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Sun Wukong is one of the main protagonist of the novel Journey to the West. Sun Wukong was born from a magical stone formed from the Goddess Nuwa repairing Heaven. Upon hatching into the world he lived most of his life on The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. There he joined and lived with a large group of monkeys eventually discovering a secret cave that the monkeys could use as their new home. The monkeys were grateful for this and accepted Sun Wukong as their king and proclaimed him The Monkey King.

However, after seeing one of his fellow monkey died of old age, Wukong began fearing death and his time in the Mortal Realm ending. Because of that he decided to seek out Immortality. Crossing many seas and continents this journey, Wukong became a pupil for a Taoist sage named Subhuti, who taught him the 72 Earthly Magic and immortality. From then on, Wukong established himself as a very powerful demon king and end up butt-head with all of Heaven before being outsmarted and sealed by Gautama Buddha for 500 years

After 500 years, Wukong was freed by the Golden Cicada Tripitaka and supported the monk in taking the Indian Sutra, alongside Bai Long Ma (the horse), Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. The journey lasted for 14 years, and during that time, the Pilgrims faced a multitude of monsters, demons, vahanas and even fallen deity. After completing his service, Sun Wukong is granted Buddhahood, titled Buddha of Victorious Fighting.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 3-A to 2-A, likely 1-A | Unknown, likely High 4-C | High 1-A

Name: Sun Wukong (孫悟空), Son Goku (Japanese Pronunciation), Stone Monkey (Shí Hóu / 石猴), The Handsome Monkey King (Měi Hóuwáng / 美猴王), Bìmǎwēn (弼馬溫), The Stone Monkey of Numinous Wisdom, The Great Sage Equal to Heaven (Qítiān Dàshèng / 齊天大聖), The Buddha of Victorious Fighting (Dòu-zhànshèng-fó / 鬥戰勝佛)

Origin: Journey to the West

Gender: Male

Age: Technically several thousands years old (As a stone that the Goddess Nu Wa used to fixed Heaven, Wukong was receiving the nurturing from Heaven (yin) and Earth (yang) for thousands of years before being officially born as a monkey). Otherwise 1214-1246 years old at the end of the Journey to the West; Sun Wukong's birth can be dated between 502–488 BCE, during the Zhou dynasty (c. 1046–256 BCE); 342 years old at recorded death (The Book of Life and Death recorded Sun Wukong's age of death at 342 years old); spends 15 earth years as the Heavenly Horse Keeper, which dated to 150–136 BCE. When Sun Wukong is appointed as the Great Sage Equal to Heaven and became the guardian of the immortal peach groves for 177 earth years, dated this ascension to 140–126 BCE. Later Wukong got burned at Laozi's furnace for 49 heavenly days, to which the narrative stated that one heavenly day equal one earth year, meaning Wukong spends 49 years being burned in the furnace, starting between 40–26 BCE. Liu Boquin, a hunter that originally guarded Tripitaka, stated that when Wang Mang usurped the Han's rule, the Five Elements mountain fell from Heaven with a divine monkey clamped beneath it, and Tripitaka's leaves from Chang’an “on the third day before the fifteenth of the ninth month in the thirteenth year of the period Zhenguan”, dated his departure to the year 640 CE. As Wukong was discovered in 640 CE, the Monkey King is technically imprisoned by the Buddha for 617-649 years, marking the Monkey King's age as somewhere around 1200-1232 years old when he was released by Tripitaka. The Journey to the West lasted for 14 years, meaning Sun Wukong is around 1214-1246 years old when he finally attained Buddhahood. Since Sun Wukong was born somewhere between 502–488 BCE, he would have been at least 2500 years old in the modern era (21st century).

