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SNK's fighting game crossover, The King of Fighters, is often believed to be somewhere around Tiers 8, 7 or 6 in terms of power scaling, however, I believe that it is Tier 2 and this blog will be used to go over the various feats that would put the cast at this tier.

Verse destroying everything

In KOF XIV, the main antagonist, Verse is stated to warp reality across the past, present and future and Verse itself heavily implies that it intends to destroy everything.

Igniz Creates and Destroys a Universe

In KOF 2002, Igniz's Desperation move, Disintegrational Universe, has him create a universe before destroying it.

Saiki Erases the Timeline

In KOF XIII, Saiki states that he will erase the KOF timeline if he is successful.

Now, it is possible that Saiki can only erase the timeline by using The Gate since it is what he uses to rewrite history, however, not only does Saiki directly state he has control over the timeline, but The Gate is powered by Orochi itself so even if Saiki isn't erasing the timeline himself, it still scales to the characters of KOF.

Orochi's World

In SNK Sky Stage, Orochi creates his own universe that he maintains with his own power which is destroyed when he is defeated as shown in many of the game's endings.

Kukri's Pocket Dimension

In SNK Heroines, Kukri traps multiple female characters in a pocket dimension that he created and maintains and is destroyed when he loses, said pocket dimension contains a star and an entire night sky.

To add to this feat, Kukri states that he intends to fuse his pocket dimension with the reality of KOF, making it a Multi-Universe Level feat.

Some might say that SNK Heroines isn't canonical to the KOF timeline, however, Yasuyuki Oda, the director behind KOF XIV, has stated that SNK Heroines is canon.

KOFworld: In terms of story for the game. One of the trailers mentioned that the game is taking place after KOF XIV. Is the story of the game canon and set in the same universe as KOF XIV?

Yasuyuki Oda: Yes, this is the story after KOF XIV and Shermie and others have come back from the inside of Verse.

~ Yasuyuki Oda on SNK Heroines canonicity

Some might dismiss the characters scaling to this game by saying it's canon but is just a dream, however, the official artbook states that Kukri traps the consciousness of everyone into his pocket dimension rather than their physical bodies which is why everyone's endings are them waking up from a dream.

The Higher Plane

In KOF XV, during Team Secret Agents ending, Blue Mary directly states Dolores came from a higher plane likely referring to her resurrection at the hands of Verse, meaning that this feat would apply to other resurrected characters like Ash Crimson and Team Orochi.

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown is another series that is a part of the King of Fighters and it alone has various Universal feats.

But before we talk about them, let's talk about how Samurai Shodown connects to KOF and how the cast of KOF scales to the cast of Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown is connected to KOF by Nakoruru, a major character in the Samurai Shodown series who travels to the future in order to stop Verse, we know this is the same Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown because we see her travel to the future in her ending in SNK Heroines which is an event shown in her ending in Samurai Shodown 2, her SNK Heroines ending also references the events of KOF XIV which helps to solidify that the ending is indeed canon.

Shizuka Gozen's Eternity

In Samurai Shodown 2019, the main antagonist Shizuka Gozen creates the realm known as Eternity and is shown to be able to freely manipulate it.

In multiple endings, Eternity is described by the narrator to be a Realm which would make it a universe.

Yuga the Destroyer merges the Realms

In Samurai Shodown 64: Warrior's Rage, Yuga the Destroyer merges the Demon Realm and the Human Realm together into one.

By the end of the game, by defeating Yuga the Destroyer, the two Realms are separated again.

Enja and Suija's Destruction and Creation

In Suija's ending in Samurai Shodown VI, Enja destroys the entire universe before Suija creates another universe to replace it.

While they use the term world, it's clear that they mean universe as Suija's creation is stated to "make existence possible" and "make the wheel of the universe turn again".