Alright everyone. I'm here to calculate all universes that exist within the Marioverse--from the real world universes, to the dream world universes. Mario's especially heavy on the latter, which is what makes the verse so enormous. First, we'll do "Real World," then we'll do "Dream Stone," and finish it up with "Dream Depot." Let's get started, shall we?


The Paranormal Dimension, Underwhere and Overthere should still contribute dreams, considering characters do retain the ability to sleep, and feel fatigue. Furthermore, because the Overthere and the Underwhere exist in the verse, people don't stop dreaming when they die. So I'll be using the full population from the beginning of time (the Big Bang) to calculate Dream Depot accurately.

Also, please note that I'm only doing a high-end version. One that assumes the highest possible values for the dreams. Even then, there will be unavoidable low-ends that need to be used. If you want a true low-end, just ask.

I'll calculate all universes that ever existed, but at the end, I'll point out ones that no longer exist and what that means for certain characters... like Super Dimentio, who was going to erase the entire Marioverse.

Real World

First, we have the seven universes from Super Mario Galaxy 2. These certainly resemble universes--especially World 5--and Lubba even states that you must travel through space-time to reach unknown worlds. For one, that's plural, implying that the worlds are separate, and then, he mentions "through space-time," implying the worlds even have separate space-time continuums. So, there's seven already. Then, Lumas and enemies are across all these worlds, meaning each universe is inhabited. That will come in handy later.

Anyway, then we have ten worlds from Super Paper Mario, including Flipside and Flopside, which are parallel to one another, as well as the Underwhere and Overthere. Following those are Lineland, Gloam Valley, Bitlands, Outer Space, Land of the Cragnons and Sammer's Kingdom.

Then we have Smithy's Dimension and Vanda, which are two more. Mario is also connected to our universe according to Mario is Missing, so our universe counts as well.

In the original Luigi's Mansion, King Boo materialized a mansion out of nothing instantly. Said mansion contains a grand total of five completely separate universes. While the celestial objects may look small, the Marioverse does this overwhelmingly often. In Dark Moon, the Paranormal Dimension seems to be a type of small "multiverse" of sorts, with a few universe-sized zones. One being the Knightmare Zone, the ScareScraper Zone, as well as multiple mini-zones, including Coin Zone 1, Coin Zone 2, Coin Zone 3, Coin Zone 4, Snow Zone, Train Zone and King Boo's Illusion Zone, as well as a possible Reality Zone. All of the Mini-Zones have countless stars in the background, as does the ScareScraper and Reality Zone. The rest come to scale. Thus, that's 15 extra universes.

This is all without mentioning the Secret Levels Shadow Mario created in Sunshine. Because their celestial bodies match ours, and because it's seemingly an infinite void, these are full-blown universes. So that contributes ten more.

So, all together, there are 45 universes. Five of those are uninhabited, but the rest are inhabited.

Next, we have one last thing to go over. TV show universes.

Yup, that's right; as evidenced by Wario: Master of Disguise, the Silver Zephyr TV show is an entire universe once entered by Wario. So all the TV shows in Mario are separate universes apart from the "live" ones, like the Isle Delfino ad in Sunshine, commercials or the news. Anything fictional in their universe actually isn't, but rather a separate universe. We'll calculate this in here and add it to the main total at the end.

Dream Stone

The Dream Stone has existed for, at least, an entire era. As stated by, like, everyone in Dream Team, the prosperity of the Pi'illo Kingdom dated back to an entire era ago. According to the Geological Time Scale, an era would be 100,000,000 years ago. Please note there are dozens of innumerable species on Pi'illo Isle, including Nommon, Hooskis, countless monsters, guardians such as Mammoshka and Zeekeeper, the Pi'illos, etc. The highest island population without random numbers above it is 10,000,000--which is very reasonable, considering how many species have existed there and how long they have. It is shown dozens of times throughout the game--what with Big Massif, Dr. Snoozemore, Mammoshka, random employees, etc. that the characters fall asleep numerous times a day due to Pi'illo Island's strange sleepy wavelength. 10,000,000 x 365.25 = 3,652,500,000. Because people dream 4 to 7 times a night--and people on Pi'illo Isle dream multiple times, we'll use a reasonable end and assume they all sleep thrice. We'll be using three instead of two because, as evidenced by Snoozemore, characters can even fall asleep tens of times each day. 3,652,500,000 x 21 = 76,702,500,000. And finally... 76,702,500,000 x 100,000,000 = 7,670,250,000,000,000,000 dreams/universes that are in the Dream Stone.

