"Scum will always be scum, unto death.Scum, scum wherever I go. Cruddy planets, all of them. This planet is not for me, either. This exorbitant power of mine....I am the one chosen to be a god.

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Sailor Galaxia is the Sailor Senshi of Destruction. Not finding any sense of meaning and seeing the fallible nature of the universe, she masterminded a plan to kill Chaos, the source of evils, and Sailor Moon so she could use Sailor Moon's crystal to create a new world worthy of her.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely at least 2-C | 1-C

Name: Sailor Galaxia, Galaxia, Queen Galaxia, Soldier of Destruction, Soldier of Solititude, Golden Queen Galaxia

Origin: Sailor Moon

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Alien Sailor Senshi, Queen of the Shadow Galactica

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blessed (The Sailor Senshi are repeately stated to be the chosen ones, chosen by fate because they are avatars of the gods), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, Can survive in space), Magic, Transformation (Sailor Senshi can transform between civilian and Sailor forms), Teleportation (Sailor Senshi can teleport with their henshin), Power Nullification (Sailor Senshi can nullify spells on them with their henshin and their attacks), Light Manipulation/Holy Manipulation (Sailor Senshi henshin can create a holy light), Regeneration (Mid-Godly. After Hotaru's body and soul were destroyed, her mere awakening as a Sailor Senshi caused her to be regenerated. This is a general power of Sailor Senshi), Immortality (Types 8 and 12. Sailor Senshi will always reincarnate so long as their Sailor Crystal exists. These reincarnations are the same entities and upon awakening as a Sailor Senshi they gain the same memories as their past lives), Energy Manipulation (Energy Projection and Aura), potentially can hide her aura (other Senshi have demonstrated this), Past Life Awareness (Sailor Senshi are aware of their past lives and consider each mortal life as just a brief disguise), Prophetic Dreams (Sailor Senshi have dreams that predict the future), Enhanced Senses/Extrasensory Perception (Sailor Senshi have numerous forms of enhanced senses. They can sense danger, malice, or strange happenings. They can sense danger to or the suffering of their allies, even across time. Sailor Venus was able to sense the transformations of the Guardian Senshi while she was on Earth and they were on Nemesis at the edge of the solar system and was able to sense the other Guardian Senshi in another country before they had even partially awoken. Sailor Senshi can see and hear souls as well as see and hear beings existing in the world of dreams. Sailor Senshi can see at cosmic distances, even seeing from outside spacetime to the Earth-Moon System and can hear at least thousands of lightyears as the Amazon Senshi heard things at the Galactic Center from Earth. Usagi could sense the conception of her daughter within her. Can see energy auras and the nature of a being's energy, as well as sense energy via touch), Clairvoyance (Galaxia can watch beings from a distance, saw an event in the past and thousands of light years away), Cosmic Awareness (Galaxia could sense the intent of Eternal Sailor Moon to come to the center of the galaxy at a cosmic distance away. Likely similar to Usagi who could sense Mamoru's intent to protect her despite being a cosmic distance away), Telepathy (Galaxia transmited images of the deaths of the Outer Senshi into Usagi's mind), Non-Physical Interaction (Sailor Senshi attacks can affect spiritual entities), Resistance to Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Petrification, Space Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Absorption, Existence Erasure and Power Nullification (As a Sailor Senshi, Galaxia has the same stellar protection as the other Sailor Senshi who could survive within Queen Metaria, Death Phantom and Pharaoh 90), Resistance to Poison (Sailor Senshi like Chibiusa were unaffected by the poisonous gas used on Crystal Tokyo), Resistance to Radiation (Sailor Senshi can survive on black holes without danger), Resistance to Age Manipulation (Sailor Senshi Henshin turned Usagi and Chibiusa back to their proper ages. Chibiusa's Sailor Crystal kept her from aging for 900 years until she was ready to awaken as a Sailor Senshi), Resistance to Light Manipulation and Holy Manipulation (Resisted the power of the Holy Grail), Resistance to Forcefield Creation (Can ignore and walk through barriers without effort) | Flight, Forcefield Creation (Sailor Senshi can create barriers), Conceptual Stealing/Existence Erasure (Galaxia can steal the star seeds of beings by pointing at them which can work on whole planets. Chaos has a star seed, showing that they are conceptual in nature. Removing a person's star seed erases them from existence and the star seed maintains a person's presence across time for instance when Mamoru's star seed was destroyed, his daughter Chibiusa disappeared.), Conceptual Destruction (can destroy normal Star Seeds), Creation/Matter Manipulation/Mind Manipulation (After taking a Star Seed, Galaxia can recreate the entities, changing their body or mind to make them loyal to her), Mind Control (Galaxia can force people to obey her), Spatial Manipulation (Galactica Inflation can create a distorted space around her), Electricity Manipulation (Galactica Inflation creates lightning around Galaxia), Cosmic Energy Projection (Can create a surge of cosmic energy with Galactica Super String), Dream Manipulation (can enter into the dreams of others to attack them there, even creating dreams of places they've never seen), Passive Death Manipulation (Galaxia appearing on two planets caused all life to end on them), Power Bestowal (Granted her Sailor Animamates the abilities of her captured Star Seeds), Enchantment (By scaling Galaxia should be able to create new attack techniques by charging her energy through objects, the attacks having properties based on the objects for instance channeling energy through mosqutio repellent to create an anti-mosquito attack.), Power Nullification (The bracelets worn by Galaxia and her minions can nullify attacks and create energy blasts that nullify magical abilities of those they hit such as removing Luna, Artemis, and Diana's ability to speak), Regeneration Negation (the energy blast of Galaxia's bracelets don't heal at all), Empowerment (Sailor Senshi can get stronger via their bonds with each other or if they are in a time that is astrologically beneficla to them), Possible Resistance to Reality-Warping, Sealing, and Sleep Manipulation (Even with the Silver Crystal Usagi heavily struggled against Sailor Galaxia), Possible Resistance to Void Manipulation and Chaos Manipulation (Galaxia briefly survived the power of Chaos)

