In the level Taking Liberties Wolverine, Hulk and Mr fantastic hurt the statue of liberty.

Mr fantastic at 6:22

They all survive getting stomped on by the statue of Liberty at 12:42

later on at 21:00 Mastermind takes hits from Wolverine who just earlier fought against a mind controled Mr. Fantastic and Hulk.


For speed people like thor and Storm control and shoot lightning that comes from the sky. Thor has worked with people like Wolverine and storm as worked with the x-men so basically everyone would scale to this speed for reactions and attacking.

Magneto controls the statue of liberty and he does scale to the lightning speed. He can also have the statue of liberty attack at that speeds.

KE calculation time.

The statue of Liberty weighs a total of 450,000 pounds with an extra 62,000 pounds in copper. and lightning moves at 220,000 miles per hour or  98348.8 m/s

the kenetic energy formula is 0.5*Mass*Speed in m/s^2


that comes out to 63389607273693184000000 joules or 15.1504797499 teratons.

That comes out to country level. So everyone is country level with massively hypersonic.

But wait their is more!

At 59:00 Docter doom explains his doom ray is going to be used to defend the earth against Galactus. His doom ray is powered by the Cosmic bricks that came from Silver Surfurs surfboard. This would give Docter Dooms doom ray of doom planet level attack, silver surfur with a possible planet level attack, and Galactus planet level attack as his normal form.

The goons would scale to most or at a lower level as they are able to hurt people like iron man but they get beat easily, Mysterio would scale as he fought Magneta and Mystique and he did take hits from them, Iron mans Mark 1 armor would be at most that level, and people like Bruce Banner or Tony stark without the hulk transformation or without the armor would be...

calc time again!

An average human weighs 137 pounds and KE formula again.

0.5*137*98348.8^2 becomes 0.1 kilotons or MCB.

So Galactus and maybe silver surfur are planet. Most people are Counrty, mark 1 Iron man is at most counrty, Goons are at least or lower, and people outside of suits or transformations (With obvious exeptions like spider-man) are Multi-City block.

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