Classification: Stone Monkey (Shí Hóu / 石猴), Monkey King of Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, Celestial & Trickster Deity, Formerly Protector of the Horses and Guardian of the Heavenly Peach Garden | Buddha of Victorious Fight (Dòu-zhànshèng-fó / 鬥戰勝佛)

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Sun Wukong is a powerful warrior and master martial artists. His fighting skills allow him to defeat many dangerous threats from monsters, demons and ultimately, an entire pantheon of gods and celestials army), Weapon Mastery (Extremely skilled with using his legendary staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang), Acrobatics and Superhuman Athleticism (Could leap from Earth to Heaven and leap over an ocean, stated to be capable of traveling 35,000 to 45,000 kilometres in a single backflip, reached the end of the Silver Way from Buddha's palm. Being a monkey, Wukong has uncanny agility and wits), Accelerated Development (Studying and cultivating magic for only 20 years, Sun Wukong was already able to match and surpass many powerful gods and demons, all of whom have already cultivated for thousands of years), Absorption (Can absorb divine energy to sustain himself. Before being born as a monkey, Wukong [as one of the four remaining rocks that the Goddess Nu Wa used to fix the Pillar of Heaven] was absorbing energy from Heaven and the universe until he was born as a monkey), Magic (Mastered all sort of Daoist Magic, notoriously the 72 Earthly Magic. Is also stated to have mastered the mystical powers of Heaven and Earth and learned the "dark secret" of the sun and moon), Summoning (Can summon clouds that he can fly on. Has power over many deities & spirits and can also call upon them), Invisibility (Sun Wukong’s magic tricks allow him to become invisible to sneak upon his own enemies), Intangibility (Can walk through solid obstacles, such as stones), Stealth Mastery (Was notorious for being crafty and stealing, managing to steal from and trick several Gods), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Removed his name from the Registry of Hell and therefore cannot die, ate the Peaches of Immortality, Pills of Immortality, gained Daoist Immortality), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 & 3; Requires little to no sleep and can travel throughout the cosmos without any issues), Statistics Amplification (Can become stronger through magic), Astral Projection (Can turn into a spirit at will, which project his soul out of his body. His primordial spiritual form retains properties of his Earthly body), Underwater Breathing (Type 2, Sun Wukong can transform or cast a spell to allow himself to survive underwater. However, he cannot fight underwater), Water Walking, Regeneration (Mid-Godly. Survived being turned to Ash by the Seven Trigrams Furnace, nothing Heaven could do to Sun Wukong could kill or keep him down.), Transduality (Type 3), Beyond-Dimensional Physiology, Invulnerability (Sun Wukong's body is completely invulnerable to any known harm, and that his immortality and invulnerability are both merged into his body, making the Monkey King virtually unkillable, to which they are refined into his beingHis magic can also be used to further protect Sun Wukong from harm, and by mastering The Great Way, Sun Wukong is completely indestructible), Energy Manipulation and Light Manipulation (When Sun Wukong bowed to the 4 cardinal directs, a beam of light shot from his eyes.), Danmaku, Flight (With his cloud), limited Creation (Can create elixir with his magic. Usually create semi-corporeal clouds for his allies to fly on. Can turn his hair into distinct creatures with special abilities.), Shapeshifting (Stated "Infinite are the transformations I have learned", allowing Wukong to shape-shift into anything he wants to, even taking the form of ether), Biological Manipulation (Can manipulate his own body to varying effects, for example, cutting his own stomach to inspect a wound and heal it. During his battle against Nezha, he assumed a form with tens of thousands of limbs.), Non-Physical Interaction (Defeat the entire Army of Heaven, many of which are gods who represent stars and constellation, as well as many Conceptual Gods and Non-physical beings such as Directions of the Compass. Can destroy monsters that have no form), Duplication (Can limitlessly clone himself by plucking the fur and hair from his body. He can create millions to billions of clone, as his hair duplication can also create another duplicate seemingly endlessly. Cutting his head resulted in Sun Wukong being divided into two, one of the piece become himself while the other piece become a duplication), Size-Shifting, Elasticity (Got his head squeezed into an hourglass), Teleportation, Telekinesis, Dimensional Travel (Can travel around Earth, Heaven and the Underworld without any problem), Transformation, Transmutation, Matter Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation (Can use magic to shorten distance, allowing the Pilgrim to instantly return to the city), Paralysis Inducement (Can freeze someone in place, even celestial beings themselves), Burrowing (Can travel underground with the 72 Earthly Magic), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions and afterimage with his magic to trick his enemies), Animal Manipulation (Can command and communicate with animals), Weather Manipulation (Blew so hard the Earth turned dark. Can control weather and clouds, as well as covering the sun), Elemental Manipulation, Air Manipulation (Can control air and storms with his magic, and creating devastating wind storm at will), Fire Manipulation (Can create fire with the 72 Earthly Magic), Water Manipulation (Can separate water canals and rivers to grant Tang Sanzang passage. Taoist Sage and practitioner can create rivers and manipulate the Wuxing.), Earth Manipulation (Taoist Sage and practitioner can also create mountains and forests with the 72 Earthly Magic), Barriers Creation and Forcefield Creation, Breath Attack (Can blow out winds of such ferocity that they topple forests and generate a large tsunami), Attack Reflection (Can use magic to repel Water, Fire and Thunder), Dream Manipulation (Can cause his enemies to fall into nightmare, destroying them mentally), Pain Manipulation (Wukong can transfer his pain into another people and enemies), Can Break any Lock, Resurrection (One life for each of his 'infinite' transformations. Can resurrect someone through fetching their souls from the underworld), Power Bestowal, Enhanced Senses (Capable of seeing through any disguise, illusion or transformation. Sun Wukong could also see through objects, as well as seeing something as small as a dragonfly spreading its wings), Information Analysis and Cosmic Awareness (Can use his fiery golden eyes to identify monsters, even through their mystical disguises, or even recognizing anything in existence), limited Precognition, Healing (Similar to Zhu Bajie's 36 Heavenly Magic, Sun Wukong can absorb the yin energy to heal his allies), Power Bestowal (Granted the Three Princes of the lower Indian prefecture of Jade Flower District strength of ten thousands arms. Can turn his hair into creatures with distinctive abilities, such as sleeping bugs), Power Nullification (Can literally destroy magic of other Taoist practitioners), Purification (Type 1 and 2; Due to his mastery over the secret of immortality, Sun Wukong can use the spiritual energy to circulate his body, purifying both his body and mind), Sleep Manipulation (Can sedate a Daoist practitioners for a month. Sun Wukong's hair can turn into sleeping bugs). Possibly Probability Manipulation (Bested the Mighty Miracle God and his miracles), Space-Time Manipulation (Fight off the Points of the Compass. Defeat the God of South and North as well as many gods who represent Directions. The origin of the 72 Earthly Magic is recorded to be the collisions between the course of time and space. As a result, the 72 stellar deities has the role of upholding the link between celestial bodies and earthly spaces), Law Manipulation, Reality Warping, Durability Negation (Ao Kuang, the Nothern Dragon King stated that Sun Wukong's cudgel can "crack skin" and a small rap can injure muscle, with a light tap being fatal) Conceptual Manipulation, BFR (Have spells that can drive deities away), Electricity Manipulation (One of Sun Wukong's hair was able to turn into a thunder spirit to protect Tang Xuanzang), Chi Manipulation, Disease Manipulation (The 72 Earthly Magic originated from the 72 stellar fiends deities, who causes all diseases and ailments. As a practitioner of this magic, Wukong should be able to do the same), Astroremkinesis and Gravity Manipulation (Taoist sages can turn into ray of light and celestial bodies such as the sun and the moon. The 72 Earthly Magic that Wukong uses has a celestial origin. Additionally, the 72 stellar deities originated the Monkey King's magic also uphold the link between the celestial bodies and the earthly spaces. The Buddha stated that the Stone Monkey of Numinous Wisdom [Sun Wukong] can alter the course of planet and stars. Is stated to be a cosmic being fused with nature's gift, vast and motionless like the One Great Void). Resistance to Cosmic Radiation, Heat Manipulation (Survived 49 days in the Seven Trigrams Furnace, drank only Molten Copper while sealed under the Five Elements Mountain for 500 years), Soul Manipulation (Survive the full brunt of a weapon capable of melting souls and spirits. By erasing his name from the Book of Life & Death, Sun Wukong's soul is no longer under the power of the Kings of Underworld), Fire Manipulation, Holy Manipulation and Hellfire Manipulation (Unaffected by being burned with Heavenly fire and Hellfire), Electricity Manipulation (Completely immune to lightning, as the thunder god cannot even flinch Wukong), Elemental Manipulation (Is immune to the powers of the 5 elements, the Wuxing), Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (Erasing his name from the Book of Death and Life, making him unable to die by the power of the King of Hells as well as the Fate destined by the Register of Births and Deaths), Disease Manipulation (Having mastered the Great Way, Sun Wukong is completely immune to all diseases. This include The Five Plagues of Heaven), Probability Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Is no longer subjugated to the laws of heaven when he attained immortality and celestial magic), Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation and Elemental Manipulation (Transcend the Five Phases, which is responsible for human's natural endowment. The Five Elements are also what cause creation to begin, to which the entire universe is consist of it, and even monster & demons are formed to match the Five Phases), Mind Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation & Madness Manipulation (Having mastered the Great Way, Sun Wukong's mind is already enlightened. Such enlightenment allows the Monkey King to bypass all mental projections, including that of perception, visions, memory, learning, thoughts, feelings, decisions, dreams, and realizations), BFR, Power Nullification, Chi Manipulation, Sealing, Existence Erasure and all the abilities of the Taoist Gods in the Jade Emperor's court (Nothing Heaven could do to Wukong could affect and keep him down, much less than executing Wukong).

