• I see I've gotten demoted. Would like to speak against it.

    Nearly a month of inactivity would not warrant an instant demotion. At least leave me a warning message about it instead of demoting me out of the blue. We did the same for Mystery, didn't we?

    And it wasn't even a month. Fifteen days. Nothing, but half a month. Even worse.

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    • My apologies. I admit I might've been a little fast on this.

      However, it is still sorta stands that in your period as admin, you have not done that much aside from one RVR. If I were to repromote you, would you try to be, y'know, a bit more constructive? That's all I'd ask.

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    • Admittedly should've done more, so I will be more productive from now on.

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    • Okay. I'll re-promote you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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