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Does it matter which branch the bird takes flight from? The bird is unburdened by the weight of the tree. This branch, that branch, it does not matter. No branch is special. No branch is particular. Does the mountain say to the ant, “you have slighted me?” Does the mountain think anything of the inconvenience of an ant? I have seen an infinite shore, one that stretches out before us beyond what the mind can comprehend. Each grain of sand on that beach, each droplet of water and molecule of air is a story to be told. Each is a song to be sung. Each of them is full of life, of laughter, of misery, of hate. They are all the same, even as they are all different. I pity you. You cling to this horrid consciousness because you fear slipping into the darkness. But the darkness is sleep, and beyond sleep is peace. A trillion grains of sand. A trillion trillion grains of sand. Narratives, each. Songs to be sung. No man has ever heard the eternal harmony of them all at once. You can hear it though, can’t you?
~ From SCP-3812's second personality


SCP-3812 is a powerful, reality altering entity, previously known as Sam Howell; a non-anomalous African-American human being who was believed to have died in 1996, and was reported to have raised out of its grave and disappeared shortly after its death. SCP-3812 demonstrates vast, reality altering abilities, although they are coupled with severe mental problems; one of which includes an extremely advanced Eigenmann-Veitor schizophrenia complex. It is unknown how SCP-3812 acquired its current abilities, but a message received by Foundation Overwatch Command on a secure server implies that it was created by an entity native to a higher "narrative", who created the lower narrative SCP-3812 inhabited, and attempted to make it "supersede" everything that supersedes it, causing SCP-3812 to enter into a state of constant ascension throughout the countless layers of reality. Its mental problems seem to originate from "overexposure to narrative", as a being with human intelligence is unable to perceive higher levels of reality without mental modification to allow for such a feat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-S

Name: SCP-3812, "A Voice Behind Me", Sam Howell

Origin: SCP Foundation

Gender: Male

Age: Irrelevant

Classification: Keter Class Anomalous Entity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Beyond-Dimensional Physiology, Transduality (Type 3. Has trascended all the SCP narrative among with superior ones, with the first one containing dualities, transdual places and places beyond both), Shapeshifting (Can change his appearence and composition to anything he wants, since such appearence is nothing but an avatar of himself on that narrative), Acausality (Type 1 and 5. Talked with his "future self" with no secondary effect. Has trascended the SCP Narrative including its concepts of space, time, causality, plot, etc.), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2. Trascends the entirety of SCP Narrative, which includes places beyond the duality of Existence-Nonexistence. Will eventually reach a place beyond all narratives and anything inside humanity's comprehension, including the concept of "concept", narratives, space, time, dimensions, narratives, etc.), Regeneration (True-Godly. Exists beyond the entirety of SCP Narrative, his manifestation within it is nothing but an avatar), Reactive Power Level (SCP-3812's nature makes him trascend the narrative he is contained in infinitely, increasing his status of existence in one incomprehensible greater than the previous one. It'll continue to the infinity, he'll eventually rise beyond the infinite narratives that forms all of creation and continue trascending himself after that), Reactive Evolution (upon constantly evolving, he became immune to any try of Ben, Ben's creator, Ben's creator creator... to contend him), Conceptual Manipulation (type 1), Reality Warping, Plot Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Creation, Subjective Reality (Constantly creates spatial and temporal anomalies, which can be accompanied by sudden outbursts capable shifting or heavily damaging local space-time. Exists on narratives beyond SCP foundation and will eventually overcome all narratives. Beings from higher narratives can see, write and overwrite the plot of lower narratives and their beings like real humans do with their fictions, this includes places within SCP cosmology that are beyond plot, time, space, causality, etc. Destroying anomalies at the point no one could ever wish to remember them, and reality reforms itself like if they never existed, recreating them at will, creating new histories and separate "canons", or even mixing the term of Canon and fanon at will, as well as changing the entirety of a Narrative according to their perception of the events. As consequence, SCP-3812 should be able to do the same. Erased an entire concept in 1980's. Can erase concepts, people, places, etc. from the minds of all people and recreate them at will. Warps the world around him in order to make it be like he thinks it is.). Resistance to Power Nullification (SCP-3812 was completely unaffected by an anti-metaphysical field generated by an unknown SCP whose remnants alone gave origin to SCP-239), Gravity Manipulation (Was unfazed after walking through a naked singularity), Void Manipulation and Plot Manipulation (Was completely unable to be undone by an entity known as "Ben", who wrote down and established the laws of SCP-3812's narrative, and he [SCP-3812] effortlessly resisted all of its attempts of assassination)

