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Summary of the Verse

The Trevor Henderson Mythos is a group of universes created by Canadian artist Trevor Henderson. The verse is mostly horror-centric, while originally focusing on an anthology-like aesthetic, with no repeating creatures, changed to focus more on the "recurring characters" such as Long Horse or Siren Head. Henderson states there are three universes in his mythos, one focusing on various giant creatures treated like an ordinary occurrence. The second in the mythos is the verse most of his creations are encountered, which focuses on ghosts and malevolent entities and things from other dimensions are encountered, but it’s not a known thing to the general public. The third universe was never explained. Henderson tends not to specify which of his creations belong in what verse, increasing the vagueness his mythos exudes. However, as more time passes more of the lore, is being explained.


Trevor Henderson Monster Physiology

Power of the Verse

The verse varies greatly in power with the lower tier characters being just human killers and monsters smaller than them. The higher tier creatures are 9-B to 9-A via size, with "The Giants" varying in the 8 to 7 tiers. Powers are what make the verse decently powerful despite its tier. Monsters have the natural ability to cause bad luck, break reality and physical ailments around them. Other characters have far more complex powers such as Mind Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Reality Warping, Death Manipulation, Acausality, Time Paradoxal Resistance and even Higher-Dimensional Manipulation.

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Haunting Series


Patron Saints

The Giants



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