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"You're a God...I get that, maybe the strongest of them all... but I don't care. Not even you can tell me what my limits are"

-Son Goku


Born to the saiyan Warrior Bardock, Goku was sent to planet Earth when he got adopted by Grandpa Gohan. When he was kid, he got a blow at his head which caused him to become a nice kid. One night, when he became Oozaru, he killed Grandpa Gohan. Due to his Kindness and amazing skills, he grew sronger and became the protector of the Planet alongside the Z-Fighters.


Tier: Low 2-C. 2-C as Super Saiyan God | 2-C as Super Saiyan Blue | 2-C 2-C | 2-C | 2-B 2-B 2-B 2-B 2-B 2-B | 2-B

Gender: Male

Age: Likely late 40s or early 50s.

Classification: Z-Warrior.

Powers and abilities: Master Martial Artist, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ki Manipulation, Super Speed, BFR, teleportation, Energy Blasts, capable of Increasing his power via Super Saiyan Forms, Void Manipulation, Rage Power, Light Manipulation, Telekinesis, Ki Sensing, Telepathy, Dimensional Travel, Enhanced Senses, Afterimage Creation, Power Nullification, Capable of absorbing his foe's energy, Force field creation, Statistics Amplification (Kaioken), Sealing (Mafuba)

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Should be stronger then his DBZ self who is comparable to Buuhan who could have destroy the Universe, which should include it's space-time continuum. Stated again). Multi-Universe level with Super Saiyan God ( was about to destroy the entire Universe, even reaching beyond the Macrocosm and affecting the Kaioshin Realm. Universe 7 is a 2-C structure and having three separate space-time continuums. It is impossible to freely travel between the Living Realm, Afterlife and Kaioshin realmHeaven is at the same size of the UniverseHeaven is a separate space-time continuum from it having a different flow of time) | Multi-Universe level as Super Saiyan Blue (50x times stronger then before) | Multi-Universe level (Comparable to Hit who wrecked Vegeta. Hit is capable of creating a parallel world with his Time-Skip. Since it's likely as big as the Universe, which is a 2-C structure, the feat is likely 2-C. Later, Goku destroyed Hit's World) | Multi-Universe level (Should be stronger then before. Comparable to Goku Black who can tear a hole on space-time) | Multi-Universe level at the beggining of the ToP. Goes up to Multiverse level (As Ultra Instinct -Sign-, he gave Jiren a run for his money. Jiren, even while holding back,  Surpassed Zamasu, who fused with the Universe which is a 2-C structure and later could have fuse with other timelines. Since Jiren even holding back is superior to Zamasu, he could scale above 2-C and possibly 2-B and so is Goku) | Multiverse level (Defeated Kefla with ease. Likely stronger then before) | Multiverse level (As Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken x20, alongside Vegeta, matched and fougth on par with Jiren. Should scale to Vegeta,  Defeated God of Destruction Toppo, who is at the level of a God of Destruction, and warped the World of Void. It has been stated that he surpassed Beerus. Comparable to Jiren, who was confirmed to be stronger then his a God of Destruction) | Multiverse level (As Mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku shook the World of Void, which is Infinite sized realm. Stomped Jiren) | Multiverse level (Even though he is way weaker then before, he managed to fight Jiren alongside Frieza) | Multiverse level (Stronger then before) | Multiverse level (Stronger then before. Harmed Broly, although he has been defeated by him. Broly and Gogeta broke dimensions during their battle)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Way faster then this and this. Kept up with Beerus who is 2/3 of Whis's speed which is 498,000,000,000,000,000 c. Dodged from Beerus' attacks which could travel at this speed) | Massively FTL+ (Could keep up with the like of Vegeta, Golden Frieza and a holding back Whis) | Massively FTL+ (Faster then before. Kept up with Hit) |  Massively FTL+ (Kept up with Trunks and Goku Black) | Massively FTL+ |  Massively FTL+ |  Massively FTL+ |  Massively FTL+ |  Massively FTL+. Possibly Infinite (Way, way, way faster then before. Capable of reacting to Jiren's attacks which could cross the World of Void in seconds which is an Infinite sized realm) | Massively FTL+. Possibly Infinite Infinite (Faster then before) | Infinite 

Lifting strength: Unknown

Striking strength: Universe level+. Multi-Universe level as Super Saiyan God | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level Multiverse level

DurabilityUniverse level+. Multi-Universe level as Super Saiyan God | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level | Multiverse level

Stamina: Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High | Very High

Range: Universal+. Multi-Universal as Super Saiyan God | Multi-Universal | Multi-Universal | Multi-Universal |  Multi-Universal | Multiversal | Multiversal | Multiversal | Multiversal Multiversal | Multiversal | Multiversal 

Standard Equipment: Senzu beans. 

Intelligence: Low. Genius Martial Artist and fighter.

Weaknesses: Allowing his foes to reach their full power which could cause to his defeat. Could be taken out of guard or be outsmarted.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ki Blast: Basic attack. Sending an Energy Blast out of the palms.
  • Destructo Disk: Son Goku sending his hand into his eyes, sending a Blast in the form of a disc, which cutting the foe.
  • Invisible Eye Blast: Allowing the user to shoot an invisible blast from his eyes.
  • Solar Flare: The user spreads and places their fingers on their foreheads, discharging a blinding flash of light.
  • Genki-Dama (Spirit Bomb): Goku getting the Energy from every person around him, and firing a massive Energy Blast at the foe. It shall be noted that its can effect people with Bad heart. People with a Good Heart can't be effected by the attack.
  • Kamehameha: Goku's classic attack. He learned it from Mr. Roshi. Goku sweeping his hands and firing a massive energy blast. There are a lot of types of this attack: Super Kamehameha, Reverse Kamehameha, Feet Kamehameha, God Kamehameha, etc.
  • Instant Transmission: Allowing the user to teleport instantly to every point of time by putting his finger on his head. It shall be noted the Instant Transmission is NOT speed.
  • Kaioken: Goku increasing his power which creating a red energy aura around him which increasing his strength by 10 and 20.
  • Mafuba: Allowing the user to seal his foe on a container. Goku used against Zamasu although he broke free of it.
  • Hakai: Goku could use it to erase his foe from existence. One of Beerus' strongest attacks.
  • Ultra Instinct Movements: As Ultra Instinct, Goku could fight and move without thinking and strike instantly.
  • Dragon Fist: Goku charging towards the foe, going through them by creating a big Dragon with his Ki which defeating the foe instantly. Goku used it against Super 17,  Eis Shenron and Omega Shenron.
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