• Adamjensen2030

    This is a list of Sonic's feats in various tiers. The reason I'm making this list is to decide what to put for the rating of Base Sonic and Super Sonic's low ends

    City level

    • Defeated Chaos 0 in Sonic Adventure in Base Form

     Island level 

    • Defeated Fire Breath, who charred and carbonized Angel Island effortlessly as Classic Sonic in the Classic Era

     Multi-Continent level

    •  Defeated Ifrit who is capable of destroying the world as stated  by witness accounts as well as well as log entries from Gerald Robotniks journals</li>
    • Defeated Iblis. Mephiles stated that he was freed and his flames were released into the world.</li>

    Planet level+

    • Defeated Chaos 6 who was powered by 6 Chaos Emeralds which powered the Space Colony ARK that accomplished this feat thou…

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