Calc that has feat in question and a correction of the previous calc.


Esdeath be like

See page 27 aned 28 in chapter 75.

Distance the snow and ice covered out of the planet = 3561000 meters.

No. of frames required for the storm to encase the shown area = 7 Frames.

Using a word to minute calculator here, and assuming 1 word per empty frame:

No. of words = 11

Timeframe = 0.1 minutes = 6 seconds.

Speed of storm = 3561000/6 = 593500 m/s (Mach 1730.320699708, or Massively Hypersonic+).

We already know that this was blizzard, but we should also know that this was snow as well, and snow has density as well. So i will calculate both heat of fusion and KE.

First, we get the heat of fusion.

Planet diameter = 988px = 12750km

Esdeath's freeze = 276px = 3561km, or 1780.5km radius

Freeze height = 43px = 555km

Volume of spherical cap = 2853248897.6907km^3, or 2.8532e18m^3

Density of air = 1.225 kg/m^3

Mass of air frozen = ~3.5e18 kg

Specific heat capacity = 1005

Keep in mind that during a blizzard, the air temperature goes down as low as -12 degrees. This may go down even lower.

Change in temperature = 11.5-(-12) = 23.5 degrees, or DeltaT Q = MC(Delta T) = (3.5e18 kg)(1005 J/kg)(23.5 degrees) = 8.266e22 Joules, or 1.98e13 Tons of TNT. (1)

Now, for the KE.

Density of snow = 400 kg/m^3. (That's wind packed snow)

Radius covered by snow = 1780500 meters.

Using sphere volume calculator:

Volume of snow covered = 2.364365117191e19 m^3.

Mass Frozen = 9.457460468764e21 kg.

Speed of snowstorm = 593500 m/s.

Using our handy-dandy KE calculator:

KE = 1.66566e33 Joules, or 3.981022944551e23 Tons of TNT. (2)

Adding (1) and (2) together:

Total energy output = 398.1022944749 Zettatons of TNT. (Planet Level).


Freeze! = 398.1022944749 Zettatons of TNT. (Planet Level).

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