Powers and Stats



Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male



Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Supernatural Speed, Indomitable Will, Speed Force Aura, Speed Manipulation, Speed Theft, Electricity Manipulation, Enhanced Lung Capacity, Vacuum Adaptation, Genius Intelligence, Body Control (Has control over his molecular and atomic structure), Longevity, Accelerated Perception, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration (High), Intangibility, Time Travel, Dimensional Travel, Afterimage Creation (Can produce afterimages to disorient targets, creating the illusion of being in one place while actually being in another), Air Manipulation (Able to produce powerful whirlwinds, tornados, and other effects through his speed. Can create a downdraft to yank airborne opponents downward, can cancel out radiation and deflect projectiles with shields of air), Vibration Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can produce sonic booms by clapping, and reverse the effects of soundwaves), Portal Creation, Forcefield Creation (Can produce shields via vibrations), Limited Flight (By reaching escape velocity), Temporal BFR (Punched Reverse-Flash back to the 24th century), Spatial Manipulation (Can seal tears in reality), Radiation Manipulation (By giving off radiation akin to solar flares he can ward off other forms of radiation), Matter Manipulation and Antimatter Manipulation (Can accelerate his speed in space by ejecting thousands of atoms per second. Can morph into antimatter), Disassembly (By dispersing his molecules to evade damage and reassembling thereafter), Durability Negation, Duplication (Can briefly produce duel images of himself composed of light particles), Light Manipulation (Can emit beams of light of any color), Limited Heat Manipulation (By using his speed to emit large amounts of heat), Limited Ice Manipulation (Can freeze water into ice), Surface Scaling (With his speed), Power Bestowal, Resistance to: Mind Manipulation (Resisted Psycho-Pirate's mental influence. Can resist Grodd’s control), Disease Manipulation, Absolute Zero Ice, Possession, Searing Heat, Matter Manipulation (Atomic level), Transmutation, Paralysis Inducement, Existence Erasure, Memory Manipulation, and BFR (Withstood Darkseid’s Omega beams)

Attack Potency: TBA (Through his speed, he’s capable generating an energy output capable of destroying the space-time continuum.


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:

Durability: TBA (Took hits from a Speed Force enhanced Gorilla Grodd.



Standard Equipment:






Air Manipulation

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