Feat in Question.


In this one, i'm gonna calc the speed of the shuttle freefalling, as well as gain the kinetic energy solely from the shuttle's weight and speed, not the collision.

In 3:08, the shuttle collided with a satellite. With this in mind, the distance between Earth and the satellite orbital is around 36000 km, or around 36000000 meters.

Timeframe = from 3:08 to 3:29 = 21 seconds.

Speed of the free fall = 1714285.714 m/s.

Now, for the K.E.

The size of a spacecraft is around 2030000 Kg.

K.E. = 2.98286e18 Joules = 713 Megatons of TNT (Mountain Level+)


Collision during a Fight = 713 Megatons of TNT (Mountain Level+)

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