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Sonic.EXE is the main antagonist of the Sonic.EXE creepypasta, and one of the most popular characters in the entire creepypasta fandom. He is a demonic entity who believes himself to be God and haunts a disc of the first Sonic the Hedgehog video game. Within this world, he reigns as all-powerful and a "God", of sorts. He kills and captures the souls of all who play the game, which includes Kyle and later Tom.

In the sequel, Round2.exe, Sonic.EXE was revealed to be an eldritch demon by the name of X and was the head of the Cult of X, a cult that worshipped him. He carries out a series of murders, which the police struggle to solve.

In its remake, X is a demonic higher-dimensional lifeform who seemingly held an obsession over Sonic, as such taking his shape in order to possess his world. With the help of the Cult of X, he entraps people into his world via a link with the game, so that he can play with them forever, which is how he comes face-to-face with Thomas and his friends.


Tier: at least 8-A, 6-C to 5-B, 4-B, 3-B, 3-A, High 3-A, 2-C | 10-C, At least 10-B, 9-C, possibly higher | High 2-A

Name: Sonic.EXE, Sonic.exe, "Sonic". His true form is known only as "X"

Origin: Creepypasta (officially listed as "Trollpasta")

Gender: Likely none due to its nature, appears and is referred to as Male

Age: Unknown, at least two weeks old (Killed Kyle, who had not been heard from in two weeks). Likely far older as X (He is a demonic entity, as such he wasn't likely created by human hands. The official creator stated that Sonic.EXE was never birthed, but merely created itself)

Classification: Corrupted Sonic, Extra-Dimensional Demon, Creature made of pure dark matter, Demonic hedgehog, eldritch demon, Higher-dimensional entity


Notable Powers SU Text.png

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Natural Weaponry (Teeth and claws), Soul Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, likely Death Manipulation and One Hit Kill (Can take the souls of his victims, and torture them for eternity. As shown in the story, he can cause their deaths just by touching them), Fourth Wall Awareness (Repeatedly talked to Tom directly throughout the game), Reality Warping, Technological Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Law Manipulation, and Corruption (Can take over the entire disc that he is housed on. Took over the Sonic world and shaped it to his will), Light Manipulation (In Robotnik's level, caused multiple torches to light a dimly lit hallway), Darkness Manipulation (Caused the screen to flash to darkness multiple times), Fire Manipulation (Caused giant fires in the "HIDE AND SEEK" stage), Creation (Can create zones), Possession, Regeneration (Likely Low-Godly), Avatar Creation, and Immersion (Possessed the disc, and has an avatar within it that looks like a demonic Sonic), Blood Manipulation (Often depicted as leaking blood from his eyes, and caused the waters of Green Hill Zone to be turned into blood in "HILL"), Text Manipulation (Caused multiple texts to pop up on the screen, such as "Do you want to play with me?" and "I AM GOD"), likely Illusion Creation (Made himself seem like Sonic for the first moments of starting up the game), Sound Manipulation (Can cause loud static to play when people approach him, and causes the Sonic drowning theme to play when he gets closer in the chases. Caused a loud screech to hurt Tom's ears when he jump scared him. Somehow has the Kefka laugh), Flight (Flew after the player when chasing them), Fear Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Caused the player and his characters to sweat and become distressed at his presence. Drove both Tom and Knuckles crazy), Teleportation (Caused flashes of himself to blanket the screen, and appeared before Tails instantaneously. Taunted Knuckles by teleporting around him so the former couldn't land any strikes), possibly Dream Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (Tom had a dream after his first playthrough of the game, where Sonic.EXE taunted him with the souls he obtained and nearly killed him within the dream), Inorganic Physiology and Smoke Manipulation (Is data within the game of Sonic.exe. Appeared to Knuckles in the form of a black, smoke-like mist), Void Manipulation (His mouth is an endless black, spiraling abyss)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Natural Weaponry (Teeth and claws), Body Control (As "Sonic", he can cause his limbs to stretch to uncanny lengths, such as extending his neck to be like a flower stalk. He can also control tentacles that come from his mouth), Soul Manipulation and likely Pain Manipulation (Can take the souls of his victims. Stated he was going to "play" with the souls until the end of time. This likely meant that he was going to result to torturing them for eternity), Fourth Wall Awareness (Repeatedly talked to Tom and his friends when they played the game), Reality Warping, Technological Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Law Manipulation, and Corruption (Can take over the entire disc that he is housed on and shape it to his will. Referred to not being able to shape the room to how he wanted to in the story to be new to him, implying it was not a weakness he was used to), Light Manipulation (His eyes emit a glowing red light), Darkness Manipulation (Caused the screen to flash to darkness multiple times), Fire Manipulation (Caused Tails to catch on fire), possibly Creation (Implied to have created some of the levels on the game), Possession, Avatar Creation, Regeneration (Likely Low-Godly), Shapeshifting, and Immersion (Possessed the disc, and has an avatar within it that looks like an uncanny Sonic. X was implied to have had another form before becoming Sonic.EXE, and shaped himself to match the shape of his idol), Blood Manipulation (Often depicted as leaking blood from his eyes), Text Manipulation (Can cause options to pop up when he asked a question to Tom, also telling him "It's probably better if you play this with a controller"), Flight (Capable of flying after his victims), Emotional Manipulation (Can cause people playing the game to experience emotions and feelings they wouldn't otherwise experience, such as placing Tom in a state of dread), Fear Manipulation (Caused the players to become afraid of him), Teleportation, Inorganic Physiology (Is pure data within the game), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Sonic.EXE's true form resides in a higher dimension), Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel (Through the game. Can use the game as a gateway between his world and the real world, and when he climbs through the PC it seems to create a rift between dimensions)

