Feat in Question


Now, normally it would be hard on me to do that, but i will just re-correct that flaws in this calc, since everything, save for the timeframe, is given accurately.

Mass of storm = 8.668e11 kg.

Distance the storm crossed = 4600 meters.

He created it instantly, so i will assume 1 second.

Timeframe = 1 second.

Speed of storm = 4600 / 1 = 4600 m/s = Mach 13.4110787172 (Hypersonic+)

KE = 9.17074e18 Joules = 2.19 Megatons of TNT (Large Mountain level)


Budo's Wrath (Speed) = Mach 13.4110787172 (Hypersonic+)

Budo's Wrath (AP) = 2.19 Megatons of TNT (Large Mountain level)

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