Ladybug is strong enough to trip up Stoneheart with her yoyo today we'll see how strong is this

In the Episode"Miraculous Tales of laybug and Chat noir:The Origins part 2"Ladybug and chat noir had to stop Stoneheart from destroying the city

Heres the Episode:

To Find Stoneheart's Weight:

Let's say the material that Stoneheart is made up of is Granite

  • Granite normally weighs around 360 pounds

i decided to combine the weight of the granite he's composed of with his average weight of himself before akumatization had occured

  • There isn't a Confirmed weight for Ivan(Stoneheart's Unakumatized Form) Though we can still find out the weight via Ivan's age
According to the Miraculous Wiki Ivan is 13-15 years old(  the average weight of a 15 yrs old boy is 126 pounds/lbs

126 lbs x 360 lbs=45360 Pounds of Force
Convert pounds to Tons
45360 lbs = 22.68 Tons
A.K.A tier 8-B(Cityblock level)
Looks pretty good

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