All previous powers and abilities, Extrasensory Perception and Information Analysis (Buddhists are all-seeing), Non-Corporeal & Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2. Buddha are “non-being”. They are also bodiless and has no shape or form. The nature of Buddha is is neither form, void, nor no nothingness, it does not come, it does not go, nor dedicate. It's never different nor the same, nor existing nor nonexistent. It does not give nor take. It does not hope or crave. Whether it be the Dharma which it is the unfathomable source of, or the untrue states of nonexistence, void, emptiness and transduality below it. Shoul be comparable to Subodhi, who is both a Daoist and Buddhist, whose spirit is completely empty in nature), Large Size (Type 10; The Dharma impregnate the entire cosmos, which includes all universes and realms.), Reality Warping, Sealing, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (The Dharma has control over the entire world/universe, which include the Mortal World, the Underworld, the Heaven and the World of Pure Spirit. The Heaven and the World of Pure Spirit are higher realms in comparison to the Mortal World), Greater Space-Time Manipulation (Sun Wukong, having mastered the Great Way, wielded power over the Dharma, which is responsible for the cosmos imbue and enfolded the whole universe), Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Buddhas can forcefully banish souls and reincarnated them into other life. Can change their soul as well, as their soul is empty and spontaneous), Biological Manipulation (Buddhas are capable of changing head into a piece of meat dripping blood, as well as causing sudden cramps in wings by pointing their fingers), Mind Manipulation, Acausality (Type 1 & 4), Aura, Fragrance Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Conceptual Manipulation and Information Manipulation (The Dharma is every scripture, sutra and the very teaching of Buddha, which is The Dharma inserting itself into reality, as in itself it is nothing but text and information. Such knowledge and teachings that is the Dharma, can be turned into power as well), Chaos Manipulation (When achieving Nirvana, Sun Wukong is unbound from all notion of Existence, Non-Existence, Concepts, Reality and Unreality and control the Formless Yin and Yang), Subjective Reality (Buddhists can utilize their minds to make anything possible), Power Bestowal (Buddhists and Arhats can share their dharma powers, which can also take form in objects or treasury), Power Nullification (Bodhisattvas are capable of dispelling the Three Calamities, which include Thunder that is guaranteed to strike if the immortal cultivator is not cunning enough to avoid it, Fire that appears and reduces the cultivator insides to ashes, and Wind that disintegrates the immortal learner.), Mind Reading (Buddhists can sense thoughts of other beings), Mind Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Healing, Regeneration (True-Godly), Morality Manipulation and Transformation (Buddhists can transform other beings into their own guardians and change their allegiance.) Light Manipulation (Buddhas can generate light of such luminosity that it can prevent fiends from attacking them), Holy Manipulation, Omnipresence (Buddhists are boundless and can fill the world or reaches the Great Way, making them one with existence), Omniscience, Precognition (Bodhisattvas are capable of seeing into and knowing the past, the present and the future), Cosmic Awareness, Transduality (Type 2. When achieving Nirvana, Buddhists are unbound from Reality and control the Formless Yin and Yang), Creation (Through the power of the Five Phases, Buddhas are capable of creating things such as mountains. The power of the Five Phases are also used for forming creation itself), Disintegration (Bodhisattvas are capable of dismantling a weapon of godly origins, despite said weapon being crafted by the combined effort of many powerful gods), Invulnerability/Immortality Negation & Elemental Manipulation (Through utilizing the power of the Five Phases, Buddhists should be capable of summoning the Samadhi Fire, a type of fire that would have killed Sun Wukong had Zhu Bajie not resurrected him), Fate Manipulation & Age Manipulation (The Dharma has control over fate, including that of Bodhisattvas, Human, Gods, Spirits and virtually every being in JTTW. Bodhisattvas can also extend a person's life expectancy, so that their fate may come later), Death Manipulation, Life Manipulation and Resurrection (A Buddha can bring souls back to life and restore the body of said souls), Avatar Creation (Buddhists can create avatar and take a specific form), Plant Manipulation (Bodhisattvas are capable of creating lotus flower that are secretly sharp swords. Buddhists are usually associated with lotus flower and can summon it at will). Resistance to Spatial Manipulation & Reality Warping (When achieving Nirvana, the Buddhists are unbound from Reality), Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Life & Death Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Corruption and Purification (Buddhas are neither corrupt nor pure and Buddhists bodies are incorruptible), Electricity Manipulation (The Pilgrims gain immunity to Fog, Thunder and Lightning after they fetch the scripture), Existence Erasure & Deconstruction (Buddhas are outside of the Wheel of Transmigration and transcend Creation and Destruction, and such, cannot be destroyed in anyway), Age Manipulation (Attaining enlightenment allows Buddhists to reach the state where there is no old age or death, transcending the Wheel of Transmigration), Willpower Manipulation (When Buddhists attain Nirvana, volition that is will is completely removed from them), Statistics Amplification & Statistics Reduction (The Dharma do not grow nor decrease), Mind Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Perception Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation & Madness Manipulation (When Buddhists attain Nirvana, they have no mental hinderances, errors, fear nor delusions. Enlightened buddhists do not even have cognition nor having thoughts in any way), Power Modification, Power Absorption and Information Manipulation (The power of Dharma cannot be destroyed nor abolished and its nature does not increase nor decrease in any way.)

