I'll be recalcing this because Ghost Rays are no longer considered light speed and that original calc used light speed. The new speed I'll be using the for the Ghost Ray is here .

The Calc

Ghost Ray Moved: 0.6415 m

Danny Moved: 1.4704 m

Ghost Ray Speed: 18,000,000 m/s

Timeframe: 0.6415/18000000 = 0.0000000356 seconds

Speed = 1.4704/0.0000000356 = 41,303,370.79 m/s or 13.8% SOL (Relativistic)


Danny enjoys tackling people at full speed so lets find the Kinetic Energy for this:

Mass: 54.43 kg

KE = (0.5)*(m)*(v)^2

Energy: 4.64 * 10^16 J or 11.1 Megatons of TNT (City level)

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