Sadistic Sleuth

aka The world´s most angriest Homestuck fan

  • I live in Basement
  • My occupation is Mowing a lawn
  • I am not a very good debator tbh
Havengul lich

Hello kids, I am the Sadistic Sleuth. I research power levels for cheese.

Verses I'm notable on

MS Paint Adventures

Ah, yes, I love this verse. I read the entirety of Homestuck and Problem Sleuth, skimmed thru the epilogues, and currently rereading the epilouges again. Homestuck is really great, I suggest you check it out.

Magic: the Gathering

My favorite card game. I really know a lot of stuff about this game and I play the Commander format

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

Whatever parts Netflix has available, those are the parts I'm notable on.


All I have to say here is that you can play this game googolplexes of times and not get bored

Smash Bros

Read Terraria

Verses I like, but not as Notable

Gravity Falls

Watched the entire series. The Journals, however, I only can look at them when I'm at a store.


Played Deltarune thrice, watched Undertale playthrus. Seems pretty good, not gonna lie.

The Elder Scrolls

While I'm not as big a fan on it as myself, my family loves this game.

Verses I dislike

Doki Doki Literature Club

I dislike this game to be honest. It's just one of those Janky horror games about "Love me or die"

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