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Timmy Turner
You guys are such a waste of money!
~ Timmy Turner

Galactimus, Eater of Planets
I, Galactimus, will now eat your planet like a meatball!
~ Galactimus

Abra-Catastrophe Timmy
I'll never bow down to you, Crocker! I don't care how powerful you are, you're still a second-rate elementary school teacher. And shrimp puffs reek!
~ Timmy

EndOfTheUniversity-Dark Suit Timmy
But Timmy likes Dark Powers, Dark Powers are cool...
~ Dark Powers Suit Timmy


Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is a ten year old boy who is the main protagonist of "The Fairly OddParents", alongside his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. He's described by the show's theme song as "an average kid that no one understands". Timmy's parents, known as Mom and Dad, are neglectful of him and sometimes leave him under the care of his sadistic babysitter, Vicky. After a year of Vicky constantly making him miserable, Timmy was then given two magical fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, in order to keep him company, protect him and improve his life. By granting his every wish, his fairies and him experience numerous adventures.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies from 10-C to 5-B by himself. Low 2-C with Fairly Magic | Likely 5-B | Unknown

Name: Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner

Origin: The Fairly OddParents!

Gender: Male

Age: 10 physically, around 60 years old

Classification: Most miserable child on Earth (formally), Kid assigned with Fairly OddParents, (believed to be) the Chosen One | "Eater of Planets" | Apprentice of Dark Laser

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence (excellent strategist, leader and manipulator), Can see ghosts, Heat vision (Wished for it once and he kept the power), Weapon Mastery, Sleep Inducement with sleeping gas, Low Level Toon Force, Breaking the Fourth Wall, incredible willpower (Stayed awake for several days, possibly staying in the same place), Can walk between panels when being inside a comic, Time Paradoxal Resistance (Inconsistent, but has shown to be completely unaffected by major changes in the past). When equipped with a magic wand, being turned into a fairy or when assisted with Cosmo, Wanda and other magical beings Timmy gains access to the following powers: Magic/Reality Warping, Flight, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Causality Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Mind Manipulation, Mind Control, Memory Manipulation (Has demonstrated the ability to affect everyone in the world on numerous occasions), Morality Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Removed his own emotions, can alter the emotions of others), Clairvoyance (Cosmos & Wanda knew who Mark Chang was and what his parents were doing through their wands in Spaced Out), Illusion Creation, Perception & Fear Manipulation (Wished for some 3-D glasses to make everything their users see and hear "super scary" depending on their fears, also making them perceive this effects), Transmutation (Demonstrated multiple times and shown in The Same Game to be powerful enough to affect everyone on the planet), Biological Manipulation, Age Manipulation (Changed his own age several times. Turned Vicky into a five year old. Made Adam West be a kid again), Healing (Cosmo and Wanda will usually heal Timmy without him wishing it), Creation, Martial Arts, Enhanced Energy Projection and Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Size Manipulation, Large Size (Up to Type 5), Negation (Shown here), Power Nullification, Power Bestowal, Data Manipulation, Technological Manipulation, Fusionism, Soul Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Resurrection of others (Resurrected Arthur after he was reduced to his skeleton. Accidentally revived his gerbil), Information Manipulation, Text Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Fate Manipulation & Pain Manipulation with voodoo dolls (Should also be able to access those powers with wishes), Duplication, Dream Manipulation (In Abra-Catastrophe! Cosmo and Wanda kept Timmy occupied in his dream until he wish to go back to his room), Portal Creation, Elemental Manipulation (Earth, Magma, Water, Air, Fire, Electricity, Ice, Plant, Metal, Light, Darkness & Weather Manipulation), Status Effect Inducement (Wished for all the air on the Earth to be full of laughing gas, can freeze multiple people at once, ect.), Statistics Amplification, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Responsible for making several fictional works real within their comics, books, etc.), Negation (Cosmo taught someone how to have other magic not work when trying to affect his wand. Made people unable to take off their 3-D glasses), Physics, Conceptual & Gravity Manipulation (Prevented Tom Sawyer from rewriting the book "Astrophysics for Morons", whose changes would have affected reality, such as turning "gravity into gravy". Timmy is able to do the same, however this is not demonstrated), Disease Manipulation (Rewrited villagers into ill, should be able to wish similar things), multiple forms of BFR, Summoning (Summoned all versions of Crimson Chin to assist him), Body-swapping, Immortality (Type 1, 2 and 3 via wishing to be a fairy and most likely having his physiology. Type 6 via Body-swapping Joy Buzzer and other wishes with this function), Regeneration (Mid-High. Only when being a fairy and scaling from other fairies, who have consistently demonstrated this level of regeneration), Hair Manipulation (Animated his own hair), Attack Reflection (Wished a planet-destroying laser to be in reverse. Deflected a transmutation beam with a magic shield), Homing Attack (Scaling from Crocker, who was able to do so with low control of his powers), Nonexistent Physiology (Demonstrated in It's a wishful life, although it was accidental), Invisibility (Demonstrated in Timvisible), Invulnerability (Wished for a doll to be indestructible), Probability Manipulation (Wished to always be right, changing reality at this extent. Made his mother's predictions always correct in Mother Nature. Crocker claimed that math means nothing in a world with fairies and magic, and that a fairy could make 2 + 2 = fish, which was then affirmed by Cosmo and later reaffirmed by Timmy), Matter Manipulation (Split an atom, generating an atomic explosion), Radiation Manipulation, Enhanced Sleep Inducement (Cosmo turned into a needle, injected Crocker and made him sleep. Timmy should be able to wish for similar things)), Time Stop (Able to "pause" others with the Magic TV Remote, when functions like "FFWD" are use to change his age, Timmy isn't pausing the age of his targets. Should be able to wish for similar effects normally), Existence Erasure (Can wish for things to have never existed, which cancels almost all the effects they caused), Immersion, Resistance to Magic/Reality Warping & Mind Manipulation (Must be used manually. Timmy stated that "magic can't affect other magical items" before using Santa's magic bag to protect himself from Crocker warping the world and manipulating everyone's mind, and having everything magic still working), Absorption (After getting physically stronger Cosmo was able to punch through Crocker's attempts to absorb him in his scepter, and was only affected when he got distracted) | Same as before, Large Size (Type 1) | Same as the first key, gains on his own the following powers: Flight, Telekinesis, Mind Manipulation and Control