Dream Depot

I might be referencing this manual a lot, so keep the link open in another tab just in case. If I say something that I got from the manual, I'll put the page number right next to it in parentheses.

Of course, dreams arrive at Dream Depot everyday (page 6), and is the "real world of dreams," collecting everyone's dreams (page 6). So the entire Marioverse's dreams collect within Dream Depot? That means any inhabited universe--of which there are 40--contributes to this process.

Because the Star Spirits have guarded the Star Rod since the beginning of time, it's not a stretch to say they have guarded the Dream Depot for a similar amount of time. Considering it's the "real land of dreams," it had to of existed ever since dreams were a thing. So, let's make a few assumptions... Mario's world is big. And connected to ours canonically. So, we'll compare his world's population to ours. As of 2015 (because the PRB hasn't estimated 2016 nor 2017), our world's population--both living and dead--reached 108,200,000,000.

Mario not only has his own galaxy, but has countless other inhabited galaxies in each universe. So, we'll just multiply that by the amount of galaxies that are in both Super Mario Galaxies, then multiply that by two--because the Marioverse has many different aliens that inhabit separate planets and/or galaxies. There's 44 locations in both Galaxy games that are referred to as galaxies, and all exist in the same universe, so we'll use that as reference for all other universes.

Next, all animals would also contribute since they also dream, and Dream Depot is the "real world of dreams." Everyone's dreams gather here. There is an estimated 20 quintillion animals across the planet, so this adds to the process.

Lastly... there are many other things that shouldn't reasonably be sentient in Mario that are sentient, and thus dream. To start, in Bowser's Inside Story, we are shown that every defensive mechanism in the Koopa anatomy is sentient, including brain cells and blood cells (the white masked characters are meant to represent white blood cells). Next up, we know that paint is a big part of the universe, at least in Paper Mario's case. It's what gives the world life, and the Black Paint--the result of mixing the colors--is entirely sentient. So, in a way... every atom has a form of sentience. Enemies like Lava Bubbles are sentient, and Water Bombs follow you, so even liquids like lava--which is molten rock--and water seem to be sentient; this supports every atom having some sort of sentience. So, solids and liquids are sentient. Then there's Fire enemies, which is the state of matter known as "gas." Thus, all three primary states of matter are sentient. We can also prove the state of matter "plasma" is sentient via the Angry Sun. So this all makes sense, what with cells being sentient, all states of matter being sentient, and what with the universe itself technically being sentient; the latter Chakron actually confirms for us, too. This is extremely solid, and explains why just about everything in Mario has a face. The highest estimate for the amount of atoms in the observable universe is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

As a matter of fact, almost everything in the verse is sentient. Because of the various races of plants, animals, arthropods, arachnids, insects, bacteria, viruses, and basically everything that is living and real life, we know that they exist like a sentient being in the Marioverse. Because of games like Super Mario World, we know that hills are sentient. And with every blob of lava being sentient, rocks--which are just hardened lava--are just "dead lava" still dreaming in the afterlife. Because Black Paint is sentient, this means that every drop of color that is of the colors of the rainbow or black is also sentient, which is also what makes up the entire world of Mario. Outer space is black, so it is also sentient. Since water is given life by Black Paint and the Water Bombs in Super Mario 64 can choose the direction they bounce, we know that water is sentient. Even power-ups are mostly sentient since they can change the direction that they move in.

10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,020,000,108,200,000,000 x 44 = ...Well, an incalculable number. Any calculator will reach overflow trying to multiply this, and we still weren't done.

That result had to be multiplied by two to account for aliens.

