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Mario, from "Mario Brothers"



{{Quote|Alright my brother... Take this... When I say so use it and rush with me...|Mario}}
Mario is the protagonist of the web series "Mario Brothers" created by Alxlen. He is the force fighting against Koopa's army after his brother is killed in combat.
Tier: 10-A, 9-C with power-ups

Name: Mario

Origin: Mario Brothers

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: One man army

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Characteristics, Fire Maniulation, Healing

Attack Potency: 10-A, 9-C

Speed: Unknown (Able to react to Koopa's fire breath)

Lifting Strength: Likely Above Average via scaling

Striking Strength: 10-A, 9-C

Durability: Athlete Level physically, Street level with power-ups

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Standard Melee Range, Tens of Meters with fire flower

Standard Equipment: Mushroom, 1-Up, Fire flower

Intelligence: Gifted (Makes plans on the fly)

Weaknesses: Suicidal

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Fire 
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Reddy the Wizard


Wizard Hedgehog=
Unnamed White Reddy=
Unnamed Orange Reddy=
Reddy is a character in Lawl Nova known for reviewing other fighters and having an identity crisis.
Tier: Unknown, possibly 9-B, Low 2-C (His exsistance tears apart the dimension)

Name: Red The Wizard

Origin: Lawl Nova

Gender: Male

Age: oh my god leoooooo

Classification: Error of the Multiverse

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Fire Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Lasers, Meteor Summoning, Summoning, Teleportation, Healing, Attack Reflection, Immunity to Deconstruction (Hed a vortex to the lovecraftian galaxy and was completely fine). Transmutation, Flight (With Rocket), Transformation (Can transform into the Wizard Hedgehog for his final smash or aftr being transmuted into an animal), Possession (With Zarfura), Trapping (With Rocket and MS Paint Moon), Weapon Mastery (Reddy can use items without prior knowladge and Gary Faceman is skilled with guns), Explosion Manipulation (Causes one at the end of his final smash), Destruction (His exsistance tears the multiverse apart)

Attack Potency: 9-B physically, Low 2-C

Speed: Likely Massivly Hypersonic + (Scales to his own lasers)

Lifting Strength: Likely Superhuman (Can lift barrels with stuff inside with minimal effort, only restricting jumps)

Striking Strength: Likely 9-B, Likely Higher

Durability: Likely 9-A, Likely Higher

Stamina: Likely inexhaustible

Range: Standard Melee Range, Higher with Assists, Tens of meters with Magic, Multiversal overtime

Standard Equipment: Wand, Couch Gag, Rocket, Magic, Bootleg Emeralds

Intelligence: Gifted (Figured out how to assemble heroes by faking his death to Leo)

Weaknesses: Often angers people more powerful then him

Bowser of SuperMarioLogan


== Summary ==
Bowser used to be Mario's rival, but has since retired and spends most of his time either bossing around chef Pee Pee,  watching Charleyyy and Friends, or being a part of the most dysfunctional family in existence. Despite being out of commission for so long Bowser is still one of the strongest SML characters. 

== Statistics ==
'''[[Tiering System|Tier]]: '''Varies from '''10-C''', to '''High 8-C''', to '''8-A''', to '''Low 6-B''', At most '''High 6-A '''| Varies from '''10-C''', to '''High 8-C''', to At most '''High 6-A''', '''3-A '''with Bowser Juice Extreme

'''Name: '''Bowser

'''Origin: '''[[SuperMarioLogan (Fanon)/Soupywolf5|SuperMarioLogan]]

'''Gender:''' Male

'''Age: '''At least 300

'''Classification: '''Koopa

'''Powers and Abilities:''' [[Superhuman Physical Characteristics]], [ Breath Attack] (Can breath fire), [[Fire Manipulation]], [[Electricity Manipulation]], [ Weapon Creation], [[Resurrection]], [[Teleportation]], [[Mind Manipulation]], [[Sealing]], [[Power Bestowal]] (Gave Mario all of his abilities and made him so much stronger that he went from being one-shot, to actually being able to harm Bowser) | [[Superhuman Physical Characteristics]], [[Breaking the Fourth Wall]], R[[resurrection|esurrection]] (Death doesn't matter to any SML characters as they just come back to life after dying, and even if Bowser were to die permanently he would just wind up in hell where he could leave, has died 8 times), [ Inorganic Physiology] (Is full of a mixture of cotton and flesh), [[Toon Force]], [ Breath Attack], [[Transformation]] with Bowser Juice extreme (Can turn into a black hole), [[Longevity]] (Lost his first baby tooth at the age of 300)

'''[[Attack Potency]]: '''Varies from '''Below Average Human level '''(Far too inconsistent to rate properly sometimes portrayed as weaker than normal humans, although he is the physically strongest character, One-Shot Luigi who's comparable to [[Mario (Fanon, SML)/Soupywolf5|Mario]]), to '''Large Building level''', to '''Multi-City Block level+''', to '''Small Country level''', At most '''Multi-Continent level''' | Varies from '''Below Average Human level''', to '''Large''' '''Building level''', to '''Multi-City Block leve+''' (While he isn't nearly as strong as he was in the stupid and dumb adventure series he is comparable to Modern Mario), to '''Small Country level '''(Superior to his son who could [ shake the Earth] by screaming) At most '''Multi-Continent level''', '''Universe level '''with Bowser Juice Extreme (Can turn into a black hole capable of sucking up the entire universe in a very short time-frame)

'''[[Speed]]: Massively Hypersonic''', with '''Massively Hypersonic+ '''Reaction Speed (Faster than [[Mario (Fanon, SML)/Soupywolf5|Mario]])

'''[[Lifting Strength]]: '''At least '''Class 10 '''(Much stronger than [[Mario (Fanon, SML)/Soupywolf5|Mario]])

'''[[Striking Strength]]: '''Varies from '''Below Average Class''', to '''Large Building Class''', to '''Multi-City Block Class+''', to '''Small Country Class''' At most '''Multi-Continent Class '''| Varies from '''Below Average Class''', to '''Large Building Class''', to '''Multi-City Block Class+''', to '''Small Country Class''', At most '''Multi-Continent Class'''

'''[[Durability]]: '''Varies from '''Below Average Human level''', to '''Large Building level''', to '''Multi-City Block level+ '''(Far more durable than Mario), to '''Small Country level''' At most '''Multi-Continent level '''| Varies from '''Below Average Human level''', to '''Large''' '''Building level''', to '''Multi-City Block leve+''', to '''Small Country level''', At most '''Multi-Continent level'''

'''[[Stamina]]: High '''(Comparable to [[Mario (Fanon, SML)/Soupywolf5|Mario]])

'''[[Range]]: '''Standard Melee range with physical attacks, Extended Melee with fire, and lightning, possibly kilometers with sealing (Sealed Yoshi despite them seemingly going to another country and being nowhere near him) | Standard Melee range

'''[ Standard Equipment]: '''None | None

Optional Equipment:
* Bowser Juice Extreme

'''[[Intelligence]]: '''Ranges from Below Average to Average (Although he is usually portrayed as very stupid he has shown to occasionally be somewhat intelligent)

'''Weaknesses: '''Took months to resurrect when he was first killed although this was before he got his powers | None Notable

'''Key: Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures | Main Series'''

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