Feat in Question with Pixel scaling from Vs Battles Wiki. Credits to them.


I will use the same method they used to calculate the lightning dodging feat that Akame and Esdeath made, but this time, i will take the value of lightning from this calc.

Esdeath height = 86.7px = 1.73m

Distance between lightning and ground = 298.3px = 5.9522m

Distance Esdeath moved = 157px = 3.133m

Distance Akame moved = 190.3px = 3.80m

STEP 1: Esdeath dodges lightning.

(3.133m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 149676.5279592 = 17% the speed of light (Relativistic)

STEP 2: Akame dodges lightning.

(3.80m*97536000m/s)/(5.9522m) = Mach 181541.9106997 = 21% the speed of light (Relativistic)

In that case, since Esdeath kept up with Akame, we would take Akame's lightning dodging value.


Lightning! = Mach 181541.9106997 = 21% the speed of light (Relativistic)

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