Attack Potency: Likely at least Multi-Universe level (Had power far beyond any enemy Usagi had ever fought and easily destroyed the Holy Grail which would be massively above Super Sailor Moon's first henshin which created tens of thousands of times the energy of Pharaoh 90 who moved Tau Nebula, a spacetime continuum and a dimension. Likely more then tens of thousands of times stronger then Base Sailor Saturn who was going to bring about the end of everything including likely alternate dimensions and timelines and whose destruction of the Tau Nebula would have threatened the main dimension if it was not sealed off by Sailor Pluto) | Complex Multiverse level (The Saphir Crystal is the ultimate force of destruction and Galaxia equaled Eternal Sailor Moon's strongest attack with her second strongest attack showing she's stronger then Eternal Sailor Moon who could have destroyed the Galaxy Cauldron which created all possibility in the Sailor Moon Cosmos which is likely 8 dimensions. Relative to Chaos who warped to the far reaches of spacetime passively which includes at least 4 dimensions of space and 3 dimension of time, as well as possibly the space-time corridor which is a dimension beyond)

Speed: Immeasurable (even in her civilian form is above the manifestations of Chaos who traveled across time and space. Should be far superior to Arc 2 villain Black Lady who easily took Demande and Saphir to the edge of spacetime, should scale to the light of the Silver Crystal which traveled to Wiseman's domain at the edge of spacetime instantly and transmitted across spacetime on another occasion as well as transcending time on a third occasion)

Lifting Strength: Stellar (even in civilian form, Sailor Senshi can move on Planet Nemesis)

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Likely at least Multi-Universe level (Can tank her own energy and resisted the power of the remade Holy Grail which overpowered her energy) | Complex Multiverse level (easily blocked an attack from an enraged Eternal Sailor Moon nearing her peak power and briefly survived Chaos' power. Eternal Sailor Moon could destroy the Galaxy Cauldron which transcends an 8-D Cosmos, creating all potential in it and Chaos passively warped all spacetime of an 8-D Cosmos.)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: At least Planetary (Was going to destroy the Earth in her civilian form.), Inter-dimensional with teleportation (Sailor Senshi can teleport between dimensions) | Unknown, possibly much higher (Galaxia's crystal is the ultimate force of destruction and should be superior to the Silver and Saturn crystals which can affect the whole Sailor Moon Cosmos)

Standard Equipment: Sapphire Crystal, Galactica Bracelets

Intelligence: Superhuman (Galaxia is incredibly intelligent, knowing things even Sailor Cosmos did not. Sailor Cosmos has the intellect granted by the Mercury Crystal which scales above the intellect of the Daimons who have the intelligence of a hundred humans. Sailor Mercury also was able to use a 1990s computer to track Usagi's location through dimensions.)

Weaknesses: If Galaxia ever finds something worth protecting, her own crystal will betray her and kill her.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Henshin: Galaxia can use a henshin to transform into her Sailor Senshi form. This henshin releases a sacred light and vast amounts of energy. It can be used to travel through dimensions and can restore the self, including undoing magic on the body and regenerating body and soul.
  • Planet Power Attack: Sailor Galaxia can project stellar energy from her hands as an energy blast. This can also be used to enchant a normal object, creating a new attack with properties based on the thing she's channeling the through.
  • Point: Galaxia can point at something, from a person to a planet, and remove that thing's star seed, its essence, causing it to be erased from existence. This scales above existence erasure that can hit spiritual entities and can erase on a stellar scale. Galaxia can recreate things she has erased with these techniques loyal to her.
  • Galactica Inflation: Galaxia creates a dark spacetime expansion around her, creating an aura of lightning around her which she would use rushing at an enemy
  • Galactica Super String: Sailor Galaxia emanates a wave of cosmic energy around her which she used to threaten Eternal Sailor Moon

Key: Civilian Form Galaxia|Transformed Galaxia


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