All the abilities on SCP Foundation:

Should scale to SCP-001 (Swann's Purposal), who, as the author and creator of everyone at SCP Narrative, should have all their abilities, SCP-001 (Swann's Proposal) should be able to do the same that Mary Nakayama did: obtain any power she wanted by editing her archive and finally becoming God with capital g but on a way greater scale (since he exists on a plane way greater than the previous one) and not limited to his own archive. Should also scale to SCP-3167, who gains abilities related to the narrative he is in. When he trascends a Narrative he becomes completely immune to all the things of the narrative below, as shown when, after trascending Ben, he was totally unable to affect him (since he continues trascending everything below him, including himself with no end, his resistances are beyond infinite layers of Resistance Negation), he also gains infinite layers of Resistance Negation, Regeneration Negation (or similar), since he's able to affect and kill any being below him (he could've destroyed the entire Narrative of SCP after trascending it, even when there are beings resistant and immune to plot manipulation as well with True-Godly regeneration. He will eventually overcome every Narrative and compressing all into a meta-narrative killing everyone in process, negating their Resistance to his abilities too). Will eventually reach and trascend a place where everything and everyone are part of, as consequence, everything should be part of him too.

This abilities include (but are not limited to): Aura (Has several types of Aura), Passive Death Manipulation, Immortality Negation (All Types), Regeneration Negation (True-Godly) (can kill any living, non-living, biological or non-biological being. Including even the likes of SCP-682 true form and The Scarlet King with his mere pressence, nullifying their anomalous effect. Anyone who attacks him will die after doing so. Can kill anyone with a touch. His pressence causes the death of any and all life grown in soil within a 20 meters radius, anything that is derived from soil-grown life, such as wood and paper, as well as anything hydroponically grown, immediately rots and disintegrates upon contact with him. Has an aura that passively absorbs life or age and/or decay things around him, killing them. Can kill other people with his own physiology and abilities), passive Existence Erasure (can erase from existence anything he attacks. Erases the space around himself. Is a nonexistent void which erases anything thst tries to touch or pass through him), passive Plot Manipulation, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (can create an antagonist being and/or item capable to completely destroy any being, object, person, animal, even abstract concepts with a mere touch or anything to destroy any narrative it considers harmful. As a protagonist, can bend the narrative around himself to suit a satisfying conclusion. Can collapse the narrative into incoherent dreamlike plots. can warp reality to make 'pranks' on his show. Can change the reality according to his perception overcoming the law of the universe. Is considered to be a Deus Ex Machine to the narrative he enters in. Alters the events, structure, laws and characters of the narratives he enters in, his attacks killed an enemy invulnerable to physical damage. Can put concepts inside objects, objects inside concepts and concepts inside concepts. Can rewrite all SCP Foundation narrative, including SCP-001 (Swann's Proposal). Automatically changes the story of any fiction he's inserted in to fit "knightly values", allowing him to defeat any evil and eventually lead the story to fit said values. Automatically erased all the changes he did to multiple narratives. Killed a fictional SCP-682 nullifying his properties, immortality and resistances. Changes the laws of physics around himself. Any number added to him will cease to exist conceptually), passive Mind Manipulation & Biological Manipulation (any male who come within his pressence find themselves pliant to their will, becoming willing to kill or die according to his will, can sense if his followers die. Any and all humans over the age of three who make eye contact with, physically touch, or remain around SCP-053 for longer than 10 minutes will rapidly become irrational, paranoid, and homicidal, becoming a 3.3333333rd-dimensional entity with no DNA, anyone who comes in contact with such entity will try by any mean to run out in fear, dying if they can't do so. If they are able, however, they'll try by any mean to kill such entity, losing their ability to reason, communicate, or similar. If contended, they'll lose any memory of what happened. Everyone who looks at him will perceive him as a kind and unremarkable man who is very polite and will forget about him after a few seconds, SCP-1504's actions no matter how violent or bad they are will always be ignored and be unnoticed. 