Then that had to be multiplied by forty to account for every universe's contributions.

Then it'd be multiplied by how many days all those beings live: 365.25. Then we'd have to multiply by average life expectancy (85.5 years) to get a severe low-end answer, since atoms have existed since the dawn of the universe. Honestly, because many characters never die (including Mario, who has literally lived into his hundreds thanks to the Galaxy games), Dream Depot still wouldn't at a set high-end at all.

And then finally, we'd have to account for how many times they dream, which would multiply that last result by seven... Shoot, from there, it's still not at its highest, since, as shown in SMB2 and Dream Team and such games, beings are created inside the dreams of others, and falling asleep inside those dreams is possible. So with each dream, there's countless more people and atoms that contribute to the overall number, infinitely repeating. Obviously this can't be infinite universes, cause it would need infinite time to do that. But it's still incalculable and completely unfathomable. And think; Dream Depot makes all of this look minuscule. Destroying the realm itself is destroying all these universes, plus more.

NOTE: This section is now unimportant. See this blog for information on why.

TV Universes

There were 142 animated TV shows made in the 1960s.

142 ÷ 10 = 14.2 shows per year

109 years passed since the first show aired in 1908, and there are 48 other genres outside animation, too.

14.2 x 109 = 1,547.8

1,547.8 x 48 = 74,294.4

Multiply this by two since both the Marioverse and our world have many TV shows.

74,294.4 x 2 = 148,589 TV show universes (rounded up).


Dream Team

"There are a different amount in each dream world." This shows there are many, and this is quoted from Dreambert very early in the game.

"The Dream Stone was formed of happy dreams... The Dark Stone, a solid manifestation of nightmares..." Shows they are literally made up of said dream worlds.

Dreambert uses Mario's "world" in context towards "universe," saying "It seems some evil has befallen the real world in my absence." This would mean that each dream world is its own universe. What's more, in each dream world, there are Luiginary Works. Some of these include stars and even entire constellations that Dreamy Luigi flies into. The space between Earth and the Sun is enormous, and it is made out to look very tiny during these scenes. Also, saying that they are that far apart is not a stretch, as in Giant Battles, Dreamy Luigi jumps into space. So there exists an outer space, which can also be seen during these fights with countless stars in the sky. Then, when Dreamy Luigi jumps to space, an enormous amount of stars are seen in the background. Mario is thrown, and it looks as though he's zooming by countless stars on his way down.

The fact that there exists this much space plus more, it's seriously not a stretch to say the dream worlds are universe-sized. It should also be noted that this is only a part of each dream--Dream's Deep is stated by Dreambert to be the nadir of each dream world, and nadir is the center of a circle. So, there is THIS much space in one area of the circle--not even counting all around the sphere nor Dream's Deep... Yeah, they really should be universe-sized.

And all this is without counting the fact that, despite loose continuity, there still exists continuity here in Mario. So the Dream Stone would scale up to Dream Depot.

Mario Party 5

Dream Depot was confirmed directly by Misstar and by the manual (page 28) to turn its dreams into universes, describing Future Dream as the "dream of the universe." It even contains countless stars in the background, and has actual constellations in it, too.

The Multiverse

45 + 7,670,250,000,000,000,000 + ??? + 148,589 = incalculable universes within the Marioverse.

Universes That No Longer Exist

The Paranormal Dimension along with the mansion in the Luigi's Mansion games both ceased to exist after King Boo had been defeated. Aside from that, the rest still exist.

Final Tally: Incalculable.

What This Means For Characters

Super Dimentio

When Super Dimentio threatened the Marioverse, the mansion had already faded from existence. Luckily, however, the Paranormal Dimension still existed.

Either way, however, Super Dimentio was going to erase an incalculable amount of universes from existence--making it as though they never existed--then recreate them in his own image, and rule them as a god. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, at least 2-B.

Special Thanks

  • A friend of mine, Hadou, helped me out with the entire Dream Depot section. So it wasn't just me who worked on this blog; thanks man!
  • Another friend of mine, Bat, helped me out with the TV universes section. Thanks to you as well, bro!
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