legends of "the Admin", he, along with two of his best friends, Sammy and Vos, travelled down to the Admin's Sea Temple to follow the gauntlets trail.

Neither Sammy nor Vos escaped the temple alive. Jack made it out, but the loss of his friends traumatized him, so much that he threw the map leading to the Sea Temple into a volcano. Note that even after this, Jack still did not believe that "the Admin" existed. From then, the Admin would arise to try to attain even more power and rule the world, with Jesse's Gang and Xara being the only ones capable of stopping him.

Romeo is voiced by Jean-Benoît Blanc.

This dropdown contains the entire synopsis of the Admin so far; if you don't want to read the entire thing or have to scroll extremely far down, you can skip this. The summary also contains major spoilers and descriptions of the plot; we advise you to refrain from reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

While chasing Lluna the treasure-sniffing llama in a cave, Jesse and Petra stumble across a room. In the middle of the room, up top a pyramid made of sand and red sand lay a prismarine gauntlet. Romeo whispered Jesse's name, which only Jesse heard. Jesse approaches the gauntlet before it rises up and places itself onto his/her right hand, much to his/her shock. Jesse and Petra attempt to remove the gauntlet, to no avail. The ground shakes, before the sand pyramid starts falling downwards, leaving behind a hole in the ground. Emitting from hole is a green light, accompanied with green fog. Jesse dubs the hole "Heckmouth." After hearing another tremor, Jesse, Petra and Lluna leave the cavern. Outside the cavern, Jesse, per Petra's suggestion, leaves behind a warning sign. (The sign may say "KEEP OFF THE GRASS", "TOP SECRET: GO AWAY.", "NOTHING TO SEE HERE." or "WARNING: HECKMOUTH", the last of which is arguably the most effective warning.)

After Jesse, Petra, Jack, and Nurm get inside the Sea Temple, they get attention by some Elder Guardians which tried to attack them. Jesse then spots some obsidian cages on the ceiling before he attacks the Elder Guardians. Then, Jesse then has to take one of the dead Elder Guardian's stuff, and with it, Jesse has the option to create block to solve a puzzle door. After Jesse solves it, the door opens, and then all obsidian cages open, and "Vos" can be seen falling from one of the cages.

Romeo chose this time to disguise himself as Vos, while making himself appear as if he had been trapped in the temple for a very long time, claiming to have survived on porkchops.

Jack is overjoyed to be reunited with his long-lost friend. "Vos" then shows curiosity as to whether or not Jesse and Petra are good, before showing a desire to leave the Sea Temple immediately. Jesse refuses, as they need the Structure Block inside the temple, much to Romeo (disguised as Vos)'s dismay.

Then, Jesse and the gang (along with "Vos") walk through the temple into a hallway with some tall Prismarine Foes, hostile statues that come alive. The statues wake up and start chasing Jesse's Gang before being blocked off by a door. Jesse then finds the structure block, and "Vos" and the others show surprise. The statues then manage to break into the room, and a fierce battle ensures. "Vos" then acts scared, begging Jesse to use the structure block to fend off their attackers. Then, a giant Prismarine Foe that "the Admin" (Romeo) is controlling punches a hole in a wall, and greets Jesse.

After Jesse manages to destroy one smaller Prismarine Foe, the giant Prismarine Foe starts attacking Jesse. He/she then has to choose between helping Petra retrieve her beloved sword without getting killed, or save Jack, Nurm, and "Vos" from a hoard of smaller Prismarine Foes. If Jesse helps Petra, "Vos" will feign concern for Jack after a statue blinds one of Jack's eyes. Then, the Gang (along with "Vos") escape the Sea Temple.

The gang visits the "Heckmouth" where Jesse first found the gauntlet. Petra is seen giving "Vos" an iron sword, presumably so he can help fend of the charged creepers while Jesse used the Structure Block to close the "Heckmouth". Jesse succeeds in doing so, before the gang returns to Beacontown, then "Vos" goes with Jack, Nurm, and Petra (determinant) to set up a new adventure together. As the townsfolk celebrate Jesse's "victory", another giant Prismarine Foe (or possibly the same one) controlled by the Admin stomps into town. As the townsfolk scream and run, the giant statue calmly says "Jesse... Did you really think you could run away from the Admin? You've really got my attention now."

The Prismarine Foe states to the cowering citizens of Beacontown that he wishes to speak with Jesse, the "Gauntlet Bearer". After Jesse kills off the Prismarine Colossus, Jack, "Vos", Petra, Stampy Cat, and many other citizens of Beacontown are fighting off hostile mobs. Jesse is able to change the time back to day, and the hostile mobs are killed.

