Legos have some interesting feats for legos.

At 1:57 of this video clayface destroys two police cars which is calced down below (Not done by me)

This is the only super interesting strength feats in the verse (as of lego batman 1). This should scale to everyone besides Alfred and the other not superhero, villains, and henchman. The henchman would be at most Small building with people nlike Alfred being possibly small building.

Okay so Batman made an explosion that destroyed this thing. Im going to say that is steel. So I used Batman's height as 190 cm and he is 122.04 pixels in the pic.

The steel thing has a length and width of 132.06 and a height of 180.02. It has a volume of 11,847,249.896681.​​

  • Batman is tall
  • batman calc 1 part A
  • Batman calc 1 part B
  • Batman calc 1 part C

Using fragmented as a low ball and violently fragmented as a high ball I guess I got 0.54 and 1.61 tons of tnt or both are building

This is only for attacking level for Batman in his Demolition suit and attack and durability for the Vehicles. Some  Vehicles has explosives that should be around demo batmans explosive level if not higher.

so tier 9-A for most of the verse and tier 8-C demo batman and anything with explosives.

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