Attack Potency: At least High Universal level+ (Shook the universe when fighting against The Constellations from across the Heavens. Defeat the entire Army of Heaven, many of which are gods who represent stars and constellation, as well as many Conceptual Gods and Non-physical beings such as Directions of the Compass as well as 600 pantheons of gods. Was able to leap to the Corners of the Universe and survived being pinned by the Buddha. Daoist cosmologies state the Silver River (Milky Way) is Infinite, stated on multiple occasions to have Infinite power) to Multiverse level+ (Terrified the Dragon Gods, who created the Dragon realms, which are infinite collections of realms, and was threatening to destroy said Dragon Realms), likely Outerversal level (Due to the nature of Yin and Yang, Sun Wukong is likely not bounded by dimension. Is a threat to The Jade Emperor, as he required the Buddha just to subdue Wukong) | Unknown (Usually struggled with all sorts of monsters throughout the journey), likely Large Star level (Defeated and killed an Evil Spirit that is shaking the whole world. Can alter the course of planets and stars, as stated by Gautama Buddha) | High Outerversal level (When achieving Nirvana, Sun Wukong is unbound from all notion of Existence, Non-Existence, Concepts, Reality and Unreality and control the Formless Yin and Yang. Comparable to Gautama Buddha and Guanyin. Should also be superior to his previous self and by extension, the Heavenly army and deities.)

