• I've been very busy in real life and finding out that Metal Mario875 won't be coming online for years depressed me. He is the #1 reason I got interested into Vs Debates especially Mario vs Sonic. When I first debated him he taught me to avoid using fallacies and he is a very respectful, smart, unbiased debater and Mario fan. 

    Now that he is gone...I'm sorry to say this but also due to family, friends and work responsibilities in real life increasing I don't think I can be here anymore let alone Vs Battles...

    If Metal comes back here God knows when then he should know that I've moved on with my life and I wish him the best.

    Paleomario66, Withersoul 235, etc I'm going to move on with my life. Wish you all the best too.


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    • I'm sorry to see you leaving, Adam. You are a great person, always very kind and friendly, and you were a great bureaucrat. I hope we can still talk on Discord. I wish you the best of luck, man.

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