Physical Stats SU Text.png

Attack Potency.png

at least Multi-City Block Class, Island level (Created the three zones in the Creepypasta, including a recreation of a large Chemical Plant. Could take over zones, all of which are generally comparable to Angel Island in size. Took over Green Hill Zone and likely all of Sonic's home, which would likely qualify for this tier) to Planet level (It is possible that he was taking over the entire planet with his reality warping, but this is unconfirmed and likely never will be), Solar System Level (Can create a small black hole inside his mouth to absorb souls), Multi-Galaxy level (It's totally made of Dark Matter, which is a form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density, that affects the rotation of galaxies, Created his universe in a matter of hours, thus being able to create at least 40-60 galaxies per second), Universe Level (Stated to have created an entire universe that mimics the appearance of Sonic's own universe but much twisted and darker. Maintains his own dark dimension, which he is also revealed to have created. He was going to eventually spread his dark powers across the universe and add them to his own dimension. Exists within The Void, in between dimensions), High Universe Level (Is considered all-powerful in his realm, which seems to be three dimensional as three-dimensional souls are able to occupy bodies made in the realm and Sonic.EXE himself can possess three-dimensional bodies and can completely alter the very reality of his own world he created), Low Multiverse level (Affected both his world and the Real World), Ignores durability in several ways | Below Average Human level (Possessed a plush toy), At least Average Human level (Was able to kill Derek effortlessly, in addition to several other victims which included Tom and Kyle), Street level, possibly Street level+ (Could seemingly casually forcefully break open a pair of human jaws, in addition to also severely damaging their throat. Effortlessly overpowered Mike, who was described as being a top player on the school football team) | High Multiverse level+ (His true form resides in a separate existing. The power he has is from the same verse that exists in the Creepypasta verse which has branches of an unknown limit)


At least Athletic Human (Can easily catch his victims/humans), Massively FTL+ (Able to travel at great speeds to the universe and move between interstellar distances due to his nature of a being made up of dark matter), Immeasurable (Was birthed within a void of nonexistence that is present between dimensions) | Omnipresent across his own Dimension (He has absolute control over his own realm and his darkness exists all across it)

Lifting Strength.png


Striking Strength.png

at least Multi-City Block Class, Island Class to Planet Class, Solar System Class, Multi-Galatic, Universal, High Universal, Low Multiversal, Ignores durability in several ways | Below Average Human Class, At least Average Human Class, Street Class, possibly Street Class+ | High Multiversal+


at least Multi-City Block level, Island level to Planet level, Solar System Level, Multi-Galaxy level, Universe Level, High Universe Level, Low Multiverse level, Ignores durability in several ways | Below Average Human level, At least Average Human level, Street level, possibly Street level+ | High Multiverse level+




Multi-Universal (His powers can spread outside his own dark dimension, where he can affect other dimensions, including our own. However his powers are quite limited within inside our universe)


Nigh-Omniscienct (Despite his psychopathic nature, he managed to create a disc that could connect the void and the "real world" with nothing but manipulating a human being's mind. Potentially could know everything about the "Real World" since he was able to view the Sonic franchise from the void)


Sonic.EXE is pretty sadistic and often loves to play around with his victims unless they are a great threat. His powers have limited effect outside his own realm (Although he can bypass this by gaining a physical form) Only can stay in our world for a few moments. If his physical body is destroyed, he will need to wait 1 hour to return to our world. If the original Sonic.EXE disc is destroyed he would die.

Notable Attacks and Techniques.png

  • Black Hole: Sonic.EXE creates a black hole inside his mouth to either trap or destroy souls that he has grown bored of playing with.
  • Teleportation: Sonic.EXE teleports. Self explanatory.


Avatar (In game) | Avatar (In real world) | True Form


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