Then, later on, Jack and "Vos" are talking about their adventures, most specifically the one they went to Twisting Death Cavern. Jesse arrives and asks where Petra is, since she was looking for him/her. "Vos" comments about the amazing fight that Jesse had with the Admin (it was actually a Prismarine Colossus; "Vos" was just hiding the fact that he is the Admin). He then feigns concern about Jack changing from a legendary adventurer to just a tour guide. "Vos" then suggests that Jack goes back to talking about Twisting Death Cavern. Then, Petra shows up while talking to Nurm, who tells Jesse that she's leaving with Jack and "Vos" (who is really "the Admin"; actually, Romeo). While Jesse is talking to Petra, they, Nurm, Jack, and "Vos" see a snowflake. Pretty soon, more snowflakes fall out of the sky. One snowflake falls into Jesse's gauntlet, and he says, "The Admin", and the Admin (really the Snowman) shows up.

The Admin's Snowman lies about himself being the Admin, and talks about how he just couldn't stay away from Jesse's battle with the Prismarine Colossus. He reveals that the Prismarine Colossus was "just a construct", and "Vos", Petra, and Jack watch as Jesse walks closer to "the Admin" (the Snowman). The Snowman reveals that he has a new challenge for Jesse, and changes the time of day into night. He also says that Beacontown will be trapped in an eternal dark winter at night until the group recaptures the clock. Jack asks where the clock is, and "the Admin" reveals that it is at the top of the "Awesome, Fantastic, Super-Deadly Icy Palace of Despair". The Snowman tells the group to follow the path, and that they can't be lost. Jesse angrily asks the Snowman why he's doing this, and the latter starts to throw a tantrum. The Snowman then summons strays to attack the group, thus making it an even more dangerous challenge for Jesse. Then, Jesse, Petra, Jack, and "Vos" watch as the Snowman disappears in seconds.

As the hostile mobs are about to attack Beacontown, "Vos" tells everyone to hide (Nurm is ringing with him), but he does not fight with Jesse, Petra, or Jack, who kill some hostile mobs. After those hostile mobs are killed, Jesse figures that more will be coming to Beacontown. Then, Lukas, Radar, Nurm, and "Vos" can be seen running toward the group. Lukas reveals that the clock just vanished. Radar tells everyone that he's coming too, and promises to help. Jesse accepts this, and he/she, Petra, Lukas, Radar, Jack, and "Vos" follow the path to the icy palace. As they are walking toward the palace, Jack gets suspicious about the Admin keeping his word about the clock; Petra starts to agree with him. As Jesse and Petra start a conversation after the latter talked with Jack, "Vos" and Radar walk forward.

Soon, the group sees Lluna, and "Vos" asks where she came from. Stella (Lluna's owner and the leader of Champion City), who is not too far from Jesse, Petra, Lukas, Radar, Jack, and "Vos", angrily tells everyone to get away from Lluna. Jesse introduces her to Lukas, Jack, "Vos", and Radar, and asks her what she's doing here. Stella reveals that her city is covered in snow; therefore, she investigated, and found Jesse and the group. Petra tells Stella that she and the group is chasing the bad guy who covered both Beacontown and Champion City with snow. Then, Stella says that she will be sticking around with the group to keep an eye on them.

As the group travels to the Awesome, Fantastic, Super-Deadly Icy Palace of Despair, Jesse is the one who spots it first. Lukas is the one who finds the clock. As the group walks toward the icy palace, Jesse says that "the Admin" mentioned challenges, and figures that there will be obstacles in his way. Stella gets excited, and asks if the Admin built the entire palace instantly. She then says that power is how the world is run, and "Vos" can be seen in the background, listening to the conversation. Stella recognizes Radar as the person who quit being on her inventory management team, and Radar reveals that he used to work in Champion City. She then tells Jesse that she doesn't think Radar knows how to use a sword, but Lluna runs off, and Stella catches her.

As the group walks closer, Jesse pulls a lever, which creates a firework display, and he/she asks what's going on, and the Admin's Snowman, which the group believes to be the Admin himself. The latter tells everyone to gather around, and don't be shy, and is surprised to see how many people there are now. Stella introduces herself to "the Admin", and reveals that she's the founder of Champion City. Then, the Snowman says he can see the group having greatness, and says it's very "cute".

At the end of the episode, "the Admin" reveals to Jesse's Gang that he has been masquerading as Vos and that the real Vos is dead as Jack believed, much to Jack's horror. Stella offers to join "the Admin", which he seemingly shows interest towards. He then berated Jesse for cheating in his challenge, saying that he made said challenge just for him/her. "The Admin" then lifts Jesse, Petra and Jack into the air and deems Jesse "not worthy", removing his/her gauntlet and placing a red gauntlet on the hand of either Petra or Jack, depending on who destroyed the Clock and "won the game", cursing said victim to be his "new champion". "The Admin" then sends Jesse and Jack/Petra (whoever wasn't deemed worthy) to a place where "they will never see the light of day ever again", which is a dangerous prison where he sends those who he has "special plans for".

