Feat in Question


Yato was the one who did that feat, so i'm gonna calculate the power he used to disperse these clouds and soldiers.

According to the manga, you can see the sun, so i will scale it to this.


Diameter of the sun = 1.391 million km = 1391000000 meters.

Radius of the sun = 695500000 meters.

The sun is 35 px.

695500000/35 = 19871428.6 m/px.

Diameter of slash = 92 px = 1828171431.2 meters.

Radius of slash = 914085715.6 meters.

Distance the slash traveled (Height of slash) = 617 px = 12260671446.2 meters.

This actually doesn't have a definite shape, but it's more like a cylinder to me.

Volume of slash = 3.2183848255204e28 m^3.

Since there were clouds and soldiers, i will assume both clouds and human body density, since Shinki can bled and be harmed as humans, as well as wood, glass, and iron bars based on what appears on this scan.

Density of clouds = 1.003 Kg/m^3.

Density of human body = 985 Kg/m^3.

Density of wood = 900 Kg/m^3. (Assuming that's normal Oak wood)

Density of metal = 7870 Kg/m^3.

Density of window glass = 2579 Kg/m^3.

Mass destroyed = 3.969878647794861e32 Kg.

Good. Now it's time for velocity.

Distance = 12260671446.2 meters.

Counting one second for each speechless frame in this scan, and counting the words to add on the Words to Minutes calc:

No. of words = 6

No. of seconds in those 6 words = 3.6 seconds

No. of speechless frames = 2

No. of seconds in those 2 speechless frames = 2 seconds.

Total Timeframe = 5.6 seconds.

Velocity = 2189405615.4 m/s = 2.13% the speed of light => (Sub-Relativistic) attack speed.

But that's not what we are here for. We're here for the KE.

KE = 9.5148e50 Joules = 9.52 MegaFoe (Solar System level)

Holy Molly!


Yato Splits The Heavens (Speed) = 2.13% the speed of light => (Sub-Relativistic) attack speed.

Yato Splits The Heavens (KE) = 9.52 MegaFoe (Solar System level)

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