Attack Potency: Varies from Below Average Human level (That of a small child) to Planet level (Melted Cosmo and Wanda with heat vision, and is able to harm them and other fairies. Able to fight Dark Laser, who took a laser meant to destroy Earth, twice, and survived the self-destruction of the Death Ball, which can withstand that laser). Universe level+ with Fairly Magic (Butch Hartman claimed that Cosmo & Wanda have the power to create a universe), able to negate durability in many ways | Likely Planet level (Claimed to be able to eat the planet like a meatball and destroy the Earth, however he may be exaggerating his capabilities to intimidate his opponents) | Unknown (Suggested to be comparable to Fairly Magic), able to negate durability with all of his new powers

Speed: Varies from Below Average Human (Stated to be the slowest of his class while running last in a race against other kids of his age) to Hypersonic or much higher (Can run at hypersonic speeds. Should not be significantly slower than Princess Mandie, who dodged lasers. Comparable to Chester & A.J., who reacted to light), Massively Hypersonic Attack Speed, and Massively FTL+ reactions (Can react to Cosmo and other fairies flying). FTL attack speed with Fairly Magic | Massively FTL (Comparable to Dyno Dad, who can fly at this speed) | Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Varies from Above average human to Superhuman

Striking Strength: Varies from Below Human Class to Planet Class by himself. At least Large Planet Class with Fairly Magic | At least City Block Class (Fought Dyno Dad & Mighty Mom and is vastly above them, possibly Planet Class | At least Planet Class, possibly higher

Durability: Varies from Below Average Human level to Planet level. Universe level+ with Fairly Magic protection. Healing from his Fairies makes him difficult to kill | Likely Planet level | At least Planet level, likely Large Planet level

Stamina: Varies from low to incredibly high (Stayed awake for several days in Dream Goat) | High | High

Range: Standard melee range physically, tens of kilometers with Energy Projection, hundreds of kilometers throwing light things. Low Multiversal with Fairly Magic | Tens of meters physically, likely planetary otherwise | Standard melee range physically, at least tens of kilometers, likely Universal, possibly Low Multiversal with Dark Powers

Standard Equipment: His fairies transformed into various objects or beings to hide from people, if not various devices to communicate or summon his fairies, sleeping gas. Occasionally carries a wand. Has momentarily used or possed the following things: Magic Muffin, Time Scooter, Re-Do Watch (It's main function is to reset time, allowing Timmy to correct any mistake. It can also be use to time travel to the future), Forget-Me-Knob, Magic TV Remote, Shrinky Suit, Geek-To-Girl Translator, Santa's magic bag, exploding easter eggs, magic disguise glasses, magic floss from the Tooth Fairy, Cupid's bow and arrows, a magic jet pack, a magic mirror, Magic Copy Machine, You Doo Dolls, a Body-swapping Joy Buzzer, and more.

Intelligence: Varies from normally average to genius at best. Despite all of his flaws, Timmy has developed into an expert strategist who was able to create complex plans in short periods of time on multiple occasions. He was able to repeatedly outsmart, outmaneuver and manipulate most of his enemies, and was able to save the world and the universe from threats that he couldn't simply wish away. Was apparently elected as president of a world ruled by kids, leading the planet to be peaceful and with no wars. After becoming evil, he was able to turn his living room into a lair with a giant computer, a monitor and a futuristic laser able to blow up a house, which he planned to fire into space to knock down a communication satellite, so it could precisely crash into a mount to reactivate a volcano in it in order to generate a catastrophe that would make life in Dimmsdale cease to exist, ultimately succeeding with most of his plan.

Weaknesses: Has little experience in hand-to-hand combat, is childish in certain attitudes, lacks knowledge in several areas (due to his age), isn't applied in studies or mundane activities, if possible he will usually end conflicts in simple ways, has a high self confidence, is sometimes arrogant, is mostly impatient, can be incredibly selfish, and then feel bad for his actions (or not). Without his fairies, Timmy can feel lonely and deeply depressed about his life. | Same | Will lose his new powers without his suit

Key: Base | Galactimus | Dark Powers Suit

Note: Timmy still has his fairies after his first key.

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