100% of the men who looked at her eyes attemped to have sexual contact with her, regardless of their sexual orientation, 30% of which had their desire turned into obsession. Those changed into SCP-2396-B will become totally loyal to him, when he's "fueled" with sugar any male within 50 yards of her will express a deep desire to leave or try to keep as far as they can from her. Can convince anyone to do anything he wants, such as eating other people or killing themselves. Capable of causing euphoria with a touch. Interaction with it can cure severe depression and PTSD. It was even able to temporarily subdue SCP-682. Any direct cotact with him causes hallucinations, panic attacks and in rare cases damage to the cardiovascular system. Can make people direct to him using the first person (not the third), and eventually make them damage themselves because they'll thing they're a toaster. it is impossible to retain any memory of him. Memory wipe is so absolute that the affected person will retain no memory of the time they spent observing him, effect carries across cameras, drawings, photographs, etc. In essence, anything that carries information about him carries the same effect as the anomaly itself. Can make people think they have a disease. All his actions will be perceived like if they were completely normal and nothing notable. Everyone within his sight will feel warm and comfortable. Makes feel anyone around him the desire and obsession to touch him, if they try to evade such desire they'll end crazy. His appearance automatically causes those who see him to calm down, regardless of how horrific their sitation is or in how much pain they are, and treat the situation as a prank. Everyone will see him as someone non-threating, even if they know his nature. Breaks down the consciousness of any sentient being near it, Causes paranoia, headaches and panic attacks. Supress logical thinking and activates pain receptors. people into an expanding 100Km radius per hour will no longer comprehend the concept of illegality/wrong doings in their actions. People in law enforcement won't be able to understand the nature of their job as they disband immediately afterwards. Can make people experience strong emotions according to his mood, can use this power to seduce women. Any Human around himself will be forced to play with him. Should it feel threatened, it can command those under its control to attack the aggressor. Can cause children exposed to it long enough to have their bodies rapidly dehydrate, forcing them into a permanent state of immobility. Can also cause instances of SCP-956-1 to grow out of its victim's organs, using the tissue within their bodies as a source. Consumption of SCP-956-1 when not consumed by human children inevitably lead to a seizure and sometimes cardiac arrest), Gravity Manipulation (Can use gravity to warp space-time, create sound to communicate or erasing beings from existence), passive Absorption (can passively absorb anything around him making them disappear. Can absorb objets making them part of himself, gaining their properties and abilities. Can absorb any attack used against him, implement it to his physiology and use it. Absorbs 98% of light. Able to attack and consume any thing casting a shadow upon it, and is able to do so even with shadows as minute as those created by putting fingers together while wearing hyper-reflective gloves and from lifting a foot one centimeter off the ground while in a brightly illuminated room. Absorbs kinetic and electromagnetic energy. Can absorb and express genomes of the organisms he eats, his genome constantly rearranges and replaces lost segments of DNA causing it to rapidly change in physical appearance and characteristics. Absorbs any form tu sound and uses it to grow), Abstract Existence (Type 1. Any and every being, concept, being, narrative, meta-concept, meta-narrative, duality, non-duality, memetic, etc. is part of him. Is the very concept of death), Invulnerability (Cannot be harmed or killed by any means, Invulnerable to physical damage), Technology Manipulation (Can interfere with technology causing malfunctions), passive Corrosion Inducement & Plant Manipulation (can corrode and degrade any metallic material within fifteen meters, returning them into an unworked state. Within the same range plants will begin to grow), passive Creation (has a 6 km aura that will make candy appear from nothing, those men who touch or eat such candies will undergo a transformation that will turn all of their body into hard candy and can even turn them in candy unicorns. Can create any SCP. Transform anything around him into a cat or a mouse. Anyone who tries to eat him will become to another "him"), obtains any power anyone writes he has, Damage Transferal (After he bonds with a person, any try to damage or kill him will end with such person being the one affected: if you try to break his leg, the person bonded will have his leg broken, meanwhile the SCP will be unaffected. Any damage (including indirect damage) directed to him reflects directly back to the attacker), Duplication (Can self-duplicate. Can duplicate infinitely), Resurrection (Can resurrect people), Shapeshifting (can transform himself into fictional people copying their powers), Power Nullification (people cannot adapt nor become immune to his abilities. Nullified the powers of the Scarlet King),

Attack Potency: Extraverse Level (SCP-3812 constantly transcends itself and the narrative it is contained in. It had transcended SCP-001 (Known as Ben) for a considerable amount of time when it was first contained, and continues to transcends higher narrative levels. One of 3812's alternate personalities has stated that the entity will eventually rise above the entirety of creation and the infinite hierarchy of narratives that comprise it, continuing to supersede itself endlessly even after that)

Speed: Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Extraversal

Durability: Extraverse Level

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Irrelevant

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Has stated to know everything that the one which was asking him question knows, thinks and is going to say. It could presumibly aplicate to any other people. Should scale to SCP-001 (Swann's Purposal)).