"The Admin" is mentioned several times in the Sunshine Institute by several prisoners, guards, and the Warden. The Admin appears when the Warden fails to keep Jesse and the gang in line. He gets so mad that he fires the Warden and then forces Jesse to fight Jack/Petra.

After a failed attempt to kill him, Jesse and the gang are being sent by the Admin to a level below, to "Prisoner X", who is really Xara. The Admin than shapeshifts into Jesse and says to the real Jesse that he will "take good care" of Beacontown. Xara tells them about that the Admin's real name is Romeo and that she used to be an "Admin" herself, together with Fred and Romeo, there were totally three "Admins". It's most likely they called themselves "Admins" because they were incredibly powerful. Xara takes the gang to a special tower in the middle of "the Burrow" and says that the key to defeating Romeo lies beneath the bedrock.

Meanwhile, Romeo has discovered that Jesse escaped the Institute. Therefore, he hires a mysterious ninja-like bounty hunter (who turns out to be Ivor) to track them down and to make sure that they're "behaving themselves". The bounty hunter leaves in a smoke screen and disappears, with the Amulet of the Order to serve as his tracker. As Romeo does an evil laugh, his eyes change back to their true color (red, with yellow pupils)

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 2-C

Name: Romeo, the Admin, "Vos", "Jesse"

Origin: Minecraft (more specifically Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2)

Gender: Male (determinantly turns into a female while disguised as Jesse, if the player chose the female gender)

Age: Likely thousands of years

Classification: God, Admin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsSupernatural StrengthRegeneration (Mid; can regenerate his head), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4), Nigh-OmnipotenceReality WarpingShapeshiftingMimicry FormOmnificence (also includes Lifeless Body Creation and Matter Manipulation), TelepathyMind ControlSubordination ManipulationCommand InducementSize ManipulationInvisibility,  DominationFlightLevitation, Nonexistence (can wipe others from existence by pointing at them. Commonly used in Above and Beyond where it is also determinantly used to kill Xara), ApportationTelekinesisGravity ManipulationTime Manipulation (changed daytime to nighttime), ElectrokinesisSummoningFireball GenerationClothing ManipulationDay and Night Manipulation (induced an eternal night and can freely swap between daytime and nighttime), TeleportationDimensional Travel (stated to have left the world once), Curse ManipulationSpatial ManipulationSealingMagicPossessionCutting Immunity (Jesse's sword couldn't harm him in any of his forms), BFRAnimation (gave life to inanimate objects), Life Creation and Inducement

Attack Potency: At least Universe level+ (his power is what held an entire universe together, and he was covering the Overworld - an entire dimension - with Bedrock with the plans of building a new universe on top of it)  

Speed: UnknownMassively Hypersonic combat speed (can react to Jesse who can in turn react to the attacks of the Wither)

Lifting Strength: Unknown but High w/ Telekinesis 

Striking Strength: At least Room Class (a single blow from him can shatter entire platforms and roofs), likely Universal+

Durability: Universe level+ (was unscathed by the blows of Fred and Xara who were equal to him in power)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Hundreds of meters. Universal+ w/ Reality Warping.

Standard Equipment: None notable so far

Intelligence: Gifted (knows tons of things due to his endless lifespan and organized the world along with Fred and Xara)

Weaknesses: His annoying personality. His powers can be removed by certain methods.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Electrokinesis: Romeo can bend lightning and electricity as his primary offence method. This is shown particularly when Jesse was to fight Jack or Petra (determined by player choice) where he portrayed the ability to channel and fire red lightning and strike victims with it.
  • Fireball Generation: Romeo can generate projectiles engulfed by blue flames. This has only been seen in his snowman form, but it is probable he can do it in all forms.
  • Magic: The Admin possesses some degree of magic as seen when he casted a curse/hex on Jack or Petra (again, player choice).
  • Shapeshifting: Romeo can take on any form he wants including those of others, copying their qualities, talents, abilities and memories when doing so. Their voice however will be very slightly robot-like, allowing aware individuals to be alerted of the individual's hidden identity.
  • Control/Mental Powers: Romeo can control, dominate and subjugate others to surpress their free will, possess them and control their minds. He can also read others' thoughts and communicate with them through the mind.
  • Omnificence: Romeo can create anything without limits. This ranges from organisms, matter and objects to clothes and even vessels for him to utilize and/or possess. His ability of Limitless Construction allows him to build any structure, item or object made from blocks in an instant, although sometimes in a few seconds - a notable example is the Icy Palace of Despair.
  • Gravity Alteration: Romeo has at least some control over gravitation as shown when he caused Jesse and co. to helplessly hover through the air.
  • Telekinesis: Romeo can maneuver objects and organisms using his mind and gestures alone, examples include lifting Jesse and their friends and pulling them closer, lifting and throwing Jack through a hallway or pulling apart pieces of the Sunshine Institute to create a platform for Petra/Jack and Jesse to fight on.