Speed: At least Immeasurable, possibly Irrelevant (Buddha can only catch his movements with the all-seeing eyes. He is capable of running at the speed of meteor while carrying two mountains, one representing the Buddhist cosmos and the other a celestial mountain on his back) | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: At least Infinite to Immeasurable, likely Irrelevant (Capable of supporting the weight of the axis of the Hindo-Buddhist cosmos, on one shoulder and the weight of another celestial mountain on the other, while running with the speed of a meteor.) | Irrelevant (Should be somewhat comparable to Gautama Buddha, who could hold the entire cosmos in his hand)

Striking Strength: At least High Universe level+ to Multiverse level+ possibly Outerverse level (Defeated all of the Heavenly deities under the Jade Emperor, many of whom are celestial soldiers, representation of direction, constellation and celestial gods. He also defeated the Four Heavenly Kings, who are the four buddhist deities who watch over Heaven and Earth) | Unknown, likely Large Star Level | High Outerverse level

Durability: At least High Universal level+ level to Multiverse level+, likely Outerversal (Heaven could not do anything to kill or harm Wukong, including Hellfire and Heavenly fire, decapacitation, thunder gods' lightning and many more. Even the Jade Emperor cannot kill Wukong and was forced to resolve to the Buddha himself) | Unknown, likely Large Star Level | High Outerverse level

Stamina: Nigh-Infinite | Infinite

Range: At least Standard melee range, up to interstellar, likely Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Standard Equipment:

  • Ruyi Jingu Bang (Magic Golden-Clasped Rod): Sun Wukong's primary weapon, obtained during his visit to the Underwater Kingdom of Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. Despite weighing over 13,500 jīn, or 7,960 Kilograms, Sun Wukong has no issues wielding it in combat. This weapon is famous for its capability to limitlessly change size. At its peak, it became large enough to lift the Celestial River (The Milky Way Galaxy). Sun Wukong's primary weapon, obtained during his visit to the Underwater Kingdom of Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. Despite weighing over 13,500 jīn, or 7,960 Kilograms, Sun Wukong has no issues wielding it in combat. The Ruyi Jingu Bang has seemingly unlimited size-shifting capabilities, being capable of growing as tall as the skies or shrinking to the size of a needle at will.
  • Fèngchìzǐjinguān (Phoenix Feather Cap): A treasure bestowed upon Wukong by the Dragon King Ao Qin
  • Ǒusībùyúnlǚ (Cloud-Stepping Boots): A treasure bestowed upon Wukong by the Dragon King Ao Run, which allows Sun Wukong to be able to fly and walk on clouds. The Boots itself are made of lotus fiber.
  • Golden Chain Mail: A treasure bestowed upon Wukong by the Dragon King Ao Ming,