Weaknesses: Suffers from various severe mental problems, possibly due to "overexposure to narrative", and seems to possess a split personality. Additionally, it is unable to accurately perceive the world, and is forced to alter reality to diminish the discrepancy between how it perceives something, and the way that something is in actuality


SCP Universe

SCP Universe contains Platonic Concepts, which are completely trascendental over space, time, dimensions and reality as whole, with the concept of good transcending the previous one by the same way they trascend reality. SCP Universe also includes The Theory of Everything.

Beyond this, there is a place that sees the previous thing, including all concepts as non-existent.

Below everything, even 1-Dimensional beings there are anti-dimensional beings (beings with negative dimensions), objects and concepts.

So, we have that the universe where SCP takes place has a cosmology (on its all) at the level of High Outerverse.

5th Dimension

5th dimension contains all existing universes as part of himself, with concepts like transfinite numbers and the very concept of transcendence being also part of itself. First we have a chain of infinite universes, with the SCP universe being the second of such. Each universe completely exceeds any extension of the previous one and has a cosmology at the very least as complex as the previous. Then we have another infinite chain, then another, another... then we have an infinite chain of infinite chains, then 2, then 3... and it goes on as many times as mathematically possible. There are also anti-universes, whose dimensional value is below the smallest point of dimensionality (including 0-Dimensionality), all of these have their own anti-space time and anti-dimensions. Every action in every single universe within the multiverse creates new universes infinitely, same happens with time travelling. SCP universes trascends the previous one like if it was fiction, which is confirmed by the Hume scale, which explains the relation of reality-fiction between the universes and the fact that there are universes within universes within universes with no end. In SCP, reality-fiction trascendence means that you trascend any possible extension and hirerachy of the previous one (even if you create a hirerachy of dimensional trascendences within the fictional universe, you cannot reach the amount of Humes (aka the amount of "reality") the next universe has), with the 3-Dimensional beings seeing the previous universe (and his cosmology as whole) as 2-D. Since every universe is stated to be as complex or even more complex than the previous one, with its own pataphysics, then every universe should have his own Platonic concepts which trascends reality by the same way they do in the original universe.

All of this universes, multiverse, extra-multiverse and metaverse are part of one layer of the infinitely-layered multiverse, which at the same time is an infinitesimal point of a larger multiverse, and this repeates infinitely.

In other words: in the 5th Dimension we have a transfinite amount of universes, there are as many universes as mathematics could express. Such universes trascend the previous one as fiction, with the highest plane of the superior universe trascending the highest plane of the inferior by the same way a High Outerverse Level character trascends a Plane Level character.

Going with this, the first chain of infinite universes is Extraverse Level, the second chain of infinite universes trascends an Extraverse Level character by the same way they trascend a Plane Level character, and so on.

If we take baseline Extraverse Level as 1, and the trascendence that baseline Extraverse Level has over Plane Level as 2, then the highest point of the first chain of infinite chains will be Countable Infinity (ω); the highest point of the second chain of infinite chains will be ω^2, the highest point of the third chain of infinite chains will be ω^3 [...].

The highest point of the infinite chains of infinite chains will be ω^ω. Then we'll have one chain of infinite chains of infinite chains, another chain of infinite chain of infinite chains (with the highest point being ω^ω^ω), and so on until we reach the highest number mathematics could express (all of this following the previously-explained scale where 1 is baseline Extraverse Level and 2 the trascendence Extraverse Level has over Plane Level).

All of this is part of just one layer of the infinitely-layered multiverse. Then we have infinite layers where a higher one should logically trascend the previous one by a greater way the highest point of such previous layer trascends the lowest point of it. Beyond the infinitely-layered multiverse, there is a larger multiverse where the previous one is nothing but an infinitesimal part, and beyond that another larger multiverse, and so on. Each multiverse should have a greater trascendence than the first one, considering it is larger and more complex. As consequence, the highest layer of the 2nd multiverse will see the highest layer of the 1st multiverse by the same way the highest layer of such multiverse sees the smallest poinf of the smallest layer, and so on. The cosmology is infinitely-increasing every time something happens in any universe, since such universe branches to infinity

Higher Dimensions

The 5th dimension is nothing but one dimension among the ones that comprehend SCP verse. There are shown to be 196,884, countless and up to uncountable infinity higher dimensions. All of them should trascend the previous one at the very least equally, if not more than the trascendence between the highest point of the 5th dimension compared to the highest point of the "fourth dimension" (1 outerversal trascendence above baseline High Outerverse Level).

