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Summary of the Verse 

Saint Seiya is a Shonen Battle manga that was published in Weekly Shonen Jump that was published from 1986 to 1991.

The original Saint Seiya follows Pegasus Seiya and the other Bronze Saints of Athena as they set out on their quest to get back the Gold Cloth, stop the Pope and save Athena's life from various other Gods like Poseidon and Hades.

The series has many other sequels, prequels and spin-offs which either take place within the same timeline or in another timeline.


The Saint Seiya series as two timelines, the manga timeline and the anime timeline with a few series being their own separate timeline.

In the canon for the manga timeline, there is the original Saint Seiya manga, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, Saintia Sho, Episode G, Episode G: Assassin and Episode G: Requiem.

In the canon for the anime timeline, there is the original Saint Seiya anime, the Saint Seiya movies (Saint Seiya the Movie, Legend of the Crimson Youth, The Heated Battle of the Gods and Warriors of the Final Holy War), the Hades OVAs (Sanctuary Chapter, Inferno Chapter and Elysion Chapter), Soul of Gold and Saint Seiya Omega.

Parts of the franchise that aren't canon to the two main timelines are Lost Canvas, Heaven Chapter: Overture, the Netflix series, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary and Saint Seiya Gigantomachia. All of these take part in their own separate timelines and do not scale to each other.

Power of the Verse 

Saint Seiya has many powerful fighters in the verse. The Low Tier characters fall into the Large Island Level by comparing to an extremely casual feat that Seiya performed in chapter 1 where he atomised a large crater. The Mid Tier characters fall into the Planet Level by comparing to a nameless Silver Saint that was stated to be able to destroy the Earth. The High Tier characters fall into Universe Level+ by having characters that can create universes and the characters who are stronger are Multi-Universe Level. The God Tier characters are Multiverse Level+ by creating or existing in higher-dimensional spaces when compared to the multiverse. The strongest being in the verse, Chronos is Low Complex Multiverse Level by transcending all of the multiverse and all of the Gods.

In terms of speed feats, the weaker characters are Massively Hypersonic by comparing to Dragon Shiryu who blocked 100 Mach 1 projectiles. Mid Tier characters are FTL by comparing to Marin who dodged 1 million Mach 2 projectiles. High Tier characters are MFTL+ by comparing the Andromeda Shun who managed to travel across a universe in a minute. Top Tier characters are Immeasurable by being able to move in Hell which has been stated to be beyond Space and Time and contains all of the souls of everyone who has ever died including people who have died in the future.

In terms of Haxs, the verse has a wide variety of powerful haxs. All characters have abilities like Soul Manipulation, Matter Manipulation and Reactive Evolution. High Tier characters have Low-Godly Regeneration, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Reactive Power Level and Probability Manipulation. Top Tiers have Immortality (Type 4, Resurrection), Mid-Godly Regeneration and Conceptual Manipulation. God Tiers have Abstract Existence, Fate Manipulation, Reality Warping, Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation.

  • Saints: The titular Saints are the warriors the serve Athena, wear the Cloths that she provides and protect the world in times of crisis. The Saints are ranked by the Cloth they wear, Bronze Cloth Saints are the weakest, Silver Cloth Saints are stronger than Bronze Cloth Saints and Gold Cloth Saints are the strongest, at any given time their are forty-eight Bronze Saints, Twenty-Four Silver Saints and Twelve Gold Saints. Despite the fact that the Cloths are typically seen as weaker than others it doesn't mean that the Saint can't beat a Saint with a better Cloth, for example, Pegasus Seiya (A Bronze Cloth Saint) defeated Gemini Saga (A Gold Cloth Saint) also Lyra Orphée (A Silver Cloth Saint) is considered stronger than most Gold Saints. The other Gods have their equivalent to Saints, Hades has his Spectres, Poseidon has his Mariners, Eris has her Dryads and Ares has his Berserkers.
  • Cosmo: In the Saint Seiya series, every character is able to manipulate a form of energy called Cosmo, the energy of the universe. This energy powers up all of the characters so they can perform superhuman feats, can be projected as an offensive and defensive tool and can destroy things on the atomic level.
  • Cloth: In the Saint Seiya series, Cloth is one of the main names for the armour that the characters wear. These sets of armour correlate to certain constellations or zodiac symbols. They give whoever wears them enhanced abilities, the higher rank the Cloth is the stronger it makes the user. There are four types of Cloth, Bronze Cloth the weakest, Silver Cloth, Gold Cloth the strongest that can be worn by normal humans and God Cloth which can only be worn by Gods or humans who are as strong as Gods. Note, only the armour worn by Athena's Saints are called Cloth, Saints who serve other Gods have different names for their armour such as Scales for Poseidon's Saints, Leaf for Eris' Saints and Surplices for Hades' Saints.
  • Senses: In the Saint Seiya series, every character has additional senses aside from the five that every other living being has. These senses determine how powerful they are and how well they can use their Cosmo. Every character has the Sixth Sense, Intuition, the Gold Saints and their equivalents have the Seventh Sense, Miracles, those who have died and been resurrected have the Eighth Sense, Arayashiki and the Gods have the Ninth Sense Godhood.


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