Intelligence: Genius. Sun Wukong possess vast knowledge in martial arts and weaponry, being able to utilize all sorts of weapons no matter how large or heavy, to the point the Monkey King defeated the Army of Heaven highhandedly and achieved Taoist immortality through only several years of training. Additionally, Sun Wukong's mystical aptitude is quite vast, and despite having been cultivating the Dao for only three years, the Monkey King has already shown that he is more proficient at flying then any of the other Gods in Heaven, as well as showing the ability to transform into various things far better than the celestial deities of Heaven. Has also mastered the Great Way after following Buddhism, which is described as even more complex and harder to grasp. As the Stone Monkey of Numinous Wisdom, Sun Wukong also showcase supernatural mental acuity and can master skill his senior religious brothers could not grasp, and is described as “someone who, knowing one thing, could understand a hundred”. The Monkey King also shows to be more than capable of tricking and outsmarting monsters, demons and gods through Journey to the West, and also shows fairly good adaptability while facing the 81 tribulations. Sun Wukong has shown cased his capabilities of being a capable doctor that can treat sick people and those who are injured. He has stated himself that he is well versed in the innerworkings of Heaven and Earth, and his pure comprehensive ability allowed him to not only learn the Daoist Way of Immortality before his peers within a matter of years, but also surpassing Daoist Immortals who are thousands if millions of years old. He is also a very good leader, teaching an entire army of monkeys how to fight to the extent they could battle the forces of Heaven, and should also possess knowledge over military, politic while exercising monarchy over the monkey in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. | Omniscient (When achieving Nirvana, the Buddhist becomes all-knowing.), likely Inapplicable (Enlightened buddhists do not even have cognition nor having thoughts in any way, and such, they have no mental hinderances, errors, fear nor delusions)

Weaknesses: Rarely takes things seriously and is overconfident and arrogant. Is not effective when combating enemies underwater. Certain sigils can hold the Monkey King in place, such as that of Gautama Buddha. | None Notable. Additionally, by the time Sun Wukong attain Buddhahood, he had also vastly mature and overcome his arrogance, overconfidence and extravagancy.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • 72 Earthly Magic: Sun Wukong is capable of performing 72 different spells, one of them is shapeshifting into any desired form. Other forms of the 72 Earthly Magic grants Wukong many other unique powers allowing him to harm even gods.
  • Shen Wai Shen Fa (Body Outside of Body): Wukong is capable of transforming each of his body's 84,000 hairs into another form, be it an animal, person or inanimate object. He can also transform each of his hair's into a duplicate of himself. When he does such a thing, his Ruyi Jingu Bang also multiplies into thousands of itself.
  • Limb Multiplication: Sun Wukong can increase the number of his heads and arms, typically assuming a three-headed, six-armed form. During his battle against Nezha, he assumed a form with tens of thousands of limbs.
  • Body Freezing Spell: One of Sun Wukong’s most important powers, which allows him of magically freezing others into immobility with a single syllable and a point of his finger.
  • Bi Shui Jue (Water Avoidance Charm): Allows Wukong to survive in deep waters without drowning, though renders him incapable of flight.
  • Bi Huo Jue (Fire Avoidance Charm): Makes Wukong incapable of being burned by any fire.
  • Jie Suo Fa (Lock Breaking Spell): With this spell, Wukong can instantly open any lock by pointing his finger or staff at it.
  • Protective Circle: With this ability, Sun Wukong can create an invisible protective wall around himself, drawing a circle around him on the ground with his staff. Anyone staying inside the circle will be safe from all harm.
  • Huo Yan Jin Jing (Fiery Golden Eyes): When he was burnt in Lao Zi’s furnace for 49 days, he sat in a place where there was only smoke, but no fire. Thus he managed to survive the burning, but his eyes were smoked into Fiery Golden Eyes. This enables him to see as far as a thousand li in the day and six hundred li at night. Furthermore, he can see through any disguise, illusion, or transformation of monster. However, Wukong cannot see through disguises use by Gods and Bodhisattvas.

Key: Great Sage Equaling Heaven | Post-Sealing/ During Journey to the West | The Buddha of Victorious Fighting