Tree of Knowledge

There are infinite multiverses within each strands of the Tree of Knowledge, all the previous things are contained within a lower layer of the many "baselines" of the tree of knowledge, in the middle of these multiverses there is a vast nothingness, beyond real, unreal, concepts, mind, etc., feared even by non-existent beings. Beyond all of this there is the core of the Tree, where there is all the knowledge that exists and that doesn't, infinite in size and connected to all planes and worlds.

Higher Layers


All of this comprehends just one narrative of SCP, in which there are an infinite number of below the Alpha Layer. Below the Alpha Layer also exists trees of knowledge that have their own infinite ladders of narratives, trees of narratives that form a complete forest and an entire sea full of such forests. Below the alpha layer (also known as the place where the author resides) is the place where chinese branch Yaldaboth, Scarlet King, etc. Resides, even THE WORM, Sefiros, Qlippoth and such entities resides there. Each of them being capable of destroying infintely branching narratives at will and being more than infinitely more powerful than their english branch version, SCP-3812 fought there while he was ascending across narratives. Here, the cosmology of SCP repeats infinitely (each one with the characters being stronger than in the previous one since they trascend the previous cosmology), each one containing infinite narratives each of them having another SCP cosmology that repeats infinitely and so on.

Above the Alpha Layer there are another infinite amount of narratives where SCP-3812 was infinitely ascending after he trascended Ben (the author), its creator, its creator's creator, and so on. Let's take in account that in SCP, "narrative" does not refer to higher dimensions as 4D above 3D, but "higher realities" as we see the fiction below us, trascending any and every concept, space, time, dimension, extension, duality, transduality and any imaginable or unimaginable thing of such narrative. One of such higher narratives includes SCP-001 (Swann's Purposal), which SCP-3812 has already trascended. SCP-001 includes not only the writers of SCP articles, but also us, the readers (implying the "real world" is part of such narratives), with each headcanon being "canon" to SCP verse. But that's not all, "articles" written/published in places outside SCP wiki such as YouTube, Discord, Reddit, fanfiction, etc. are also part of the SCP Canon (the theory of hypercanon implies that anything made or yet-to-be-made are Canon events that happened in another Narrative), such SCP Canon contains other fictional universes] as part of them too.

Higher Narratives are places where beings of lower narratives could not even wish to access, and if you use an SCP to do so, they'll die irremediably because the nature, laws and characteristics of the higher narrative is something they couldn't even wish to understand. If there are so many narratives, there'll be appear beings in every narrative whose mision is to destroy such narratives to reach a "balance", killing even authors at will. Beings from higher narrative could control (or destroy) the lower ones like we, authors do with fiction. It doesn't matter what you try to do, it doesn't matter if you create a higher cosmology that trascends anything related to such narrative, you still won't be able to reach the higher narrative. Beings created by things beyond the alpha layer (also known as the fourth wall) can completely destroy any thing in any narrative below them with just one punch, killing anyone, transforming anyone in anything they want, basically can do everything with no limit, even killing ultimate, omnipotent and trans-narrative gods or the entire foundation Itself. Beings from higher narratives cannot be measured by the concept of "Humes", which express the degree of "reality" a being has, implying they're beyond anything SCP Foundation could wish to understand as reality

Beyond Narratives

Beyond the infinite amount of higher narratives there is a place, higher than mathematics, where concepts of "concept", space, time, dimensions, narrative, etc. Are turned back to oblivion. It's beyond all mathematical infinity, logical, metaphysical, pataphysical (which includes the comprehension of places such as narratives) and anything the humanity could think about. A point which trascends all stacks of narratives at an incomprehensible way. When every and any narrative come to its end this place won't be affected, since concepts like space, time, narrative, all dimensions, all existence, metaphysics, pataphysics, memetic, antimemetic, real, unreal are inside Haotian, everyone and anyone is just part of Haotian, there is nothing beyond Haotian, it just doesn't exist, anything beyond Haotian is just a false purposal, something impossible.

This is the place SCP-3812 will reach and trascend, since he trascends himself infinitely according to his creator, and, since the beliving of his creator is what limits the power of the creation (even if it surpasses the capabilities of such creator to start with), it implies that SCP will reach and surpass this place.



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